Rain was drizzling on the outside of the windows making everything inside blurry, even for vampiric sight. So as two confused vampires walking hand in hand beneath an umbrella towards the lone house, all they could see were two blurry figures moving. As they approached though, they hear could music being played.

Every time our eyes meet
This feeling inside me
Is almost more than I can take
Baby when you touch me
I can feel how much you love me
And it just blows me away
I've never been this close to anyone or anything
I can hear your thoughts
I can see your dreams

The two vampires turned to meet each other's eyes, Alice could see the love Jasper held for her shining through, almost as if the song was being played for her, especially when Jasper moved to cup her face tenderly as he moved into gently place his lips upon her own.

I don't know how you do what you do
I'm so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do
Baby, I'm amazed by you

As they softly parted with loved filled gazes, the couple entered their older siblings' home. As they walked down the fast becoming familiar hallway, they stopped just before entering the living room. The sight that greeted them was so heartwarming and romantic that it was seared into their memories forever.

The smell of your skin
The taste of your kiss
The way you whisper in the dark
Your hair all around me
Baby you surround me
You touch every place in my heart
Oh, it feels like the first time, every time
I want to spend the whole night in your eyes

The sight that had greeted them was their immortal brother and his vampire mate holding each other so sweetly, so tenderly as they swayed to the music sounding in the room. Harry had his arms resting on Demetri's shoulders with his hands buried into Demetri's long silky hair. Demetri had his hands laying on Harry's hips with his thumbs lightly stroking the exposed skin from where the shirt had ridden up. Their heads were leaning against each other as they rocked back and forth with small steps twirling them slightly. As they gazed into each other's eyes silently communicating all of their love for each other.

Every little thing that you do
I'm so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do
Baby, I'm amazed by you

As the song came to an end, Alice and Jasper could see the intense love radiating from the two as they tilted their heads for a kiss. Alice and Jasper felt like they had been intruding upon a very private moment with the emotions that were whirling in the room. Alice was wishing she had seen this in a vision, so they could have arrived a little later while her mate Jasper was reeling from the pure emotions the two were feeling for one another. Jasper hadn't felt anything that pure nor that strong since Alice had found him all that time ago in that diner.

Alice and Jasper had adverted their eyes not wanting to intrude. Jasper was looking down at his beautiful little pixie who was in turn studying the pictures of their brothers on the wall. One of the main reasons why they had decided to come over the day after the shopping spree was because when reached their room they realized that Harry and Demetri hadn't given them their things that had been purchased that day.

"You can turn back now," Harry said amused.

As Alice and Jasper turned back to face their family, they saw Harry and Demetri still embracing each other but it was more as if the position was too comfortable to even think of moving.

"We apologize for intruding on your private moment," Jasper stated ever the gentleman.

"No worries Jazz, if it would have been really private you would not have been able to enter the house or we would have been in our bed," Harry replied with wink causing Demetri to groan at his beloved's playfulness.

"Oh brother dear, I do believe that if Jasper could blush, he would be!" Alice giggled and she was right as Jasper was looking fairly abashed with his eyes were looking elsewhere and a slight shifting of his feet. He was not one to think of other's 'private' times nor did he wish to feel their emotions particularly. Whenever one of their old family members would be feeling amorous, Jasper and Alice would quietly escape to the woods.

"I believe you are right little sister. It's most likely a good thing for Jasper to not be able to blush, as I would make it my brotherly duty to make sure he would be constantly embarrassed," Harry replied joking and a wink to let Jasper know he was teasing but Jasper feel his teasing intent.

"Alright love, quite picking on Jazz," Demetri said nuzzling Harry's neck, "Lets go show them the reason why we didn't give them their purchases to take home."

"How did you know we were here because of that?" Alice asked perplexed. She wasn't used people knowing things that she couldn't.

"Because the naughty tiger here has a surprise for you and purposely didn't give you the purchases ensuring that you would arrive today trying to find out what happened," Demetri answered clamping a hand over Harry's mouth when it opened to answer.

Harry rolled his eyes and began to sensually lick Demetri's hand, when the hand went slack and he felt Demetri press up against his backside, Harry smirked and said, "Ruin my fun and indeed we have a surprise for you. As we know that you don't come around very often thinking that you are intruding upon our time. You don't and we wanted to show you that. So if you will follow me and my growth we can show you to your surprise."

"I am not a growth!" Demetri replied indignantly even though he made no move to release or allow space between their bodies.

"Ok Growth," Harry said rolling his eyes once more as he began to lead the way up the stairs.

Alice and Jasper looked at each for a moment before clasping their hands together and following their childish older brothers.

