Author's note: This is the sequel to Out of Necessity. I finally got it going and I must say that it is going to be fun writing the sequel.

Chapter 1

Evenly Grey, leader of the Neutral fraction walked proudly beside her two second in commands. Her long trench coat, trailed slightly behind her, exposing not only the various alien and human weapons that she always had on her person but also her right leg that looked like it would be better found on a seeker. She ran right hand through her hair, the metal talons sliding easily through, her curling red mane.

"Fucking humans." She snarled loudly causing a few mechs to give her an uninterested side glance before returning to what they were doing because they were used to her tirades. Evelyn grumbled again, waving her arms in exasperation before giving in and turning her attention back to Greyside who looked abnormally calm. "Humans though?" She grumbled and the mech nodded.

"It would ease our government allies." He grumbled taking the moment to add finger parentheses around the word allies. If anything, the government wasn't an ally but instead one big nuisance.

"It would give us something to play with." Barricade sneered, flexing his talons and by the pleased look on the police mech's face, Evelyn knew he wasn't joking. She sighed again, placing a hand on her forehead and for once questioned why or rather how, Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots was still sane.

"But having humans here?" She tried to reason as she gestured around with her metallic hand. "With mechs who were part of the destruction of and attempt at overtaking the Earth?" She sighed again sounding more like a growl. "Some of them have yet to even see a human up close and personal. Do you think this will work?" She begged the logical mech. Greyside nodded kneeled in and she stopped, turning on her clawed foot to face him.

"If you give them the order not to harm them, they will obey. You are their leader and they respect you." He rumbled rather noble sounding. Evelyn nodded. She knew this.

"And if they don't," Barricade purred in his hair raising voice, both his talons and teeth glinting in the high sun. "I haven't tortured anyone in a while, I might be getting rusty." He grinned and Evelyn shook her head with a grin.

"I know, but I don't want to be ordering them around like that. I'll hold a meeting to see their opinions." She stopped pressing the device that was still under her skin, just below her right ear and after making the announcement she turned back to both her second in commands. "Then we will determine if we are going to hire an actual person." She shuddered.

"You were human." Barricade sneered with his usual contempt and Evelyn nodded.

"Precisely why I can hate them." She retorted as she resumed walking, this time in the direction of the hanger where they usually held their meetings. "I think the Decepticons are more pleasant." She joked but in reality she didn't hate people, not entirely at least and Barricade knew this. He grinned, a malicious gesture and she only chuckled.

Nightflight was at the center console, typing idly, while his optics were on a screen that was larger than him. Buzzsaw sat perched on his shoulder, her wings spread as she observed the screen herself. Evelyn entered and before she could even say anything, the large seeker tilted his head to her in greeting.

"Greetings leader." He said and she smiled.

"Nightflight." She replied while walking up the metal stairs that would bring her about shoulder height. She looked at the screens briefly before turning the black and purple seeker. "Nothing new?" She asked and he shook his head.

"Makes me miss being a Decepticon." He rumbled and Evelyn just gave a laugh.

"You'd miss me." She retorted. He gave her a quick glance, his read optics shining dangerously.

"That is debatable." He rumbled and Evelyn feigned indignity as she placed a hand on her chest.

"Was that insubordination?" She chirped out before giving a full grin. "I should put you in the brig!" The seeker turned his head, raising an optic ridge.

"We don't have a brig." He replied casually and Evelyn frowned.

"Yeah we don't." She shrugged. "But I'm creative, I'll think of something." Buzzsaw shifted, taking to the air before landing rather gracefully on Evelyn shoulders, her favorite position.

"and that is why we don't have a brig." The metallic raven hissed in her usually silky tone. "That, and," She began. "a certain second in command can be pretty scary when pissed." Evelyn nodded giving a chuckle.

"I'll agree with you there, blasted insufferable pile of scrap metal." She added under her breath, eyes flicking to the said mech who was casually looking at a freshly delivered pile of paper work that was sent from some government official. She didn't know why they kept sending it to her when she never did it. It made great targets in the firing range though as Barricade, Fireflight, and even Evelyn had soon discovered. Buzzsaw even liked to test out the sharpness of her wing blades on the large piles, which was entertaining in its own right.


Evelyn turned her attention to the eight other mechs that surrounded her as she stood on the walkway that put her on their level. She smiled slightly, looking to Barricade who stood ominously to her right, while Greyside stood to her left.

"Oh glorious leader," Knock Out began rather sarcastically with an eased wave of his shiny hand. "I don't wish to sound ungrateful," He purred in his naturally sadistic tone. "but I have things that need attending to" Evelyn gave the mech a hardy stare.

