Inside the room, there were maids scurrying everywhere. They were gathering bloody towels and taking tubs of dirty water out of the room.

Emma laid in the middle of the large bed, her long brown hair was matted and sweaty and half falling out of the braid it was once in.

Emma had started to drift, when she heard footsteps; she barely opened her eyes not realizing who it was until the figure was sitting down on the bed next to her.

"Hello Emma dear, how are you feeling?" She tucked a piece of hair that hung in Emma's face behind her ear and wiped her face with a clean wet washcloth.

"Very tired." her voice was low and sleepy. Emma grabbed her glasses that were sitting on the nightstand. "Who would have thought, twins?" Emma fiddled with her glasses and began to giggle that turned into crying. She cried into the comforter and felt an overwhelming sense of belonging.

Emma finally had something that she had never had before, a family.

"What's wrong my dear?" Aurelia tried to pull Emma's hands away from her face. Emma just shook her head and sobbed. Aurelia pulled Emma into a hug and rocked her.

After regaining control over her emotions, Emma sat up and scooted over to reach into the bassinet. She picked up the blue bundle and held him in her arms. He gurgled and blinked at his mother with his bright blue eyes. Emma pulled him close to her chest; he stretched and cuddled into her chest and promptly fell asleep.

Emma gently squeezed the bundle and brought him closer to her face breathing in his scent and cuddling him. She started to cry again but out of pure happiness. Aurelia cupped Emma's face wiping away her tears as she herself felt tears creep down her face.