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Into the Depths of Hades

A Naruto Fanfic by xXShadow-Wolf13Xx (Formerly known as xXPsychoXx)

Chapter One

If you were to ask someone which God out of the Big Three is their favorite, very few people would say Hades. I have no choice in the matter; after all, he is my dad. I didn't always know I was a demigoddess; my mother hid who I was from everyone, even from me. She married an abusive man to mask the scent of my blood from all the other Olympians and their servants. I grew up not knowing who my father was and getting beaten bloody for the slightest of mistakes. You would never guess that I was the daughter of Hades by looking at me though; pink hair doesn't necessarily scream Demigoddess of the Underworld.

All I really know is that I never asked to be this, hell, all I wanted was to know who my dad is and why the hell the friggin creatures out of ancient Greek myths were attacking me. Come to find out that not only am I the Daughter of Hades and the Demigoddess of the Underworld, but my existence alone is cause for war between the Gods. Then the fact that everyone and their brother thought I stole Zeus' Master Bolt just added fuel to the fire. It didn't matter that my brother was the son of Poseidon and this kid I had just met turned out to be my cousin, the son of Zeus. It just mattered that everyone thought that I had stolen the bolt, Zeus had my mom held hostage, and I was stuck in a war that was bigger than me, my brother, my cousin and pretty much the entire world, and it wasn't even about the whole stolen bolt accusation. No, it was dear old Granddad wanting to get the fuck out of Tartarus. Gods help me.

I groaned as I slowly slid into consciousness. I felt like I had been hit by a semi. I rose painfully from my bed and stumbled, bleary eyed, to the bathroom. I groaned at my reflection. My pink hair was matted with blood and a large cut slashed its way down the right side of my face, from hairline to chin. It was surrounded by dried blood. A nasty hand shaped bruise had blossomed across my neck. My lip was busted, and my left shoulder was bruised and swollen, it looked dislocated. Whatever I had done to piss off my stepdad, Oniji, must have really pissed him off bad. I sighed and turned the shower on as hot as possible. I stripped quickly, wincing as I jostled my left arm, and stepped under the scalding stream. The water turned a rusty brown as soon as it hit me. I leaned back against the cool tile wall and braced myself before wrenching my shoulder back into socket. I bit my lip to hold in a scream. The action caused my busted lip to rip open. Blood began pouring from the wound and I pulled it into my mouth, sucking at it. The blood was salty, yet sweet, with a coppery tang, it tasted really good, but I knew I had to stop sucking the blood out and let it clot again. I filled my palm with cinnamon scented shampoo and began washing my hair, wincing as it pulled at the bloody, matted clumps. I rinsed my hair and washed it again, making sure it was completely rid of blood. Then I conditioned it with cinnamon scented conditioner to smooth it out. I washed the blood from my body and face, being gentle around the cuts and my bruised neck and shoulder. I winced as a sharp pain shot up my side as I washed my middle. My ribs were on fire. I rinsed off quickly and stepped out of the shower, gingerly wrapping a blood red towel around my dripping form. Now that I was clean, the bruises stood out in stark comparison to my alabaster skin. I dried myself off gingerly and set the towel to the side, examining myself for any further damage. My midsection was mottled with bruises in varying shades of purple, black, and blue. There was another hand shaped bruise on my left calf, as well as a mirrored image on my right thigh. I sighed and wrapped the towel back around myself. I walked slowly back into my room and pulled out an outfit to wear to school. I pulled a simple pair of black jeans with large rips in the knees on over my black underwear and a faded black ribbed tank top over my black bra. Over the tank top I put an off the shoulder red fishnet shirt that went down to my knuckles. Satisfied with my appearance I threw my dirty clothes and towel into the hamper in my closet and made my way back to my bathroom to hide the visible bruises with makeup. After ten years of covering up the evidence of the many beatings, I had become somewhat of an expert and after three minutes I looked as right as rain. I put on my necklace, a scythe charm hanging from a short silver chain. I also put in my tongue bar and the industrials through the cartilage of each ear. Pentagrams dangled from the onyx studs in the bottom lobe piercing of each ear, and just above them, sat ruby studs. A black captive bead ring adorned the tragus piercing in my left ear. I dried my long, mid back length pink hair and styled it. My fringe angling from the left to the right, making sure that not even a hint of my right eye or the scratch marring that side of my face could be seen while the rest hung long and straight to the middle of my back. The tips of my long hair had been dyed to look as if they had been dipped in ink, as did my fringe. My emerald green eyes glowed brightly from my alabaster skin, and after I had lined them thickly with black eyeliner, they stood out even more. I brushed my teeth quickly and smiled slightly at my reflection. I shook my head, to this day it still amazed me how any of my friends could seriously believe this god forsaken mask that I wear every day. My mom can see through it, but she also knows what goes on. My eyes lacked the spark of joyfulness that lit my eyes when I was a child, my smile wasn't as wide, nor did it reach my eyes. If the eyes are truly the windows to the soul, I must not have one, because if I did people would see how broken I really am from just a simple glance. But no one sees what is right in front of their eyes, or maybe they just don't care, I haven't figured it out yet.