"Drag racing can wait. This will take only a second." She muttered with a shake of her head. Knock Out placed a hand on his hip.

"Darling, I meant other things." He rumbled with a sly grin. "Other things that could use your presence. You, me, my med bay. Clearly better than drag racing." He continued, his crimson eyes glinting mischievously. Evelyn chuckled while placing her own hand on her hip.

"Doll, I'll scuff your paint." She teased trying to match his seductive purr. He grinned.

"Oooo, rough. I like it rough." He retorted and Evelyn grinned before Barricade raised a single clawed hand.

"Enough. The imagery is enough to make me want to drill a rusty screw into my own processor." Barricade seethed with an actual shudder. Knock Out just grinned wider.

"If you wanted to join in, all you had to do was ask." He purred casually with a wave of his perfectly sharp talons. By the glare the police mech gave Knock Out, the red medic knew when to shut up but he couldn't hide the chuckle that was slowly escaping his lips.

"Anyway." Evelyn redirected, clasping her hands together to get everyone's attention again. "I did call you guys here for other intentions instead of dirty promises." She added giving the red medic a glare as he continued to look rather smug. Barricade grumbled something under his breath before Evelyn walked along the catwalk.

"Greyside, brought to me a rather good suggestion and I wanted to bring it to your attention." Evelyn began. "Our little, 'we're not an alien base, I swear,' fa├žade is failing only because that lovely little office to make this look like a human facility has one flaw."

"Flaw?" Scavenge asked. "I helped build it." He addressed and Evelyn turned her attention to the camouflaged motorcycle.

"The design is perfect. It just lacks a key aspect and sadly that aspect is a human. I hate, and trust me, I hate this thought but we need to recruit a human."

"A skin job?" Knock Out hissed sounding rather disgusted and Evelyn gave him a nod.

"Just think of them like Piston. You don't necessarily like him but you deal with him because if any harm would come to him, Nightstorm would kill quite a few mechs." Evelyn stated and Nightflight turned to her.

"The cow?" He asked and she nodded. "You want us to pretend that a couple of human are like that blasted, irritating bull?" She nodded.

"Just instead of being one of Nightstorm's pets, they will be irritating human recruits." She added with a false happiness.

"How many exactly?" Buzzsaw asked, the only one to catch that there would be in fact more than one. Evelyn looked to the large metallic raven on her shoulder.

"Two at most." She replied and several mech snarled slightly. Evelyn gave a groan before looking all of the Neutrals in the optics. "As your leader, I forbade any of you from hurting or tormenting them." Out of all of them Barricade was the one to look the most disappointed. Evelyn turned to Nightstorm who had been surprisingly quiet throughout the entire process, even after they had insulted his beloved bovine. "and no you cannot experiment on them or let them help you with any of your experiments." She warned and the largest seeker, let his wings fall slightly.

"You always try to ruin my fun." He pouted. "I can guarantee that they will remain intact." He hissed in his usual grating voice. Evelyn just gave him a glare and he huffed. "You are unfair my lord." He grumbled and Evelyn glared at him because the seeker knew she hated being call lord but before she could retort, a small beep caught her attention.

"We have an incoming connection." Nightflight stated, walking to the console and pressing a few buttons. "It's the Autobots, leader. Do you wish me to connect you?" He asked and Evelyn turned to the screen before nodding. The screen flickered for a brief moment before the video feed of Autobot's base was shown. Standing directly in the view of the camera was none other than the leader of the Autobots. Evelyn gave a friendly smile.

"Optimus," She began. "It's been a few months. How have you been?" She asked genuinely and the leader gave a regal nod.

"I have been well, Evelyn. How have you been?" He asked, always the one to be polite.

"Same old." She replied with a shrug. "Still plotting for world dominations though." She teased and the small hint of a smirk was shown on the serious leaders face.

"How is that going?" He rumbled and Evelyn grinned.

"Lots of paperwork." She admitted and Optimus gave a laugh.

"I wish you luck on your endeavor, then."

"Hmm." Evelyn began with a coy grin. "The paper works is already winning so I don't think I will be overlord in the next year or so." She added and once again the leader chuckled. "So what brings you to call me?" She finally addressed.

"Ah, yes." The leader began with an eased wave of his very human hand. "We have a situation with a newly discover Decepticon. He has locked himself in an abandoned farm and refuses any sort of communication with us. He seems more frightened than anything and perhaps the sight of a familiar Decepticon would ease him." Optimus explained. Evelyn gave him a considering look before nodding.

"Where?" She asked and the leader responded with a location. Evelyn turned to Barricade.

