~~~~~Amu, Ikuto, and Catnip~~~~~

Me: Yay! My first Shugo Chara fic!

Amu: Who's in it?

Me: I'll give you a hint, it's an amuto fanfic!

Amu: Noooo!

Ikuto: Smirk.

Me: Anyways, time to start the story!

Disclaimer- I do not own Shugo Chara or any of the characters 'cuz if I did, Ikuto would have pink hair and Amu would have blue hair!

Tap. Tap. Tap.

"Ikuto! Finally you came!" Amu declared after she let Ikuto in her room.

Smirk. "Wow Amu, I never knew you would be this excited to see me."

"Stop being such a perverted cat!"

Just some more smirking followed that sentence. Ohhh, Ikuto could be soo irritating but he was still fun to be around. Wait, scratch that, he is never fun to be around.

"So what did you need Amu." his voice snapped her out o her thoughts.

"Oh yeah! I got Yoru his catnip! Here!"

She opened up her drawers and tossed him the bag of catnip. Yoru scampered out of his hiding spot in Ikuto jacket and ripped the bag right out of Amu's hand. He was trying to rip it open while floating in the air. Miki took this chance and began drawing him while sitting on Amu's shoulder.


The catnip floated down through the air and landed on Miki and Amu.

"Wha?" Amu questioned.

Before Miki could answer her, she was tumbling through the air with your holding on to her. When they stopped, he began licking her like a crazed animal.

"Yoru! Let go of her!" Amu demanded.

He continued licking her until Suu and Ran yanked on his tail and ears. Amu turned towards Ikuto after she knew Suu and Ran had the situation under control.

"Ikuto! Control your Chara..."

When she looked at him, she could see that his tail and ears were already out. His tail swishing through the air. He looked like a predator! Who was the prey? Ohhh noooo! He's staring at her and she's covered in catnip. Before she even knew what was going on, she was pulled to her bed with him on top of her. 'What do I do?' she thought.

"Ran, Suu, Miki! Help!"

All she heard was snickering. Miki was laughing at her. Now she only could think of one thing. 'Since I can't move, I'll just bite his ear while he's licking me.'

Ikuto, unaware of what he was doing began to lick Amu's neck. She took advantage of this moment where his kitty ear was so close to her mouth. She finally bit him.

Everyone in the room fell silent. Ikuto's licking attacks ceased. Amu's teeth still on his cat ear.

"I have to draw this!" Miki exclaimed.

Amu, only then, realized that she was still biting Ikuto's ear. She quickly released it and scrambled out from under the stunned Ikuto. Her face felt like a hot tomato. Alas, Ikuto awoke from his daze.


"S-sor-r-y I-iku-to. I-it w-was the on-only way to s-st-stop you!" Amu stuttered.

"What exactly was I doing?"

"Well Yoru spilled catnip on me so you went all crazed and started licking me after I tried to scold you for letting Yoru lick Miki and you pinned me to my bed and wouldn't let me go so I had to stop you but the only way I could think of was to bite your ear to distract you while I got out from under you.", Amu rambled on.

Smirk. "Did you enjoy it Amu?"

"Sh-shut u-up perverted cat-cosplay guy! Never again will I give you catnip!"

"Ehehehe. I finished my masterpiece Amu!" Miki suddenly declared.


"Hey Miki, can I see it?" Ikuto asked innocently.

"NOOO! Miki don't do it!" Amu screeched.

When Ikuto saw it he just smirked. His stupid signature smirk was so irritating.

"My my, Amu, I didn't know you would go to such desperate measures to get me off.", he said sarcastically.

"I hate my life!" was the only thing Amu said for the rest of the day.


Me: What did you think?

Amu: It's... wonderful!

Ikuto: Smirk.

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