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Temptations Mate: Chapter Twenty-Two

Several nights later found Santana hesitating outside of the door to Blaine's private study. The preceding days had been a blur of activity; securing Dmitri's acceptance into Dalton, making arrangements to have their things shipped from France, and reacclimating herself to London society. Everyone was also wrapped up in the excitement of the Blaine and Kurt's impending bonding ceremony. She and Brittany had spent the day making preparations for the event with Nick, Jeff, Kurt and Blaine and while it had been exhausting, it had also been a great deal of fun.

While she had anticipated being asked to attend, Santana had been surprised when she'd been invited to participate in the actual planning and stand up during the ceremony itself. When she had taken Blaine aside to thank him, he has smiled and said it was Kurt she owed her thanks since it was his idea, that his mate wanted the ceremony to be the beginning of ties that bind all of them together as a family and that it wouldn't be right to leave Dmitri's mother out of the equation.

Despite her best efforts Santana had to admit that she found herself falling under Kurt's spell, just as the rest of the clan had. She'd never admit it, of course, but there was something about the witch that was beginning to worm its way into her heart. She admired his sharp wit and sarcastic tongue as well as his kind and compassionate nature. Santana had little doubt that the more time she spent around him, the higher the probability that they would become friends, perhaps even close ones.

She wasn't quite sure how she felt about that. Santana had learned long ago to guard her heart like it was a maiden in an ivory tower. It was broken and scarred, littered with the after effects of broken promises, angry words and a childhood of near constant physical and emotional abuse. Every time she had found the strength to put the pieces back together again and gathered the courage to let someone in, she'd ended up bereft and betrayed or worse, rejected and alone. Even though Kurt seemed like a safe enough bet, Santana still wasn't willing to roll out the welcome mat to him just yet; she wasn't ready to add another name to the long list of people who had disappointed her.

There was one name that didn't belong on that list, a name that Santana was sure would never belong on that list and that was Brittany. From the moment she'd met the blonde beauty Santana had been powerless to keep her normal defenses up around her.

Brittany was the personification of happiness. Her smile was contagious, her laughter was melodious and her spirit was so pure and sweet that Santana often wondered how on earth such a gentle individual could possess enough darkness to actually be a demon. Although first impressions might lend one to believe her unintelligent, Brittany was far more astute than most gave her credit for. The lens through which she viewed the world allowed the girl to see things that others often missed and more than once Santana had been shocked at Brittany's insightful observations of people and circumstances. Brittany had been by Santana's side throughout her entire pregnancy and almost constantly every day thereafter, except for a few months here and there when she would accompany Jeff back to London to reconnect with their sire and the rest of their clan. Even though Santana understood that Brittany needed to be with her clan, separations were always hard on them and reunions were always passionate.

Santana still marveled at how quickly Brittany had come into her life and her heart. When she had become pregnant Blaine had insisted that several of his clan and loyal demons be assigned to keep her company and provide protection for her and his yet unborn child. She had initially been resentful that he had not permitted her to select her own, human companions as well. Intellectually she understood that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to hide that her other attendants were, in fact, vampires from another human but emotionally she felt as if she had traded the prison of her abuelita's home for a gilded cage. She'd been hormonal, bitter, unpleasant and difficult.

Santana had just begun to show when Brittany and her brother came into her life. From their first meeting Santana had sensed something different about the two, and almost immediately they had broken down her wall and seen through her defenses. Santana and Brittany had bonded straight away, often spending hours talking and laughing together. She found herself becoming more and more attached to the blonde, who would spend time with her head on Santana's stomach, singing to "their" baby.

Santana had fallen for Brittany so gradually that she hadn't even known it was happening. They'd bonded over their similar backgrounds, Santana confiding in Brittany about being shunned by her family because they couldn't accept who she truly was and Brittany confessing that she'd been essentially banished and sent to her death by her tribe for being different. Innocent cuddling had morphed into heated make out sessions and make outs to sex before she'd even wrapped her head around what was going on. Santana had tried to deny to herself that there was anything deeper between the two, chalking their relationship up to her pregnancy hormones and the fact that Brittany had a vampire's sexual appetite. She'd stubbornly refused to acknowledge that they were anything other than two friends making one another feel good.