I sighed as I left the room, scooping up my cell phone, wallet, iPod, and backpack as I did. I put my wallet in my back pocket and my phone and iPod into my front pockets as I hurried down the stairs, trying my hardest not to wake Oniji. I slung my backpack up onto my uninjured shoulder as I stepped into the hallway. I could hear my mom, Hotaru, bustling around the kitchen, making sure everything would be perfect when Oniji finally decided to wake up. My mom was a beautiful woman; I get my eyes from her, except mine are brighter and more feline. She was short, barely more than five feet, and had long silver hair that fell in soft, rippling waves to the backs of her knees. I've often wondered where I got my pink hair from, but I've never really asked, it never seemed necessary to know how I got pink hair. All I needed to know was that my hair was pink and anyone who thought it wasn't natural met my fist up close and personal. When she smiled, it lit up her whole face, her eyes glowed and her cheeks dimpled, but she rarely smiled anymore. Her laugh was light and bubbly, like water flowing over stones in a babbling brook. I used to love to hear her laugh, now I'd do anything to hear it again, she hasn't laughed for so long. She seemed to be as broken as me, but I've never brought it up, that would only make things worse.

"Mom, tell me again why we put up with him?" I asked, wincing as I formed the words, the movement of my mouth pulling at the cut, I'd have to stitch it up later.

"Oh, baby, did he hurt you again?" She was by my side in a heartbeat, checking for wounds.

"It's nothing mom, just a few bruises." I lied; I didn't want to tell her that it was more like a few bruises, cracked ribs, and a giant cut. She looked at me hard for a moment, but since she didn't see anything to say any different, she backed off.

"Okay, what would you like for breakfast, Sakura honey?" She asked, returning to the stove.

"I think I'll just have a bowl of cereal at school or something. I only have ten minutes before the bus gets here." I said. She nodded.

"Alright, I'll see you when you get home." She said, turning and giving me a hug. I held back the wince as she squeezed my sore shoulder. I grabbed my keys and shoved them in my pocket as I hurried out the door and down the road to the bus stop. I made it just in time. I climbed on to the large yellow automobile and took a seat in the very back next to a very busty blonde senior, my best and only friend at Konoha Prep.

"Hey Reaper, how are you?" She asked, turning her hazel eyed gaze on me as I sat next to her. I grimaced.

"Not good, Tsunade," I replied, "He did it again."

"Have you told your mom yet?" She asked sympathetically. She was the only person in the world who knew everything that he did to me. She always fixed me up too. I shook my head.

"You know I can't tell her everything. She'd be devastated. I know she's only putting up with him so that we have a roof over our heads and food in the fridge, but still she'd blame herself if she knew, and I won't put her through that." I said, wincing as my cut stretched.

"How bad?" She asked.

"A few cracked ribs, several bruises, I popped my shoulder back into place this morning, and I cleaned up the cut on my face the best I could. I'll just tell people that I busted my lip by running into something or biting it." I answered. She sighed.

"I'll fix you up as best I can in the nurse's office when we get to school." She said. Tsunade was a Teacher's Assistant for Nurse Shizune, and most of her day was spent in there, answering phones or tending to sick kids. She was planning on majoring in medicine and becoming a doctor when she graduates.

"Thanks, Tsunade; I don't know what I'd do without you." I breathed. She nodded. As soon as the bus shuddered to a stop, she had pulled me to my feet and was dragging me off the bus and into the nurse's office. She pushed me down onto one of the paper covered cots.

"Okay, I'm sure your shoulder is fine, you're excellent with dislocations. The bruises should be fine as well. I'll do a surface check on your ribs and stitch up the cut on your face." She said, going into business mode. She began prodding gently at my ribs, moving from the bottom to the top on one side before repeating it on the other. I winced at each poke, and held back a scream as she pressed on my top right rib.

