Chapter 17

Jack wasn't one to panic. As long as Evelyn had known him, he had been calm, collective, and understanding; even in the presence of not so friendly aliens that could quite literally punt him halfway across the base. Now though, he was exact opposite, looking at his phone with a look of despair and dread. Evelyn paused at the door of the office, her features studying him and she approached placing a cup of coffee by his arm before taking a sip of her own. He flicked his eyes to her before running both hands through his hair and sighing rather dramatically.

"You are going to murder me." He muttered in a small voice before Evelyn could even ask what was bothering the young man. Evelyn allowed her eyelids to narrow before she puffed out a breath of air.

"And tell me why exactly I am going to horrifically maim you, Jack? I would like to have a reason you know, being the woman I am." She added slowly at an attempt to lighten the unknown situation and it worked for a brief moment as he twitched his lips in a half-hearted smile.

"You know how my mother doesn't know where I work?" He asked and she nodded. "Well, I had to tell her because she was coming suspicious that I was doing something… illegal. So I told her I was a secretary for your company, which she was fine with," He offered holding his hands out in a rather placating manor. "until she found out where it was located." Jack finished looking sheepish. Evelyn crossed her arms over her chest in and giving him a glare that caused the young man to shrink in his seat.

"and." She growled out threateningly.

"She's on her way here." He whispered.

"What!" Evelyn snarled and he flinched.

"Well… would be but her car gave out halfway here." Jack added and Evelyn made a frustrated noise before gesturing with her hand.

"Great!" She bit out. "I don't do well with domestics Jack and I certainly don't want to deal with a pissed off mother. "Just what I need." She ranted before standing up straight again, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"How is your relationship with Dwindle?" Evelyn asked and Jack sighed.

"He lets me sit in the driver's seat but there is no way in hell he would let my mother in the car. One human's enough.

"Of course." Evelyn grumbled. "Take Greyside to pick her up. I got to go find my gloves and hide a bunch of GIAINT alien robots!"

"Greyside's a scary looking Hummer." Jack pointed out and Evelyn turned to him, her glare alone silencing him.

"Would you rather take Barricade, or perhaps a bloody Stealth bomber because honestly Greyside is the only one that would be good at disguising himself. Not to mention he doesn't hate humans." She snarled and Jack just nodded before shrinking off to find the second in command, Evelyn already in the process of informing him of what was going on.

"Bloody humans!" She ranted again, still in Jack's hearing range as she stomped off. Jack sulked to the front of the base where the massive war Hummer idled. His eyes raked over the deep gouges in the grey metal and to the rusted ramming spikes before his gave a defeated sigh. Greyside opened his door, allowing him access to the driver's side and he climbed in.

"I have a feeling that this is going to go horribly wrong." He muttered as he placed his hands gently on the steering wheel. Greyside grunted before his wheels started moving.

"There is a seventy-three percent chance of this going amiss." The mech agreed.


"This is where you work?" His mother asked in a horribly scolding tone as she climbed out of the Hummer, her feet touching the ground and she eyed, the massive car with a look of mistrust as she shut the door. Jack made a show of climbing out and locking up the Hummer.

"Yeah. It's actually not that bad." He tried to assure as she glared at the think enforced walls that they had just driven through.

"Then why does it look like this place is meant to withstand a war?" She asked and Jack was very tempted to say, 'that's because it is.' But instead he shrugged.

"My boss is a very…. eccentric woman." He mumbled walking to the office and sliding the card that would allow him entrance into the office. The door beeped and he pulled the thick glass door open, holding it for his mother to walk through. She stopped in the middle of the room, looking all around with a look of admiration.

"What exactly does your boss do?" She asked and Jack shrugged.

"This and that. Business deals mostly." He answered.

"and what do you do?" She asked, her eyes raking over his form, looking for any deceit.