All of her denials flew out the window the day she found herself locked in her bedroom, crying her eyes out because she thought she'd seen Brittany in a serious lip lock with one of the other, male, vampires. It wasn't until hours later when Brittany had finally convinced her to let her in and gently explained that the other vampire had surprised her with an unwanted kiss and she'd bitten him for his trouble that Santana admitted she had far, far deeper feelings for her friend then she was prepared to accept.

Santana had been afraid of the revelation, remembering all the ugly, hateful words that her family had thrown at her when she'd confessed to falling in love with one of the girls from her school. She remembered the beating she'd gotten and how her abuelita had called her dirty and sinful and told her she was going to burn in hell. Tears had streamed down her face as she'd remembered that was the day her house had turned from a loving home into a house of horror and constant abuse.

In an effort to run away from both her feelings and the painful memories she had made a play for Jeffery, who'd told her gently but firmly that he was in love with Nikolas. When she'd bitterly asked him what love had to do with sex, he'd merely kissed her on the forehead and said everything. She'd insisted that he was being a fool and that loving someone who didn't love him back was simply inviting heartbreak. Jeff had shaken his head, and explained that Nikolas did love him back and he was just waiting for his sire to make his peace with things and claim him.

He'd then told her that even if he wasn't in love with Nick he could never be with her since she was in love with his sister and his sister was in love with her. Santana had continued to fight, against herself and her past until the day Dmitri was born. While Blaine and everyone else had been overjoyed at the baby's birth, Santana had simply faded into the background, retreating into herself feeling dejected and depressed. Suddenly Brittany had come in with a piece of cake telling her they were celebrating her birth day. Santana had shaken her head and explained to her that it was Dmitri's birthday, not hers.

"Silly goose," Brittany had said, "You gave birth today, you're a mommy now Tana and that makes today a special day for you and special days get cake."

As the blonde had fed her cake in bed, telling her all the things they were going to do now that "their" baby had been born, Santana had finally stopped running away from Brittany and started running toward her.

Over the years her devotion to Brittany had become total. Even though she had not been turned, Santana bore her mark and was connected to her through the brand of ownership. She was still human, but her aging process had slowed to a crawl, she healed faster and better than she had before and she felt a kinship to the clan that she hadn't had before, despite being the mother of their future leader.

She and Brittany had talked several times about their dream of Brittany turning her and them being mated but due to the need to keep Dmitri in hiding Santana had been convinced it would be decades before they would be able to do so. Both of the beauties had been devastated that they'd have to put their eternity on hold for so long, and spent every day with the ever present fear that something would happen to one or the other of them before they were able to mate and truly become one.

But things had changed now. Dmitri was going to be enrolled in Dalton, living in London close to his clan and his father, safe and protected. There was nothing left standing in the way of her future with Brittany and if Blaine and Kurt, as well as Nick and Jeff got their happy endings, then Santana was determined that she and Brittany get theirs as well.

With a determined squaring of her shoulders she knocked purposely at the door.

"Come in Santana," Blaine said from behind the door.

Santana pushed the door open and was met with the sight of Blaine sitting behind his desk, staring into the fire.

"I was wondering how long you were planning to lurk outside my door," Blaine said teasingly. "What is it I can do for you, Santana?"

Santana decided to take the direct approach and looked Blaine directly in the eye. "I think I've waited long enough, Blaine. I want to be turned by Brittany and…we want to be mates."

Blaine sighed. "I can't say this comes as a surprise," he said slowly. "From the day she marked you I've always known that Brittany would eventually turn you and make you her mate. I know the only reason you put it off was because of our son. As her creator the choice should technically rest with Nikolas but he and I have discussed the matter at length and are in agreement."