"Nothing is broken, thankfully, they aren't even cracked. Just extensive bruising, it will hurt for a while, but you heal fast. Now, let me see that cut." She said. I held my fringe off to the side. She hissed in a breath.

"I'm gonna kill that bastard!" She seethed. She grabbed a needle and some stitching thread and looked at me apologetically.

"We don't have any anesthetic here so you'll just have to grin and bear it." She said. I grimaced and nodded, steeling myself for the pain. She approached and stitched up the cut. I felt as fresh blood started to trickle from the wound, but she stopped it with gauze. Finally, she tied off the stitch.

"I'll take it out in a few days. Make sure to keep it well covered until then; I doubt you could find a plausible excuse for a cut like that. Hopefully it won't scar." She said.

"Well, if it does scar, it will look damn cool." I said with a smirk. She shook her head at me.

"You amaze me Sakura Haruno." She laughed.

"C'mon, we're gonna be late for class." I said, grabbing her arm and pulling her behind me to the only class we had together, Ancient Greek Mythology.

We took our seats next to the large window that overlooked the school gardens and waited for our teacher, Kurenai, to come in. She didn't. Instead a young woman with bright red hair that had long pin straight hair on one side of her head while the other looked like she had lost a fight with a lawn mower. Her red eyes were framed by thick rimmed glasses. She smiled widely at us all, I scoffed at how fake and plastic it was.

"Hello class, I'm Karin and I will be your substitute teacher for Ancient Greek Mythology. Kurenai is out due to family reasons and will be back at the end of the week." She said, her voice high, nasally, and utterly annoying. I groaned. I heard Tsunade chuckle at my reaction.

"I know what you mean, Reaper." She laughed quietly. I smirked.

"All right, today we will be learning about Furies. Can anyone tell me what a Fury is?" She asked in her sickly sweet voice. Several hands shot up and Tsunade and I just sat there staring at the board. I stared hard at the words that had been written there, it all looked like Greek to me.

"Sakura, how about you, what is a Fury?" She asked, turning her red eyed gaze to me. I was silent for a moment, contemplating whether or not to give her an answer.

"Furies, also known as Erinyes in Greek Mythology, were winged, female deities of vengeance. There has been much confusion over their appearance, as some depict them as beautiful women with the wings of birds, while others have depicted them as having the wings of bats, eyes that dripped with blood, and heads that were crowned with snakes." I said finally. She nodded thoughtfully.

"Very good, Ms. Haruno, you know your mythological creatures. But do you know their names?" She said her voice grating at my ears. I sighed.

"Yes, Alecto, Mageara, and Tisiphone. Those are the three originally recognized by Virgil." I said, utterly bored. She seemed slightly put out. She must've wanted to point out that I was wrong. Stupid woman. The class went on, but I tuned it out, only returning my mind to the classroom when I heard the loud trill of the bell. I stood quickly and followed Tsunade from the room. We said our goodbyes as we passed the nurse's office. I continued on to my next class, Ancient Civilizations. I sighed as I took my seat next to the window. I really hated Ancient Civ. class, it was so utterly pointless. I watched as the rest of the class filed in and took their seats. Some glared at me and some ignored me altogether. I always wondered why so many of the students at this school hated me. But then I realize that I didn't even care. The rest of the day went by as a blur; I was shocked from my daydreams in history class as the last bell of the day rang. I went to my locker and put my books into it before fighting my way through the herd of students exiting the school. I stepped onto my bus and made my way back to my usual seat next to Tsunade.

"See you tomorrow, Reaper, don't forget about the field trip." She said as we pulled up to my stop. I smiled and nodded before making my way back up the aisle and out onto the street. I sped off down the road in the direction of my house, hoping that Oniji had already left for work. My hopes were destroyed as I stopped in front of our house; his car was still in the drive. I dreaded walking in. I took a deep breath and steeled myself for Oniji's imminent tirade. As soon as I stepped through the front door, something seemed off.

"Mom?" I called quietly through the house.

"In the kitchen, dear." She said tiredly. I made my way to the kitchen and found her set up painting near the kitchen window.

"Where's Oniji?" I asked her warily. She only painted like that when something was bothering her.

"Oh he's still sleeping." She said with a sigh.