When they reached Harry and his 'Growth', they were stopped before a plain looking door. Confused they looked at Harry then Demetri, both of whom just smiled and opened the door. As Alice and Jasper were ushered into the room, they froze as they took in beautiful, airy room filled with books and lace, with antique swords and blossoming flowers with a canopy bed that was both sinful yet innocent. A perfect mixture of the two. Alice looked towards a sliding wood door and cautiously walked over to it and opened it to reveal a closet that was every girl's dream! Racks and hangers, shelves and cubbies. There was enough room to fit all of her wardrobe as well as Jasper's plus several more shopping sprees! Alice also noticed that most of the stuff they had purchased was hung or placed in the correct spots.

Stepping back into the room, Alice noticed that Jasper had wandered over to the books gazing at all of the long lost books that he remembers reading as well several new books of all kinds.

"Harry…Demetri…I…how?" Alice asked slightly choked at seeing the wonder on her mate's face as he explored his desk that she noticed was in front of a large window.

Harry winked and said, "Magic."

While Demetri laughed said, "Harry and I didn't have a family until you and Jasper. We wanted you to feel welcomed and we wanted you to feel like you could stay here and have your own space."

Harry noticed Jasper had sat down at his desk looking slightly lost and confused. With a touch to Demetri's shoulder and soft smile to Alice, Harry excused himself as he walked over to his little brother.

"Hey Jasper, what's wrong?" Harry softly asked as he crouched down beside Jasper's chair.

"Why?" Jasper questioned looking at Harry a little lost as he held a quill in his hand relishing the familiar weight from his human memories.

"Because you are family. Your happiness and wellbeing matter to me," Harry replied staring into Jasper's eyes.

Harry could tell by the slight movement of Jasper's eyes that he was searching for something and Harry knew exactly what his brother was searching for. He was searching for the reassurance that he deserved it, that he mattered in the world that people cared for him as a person not a weapon or tool. It was the same searching that Harry had sought from Marcus, when Marcus gifted him with Marcus's family crest and sword.

As Jasper found what he was looking for, he fell from the chair and crushed Harry in hug. Burying his face in Harry's neck, for once wishing he could cry. The tight leash that held his self-doubts and self-hatred broke and was purged from his soul as his body shudder.

Outside the rain raged as if sensing that a soul needed a cleaning and crying. As Jasper began to reclaim his emotions and self-control the rain gentled to a light sprinkle before fully stopping. When Jasper pulled away from his brother's neck, he rested against Harry's shoulder as Harry continued to comfort his little brother.

There was a moment of silence, before Jasper finally spoke, "I feel lighter and more in control."

Harry smiled and pressed a kiss to Jasper's hair, knowing that Jasper was finally being allowed to heal.

When Demetri and Alice saw Harry kneel next to Jasper, they quietly slipped out of the house and into the background giving the war-burden souls their time to themselves.

Alice gave a half-smile as the storm began to rage, knowing that Jasper was most likely feeling the same. It was ironic how the weather either seemed know our feeling and sympathizes or mocks when we are feeling down.

Turning towards her brother, Alice said, "Thank you brother this is more than what most have down for us."

"Even the Cullens?" Demetri asked with a slight frown not noticing the pelting rain.

"They gave us money to buy our own things, yes. But to hand pick a room for us and decorate it so that it fits both of our needs and wants without even truly knowing us, is a gift greater than money. You spent time thinking about us, about wants and needs. Jasper and I have never known that," Alice explained feeling the burn of tears but knowing that none would fall.

Demetri gathered his little sister in his arms and hugged her. Knowing that just as Jasper needed comfort so did Alice. Alice clench Demetri's shirt in her hands, feeling the comforting embrace from what she imagined a brother would be like. In all of her vampire life since she couldn't remember her human life very well, only Jasper had really touched her or hugged her. Like a strike of lightning Alice realized that not only did her troubled mate need help but maybe she did too.

As they stood there giving/receiving comfort the rain gentled until it completely stopped and the air smelled fresh, as if it knew it was the time for new beginnings. Unfortunately the peace and comfort didn't last long as a large wolf came careening from the woods aiming straight for them.

Alice had frozen in fear while Demetri had pushed her behind him ready to protect her at all cost. Before Demetri could even attack, a CRASH was heard and huge blur of orange and black raced past the two vampires and collided with the large wolf. As the tiger and wolf broke apart only to slam into one another with teeth and claws mashing and slicing. Each fighting for the dominate position.

While Demetri and Alice had been focused on the fighting predators, they hadn't noticed when four other wolves surrounded them. Jasper had though as he had followed Harry through window and took to guarding the back of Demetri and keeping his own mate between them. As another went to charge, the wolves found that they could not. They rammed the invisible barrier, then they pawed and whined.