"Approximately a four hour drive from here. My speed of course." He rumbled smugly and Evelyn turned to Optimus again.

"We'll be there." She stated before cutting the communication. Evelyn turned to her group but before she could ask who wanted to go, Barricade began to walk out of the hanger.

"We are going, female." He hissed and she blinked before shrugging.

"Road trip!" She called out before walking down the stairs to the now police cruiser. She got in feeling the seatbelt wrap around her before he took off only to stop suddenly, sending Evelyn flying forward, only to be caught by the seatbelt with such force that she felt the air squeezed out of her lungs. She hissed, giving the dashboard a rather evil glare.

"The HELL?" She snarled as Barricade's engine rumbled in a rather irate fashion.

"Bovine." He seethed in a way that would normally make anything's blood run cold. Evelyn looked out the window, past the steering wheel and sure enough there was the very large and muscular animal, casually standing before the gate that led out of the base. She glared at the animal who was wearing a frilly blue collar that one would expect a little fluffy poodle to be wearing. With a rather undignified huff, Evelyn exited Barricade, approaching the bull who just watched her.

"Come on Piston," She rumbled in a calming fashion in attempts to convince the bull to move on his own accord but he just looked at her. "You're in the way." She muttered getting behind him and pushing his rump slightly. He just flicked his ears before lying down with a loud thump.

"Fucking cow." She hissed dangerously but the animal just continued to sit without any thoughts of moving anytime soon. Evelyn turned her back to the animal with a frustrated grunt before giving in and pressing the device below her ear.

"Nightstorm." She seethed dangerously.

"Yes my lord?" He replied with his fearsome static voice. Evelyn took a moment to gain her composure.

"Piston's in the way again." She said rather sweetly.

"Is he?" The seeker replied casually and Evelyn wished he could see the dangerous glare that was on her face.

"Yes he is and I would recommend getting him before I decide I want a new leather coat." She hissed. The seeker just laughed before cutting the connection. It took him only a few minutes to arrive and when he did, the bull stood and lumbered its way over to him, without the seeker having to do anything. Evelyn just stared at the two incredulously before raising her arms in defeat before just entering Barricade.

"Seekers." Barricade rumbled with a hint of annoyance, tainting his tone. Evelyn just nodded as he drove away.


Evelyn was grinning as she sat with her feet propped up on Barricade's dashboard, much to the mech's displeasure. The weather was fantastic, Barricade was speeding as usual and Evelyn couldn't help but sit back at ease without any of her leader duties bugging at her mind.

"Just like old times." She purred as she gave the steering wheel a content grin. Barricade grumbled something and Evelyn only continued to chuckle.

"Hey don't make me start singing." She began to joke. "We know how you like my singing." She teased earning a rather reproachful snort from her second in command.

"Yes and we all know how you would make a fine leader being mute." He snarled but Evelyn could tell it was in good humor. He revved his engine before swerving between a minivan and some sports car that looked like it cost the man's entire life savings. Barricade pulled next to the red car before ever so slightly nudging it and sending it sprawling off of the road with a malicious snarl. The car spun, running off of the road before landing into a rock that scratched the entire side of the expensive vehicle.

"Oops." He sneered and Evelyn gave him a dubious glare before shaking her head and laughing.

"You're an asshole!" She chuckled, smacking the dashboard playfully as he continued to make a vile sounding chuckle that echoed throughout the cab.

"He was driving too slowly." He corrected with a pleased grin. "Insects should know to stay out of my way." He continued and Evelyn didn't hide the fact that she rolled her eyes.

"Not every car can make it to 300 miles per hour in less than a bloody second, you insufferable pile of rusted scrap metal." She sighed before bursting into a fit of laugher. Barricade drove on, his engine roaring loudly and Evelyn eased back again, tucking her arms behind her head and letting her eyes close slightly. It was nice to get away from being a leader.

"Second in command, huh?" Evelyn stated after about thirty minutes of silence. Barricade rumbled slightly as he was pulled away from his thoughts. "Ever think you be a second in command?" She asked, pulling her body up and tilting her head to the side. Barricade remained silent for about five seconds.

"Ever think you would be leader of an army?" He redirected and Evelyn gave a thoughtful smile. He never answered directly.

"Never in my life time." She replied. "Strange isn't it?"

"Yes." He admitted and she gave a sigh.

"Think we can do it?" Evelyn asked and the inside of the cruiser shifted slightly as if he was shrugging.

"We either will or we won't. If we can't we will leave." He rumbled and Evelyn smiled.

"Just the two of us."

"Just like old times." He sneered and she looked out the window.

"The coward's way out." She retorted

"The intelligent way out." He corrected and she gave him a grin.