"Doesn't he have to be at work soon?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes." She said, returning to her painting.

"Momma, please, why do we put up with this slob, he's disgusting. He sleeps all the time, eats like a pig, almost never bathes, and drinks enough for an army of dehydrated soldiers; he barely even pays the bills. Most of his money goes toward alcohol and cigarettes." I asked. She sighed again.

"You said it would get better if we came here, it's done nothing but get worse." I said.

"You'll understand soon, Sakura-chan." She said.

"How soon is soon, mom, you said the same thing last time." I replied. Oniji chose that moment to make his presence known. His stench preceded him into the room and I fought the urge to gag.

"Look who's decided to join the living." I said, venom laced into every word. He shot me a glare. I smirked at him and met his gaze evenly, defiantly. He walked over and groped my mom's ass, infuriating me.

"Hey, babe, get me a beer." He commanded. My mom moved to do what he asked; he smacked her ass as she went. I growled low in my throat.

"Hey, Oniji, have some respect, don't treat my mom like she's your fucking maid, she's not." I hissed. He glared at me harshly and within minutes had me pinned to the wall by my throat.

"This is my house, and I am the man in this family, and I will gladly prove it to you if you provoke me like that again." He hissed in my ear. He made sure my mom was occupied before he ground into me, pressing his hardness against me and making sure I knew exactly what he meant. A sick grin twisted his face as my expression morphed into one of utter disgust. I growled lowly at him. He backed away slowly. I glared as he walked away to sit at the kitchen table where my mom placed a beer in front of him. He drank the beer slowly, and watched me over the top of the bottle as I left the room and ran up the stairs two at a time. I ran into my room and slammed the door shut, leaning against it and breathing heavily. I dropped my bag to the floor and locked my door before sliding down it. I cradled my head in my hands, my fingers twisting into my black and pink locks. I groaned. I wanted to scream in frustration. His abuse was boundless, I couldn't imagine what had possessed my mother to marry such a sick, twisted, bastard. She loved my father, she told me so, she loved him with every fiber of her being, and she told me that he had loved me more than life itself but had been forced to leave us both by his family. I couldn't understand it and I don't think that I ever will. I wouldn't have to deal with this endless torment if he hadn't left us.

The next day was slightly better; at least I didn't start off by cleaning up new wounds. Oniji had had to work last night and had been out instead of torturing me. Sadly, he would be there all night tonight, since he had the day off. I dressed quickly after my shower, pulling on a pair of short shorts that were cut off at mid thigh and were riddled with rips and tears. I pulled on a tight fitting, faded black Bullet for My Valentine ribbed tank top that stopped several inches above my pierced navel. I never did care that everything in my wardrobe violated every one of the schools dress code policies. I belted the shorts low on my hips with a black and red studded belt with a scythe belt buckle. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth before putting on my makeup. I made sure all of my remaining bruises that were visible were expertly covered with makeup so they could no longer be seen. I lined my eyes with thick black eyeliner to bring out their vibrant color. Then I ran Chap Stick over my lips. I pulled my long hair back and braided it, leaving only my fringe to hang diagonally in front of my face, hiding the right side from view. I left the room and pulled on my worn out black converse and laced up the bright cherry red laces. Pleased with my appearance I shoved my phone and MP3 player into my pockets along with my keys and wallet. I grabbed my backpack on my way out of the room. I took the stairs two at a time and grabbed a granola bar as I ran through the kitchen. I had no time for a real breakfast, I was late. I raced out of the house, slamming the door behind me and speeding off down the sidewalk, just barely catching my bus. I sat down with a thud next to Tsunade, breathing heavily.

"Wake up late again, Reaper?" She asked, holding back a laugh. I glared at her.

"What if I did, I was up late last night." I replied. She shook her head.

"At least all we have today is that field trip for Asuma and Karin." She said.

"Yeah, but I still really hate Karin." I said, she laughed. All too soon we were pulling to a stop in front of the school. We all filed out and went straight to our Greek Mythology classroom where both Karin and Asuma waited for us. They waited until everyone was in the room before addressing us.

"Today we will be going to the new Greek exhibit at the Konoha Museum of History. You will be required to stay with the group at all times. We will be studying the Greek Gods and their descendents, as well as the history behind the Greek Gods." Asuma said, the cigarette dangling precariously from his lips quivered with every word. We all nodded in understanding.

