Hey this is my first story so it may not be that good but guess what i dont really care. Review all you guys want to good or bad i'll use it to improve my story. This will be a Yugioh 5ds story with a chacter or two from pokemon.

Disclaimer: i dont own pokemon or yugioh 5ds only my own Characters this is purly fan made

Welcome to New Domino City where duel monsters is a card game that can make or break a persons life depending on how good they are. some people however compete in speical duels known as turbo duels where the two duelist duel on speical motorcycle like veichel called a duel runners using a card known as speed world where only speed spells can be used. right next to the city is an island known to most people as the satelite sector. the satelite sector is a horrible disquisting place where mostly criminals reside and where dueling is outlawed. the story begins as the world reknowed turbo duel champion Jack Atlas defeats another turbo duelist who goes by the name of Hunter Pace

inside the duel stadiam known as the Kiba Dome

Jack: sorry Hunter but your just no match for the master of faster himself so why dont you make like an egg and beat it

Mc: unbeilivable Jack Atlas's unbeaten streak continues is there anybody out there who can take this man down

Jack: nope i am the best turbo duelist in the world

Garrett turns off his TV

Garrett: yeah whatever Jack i bet i could take you down but nooo they wont let me duel because im not an offical citizen of the city

Garrett is an eighteen year old duelist who just happens to have a duel runner that he built himself. he also has blueish green eyes and long dark brown hair that goes to the base of his neck

Garrett:(looks outside) you know its such a nice day today i think i'll go for a ride

Garrett hops on his duel runner and rides right past the Kiba Dome until he sees Jack talking to Goodwin the director of the city

Goodwin: that was quite an impressive show Jack

Jack: i just did what im best at thats all now if you dont mind i think ill be leaving now

Jack takes off on his duel runner while Goodwin just noticed Garrett

Goodwin: im sorry i dont beilive we've meet my name is director Rex Goodwin

Garrett: my name is Garrett nice to meet you director

Goodwin: say Garrett you seem to be a pretty decent duelist why dont you head on over to the park i beilive i saw someone there who wanted to challenge you

Garrett: a challenge a ok ill go check it out

Garrett drives on over to the park and then procedes to drive around for another 3 hours

Garrett: man i think Goodwin lead me on a wild gouse chase i cant beilive i trusted that guy

he then hears this in the distance

?:(whimpering in pain) can someboby please help me

?: shut your mouth Dawn

theres a loud crash and Dawn screams in pain

Dawn is an eighteen year old girl who has long blue hair that reaches about her upper back and deep blue eyes

Dawn:(crying) stop it James please stop it

James:(smirks) not until you give me what i want Dawn

James is an eighteen year old guy who has long grey hair tied back into a pony tail and solid black eyes

Garrett: this sounds serious i better do something(he rides off full speed)

at the scene

Dawn: 'well this is it for me' i'll do what you want James

James:(smirks evily) good

Garrett rides in between them

Garrett: i dont know whats going on here but i suggest that you leave now James

James:(glares) must you always ruin everything Garrett

Garrett:(glares) must you always cause trouble James

James:(sighs) just leave now and stay away from me and Dawn unless of course you want another beating

Garrett:(looks at the girl) are you Dawn

Dawn:(nods) yeah im Dawn Berlitz

Garrett: Garrett Hughes im going to get you outta here

Dawn:(blushes) o-ok

Garrett: lets duel James

James:(smirks) this should be interesting remember what happened the last time we dueled

Garrett: yeah i lost last time but that was back when i had first began to understand my decks full potential

James: full potential oh please you lost and you'll lose this time to

Garrett: nope this time will be different James

James: alright fine we'll have another turbo duel the winner gets to decide Dawn's fate

Garrett:(glares) what i cant do that

Dawn: yeah im not some prize to be won or lost

Garrett: shes right James

James: i dont really care are you going to duel or not cus i could just take her right now if i wanted to

Garrett: and i could just call the police myself

James:(glares) urggg

Dawn: just kick his butt Garrett

Garrett:(shocked) huh are you sure

Dawn: yes i am after what he has done to me i want to see you defeat him

Garrett:(smiles) alright then i will

James: somehow i doubt that(boards duel runner)

Garrett: why dont we make this one a little more interesting since your so sure of yourself

James: im listening

Garrett: the winner keeps my stardust dragon card permently but no matter what Dawn comes with me

James:(smirks) you'd risk your favorite card just for Dawn's saftey

Garrett: you bet i would

Dawn: stardust dragon?