"Paperwork mostly. Nothing much but sit in this chair." He said sweeping his arm in the direction of the plush looking office chair and his mother walked over to the desk, past a pitch black radio that look far to advanced to belong there. Buzzsaw blinked in greeting, behind his mother's back and Jack gave a nod and a grin that happened to disappear just as his mother turned around again. Jack met her eyes and she moved to say something that looked remotely hostile based upon her expression but stopped when the roar of a Harley filled the tense atmosphere.

Both of them turned to the window at the sight of a woman pulling in next to the damaged Hummer. She shifted, pulling out the hair tie that kept her wild mane restrained. She stood from the bike, her hand running over the camouflage paint before making her way to the office.

"Who is that?" His mother asked, her eyes criticizing everything, from the long thick trench coat all the way to her almost skin tight jeans that were tucked into her knee high army boots. She entered the building, slipping off the leather coat and tossing it on one of the many office chairs that sat off to the corner, unused.

"My boss." Jack informed, thankful that she was wearing the 'prosthetic skin' that Nightstorm had fashioned for her for such occasions. His mother crossed her arms over her chest, eyes narrowing into a glare as she practically watched the woman from across the room.

"She ex-military?" She asked after her eyes had caught sight of all the scars that were no longer covered up from her trench coat. Jack simply shrugged. He didn't even know the answer to that.

"Something like that." He opted for just as Evelyn approached, her cold blue eyes locking onto his mother's brown ones as she approached. She offered a friendly enough smile.

"You must be Jack's mother. It's a pleasure." She began offering her human hand out in a welcoming manor. "You can call me Eve." Evelyn introduced and his mother took her hand, if not a tad bit hesitant.

"Irene." His mother answered, her tone nothing but defensive as she shook her hand briefly before retreating.

"I'm sorry to hear about your car, if there is anything I can do to help you, feel free to ask." Evelyn began with a genuine smile but stopped when Jack's mother snarled.

"Look, I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I don't need your help. I'm not some idiot and I know something fishy is going on around here." She demanded.


"I can smell a crook from a mile away and I can guarantee that whatever business you are running here isn't legal. When I found out where my son was working, I did a little research and this business doesn't exist. More importantly, no sane person would build a business smack dab in the middle of alien territory unless they were hiding something." The woman reasoned and Evelyn turned her head to Jack, her expression strictly homicidal and Jack knew that her verbal response would have been something along the lines of "fucking humans."

"and I don't care what illegal deals or drug trafficking you are into or how well you're paying my son. He's quitting and we're going home." Irene finished and Evelyn clenched what would have been her metallic hand in a threatening motion before stalking forward.

"Look." Evelyn snarled. "I don't care for people making false assumptions about me and my business based on half-assed facts." She continued and Jack flinched at her expression. He knew that expression very well and she usually wore it right before she would maim something and it made him intervene.

"Hey, hey, mom." He stopped, walking between the two. "Let's not accuse anyone." Jack tried only to be completely ignored by her. Evelyn gave him a fleeting glance.

"So then why don't you show me what your business does." Irene growled leaning in and Evelyn let her lip curl in anger, her right eye glowing minutely and Jack could just make out her metallic claws tearing through the fake skin because of her hand being held so tensely.

"Oh I would love to." Evelyn hissed dangerously and just when Jack thought it would get worse, thanks to his mother's stubbornness and Evelyn natural hostile nature to accusations, a loud earsplitting alarm sounded. Irene practically leapt out of her skin, looking to the ceiling in fright as both Evelyn and Jack stood slowly.

"Is that the proximity alarm?" Jack asked, relieved at the intervention. Evelyn tilted her head to the side in contemplation before shaking her head slowly.

"No. That's an alarm triggered by a patrol unit." She informed before responding to a sudden comm.. Both Irene and Jack watched as she pressed just under her ear, a hiss of static audible to everyone.

"Nightflight, status. What's going on?" She bit out, looking away.

"What?" His mother asked only to be ignored.