"All school rules apply, that means no electronic devices in sight or they will be confiscated. Do I make myself clear?" Asuma said, voice firm and commanding. It was a voice that even though he was in a wheelchair, made you think twice about disobeying him. Once both teachers were sure we thoroughly understood the ground rules they led us from the room and we filed onto a school bus. The ride was short, the museum was downtown Konoha, just thirty minutes away from Konoha Prep. We all filed out and were led into the museum. Asuma led us to the first exhibit. It was huge; there were large stone slabs with images and ancient Greek lettering carved into them. There were three of these arranged in a semicircle. Asuma stood in the middle of the room, with the three slabs behind him. The rest of us stood facing him in a semicircle, attention trained solely on him as he began to speak. Karin was standing back near Tsunade and I.

"Now, how much do you know about the Greek Gods?" Asuma asked in his booming voice. He was met with silence, no one wanted to answer, but most knew he wasn't looking for an answer.

"The three main Greek Gods were the brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, the sons of Cronus. They took the throne by overthrowing their father and cutting him into millions of pieces before sealing him away in Tartarus for eternity. The three Gods then split their rule, Hades became the ruler of the underworld and guardian of Cronus' prison, Poseidon became the ruler of the sea and the earth, and Zeus became the king of Gods. Now, occasionally the Gods would come to earth and hook up with humans, producing half human half god children, does anyone know what these children were known as?" Asuma said, "How about you, Sakura."

"Uh, demigods." I said, startled by the abrupt question.

"Good, and do you know of any demigods besides Hercules?" He asked. I was at a loss; I glanced around the room at the slabs. The symbols that were carved in Ancient Greek began to morph and change shape, to look like English. I could read it.

"Uh, Perseus." I said, unsurely, reading a name from one of the slabs.

"Very good, Perseus was a very well known son of Poseidon." Asuma said. He looked at me knowingly, and I found myself wondering why.

"Sakura, could I have a word?" Karin asked from behind me. I nodded slowly and followed her to a room just off the room we were in. I heard the door click shut behind her.

"So, Karin-sensei, did I do something wrong? Am I in trouble?" I asked turning to face her, only, she wasn't there anymore.

"Sakura Haruno." A voiced hissed from high above me. I looked up and gasped.

"Karin-sensei? How'd you…" I trailed off as she screeched at me. The sound was inhuman. Within seconds it was like she had exploded from her skin, now standing in her place, was the most hideous thing I had ever seen. It was large and beastly with smooth grey skin and eyes that dripped with the blood, bat wings sprung from the creature's back.

"What are you?" I whispered. The thing flew at me and I ducked. Just as the thing was about to charge at me again, the door burst open. I looked to see Tsunade run in, fists raised, followed by Asuma-sensei.

"Fury!" I heard Asuma shout.

"You leave her alone you bitch!" Tsunade yelled at the thing.

"I'll rip you apart if you even think of touching the girl, leave now, Fury." Asuma yelled. The creature screeched at me one more time before flying through one of the many windows in the room.

"That was a…a Fury? They exist?" I asked, shocked, "And how would you have torn her apart Asuma-sensei, you're in a wheelchair."

"There are many things you don't know, Sakura, but you will learn. Take this," He said, holding something out to me, "It is a powerful weapon, use it only when the need is great."

I looked at the thing he was holding out to me.

"That's just a pen." I said with a perfectly arched eyebrow.

"Take it, Reaper, you'll need it." Tsunade said, and I grabbed it.

"But this is a pen! How is this gonna help me, am I gonna write it to sleep or something?" I asked. They ignored me.

"Take her home and inform her mother. There is no where safe for her now, they know who she is. You know where she needs to go." Asuma said. Tsunade nodded and grabbed me by the arm dragging me from the room and out of the museum.

"What is going on, Tsunade?" I asked as she dragged me down the street in the direction of my house, luckily it wasn't too far from the museum. We made it to my house mere minutes after she dragged me out of the museum and I unlocked the door. We both stepped in and found my mom playing waitress to Oniji and some of his poker buddies. They were all obviously drunk. I watched Oniji slap my mom's ass.

"Hey, didn't I tell you to have some fucking respect for my mom?" I asked completely annoyed. He stood and went to smack me but was punched in the face by Tsunade. He hit the ground and was out cold. The other men were too stunned to move.