Garrett: yup you see when James beat me last time he took my stardust dragon card with him

James: yup and im going to use it against you in this duel

Garrett: but when i win this duel im taking my card back

James: alright fine you have a deal Garrett

Dawn: 'Garrett is amazing hes risking his favorite card just for me and he doesnt even know me'

Garrett: ready James

James: yeah to beat you!

Garrett/James: DUEL!

Dawn: go Garrett beat him down 'now to see if Garrett has any dueling skills'

Garrett: i'll start this duel off(draws a card) i'll summon shield wing in def mode(2/0/900) and i'll end with a face down your move

James: excited to lose i see

Garrett: i wouldnt be so sure about that James i have improved greatly since our last duel and so has Dale

Dawn: huh whos Dale?

Garrett:(smiles) just one of my friends is all

Dawn: oh

James: so your still hanging out with that loser whatever(draws a card)

speed counters g 1

speed counters j 1

James: i summon twin sword maruder(4/1600/1000) now attack

Garrett: wait a minute that card looks familar did you get a new deck James

James: i guess you could say that i took it from an old friend now i attack you with the piercing damage speical ability

Garrett: argg(LP3300)

James: now he can attack again thanks to his special abillity

Garrett: ahhhh(LP2600)

James: i end with 2 facedowns

Garrett: then its my turn(draws a card)

speed counters g 2

speed counters j 2

Garrett: i summon junk synchron(3/1300/500) now i tune him with my shield wing to synchro summon junk warrior(5/2300/1300)

James: i activate my spacegate trap card so when you destroy my monster ill gain 1 gate counter that i can use later

Garrett: junk warrior attack that murader

James: arg(LP3300)(sg1)

Garrett: i end my turn

James: then its my draw(draws a card)

speed counters g 3

speedcounters j 3

James: i summon out to the feild dark resonator(3/1300/800) now i activate the trap powerful rebirth to bring back my murader and give him an extra level and 100 atk points(5/1700/1000) now i tune my resenator with my murader to synchro summon red dragon archfiend(8/3000/2000) now ill attack with him use crimson flare

Garrett: now my trap card opens waboku to negate all battle damage

James: i end with a facedown

Garrett: its my move(draws a card)

speed counters g 4

speed counters j 4

Garrett: i activate the speed spell power reactor now junk warrior gains 1000 atk points but will be destroyed at the end phase of this turn(3300) now i summon speed warrior(2/900/400) and during this turn his points are doubled(1800) now junk warrior atk that dragon

James: i play this trap card de-synchro so now my other 2 monsters come back in def mode and you must atk my tuner monster(3/1300/800) (4/1600/1000)

Garrett: then ill attack dark resenator

James: and with his effect lets me keep him alive once per turn

Garrett: then speed warrior atk his murader

James: arg(sg2)

Garrett: then i end with these 2 facedowns and junk warrior is destroyed also speed warrior returns to normal(900)

James: its my move(draws a card)

speed counters g 5

speed counters j 5

James: i activate this the speed spell speed fusion by giving up 4 speed counters

speed counters g 5

speed counters j 1

James: to fuse the big piece golem and medium piece golem together to summon multiple piece golem(7/2600/1300) now ill attack your speed warrior with him

Garrett: then ill use the trap defence draw to negate the damage and to draw one more card

James: then ill use my monsters abillity to summon his 2 counter parts(5/2100/1000) (4/1600/1200) next ill activate the effect of medium piece golem to special summon small piece golem(3/300/500) now spacegate activates and i can summon sinister sprocket(1/0/0) because i have more gate counters than his level, now ill tune dark resenator with big piece golem to once again synchro summon red dragon archfiend(8/3000/2000) but im not done yet now i tune sinister sprocket with medium and small piece golem to synchro summon your stardust dragon(8/2500/2000)

Garrett: i expected that so i reveal the intercept wave trap card so stardust dragon now goes back to my extra deck

James: what!

