HEYO everyone, it's Julia with a new story, and it's all about FELIDAE! i love that movie, although it is pretty creepy and i suggest that you don't watch it if you're under 18, unless you're into horror movies and can handle a lot of gore. and i mean a LOT of gore. anyway, this is my first Felidae fic, and i hope you like it. review please!

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It was your typical day... well, if you were me that is. I went to class, as usual, and then went straight home to study and check Facebook. Exciting, right? Well, that was my life before the incident... the one that changed my life forever.

It started like any other day. When I got home from class I decided to watch one of my favorite movies... Felidae. Sure it was kind of disturbing and the mutilated cat corpses sometimes were hard to watch, but it was still a pretty awesome movie. So I went to my YouTube account and brought up the playlist that had the whole Felidae movie on it. It was 11:30 by the time the movie was over, and I decided to start reading the Felidae book, which had just come in the mail for me a day earlier. I stretched out on my bed and opened to page one. After about 15 minutes, I yawned and I couldn't keep my eyes open another second. I set the book down and turned out the light, hoping that mutilated cats wouldn't plague my dreams.


I woke up to the sound of a cat yowling. "Ugh, stupid Charlie" I grumbled. That dang cat always wants out in the middle of the night. I opened my eyes and sat up... and nearly fell over. "GAH!" I gripped the side of the roof that I was on... wait, ROOF? How the crap did I get up here? And where the heck was I anyway? I scrambled up onto the roof, my heart hammering in my chest. Wait, something wasn't right... besides that fact that I was on the roof of an unknown building with absolutely no clue how I'd gotten there. I looked down and nearly jumped out of my skin... I had PAWS! Furry, cream colored cat paws! "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?" I yelled, scared out of my mind. What was happening, where was I... why was I a cat? The cat calls grew louder and suddenly a cat popped through a nearby hole in the roof.

He grunted and struggled to get through the hole. There was something familiar about the cat... he suddenly noticed me. "Please, help me!" he sounded desperate. I blinked and that's when I realized... Francis, the cat was Francis, from Felidae!

"Holy crap!" I gasped, hurrying over to him.

"Give me your paw!" he yelled. I could hear yowls from the other side of the roof and, if my guess was correct, the Claudandus sect members were after Francis right about now.

"I must be in the middle of the movie!" I thought as I grabbed Francis' paw. I pulled and managed to get him out of the hole.

"Thanks" he panted.

"Uh... n-no problem" I stammered.

He glanced behind him, then turned to me. "Run!"

"What, but..."

"No time to explain, just RUN!" he tuned and ran. I hesitated a moment, but ran after him just as the other cats burst through the hole, yowling madly. Francis and I were running so fast, I could barely tell where we were going. After running across several more rooftops, we came to one that was familiar.

"Felicity's house!" I thought as Francis skidded to a stop ahead of me. I tried to stop too, but smacked into him and sent the both of us tumbling through a skylight window. "Oof!" I landed right on Francis. I gasped and quickly got off of him. "S-Sorry" I stammered.

"It's all right" Francis groaned, standing up.

"You're new in the neighborhood, aren't you?" a soft voice asked. I smiled.

Felicity! She was one of my favorite cats from the movie. Francis and I turned to face her.

"Yes, that's right" Francis said, walking toward her. "The name's Francis. And this... um..." he chuckled, turning to me. "I'm sorry, I never got your name"

I blushed. "Julia... I'm Julia"

"nice to meet you" Francis smiled, then turned back to Felicity.

"Friend or foe?" she asked.

"Friend" Francis and I both said.

"A friend forever" Francis said, walking closer to the chair Felicity was sitting on.

"Friends who fell suddenly, out of the sky" Felicity said.

"Well, not exactly..." Francis started. "Only from the skylight, not from the sky"

I nodded. "Yeah"

Felicity jumped out of the chair and went to the windowsill.

"I was escaping lunatics from the Claudandus sect. they objected to me watching their ceremony" Francis explained.

"that sounds typical of them"

"they're a bunch of jerks" I grumbled.

"Has it gotten light outside yet?" Felicity asked.

Francis nodded, jumping up onto the windowsill beside her. "Yes, but surely you can see that for your..."

"Francis" I jumped up beside him, nodding toward Felicity.

He looked at her and nodded. "Oh... you're blind"

"thank you Captain Obvious" I said, giggling.

"I'm not blind" Felicity said.

"Then what...?"

"I just can't see" she turned and jumped to the floor, going over to sit by the fireplace. Francis and I followed her.

"Do you ever go out?" Francis asked.