"A large amount of hostiles moving in our direction." He informed and Evelyn placed a hand on her chin.

" Can you send me the recorded info from your computer to the computer in the office?" She paused, listening to the seeker was saying. "You're a genius." She complemented before practically hopping over the massive desk instead of going around it. The computer was already turning on before she even had time to touch it. The screen flickered a bright blue as Jack and Irene came closer to inspect what the woman was doing before the image changed again.

"Can you hear me leader?" Nightflight's voice came from the speakers and Evelyn grinned.

"Yes I can Nightflight, please proceed." She stated and once again the imagery from the computer changed, showing an energy reading, the dots representing a different Cybertronian signature.

"That's a lot." Evelyn muttered rather unintelligently. "That's more than a lot." She whispered. "Do we have an idea who they belong to?" Almost instantly the screen switch to the view of a camera, one that was strategically placed on the outskirts of town by Nightstorm and it show just a brief flash of a tattered Cybertronian soldier crushing it. Evelyn frowned.

"Rogues." She snarled.

"Most likely." Nightflight agreed and Evelyn gave a single nod.


"Hour, hour and a half." She could just imagine the massive seeker shrugging. "at tops." He estimated and Evelyn gave a frustrated sound before rubbing the bridge of her nose. "I want you to-"

"Wrangle the troops?" He asked and her face fell, her expression blank.

"Precisely Nightflight…. Wrangle the troops. I'll be there shortly." She finished a smirk forming on her lips as she shook her head in humor despite the situation that was happening.

"What is going on!" Irene demanded, her tone slightly frantic and Evelyn turned to her, the excitement of the events causing her to temporarily forget about the older woman. Suddenly, behind them the massive hummer roared to life along with the Harley. Irene flinched as the two drove off, around the corner with an obvious lack of drivers. She turned to Jack who was off by the corner, beside Buzzsaw still in the form of the radio. Slowly, she allowed her pieces to pull out and rearrange, wings flexing as the individual pieces twisted into the form of the fearsome raven. Her crimson optics studied the woman before she crouched, leaping into the air fluidly and gliding onto Evelyn's shoulder. Buzzsaw flexed her wings and spread them as wide as they could go, giving Evelyn the appearance of having metallic wings that were formed out of blades. She let her face darken, her eyes narrowing as a very predatory grin, crept onto her features.

"Why don't you come with me and find out?" Evelyn offered as she turned and walked to the door, Jack following without even being asked to and Irene had no choice but to jog to catch up with the two.


Irene's heart had never felt so stressed before as she walked into a heavily armed room that was filled to the brim with massive alien robots. They glared at her accusingly, almost as if they wanted to tear her apart limb from limb but seemed to have the exact opposite reaction to her son. They weren't particularly enthusiastic to see the young man but instead seemed accustomed to his presence, some even playfully nudging him with their feet or in some cases claws as he walked through. He would roll his eyes, and smack at the offending digit in good humor.

This wasn't the case when a massive black and white mech with crimson optics crossed by. The massive creature that had police decals all over his body, stopped mid motion, his armor actually brisling and rising on his frame. He growled, showing jagged fangs that caused the hairs on the back of Irene's neck to rise and her heart to skip a beat. To her surprise, Jack stood his ground, keeping his posture still but unthreatening. Even though he didn't back down, the alien seemed to calm minutely before laughing but the sound oddly more frightening compared to his snarl. Irene felt herself relieved for only a brief second as his murderous glare left her son but she felt an all new level of terror as his four semi connected optics locked on her. His lips curled into a grin and she already felt her body backtracking.

"No you may not play with her Barricade." Evelyn stated casually as she walked passed the mech, eyeing him briefly as he gave a disappointed rumble. "Maybe later." She added causing Irene to flinch internally before making her way to her son's side.

"Who was that?" She whispered, still eying the intimidating creature. Jack looked at her before shrugging.