Garrett: thats right so return stardust dragon

James: you got lucky i end my turn with 2 facedown cards

Garrett: then i draw(draws a card)

speed counters g 6

speed counters j 2

Garrett: its about time i got back in this duel i activate the speed spell angel baton so by discarding 1 card i can now draw 2 and i discarded my dandylion so now i get 2 fluff tokens(1/0/0)x2 in def mode. now i summon debris dragon(4/1000/2000) and he lets me bring back a monster with less than 500 points so return dandylion(3/300/300) now i tune debris dragon with dandylion and my fluff token to synchro summon stardust dragon(8/2500/2000) and because dandylion was sent to the graveyard i get 2 more fluff tokens(1/0/0)x2 now i play this the silver contrails speed spell to give my dragon 1000 more points(3500) now attack my pet with cosmic flare

James: too bad i have a trap sakaretu armmor

Garrett: i play my dragons ability by sacrificing him i can save him

James: i forgot about that effect

Garrett: ill place 2 cards face down and end my turn so stardust dragon comes back(8/2500/2000)

James: its my go(draws a card)

speed counters g 7

speed counters j 3

James: and i attack your stardust dragon with my red dragon archfiend

Garrett:(LP2100) ahhh

James: now your three fluff tokens are automatically destroyed due to my dragons effect

Garrett: then i play this remote revenge to switch the effect back to you

James: i play my crimson wall so your effect is sent back to you and you lose 1000 more LPs

Garrett: no(LP1100)

James: ill end there with a facedown card

Garrett: and ill start(draws a card)

speed counters g 8

speed counters j 4

Garrett: ill activate call of the haunted to bring back stardust dragon(8/2500/2000)

James: hes back again

Garrett: yup and this time hes staying i discard 1 card to activate this road kill to destroy your dragon it will also cost me 6 speed counters

speed counters g 2

speed counters j 4

Garrett: now atk my beast cosmic flare

James: 2 can play call of the haunted you know so come on back red dragon archfiend(8/3000/2000)

Garrett: i stop my attack and place 2 cards facedown and summon fortress warrior in def mode(2/800/1200)

James: then i go(draws a card)

speed counters g 3

speed counters j 5

James: red dragon archfiend rid the field of that dragon for good attack with crimson flare

Garrett: i remove sheild warrior in my graveyard from play to save stardust dragon from being destroyed

James: cant say the same for your life points

Garrett:(LP600) but im still alive and i activate this trap card monster catapult so by tributing fortress warrior i can now destroy 1 monster on the feild

James: then i actvate the dragons revenge speed spell by spending 2 speed counters so now when my dragon leaves the feild you'll lose 700 life points

speed counters g 3

speed counters j 3

Garrett: but im not targeting your dragon

James: your not

Garrett: nope im targeting mine

James: WHAT!

Garrett: now stardust dragons effect activates so i can tribute him to negate my own effect

James:(laughs) what was the point of that

Garrett: this i now activate my trap card cosmic blast

James:(shocked) cosmic what

Garrett: cosmic blast and since stardust dragon left the field your now slammed with damage equal to its atk points

James: ahhhhhh(LP800)

Garrett: now im back in this duel

James: urg i end my turn

Garrett: then its mine now so my dragon returns yet again(8/2500/2000)(draws a card)

speed counters g 4

speed counters j 4

James: you have one card in your hand and i still have red dragon archfiend on the field theres nothing you can do its over i win(laughs menicaily)

Garrett: theres always something i can do

James: like what

Garrett: like this i give up my final four speed counters to activate final attack

speed counters g 0

speed counters j 4

James: whats it do

Garrett: it doubles my dragons attack points for the rest of the turn

James:(shocked) IT WHAT!

Garrett: thats right(5000) now let him have it stardust cosmic flare

James: noooooooooooooo(LP0)

Garrett: you lose James

James duel runner comes to a stop and Garrett pulls up next to him

Garrett: you duel for selfish reasons James and thats why you lost

James: i cant beilive you beat me

Garrett: you better cause it just happened ill take my dragon back now

James: fine(gives him stardust dragon) this isnt the last time you'll see me(he drives off)

Garrett: whatever

Dawn: that was an amazing duel Garrett(limps over to Garrett in a lot of pain)

Garrett:(holds her up) whoa Dawn are you ok

Dawn: yeah no need to worry(she faints)

Garrett: i better get you to the hospital

Garrett drives off toward the hospital with Dawn in his lap

Garrett: 'hang in there Dawn ill get you help'

at the hospital

Garrett:(carrying Dawn bridal style) somebody i need help and fast

Doctor: we'll take her from here what happened(puts Dawn on a strecter)

Garrett: all i know is she was badly beaten

Doctor: ok we'll let you know when she can have visitors

Garrett: thanks

Doctor: no thanks you(takes Dawn to a back room)

Garrett: 'please Dawn be ok'

Garrett walks into the hallway and gets a soda then pulls out his cell phone and calls Dale

