William finally got up the courage to get out of the chair and walk into the room. By that time, all the maids had cleared out with the towels and the water and the only obvious people in the room were Emma and his mother.

"EMMA!" William dashed over to a sobbing Emma and wrapped his arms around her, knocking his mother off of the bed. "Are you alright? What's the matter?" He took her face in his hands and whipped away as many tears as he possibly could.

"Excuse me…" Aurelia grumbled from where she had fallen.

"Sorry Mother, I got carried away." William helped his mother into the closest chair and then returned to his seat on the bed.

"Nothing's wrong, I'm just so happy right now." Emma looked at him with red and puffy eyes; she looked exhausted. She looked like she could have fallen asleep right then and there. She also clutched the bundle of blankets closer.

William kissed her forehead and tried to hug her again, but the bundle stirred and turned. The infant then proceeded to start crying.

"Looks like someone is a light sleeper." Aurelia chuckled from her seat.

Then another cry joined his and before long, both babies were screaming. Emma went completely white not knowing what to do with the one wailing infant in her arms and the other in the bassinet.

William picked up the pink bundle and started to rock her. William was shushing the little girl and rocking her while he paced. Emma looked at him and she heard her cries start to cease. She looked at the little boy in her arms who was still crying. Emma decided that this was the way to comfort her son. She placed the still crying child back into the bassinet and pulled the covers away.

"Emma? Where do you think you're going?" William asked as Emma bravely planted both feet onto the floor, grimaced and stood up. She wobbled for a few seconds before collapsing onto the floor in a dead faint.