"Barricade. Her second in command." He retorted.

'Second in command. Meaning she's the leader? You work for an alien army!" She yelled still in a frantic whisper and he nodded before walking once again. He stopped at the feet of a considerably smaller alien that was a pretty sky blue. The creature looked at her, his face only a single optic, lacking any kind of human features.

"Hey Dwindle." Jack said while placing a hand on the mech's knee. The blue mech seemed to brighten, his posture lifting and it reminded Irene of how a dog reacts to someone coming home. Dwindle chirped before kneeling and out stretching his hand and letting Jack rest his palm on the knuckle. It was an odd display of friendship that both frightened and surprised Irene.

"Alright." Evelyn began, catching the attention of everyone in the entire room. Her eyes were cold, calculating and her posture held nothing but strength. "I take it all that Nightflight has briefed you?" She asked and was answered with several affirmatives. Evelyn nodded herself as she stood high on the catwalk.

"It would appear that those Rogues think that they have a chance against us. They out number us, sure." Evelyn shrugged. "but what are numbers compared to us? What we can do? We have fought countless battles, survived it all and they think they even stand a chance against us?" Evelyn laughed. "We will crush them." She stated firmly and the answering sound was a few riled up calls, and even a few war cries from some of the mechs.

"Now," Evelyn redirected. "We have an hour tops until they are on us. By the looks of it, they have fliers. That being said, Nightstorm." She addressed, looking to the massive mech. "Think your trine can take them on?" She challenged and the massive seeker just laughed.

"They will be nothing ash raining down upon the battlefield." He promised in a fearsome rasp and Evelyn gave him a nod of approval as her trine stood proud, wings held high.

"Knock Out-"

"Will be out on the field with my partner." The cocky red medic said, hip poised to the side with a perfectly polished hand resting on it. Evelyn frowned. "We work better together." He explained arrogantly and all she had to do was raise an eyebrow.

"Fine. Makeshift." She changed, turning to the helicopter who stood with his propellers tense. "I need you in the field. I hope not but we may need services ready and waiting just in case somebody gets injured."

"Of course leader." He nodded with a solemn smile and Evelyn felt remorse for asking the medic this. He wasn't a fighter and even though she wasn't asking him to engage the enemy it was still far too close to combat for him to be comfortable. It was necessary though, and they both knew it. After a reassuring smile she turned to Greyside.

"The most logical position for me would be up high, sniping." He offered and Evelyn gave a curt nod, expecting the mech to say as such. The massive second in command took a step closer, his odd hand gesturing to the seeker's. "And it would be advantageous for us to take out as many of the enemy as quickly as possible." He paused. "As to not tire us out quickly. Fatigue will be our downfall."

"So what is your suggestion?" She asked placing a hand on her hip and looking up to the mech.

"A preventative airstrike when they first appear. It will be in all likelihood that they will strike in a close contact wave, considering our base's layout."

"I see." Evelyn muttered. "Take out a good portion before we actually fight."

"Increase our ground forces chances of success." Greyside finished and Evelyn was nodding while she placed a hand under her chin but her thoughts were interrupted.

"Wait, wait, wait." Nightflight interrupted with a wave of his talons. "but that would screw us over. It's not exactly like we have unlimited ammo. We're gonna need what we have when we're fighting up in the skies." He explained and Evelyn gave a grunt. That hadn't crossed her mind.

"Then I alone will do the initial airstrike." Nightstorm countered with an eased shrug of his massive wings. Evelyn turned to him. "I am better equipped for such attacks and therefore carry a considerably larger range of arsenal." The scientist rasped and Evelyn blinked a couple times.

"How the hell did we overlook the fact that you're a stealth bomber?" She added and the seeker replied with a chuckle that sounded like glass being crushed. "So that settles it. Nightstorm will take the initial strike and rejoin his trine mates in the air." Evelyn restated. "While me, Barricade, Scavenge, Buzzsaw. Knock Out, and Breakdown take the front lines." Evelyn turned to the massive blue mech who looked rather intimidating. "Ready to earn your stripes big guy?" The massive mech shrugged in a rather bored fashion, allowing his hand to transform into his signature hammer.