"No, though not a day of my life goes by, not one day that... I haven't wished I could see this world, evil and cruel though it is"

"I... I'm sorry" Francis said quietly.

"Me too" I added. "It is wonderful to be able to see, although... some things make me wish I couldn't"

"why are you sorry? There are much worse things in this life" Felicity said. "We could get used to anything...except having to live on a dog kennel, possibly"

the three of us laughed.

"But listen, have you always... I mean..." Francis started.

"Been blind?" Felicity finished.

I nodded. "Uh, yeah"

"yes, from birth"

"bummer" I mumbled.

"But you know what?" Felicity said. "I see pictures, pictures in my mind"

"cool" I said.

"What kind of pictures?" Francis asked.

"I see these people grouped around me, and they're so big... tall and, somehow, bright. One of them bends over me... he smiles, and then he has something that glistens in his hand... then terrible pain... then I fall asleep" she sniffed, as though she were trying not to cry, and ran back to the windowsill. I followed after her, putting my arm around her. Poor, poor Felicity!

"I don't think you were blind from birth" Francis said. "I'd say that some human has done something terrible to you"

I nodded. "Yes, that's what it sounds like to me too"

"but that can't be" Felicity said. "The human race is the kindest there is... who else would give a useless thing like me a home?"

"You're not useless!" I said. "You are kind, beautiful, special... you're unique"

"thank you for saying so Julia... you have a kind and gentle heart"

"thanks" I said softly, smiling.

"Uh, can I change the subject and ask you a question, um...?"

Felicity turned to him. "Felicity"

"have you heard anything you'd describe as unusual in the last few weeks?"

"Only the death cries"

"whoa" I shuddered. "Creepy!"

"This means you're the first witness I've found to the killings!" Francis said, jumping up onto the windowsill beside Felicity and me.

"I don't see why you're so interested in this"

"Felicity, we're talking about murder!" he looked at me. "Julia, you're new around here too, right?"

"Um..." I nodded slowly. "Yes"

"well I might as well tell you that there's a murderer on the loose!"

"No chiz" I thought, but out loud I said, "Really?"

Francis nodded. "Yes" he looked at Felicity.

"Oh, I'm sure you're wrong" Felicity said. "I think it's more likely that it's sex that's just gone too far"

"and why do you think that?" Francis asked.

"The death cries... always uttered by tomcats. I could tell by their growls that they were... excited. Somebody they knew is suddenly there... and although they're excited, they don't attack him"

"and did this someone speak to our excited, expectant brothers?" Francis asked.

"Yes. I'm sorry I couldn't hear what he was saying to them... but his tone of voice, there was a sense of urgency in his tone, a persuasive conviction... he was trying to tell them something of great importance" I blinked.

"What, though?" Francis pondered out loud. "So, uh... what then?"

"And then... then I'd hear those awful cries"

"do you know anything about the Claudandus sect?" Francis asked.

"Are they a cult or something?" I asked. I figured it would be wise to act as though I had no clue what was going on. How the crap would I be able to explain what I knew anyway?

Francis nodded. "Yes, they're the cats that were chasing us earlier"


"I don't know much" Felicity said. "Only that they pray to a dead martyr called Claudandus, a brother who lived around here many years ago and was tortured by men all his life... tormented horribly"

"how do you know that?" I asked.

A squeak form overhead made us jump and look up. Bluebeard was looking down at us from the skylight. "Why did you run off?" he asked, looking at Francis. "The brothers just wanted to talk"

"I'll bet they did, with three hundred volts loosening my tongue, right?" Francis snapped sarcastically. He turned to Felicity. "I'll be back soon, real soon. But right now I've got to get something straight with my friend" he jumped up through the skylight, then looked down at me. "Are you coming Julia?"

I hesitated, looking at Felicity. She seemed to sense my hesitation. "Go on little sister... I'll be fine here" she said softly.

I smiled slightly and went to her, nuzzling her. "I'll be back too, I swear" I said. I didn't know Felicity very well, although I already cared for her like a sister. And I only hoped that, this time around, she would survive. I jumped up through the skylight and followed after Francis and Bluebeard.

Bluebeard looked at me. "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Julia" I said.

"She's with me Bluebeard" Francis said.

"Oh, I see... hoping to get lucky, eh Francis?" Bluebeard chuckled, while I got red in the face.

"You've got some nerve Buster, talking about us like that!"

"Relax dollface"

I growled and rolled my eyes.

"Come on you two, let's go back to my place" Francis said. "We can talk more there"

I sighed and nodded, following after the two tomcats. My mind was racing. How had I gotten here? Would I ever see my home again? And perhaps one of the most important questions of all...

why was I here?

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