"Hotaru, it's time." Tsunade said. My mom seemed to know what she meant, and she led us out the door and into her purple Dodge Charger. We sped off down the road, out of Konoha, and through the vast Konoha woods that kept our city isolated from the city of Suna in the deserts of Wind Country. We drove deep into the woods, their darkness looming on either side of the wide highway. My mind was reeling.

"Do either of you feel like telling me what the hell is going on?" I asked from my seat. My mom glanced at me with a sad smile on her face.

"It's about your father, and who he is." She said. My eyes widened.

"My dad, what about my dad could possibly cause what has happened to me so far?" I asked, incredulous.

"Your father isn't human, you're a demigoddess, and Tsunade is your protector, she is also a demigoddess, a daughter of Apollo." My mother explained.

"Then who's my dad?" I asked.

"Your dad is…"My mom's reply was cut off when something came barreling out of the forest and rammed into our car, turning it over. Tsunade punched out of the car and pulled us out. I found myself staring in disbelief at a creature I thought lived only in myth. There in front of me stood a ten foot tall Minotaur. I held back a scream.

"Run!" Tsunade yelled. She led us deep into the woods. I don't know how long we ran, or how far, but we were deep into the Konoha Forest. I was beginning to see why it was known to most people as the Forest of Death. We stopped in front of a tall archway that seemed to be formed by two trees; a wooden plank was nailed to them bearing words written in Ancient Greek. As I stared the words slowly started to morph, shimmering into English text. It said, Camp Half-Blood. Tsunade and I raced through with no problem, but my mother could not pass through the natural archway. Some sort of barrier stopped her from reaching us. The Minotaur grew bigger, looming like an ominous shadow behind her small frame.

"Mom, come on!" I all but screamed. She shook her head sadly.

"I can go no further, darling, this is no place for mortals, I am not allowed." She turned to leave and screamed as she came face to face with the Minotaur. My eyes widened and before I knew I had moved, I was back on the other side of the archway and demanding that the Minotaur leave my mom alone. It looked down it's snout at me and snorted, as if saying that I wasn't even worth his time. I felt anger rise in me like a wildfire, heat rising through my body, starting at my toes and slowly moving upward. I pulled the pen from my back pocket and stared at it for a moment, wondering how I was supposed to use it.

"All is not what it seems, Sakura, trust your instincts, you know what to do." I heard a deep, masculine voice; I looked around wildly for its source but found none. It seemed to be coming from everywhere and nowhere, it boomed in my mind. I found myself left even more puzzled than I had been before my mind had been intruded by that strange voice. Not knowing what else to do, I clicked the pen and held in a gasp as it lengthened into a full length silver sword.

"Let my mom go!" I screamed. The beast dropped her to the ground and charged at me. I swung and missed, the sword embedding itself deep into the wood of a nearby tree. I tried frantically to pull it out to no avail. The creature returned its attention to my mom. He picked her up, almost crushing her in his large grip. He squeezed tighter and tighter as she groaned. Right before my eyes she disappeared in a puff of shimmering golden dust. I felt the anger rise higher, hotter, as the creature looked at me. His eyes seemed to be laughing at me. I felt tears of rage streaming down my face. I pulled the sword from the tree with a shout and swung wildly at the Minotaur. He charged at me and my blade made contact with one of his horns, sending him reeling off course and crashing into a tree. The wood groaned in protest at the force of the impact, the beast's horn was caught in the wood. I growled and jabbed with the sword, the sort of underhanded jab that you would perform when using a switch blade. I felt skin and bone give under the force of the blow, heard the sound of slick metal sliding through flesh and cutting bone. The beast cried out in pain, but the fierce lowing sound cut off into a strangled cry as the blade pierced his heart and his lungs began to fill with blood. He took his last few rasping breaths and then was still. I pulled the blade out and it returned to its original form, a small pen. I looked around myself as if I was waking from a dream. I felt so lightheaded. I distantly felt Tsunade grab my arm and lead me once more through the archway.

"Did I kill it?" I asked, hardly aware of my surroundings.

"Yeah, Reaper, you did great girl, really great. Now you need to rest, we'll explain everything when you wake up." She said in a calm, soothing voice.

"Yeah, you better; there is no way you're getting away without explaining everything to me. I just killed a fucking Minotaur for the love of the Gods! They aren't even supposed to exist!" I said, my words slurring as I slowly faded from consciousness. I leaned heavily on Tsunade as she led me through trees and bushes, our footsteps making no sound on the soft, leaf strewn forest floor. Then everything went black.

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