"I don't need any convincing to break things." He muttered nonchalantly and Evelyn couldn't help but raise her eyebrow at the horrible pun. Knock Out smirked, smacking a hand on the blue mech's back.

"Alright so… I think we're set-" She began but was interrupted.

"Hey. Aren't you forgetting something?" Irene intervene, stomping forward and forgetting her earlier fear of the giant aliens.

"Oh yes. Primus forbid we forget the insects." Nightflight added with a hiss and a disgusted wave of his talons. It was no secret that the seeker hated humans.

"But I like the humans." Fireflight added dejectedly and Barricade grunted.

"I know what to do with them." He rumbled, flicking his talons and glaring directly at Irene in a way that made the woman shrink back in terror. Evelyn gave the police mech a reprimanding glare that didn't even affect him.

"No you cannot eviscerate them." Evelyn said firmly and Barricade growled while Irene flinched. Jack continued to stand, unaffected by the police cruisers hostile display, having been used to his antics. "So where would be the safest place for them?" Evelyn asked and Nightstorm was the one to answer.

"My lab is impenetrable." He began but Evelyn was already shaking her head.

"No." She said and the seeker tilted his head to the side in almost childlike innocence.

"But I will not be there to examine them… or experiment on them." He added as an afterthought and Evelyn still shook her head.

"I dread to think what experiments or inventions or whatever the hell you have hiding in there. I would rather not have them anywhere near your work. I don't even go anywhere near your work." Evelyn finished and the seeker just shrugged, not at all offended.

"As much as a loathe to offer this but my med bay is the safest place for them. I did design it to survive even the worst attacks." Knock Out offered and Evelyn grinned nodded.

"Med bay it is!" Evelyn finalized with a clap of her hand. "Jack, go grab that bloody irritable bull, Piston and bring him to the med bay with you." Jack nodded and moved to leave. "and Dwindle?" Evelyn called catching the one eyed mech's attention. He raised his door wings at the approach of his leader, trying his best to look important and capable. "I want you to guard Jack and his mother with your life. Can you do that for me?" She asked and the blue mech nodded vigorously while placing a hand to his chest.

"Yes, fem fem." At his response she smiled. It was a gentle gesture and for once betrayed Evelyn's more 'maternal' side that seemed nonexistent before disappearing all together. She turned to her men, clapping her hands together.

"Alright men, arm yourselves. We will show these mechs just who the hell they are fighting." She roared, her voice carrying throughout the room and she was answered by several war cries before they departed. Greyside gave her a passing glance and she didn't need words for her to understand just how miniscule their chances of actually succeeding were. She knew how greatly outnumber the Neutrals were.


War was something that no words could actually describe for Evelyn. It was brutal, violent, but at the same time numbing. Explosions that normally would have been earth shattering felt like mere tremors, while the screams of death were distant and almost non-existent. She felt the singe of enemy fire just missing her but she didn't comprehend what it meant or that if it had been a millimeter shorter she wouldn't exist anymore. Instead her body was almost on autopilot, her actions swift and merciless as she returned fire, sometimes hitting her intended target, sometimes not.

There was another explosion and a flash of light, this time close enough to banter her attention and Evelyn only had a few seconds to duck out the way as the headless corpse crumpled to the ground and her first thought was of how proficient Greyside was at sniping. That thought quickly faded as an enemy mech transformed from alt mode to bipedal, his claws already reaching out to crush her. She pulled up her modified 9mm, her cannon being far too large to use in such close combat and she fired, engulfing the offending digit was consumed by light before he pulled away in agony. Evelyn didn't even hear his screech, she was already focusing on her next target.