Garrett:(on the phone) hey Dale

Dale:(on the phone) whats up man

Garrett:(on the phone) no time to talk get to the hospital right now

Dale:(on the phone) whoa what happened are you ok

Garrett:(on the phone) yes im fine but my friend is not

Dale:(on the phone) ok well what happened

Garrett:(on the phone) well i found this girl her name is Dawn and she was beaten badly by James

Dale:(on the phone)(angry) that jerk hes going to pay this time where is he

Garrett:(on the phone) theres no time for that just get up here

Dale:(on the phone) alright im on my way up

Garrett:(on the phone) thanks buddy

Dale:(on the phone) yeah yeah ill see you in a couple minutes

Garrett:(on the phone) alright ill be here

Garrett hangs up the phone and waits

Dale arrives an hour later. Dale is Garrett's best friend no doubt about that. Dale has dark green eyes and the same color hair as Garrett but only its shorter in lenght

Dale: alright im here is everything ok

Garrett: hopfully the doctors said she should be concious in a few minutes

Dale: well thats good news


Dale: so whats the whole story

Garrett: this

Garrett tells Dale the whole stroy

Dale: the horrible little troll

Garrett: i know im just glad i got there when i did or it could have been worst

Dale: its ok man you did the best you could plus on the upside you got your stardust dragon back

Garrett: this no time for jokes Dale

Dale: sorry sorry what we really need to do is get revenge on James

Garrett: we can do that later right now i need you to go and call Dawns mom her name is Johanna and this is her number

Dale: 10-4 good buddy

Dale runs off

Garrett:(sighs) 'please be ok Dawn'

awhile later

Dale: Johanna said she's on her way up here and that she thanks you for saving her daughter

Garrett: ok

Doctor: um excuse me sirs

Garrett/Dale: yeah

Doctor: is one of you by any chance named Garrett

Garrett: yeah that would be me whats wrong

Doctor: nothings wrong its just that your wanted right now

Dale: by who

Doctor: by Dawn she's awake now and would like to talk to you

Garrett: ok tell her im on my way up

Doctor: will do thank you for your time

the doctor walks away

Dale: so am i going to meet Dawn now

Garrett: of course you are lets go

Dale: after you

they walk off to Dawns room

knock knock

Garrett: can i come in

Dawn: Garrett is that you

Garrett: yeah its me

Dale: and hes got a friend with him to

Dawn:(giggles) you guys can come in

they walk in

Garrett: hey how are you doing Dawn

Dawn: better i guess

Garrett: thats good

Dale: so you must be Dawn

Dawn: yup Dawn Berlitz nice to meet you

Dale: Dale Williams...so i heard you were pretty hurt

Dawn: i still am

Dale:(smirks) i've heard alot about you from Garrett over here

Dawn:(blushes) r-really

Dale: you bet he never stopped worrying about you

Dawn:(blushes) aww thats sweet Garrett

Garrett:(blushes) yeah but on to more important things

Dale: like how long are you going to be trapped here Dawn

Dawn: a couple days

Garrett: ouch thats gotta hurt

Dawn: ill live no need to worry

Garrett: then how do we pass the time i mean we gotta do something right

Dale: how about a duel Garrett me v.s you

Dawn: a duel?

Garrett: why a duel

Dale: yeah i mean its been awhile since we had a good throw down

Garrett: ok sure we'll duel Dale

Dale: awsome ill go get my deck

Dale runs out of the room

Dawn: wow hes energetic

Garrett:(sweatdrops) you dont know the half of it

Dawn: so where is Dales deck

Garrett: proboly in his duel runner why

Dawn: hes got one too

Garrett: yeah me and Dale are amazing mechanics we built are own runners from scratch we've had them for like four years

Dawn: wow thats so cool

Garrett: why thank you

Dawn:(giggles) your welcome

Dale comes back in

Dale:(panting) are...you...ready...Garrett

Garrett: you didnt have to run you know

Dale: i dont care lets just do this

Dawn: i cant wait this should be a good match

Garrett: even thats an under statement

Dale: yeah when the two of us duel its like fire works on the fourth of July

Garrett: expensive?