"Just like old times." She agreed and he gave his usual malicious laugh. "No matter what, we do it together though, right partner?" Evelyn asked even though she didn't need to know the answer. She already knew it. Barricade grumbled a chuckle.

"Enough with the sentimental slag and look like a leader. We're here." He rumbled and Evelyn just gave him a grin as she ran a hand through her hair.

"And here I thought we were having an emotional break through." She teased as they came up to a military blockade. A young man in the army fatigues stopped them with a raised palm, other hand still rested on a rifle. Evelyn eyed him slightly before Barricade rolled down the window.

"Can I help you ma'am?" He asked and she just gave him an uninterested glance before turning her attention to the newly placed barbed wire fence. She leaned out of the window slightly before pointing to the fence with her human hand.

"That's not very discrete." She stated blankly as the soldier just looked at her as if she was insane. She turned her head to look at him. "That's practically screaming 'we have a bunch of aliens chilling in here." Evelyn added thoughtfully while tilting her head to the side as she examined the area. The soldier frowned.

"This is a military training exercise and I ask you politely to leave." He commanded and Evelyn gave him a deadly glare. She didn't take being commanded nicely.

"Optimus personally called me here. So I ask you politely to let us in." She stated calmly and the man just glared at her.

"Let me see some ID." He snarled and Evelyn raised an eyebrow at him before stepping out of the vehicle, placing her clawed hand on Barricade's hood, which remained running.

"Move insect." The mustang seethed and the man took a single step back out of surprise. Evelyn gave a smug grin, placing a clawed hand on her hip.

"Evelyn Grey." She introduced, sticking her clawed hand out for the man to shake, which he didn't. "Leader of the Neutrals and that there behind me," She added pointing at the cruiser with her thumb. "Is my second in command, Barricade and he doesn't like being kept. He slightly impatient." She leaned in and whispered as the engine revved loudly.

"Eve?" A voice asked and Evelyn turned her body only to see Will, dressed in the N.E.S.T uniform. She stood taller as she gave the man a smirk.

"Lennox!" she called out stretching her arms our as she gave the man a bear hug, which he returned before gesturing her inside of the gate, past the arm guards as Barricade followed beside them in car form. He transformed only when the makeshift gate was closed, spooking some of the soldiers who were used to the red eyes meaning Decepticon. He gave them a rather sadistic look before brandishing his talons and Evelyn just gave him a glare which he ignored.

"He trained?" Will whispered and Evelyn gave the police mech a sidelong glance before laughing, remembering what a certain seeker said so long ago.

"Trained to kill, torture, and generally give me shit." She replied. "Will this is Barricade, Barricade, this is the commander of N.E.S.T, William Lennox." Barricade looked down at the man, sneering slightly as his crimson optics studied him with a sort of loathing.

"I believe it was your men that shot me down." He growled before smirking. "What a pleasure to meet the man I want to eviscerate." He chimed out and Will just raised his eyebrows.

"Charming." He muttered giving Evelyn a pointed look. She shrugged. "I like your other second in command." He rumbled as he led the two closer to the abandoned farm building.

"I don't understand why I can't just terminate him." A slightly British tone whined and Evelyn gave a grin. She knew that voice anywhere. Ironhide stood, rather irately next to a group of bored looking soldiers. The war mech gave a huff and Evelyn realized that he was on the com.

"Yes Prime." He rumbled grumpily. "Of course you would choose the peaceful solution." He complained before turning her eyes to Evelyn.

"Oh look you brought target practice." Ironhide rumbled as Evelyn just shook her head. Barricade once again stood smugly.

"I'd like to see you try and hit me. Old mech." He insulted and Evelyn just shook her head again, this time grumbling.

"We'd see who's old when I'm finished with you." Ironhide sneered as well. "Punk." He added. Evelyn shot a glare to Will and he just shrugged.

"Anyway, filling you in." Will decided to intervene with as he continued walking up the path to the field. "We have an unknown Decepticon, smaller in build, and hiding in there." Will stated while pointing to the barn. Evelyn frowned.

"Any form of communication?" She asked and he shook his head.

"Nope. Not even Optimus could get him chatting." He informed. "Looks like it is up to you two." He grumbled before walking away. Barricade looked down to her and she shrugged.

"You ready?" She asked and he flicked his talons lazily.

"If it all goes right, I might have something to kill." He mumbled and Evelyn gave a sigh before looking to the tattered building. "After you, leader." He rumbled and Evelyn grinned, grabbing the Cybertronian pistol.

Author's note: Here we go, the first chapter of the sequel to Out of Necessity. So how did it go?