The Cybertronian was fast, lithe, and overall frightening. It was dog-like, almost exactly like the one that had been hunting Mikaela when they had first met. It leapt, bouncing on the top of an abandoned car before leaping again with a grace that was beautifully horrifying. Abandoning her 9mm, Evelyn allowed her hand to transform into a sickle as the creature came down upon her.

Its weight was enough to pin her to the ground and Evelyn bared her teeth in unfelt pain as she planted her metallic foot center on the its broad chest, the talons of her foot, leaving gouges in the metal. She struggled, her hand desperately clenched around the metallic mouth that was open and snapping, and her eyes were locked on the many needle like fangs that would tear through her flesh like nothing. With all of her might, Evelyn kicked, her talons actually embedding themselves deep within the creatures chest and it was just enough of distraction for her to free her sickle. She swung hard and the blade hit the top of the metal dog's head and it went through with an almost sickening ease until it was protruding out of the jaw of the creature. With a spark and horrible screeching whine, the creature went limp and its entire weight fell hard onto Evelyn's body, ripping the blade out of its skull.

It took a lot of effort alone for her to roll the carcass of off her and she stood shakily, panting form the exertion. Evelyn took a step, only to have her body collapse on her and there was no possible way for her to hide the squeal of pain that escaped her lips. Blood dripped ominously onto the ground, just barely in her line of sights and Evelyn let her hand grasp her color bone, slick with red blood and torn flesh before actually looking at the damage. Four deep tears went from the very end of her shoulder all the way to the center where her sternum was located. Evelyn gave a shudder as she realized that the creature's claws had ripped through her trench coat that was designed to withstand Cybertronian fire like nothing. She was once again thankful for the armor. If she hadn't been wearing it at the time, there was a good chance that creature would have ripped her apart limb from limb.

Evelyn willed her body to stand and though it protested, she managed to get to her feet determined not to die on the center of the battlefield by blood loss. She tucked her body behind the nearest cover which happened to be part of her base's main defensive wall that had been blown up at some point. The second she reached it, her body once again collapsed but this time slightly more dignified as she hefted up her cannon and blasting away at another mech who had come a little too close to her. Evelyn frowned, forcing her arm to transform back into a hand and she gritted her teeth, pressing the metal palm on the wound in a weak attempt to slow the bleeding at least until her repair systems could stop it.

She released a haggard breath that was choppy and uneven due to the pain as she sat up, allowing her body to rest most of the weight as she peeked her head over her cover. Overhead she could hear the roar of jet engines as the swerved and danced through the sky, trying to get the upper hand in the aerial dogfight. Evelyn could just make out her seekers, greatly outnumber but still ripping through their enemies like nothing and it was considerably impressive to watch them fight.

Both Breakdown and Knockout were seen up a head, the large blue mech hammering away through the unending wave of Rogues as the medic danced around him, taking out the ones that the brute happened to miss. Evelyn watched them briefly before checking on Barricade, who wasn't too far away, ripping past mech after mech and Evelyn was reminded of a gladiator as he tore through them as if they were nothing.

She watched him, impressed for a few good minutes before standing and pulling her body up before aiming her cannon and firing again at a mech that had been approaching fast and it gave the explosion technician a moment to literally flip away, tossing a bomb to the ground and catching the large group by surprise, obliterating them.

Evelyn soon joined them again, her body slower and her movements crippled but she still fought using her small stature to her advantage as she took out her enemies one at a time by targeting the weak spots that larger mechs would be unable to get at. Soon the pain that had become a huge disadvantage, became lost in the heat of her survival and the adrenaline that kept her fighting.

It didn't take long for the Neutrals to realize just how outnumber they were as each member was practically mobbed, unable to see anything past the unending wave of bloodthirsty rogues and their exhaustion was beginning to show. Evelyn snarled as she sliced through vital wiring of another hound like Cybertronian before she kicked the body away from her. Barricade took a single step back, close to her side as he blocked another brutal assault with a mace like weapon, the armor on his forearm, crumpling under the pressure. He vented before crouching and surging forward and embedding his talons deep within the chest components of his enemy. With a rather gruesome tug, he ripped the spark chamber out, showering the ground and himself in his opponent's energon.