Dale: no explosive

Garrett: can we just duel already

Dale: yeah so Dawn can see my amazing deck

Garrett: no so she can see how quickly i can beat you

Dawn:(laughs) you guys are hilarious

Dale: um buddy lets just duel

Garrett:(laughing) ok you first buddy

Dale: ill take it its my draw(draws a card) i will summon mario in atk mode(4/1700/1500) and ill finish with a facedown

Garrett: then its my move(draws a card) ill discard quillbolt hedgehog in order to speical summon quickdraw synchron(5/700/1400) now quillbolt hedgehog comes back because i control a tuner monster(2/800/800) now i summon level eater(1/600/0) now they all tune together to synchro summon road warrior(8/3000/1500) now ill attack with him

Dale: that was quite predictable my friend so i play this my switch shroom trap card to put your monster into def mode

Garrett: nice play Dale so ill activate road warrior's ability to summon turbo booster from my deck(1/0/0) and with his effect i can destroy your mario by tributing him now go

Dale: aw man i didnt see that comming

Garrett: ill end with a facedown your move

Dale: ill keep it simple this turn(draws a card) ill activate the continous spell mushroom pride now you'll lose 300 LPs whenever one of my monsters leave the field next ill summon wario(4/1600/1600) now ill atk with him

Garrett: arg now that my monsters gone i activate reinforce truth to bring out my speed warrior(2/900/400)

Dale: clever move i end with a facedown

Garrett: if you liked that then you'll love this i draw(draws a card) i activate the spell card tunning so by sending the top card of my deck to the graveyard i can add junk synchron to my hand now ill summon him(3/1300/500) and with his effect ill bring back level eater from my graveyard(1/600/0) and now that a monster has risen from my graveyard i can speical summon dopplewarrior from my hand(2/800/800) now all my monsters tune together to synchro summon junk destroyer(8/2600/2500) now i get 2 dopple tokens in atk mode(1/400/400)x2 and now for junk destroyer thanks to his abillity 3 of your cards are now destroyed

Dale: ill save wario with this the garlic power trap card it turns wario into thief wario(5/2000/1800)

Garrett: im still attacking you though

Dale: arg(LP3400) good move Garrett

Garrett: thanks Dale i end

Dale: then i go(draws a card) i summon blooper in atk mode(1/100/300) and he lets me take one card in your graveyard like your junk synchron(3/1300/500) now i synchro summon pianta(4/1000/1500) and he can atk you directly

Garrett: ahhh(LP3000)

Dale: i end with 2 facedowns

Garrett:'i better get rid of that monster but knowing Dale hes going to protect it' its my move(draws a card)

Dale: im waiting

Garrett: i swich my tokens to def mode and summon apocatequil(4/1800/1200) now i atk with apocatequil

Dale: i activate waboku to negate all the damage and to prevent my monster from being destroyed

Garrett: i end with 2 facedowns your go

Dale: i activate my other facedown royal haze to summon my royal tuner(4/1600/1200) now ill synchro summon my mushroom dragon(8/2800/2000) now i activate the poisionous mushroom spell card to destroy your junk destroyer

Garrett: no

Dale: now atk apocatequil mushroom dragon

Garrett: i use shield warrior's effect by removing him from play i can stop you from destroying my monster

Dale: you still take damage

Garrett: urgg(LP2000)

Dale: now my dragon destroys one of your facedowns

Garrett: grrr(BOOM)

Dale: i see your facedown was call of the haunted

Garrett: you just ruined my plan great move Dale

Dale: thanks i end with a facedown

Garrett: since you took out my first plan ill go with plan B

Dale: plan B

Garrett: thats right my turn(draws a card) i activate the spell card pot of avrice so now 5 monsters in my graveyard return to my deck and i get to draw 2 cards

Dale: what are you planning your searching for something

Garrett: 'if i cant draw something good here then its all over for me' i draw(draws 2 cards)

then all of a sudden Garrett's right arm starts to glow red in the shape of a tail mark

Dale: hey whats going on your arm is glowing Garrett

Garrett: i see that

Dawn: hey are you ok

Garrett: yeah im just really confused is all

Dale: should we stop this duel

Garrett: no way Dale this is the turn i defeat you

Dale: are you kidding me Garrett i ve got you cornered its over

Dawn: ive got to agree with Dale here you cant win this turn

Garrett: well than my two friends class is in session

Dale: just go so i can prove my point

Garrett: gladly first ill summon out nitro synchron(2/300/100) and since i now control a tuner apocatequill gains 1 level(5)

Dale: ok so

Garrett: next im tunning nitro synchron with apocatequil and 1 of my tokens to synchro summon stardust dragon(8/2500/2000)