The whine became louder as the tiger suddenly had the wolf pinned. It was a brief second that the tiger looked away to check on his family that the wolf changed into a nude male human surprising the tiger from his attack. As the male went to attack, the tiger transformed into a clothed enraged Harry who quickly and accurately pinned the male to the ground with the male's face being pushed into the mud with a knee into the back and arms being stretch and lock into an uncomfortable position nearly being broken.

"Who the FUCK are you?" Harry growled severely pissed that his family had been in danger in their own backyard.

"Protectors of the land!" the man screamed out as Harry applied more pressure to the taunt arms.

"Ssso you attack the innocentssss on my land?" Harry hissed. He desperately wanted to kill this man, but that was then, this is now. He had learned to gather information first.

"We were told that there was a new vampire that fed on humans," the pinned wolf gasped.

"The only human that vampire feeds from is me, his mate. Where did you come by this information," Harry questioned ruthlessly pushing the man's face further into the mud ignoring whines and growls from the others.

"Bella told us, she was right to warn us!" The man spat out.

Harry could respect the fight the man still had but not when it concerns his precious mate and family.

"You would attack first on information from angst driven bitch? Who just left the town and her friends to save an equally angst driven vampire? You do know by the laws of nature, I can kill you and your pack for threatening what is mine, right?"

The man didn't answer but merely whimpered. Harry as individual was a scary person when protecting his family. Those betrayers had found out first hand just how terrifying Harry could be.

As Harry applied just enough pressure that would have broken average human's spine, Harry said, "Let this be a warning. NEVER attack what is MINE and get the correct information before attacking as a younger me would have killed you before even letting you speak and there are others out there far more dangerous than myself."

As Harry released the man, he stood tall and firm staring down at the mud covered shifter as he rose to his feet.

There was a moment of silence where everyone's breath was held as the naked man asked, "If we come back with no intention of attacking, would you give us the information we seek?"

"If you come back humble and with advanced notice we might give you the information you seek," Harry answered acknowledging that request.

"Thank you for the mercy you have shown," the man replied with a slight bow as he transformed back into a wolf and ran for the trees with his pack following.

Harry took a moment to calm his rage that was still lingering for the bitch that nearly caused him to kill a misguided pack. As he was calming down, he felt strong but gentle hands running down his sides only to return to the top and repeat. Leaning back against the firm chest, Harry exhaled soaking in the comfort his mate was giving him.

After a moment of comforting silence, Harry smiled and said, "I am covered in mud and am, no doubt, dirty your clothes."

"Better to dirty my clothes than for you to go on a rampage my love," Demetri murmured against his ear, "You were magnificent Harry, the fire burning in your eyes as you battled that lowly wolf was amazing. I have never seen such a look. Now that I recall your training, you were merely entertaining the guards and the Volturi weren't you?"

"Of course, beloved. If I were to have trained with them seriously there would have been none alive. I am happy that it has not scared you, though," Harry replied closing his eyes.

"You could never scare me like that," Demetri stated, while it was true that Demetri had never seen anything like that before from his mate, it was another part of his mate that Demetri discovered making Demetri happy.

Harry smiled and once he felt calm enough to face his family it was to Jasper tightly holding his shocked mate.

"I have not frightened you, have I?" Harry asked from where he was, he didn't want to get closer in case he had indeed frightened them.

"Never," Alice spoke faintly as she clung to her mate. Never had she seen the shifters react so violently. Yes they had called them names and snapped at them but never attack!

"You are my brother, nothing you do could frighten me," Jasper replied steadily and it was true. Seeing his brother react to the defense of their family with such intensity was mind-boggling. Watching the power and knowledge that his brother was displaying was an amazing sight. Jasper knew that they had made the right choice in choosing Harry and Demetri as family. Jasper was and is a fighter. While he respected Carlisle for his non-violent ways, Jasper felt often out of place and suffocated, but with Harry he felt free and protected, he felt needed. Harry had leapt to the defense casting a single look back at Jasper ensuring that Jasper would protect to his back and their family. Jasper felt like he was a part of the team being trusted to do what was needed, rather than being watched for mistakes. Harry had more than his respect; he had his admiration and loyalty. Harry was a leader Jasper found worth following wholeheartedly.

"Are you sure?" they head Harry asked.

Jasper and Alice looked at each other conveying their thoughts and feeling before they sprinted to their brothers, burrowing into their embrace showing just how much they were sure as well as showing their loyalty and love. Accepting Harry as he had accepted them. They never had to fear that they would be the outcasts or look down on. They had found a leader and family worthy fighting tooth and nail for. They found the place where they belong as Harry and Demetri held them close.

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