Evelyn managed to take one quick glance at her men, each growing farther apart with even Knock Out and Breakdown slowly being separated.

"Fall back everyone and regroup. Don't let them outnumber you! We fight back to back." She yelled over the comm. and slowly her mechs glanced to her direction before complying, at least to the best of their ability.

"This is not looking good leader!" Both Fireflight and Nightflight said in unison. "We are critically low on ammo and energy!" They informed and Evelyn let a curse escape her lips before hacking at a rather massive mech's ankle. The mech turned rabidly, only to have his face torn from his body from an equally enraged Barricade.

"Alright, Fireflight you break off and refuel and the second you return, Nightflight refuel, and after that, Nightstorm. Watch each other's backs, don't let them shoot you down."

"Affirmative my lord." Nightstorm answered and sure enough a bright flash of red dove from the sky, headed for the med bay. She watched him go before returning her attention back to the fight, only to see Breakdown impaled rather harshly. He staggered before roaring, ripping the weapon out from his shoulder and impaling the other mech completely through.

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news leader, but we need reinforcements." Knock Out panted as he stepped close to her with deep gouges and burns littering his once perfect frame. Evelyn looked to him and tried to hide the grim expression from showing.

"Like we need reinforcements. Come on Knock Out, you could take these guys on blindfolded." She tried to raise his moral instead of telling him that no one would be able to come in time; that they were essentially on their own. He sighed but tried to give her a weak cocky grin that told her that the red medic knew of the situation they were in. Evelyn was thankful that he at least tried.

"We fight. This is our base and we will not fall! They will think twice before attacking us on our turf!" She roared over the comm. and she was thankful to hear a few motivated roars in response, hopefully renewing the fighting spirit in her men.

"The chance of us pulling through is less then fifteen percent leader." Greyside began in a private comm. to her and Evelyn sighed, letting her eyes flick to the ground in defeat as she and her men fell back behind the armored wall of their base, using it as cover from the endless artillery fire that was raining down on them. She didn't need his percents to tell her how royally screwed they were. "I would recommend a retreat." He suggested. "It would be our only chance." The mech finished and she grit her teeth, allowing defeat to flow into an angered growl.

"and go where?" She whispered, letting her body slump against the wall. "We have nowhere else." She pointed out and she was met with silence on the other line. With another growl she bit her lip, trying to hide how hopeless and completely defeated she actually felt. There was no winning this and Evelyn was well aware of the brutal truth as she ducked around the edge of her cover, firing randomly before ducking back.

"How did they ever get this many men?" She asked Greyside weakly and she could hear the mech sigh.

"I am unaware." He muttered for the first time sounding very tired and just as weak as Evelyn felt. She nodded in understanding before reaching out and smacking Barricade in the calf. He looked down at her, his eyes glowing with an unimpressed growl. She stood straight, offering him a half hearted smile.

"Shit, we had a good run didn't we?" She asked him, low enough for only him to hear and he crouched suddenly, so suddenly that the motion startled her as he tucked a talon under her chin, retching her face to look at him.

"Speak like that again, putrid fleshling and I will eviscerate you before they even have a chance to touch you." He snarled in a way that normally would have had chills running down her spine but instead the words had her grinning like a fool.

"That's all I wanted to hear." She stated, shouldering her large cannon and offering him a cocky grin before adding. "You bloody insufferable pile of useless scrap metal." He seemed to find humor in this, offering her a vicious, almost wolf worthy grin before standing and continuing to fire upon the approaching army.