Dawn: its your favorite card

Dale: and your most powerful at that

Garrett: thats right stardust dragon is my favorite monster but hes not my strongest anymore

Dale: WHAT! hes not

Garrett: nope hes not i activate the spell card one for one so now ill discard the turbo synchron in my hand in order to special summon the majestic dragon(1/0/0) i just drew

Garrett's arm glows brighter

Dawn: ut oh Dale looks like your in trouble

Dale: not really Garrett cant synchro summon with stardust dragon

Garrett: oh but i can i tune stardust dragon with my last token and majestic dragon to synchro summon the majestic star dragon(10/3800/3000)

Dawn: whoa so cool

Dale: majestic star dragon you've never summoned him before

Garrett: thats because i save my best for last now my dragons effect activates it negates your dragons effect for the rest of this turn

Dale: aww man

Garrett: now i can activate my last face down card synchro baton

Dawn: whats that do

Dale: it gives his dragon 600 more atk points for every synchro monster in either players graveyard

Garrett: thats right Dale and right now there are 4 so my dragon gains 2400 more points

Dawn: whoa(6200) thats the most powerful monster i've ever seen

Dale: me to Dawn me to

Garrett: now lets atk with him

Dale: sorry buddy but i activate mirror force so your monster is destroyed no matter how powerful he is

Garrett: actually hes not

Dale: but how

Garrett: majestic star dragon lets me use the effect of the monster he negated

Dale: no way

Garrett: and since your dragon can negate 1 trap card per turn so can mine so mirror force is shattered

Dale: thats not good

Garrett: alright majestic star dragon lets finish this use star shine shred

Garrett's arm glows even brighter

Dale: ahhhhhhhh(LP0)

Garrett: i win Dale

then Garrett's arm stops glowing

Dawn: your arm its back to normal

Garrett: i see that

Dale: what was that all about though

Garrett: no idea buddy no idea

Dale: i got to hand it too you either way that was a great duel Garrett but an even better monster

Garrett: thanks Dale

Dawn: next time you to duel im bringing sunglasses

Garrett: for all thoughs fireworks right

Dawn: you know it Garrett

Dale: hey Garrett its getting pretty late i gotta get going it was nice meeting you Dawn

Dawn: you to Dale

Dale leaves right as Johanna comes in

Johanna: Dawn(she runs over and hugs her) sweety are you ok

Dawn: yes mom im fine i just have to stay here for a couple more days so they can keep an eye on my injuries

Johanna: oh ok well im gald your ok

Garrett: well trust me your not the only one

Johanna: oh im sorry i didnt see you there

Garrett: its ok my name is Garrett Hughes, Ms. Berlitz

Johanna: please call me Johanna

Garrett: ok

Dawn: hes the one who rescued me from James

Johanna: oh ok

Garrett: i just wish i could have gotten there sooner

Dawn: hey you got there in plenty of time

Johanna: i cant thank you enough for saving my daughter

Garrett: its ok ill do anything to protect my friends

Dawn: you see me as your friend

Garrett: of course i do

Dawn:(blushes) thank you

Johanna:(smiles) well im sorry Dawn but i've got to run you sure you'll be ok here without me

Dawn: mom i'll be fine besides Garrett's here he'll protect me right Garrett

Garrett: you know it Dawn

Dawn: see mom no need to worry

Johanna: ok well im going now bye you 2

Garrett/Dawn: bye

Johanna leaves

Garrett:(looks at the clock) wow your mom was right it is getting pretty late

Dawn: but you'll stay here with me right

Garrett: well yeah if you want me too

Dawn: yes i want you to

Garrett: then i'll stay with you

Dawn: thank you(hugs Garrett)

Garrett: your welcome Dawn

at about 2:30 in the morning

Garrett: 'what was with that glow on my arm earlier today'

Garrett's arm lights up bright again and Dawn wakes up

Dawn: whats with the night light oh Garrett your glowing again

Garrett: Dawn come over here

they look out the window toward the stadium only to see a giant red dragon appear

Dawn: what is that

Garrett: not good thats what

then Garretts arm glows brighter and a sharp pain runs through it

Garrett:(in pain) ahhhh(holds arm)

Dawn: Garrett whats wrong are you ok

Garrett: my arm it burns

then the giant red dragon disappears and the power goes out

Dawn: great the power is out

Garrett: something big has happened

Dawn: like what

Garrett's arm stops glowing

Garrett: i dont know but whatever it was its over now lets just get some sleep

Dawn: ok

they go to sleep

end chapter.

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