Evelyn continued to fight as well, before stopping at the sight of the familiar shape of a metallic raven, firing from up above. Her heart stopped briefly as her eyes caught sight of one of them aiming for Buzzsaw and she was unable to call out to her as the being fired. The shot hit home and with an ear piercing screech, she plummeted to the ground before crashing mere meters away from where everyone was located.

"Shit!" Evelyn bit out. "Cover me!" She yelled and before actually taking a moment to think, Evelyn ran out with her men frantically getting into a position to offer her any support. Evelyn felt a few blasts skim past her but thanks partly to her luck she managed to dive, scooping up the metallic bird in her arms. A blast only inches away from her left leg had her moving again, sprinting faster than she had ever thought possible back to the safety of base. Evelyn only managed to tuck her body back behind the wall as canon fire hit where she had been only moments ago.

"What were YOU thinking!" Someone yelled, probably Knock Out as she handed Buzzsaw to him and she panted, letting her body collapse to the ground.

"Wasn't." Was her only answer and it was a reasonable response judging by the looks she received from her men. They seemed to glare at her, rather homicidal for a brief moment before shaking their heads collectively and giving a defeated sigh. It was after all Evelyn they were talking about and she tended to do such things without considering consequences. Before anyone could say anything or even do anything, something large and arsenal wise hit the wall instantly snapping everyone's attention back to the fact that they were in the middle of a war. Collective optics and eyes watched as the wall crumbled slightly and almost instantaneously everyone was back in position firing upon the approaching army.

Evelyn grit her teeth as she peeked out and fired, only to fall back as she was attack as well and nobody missed the high pitched curse that left her lips. She let her back rest against the thick wall, thankful to the alterations that Nightstorm had made to it before, when they had built the base. If he hadn't, Evelyn only dreaded to think what they would be using for cover.

Another explosion hit home announcing how close they were to their positions and Evelyn clenched her eyes closed. They were pinned down, outnumbered, and by far out armed. Evelyn dared to peek through a rather intimidating hole that was just beside her and cursed again at the sight and just how many were slowly marching only a few feet away from where she was standing. They stopped to return fire on Scavenge, causing the scout to curl away from the blast with a hiss of pain. She blinked at the sight, her eyes switching to the clouds at the sound of an unfamiliar jet engine and she saw the form of an F-22 far too close to comfort.

It transformed, the metal shifting as the massive figure turned in mid air and Evelyn's eyes widened as it faced the opposing army. The light glinted of the blue of his armor and Evelyn instantly recognized the jet. His arms transformed and he slammed the unknown weapon on the ground and the very air seemed to transform, and a massive sound wave practically exploded from the weapons, cracking the ground and tearing the closest mechs apart.

The seeker stood with a rather smug expression before turning and looking over his shoulder to Evelyn who didn't hide the look of pure shock that was blatantly on her face. She stood and approached.

"So that's why they call you Thundercracker." She mused and the blue seeker gave a chuckle as the air ripple in a mass of the Rogues before a flash of purple blinded them as Skywarp appeared. Evelyn watched as Thundercracker took off into the air, raining fire from above, joined by her own seekers.

With a loud crash Starscream landed just beside Evelyn and she looked over at the smug visage that was the Decepticon leader.

"How fortunate for you that the Decepticons happened to be passing by." He stated with an arrogant flick of his claws and Evelyn laughed loudly.

"Yes," She began, holding the weight of her cannon with her right shoulder, ignoring the pain from her collective injuries. "How fortunate for us that you showed up." She teased earning a glare from the massive seeker. She grinned at him. "Shall we teach those Rogues just how foolish it was to piss off both of us?" She continued and he smirked in a fashion that was rather intimidating.

"Oh yes." He hissed before taking off into the air. Evelyn watched him go with a smug grin not willing to admit just how thankful she was for the arrogant leader. With a renewed vigor she turned to her men.

"Looks like the battle just got even." She called out with a smirk that was matched by her men. With a roar she turned and charged, once returning to the fight that was no longer a death sentence.