Blaine stood up and came around his desk, surprising Santana by pulling her briefly into his embrace. "Thank you," he said softly. "You've sacrificed your happiness for our son's. I know I haven't always treated you with kindness or respect but you are the mother of my only child and you've been amazing mother to him. I could not have chosen better and I will not stand in the way of your joy." He released her and took a step back, kissing her chastely on the forehead. "You know well the ways of our clan so you know exactly how your life would change and what you would be giving up and gaining by becoming one of us. You and Brittany have put your future on hold long enough. You have my blessing and…welcome, officially, to the clan."

Santana felt dizzy with relief. She had walked in prepared to fight tooth and nail for the chance to mate with Brittany and a place in the clan and for Blaine to simply agree to let her have both, to welcome to her heart's desire was more than she'd dared to dream.

"Thank you," Santana said quietly. "I…just thank you."

Blaine nodded then went back to his desk. "There is no need to thank me. Brittany is a valued member of our family as are you. Now that Dmitri is no longer in danger there is no reason for you two to continue to deny yourselves. Go, share the news with Brittany. You have my blessings and my congratulations."

Santana nodded once then all but ran from the room in her haste. She took the stairs two at a time and barreled quickly into their shared room, taking Brittany by surprise.

"He said yes, Brittany! Blaine said yes!" Santana yelled, grabbing the blonde and spinning her in a circle while jumping up and down happily.

"I know, Tana," Brittany said. "He told Kurt yes and our baby is going to live at school and we all get to stay in London. You already knew that. Did you forget? Sometimes I forget but Kitty usually helps me remember," the vampire said, referring to her fluffy tabby cat.

Santana laughed. "No, honey, I asked Blaine if you could turn me and make me your mate and he said yes!"

Brittany gasped then picked Santana up and swung her around. "Really? Oh but Tana," she said stopping suddenly and her blue eyes filling with worry. "Nick has to say yes too. He's my-"

"He already did!" Santana interrupted. "Blaine said they discussed and agreed. You can turn me. You can turn me tonight and we can mate!"

Brittany's gaze grew serious. "Are you sure, Tana? Being changed is like that pretty pink dress that I ordered but was too small and I had to keep anyway. You can't take it back, Tana."

Santana nodded. "I know baby," she said quietly. "But I want this, I want you. It's all I've wanted for years."

"Me too," Brittany said, caressing Santana's cheek affectionately. She placed small, butterfly kisses down the side of Santana's face until she reached her future mate's mouth. Brittany placed a soft kiss on Santana's lips and the Latina responded instantly, parting her lips and granting Brittany's tongue entrance, deepening the kiss.

They traded kisses, slowly unbuttoning and undressing one another until all their finery lay in a silken pile at their feet. They linked pinkies and walked over to the bed, Santana settling in on her back and Brittany covering Santana's body with hers. She ran her hands over Santana's smooth flesh, trailing kisses along her neck, lightly sucking on her collarbone and neck, taking her tongue and flicking it over the rapidly hardening nipple of one breast and repeating the motion on its twin.

Moaning as the wet heat surrounded her sensitive nipples, Santana arched into the caress. She gasped in surprise when Brittany bit instead of sucked, sending a shot of electricity right to her cunt.

"That feels so good," Santana moaned.

"You feel so good," Brittany replied.

Brittany licked her way to the other breast and repeated the motion, causing Santana to groan out loud, arch her body and wrap a hand around the back of Brittany's head to keep her close. Brittany stayed put, enjoying the gasps and shivers that ran through Santana. Santana's fingers combed through Brittany's hair before her nails began gently scraping the scalp making her groan around the breast in her mouth. After a few moments Brittany moved, and tongue trailed wet and warm down to the hollow between Santana's breasts, laving over the skin and mouthing her way to her stomach, then taking the tip of her tongue and swirling it around in her belly button.

"You're so beautiful, Tana," Brittany sighed. "I just want to have you forever…" Brittany slid her hands around Santana's waist, fingers lightly stroking over the hip bones. Then she squeezed and continued, "So beautiful and strong and just perfect and all mine."

"Yours, Britt, only yours," Santana gasped as the damp heat gathered and pooled between her legs. Brittany gently parted Santana's legs, sliding her hands underneath her ass, and buried her head in between them.

Santana's breath caught at the first swipe of Brittany's tongue along her slit. Brittany's hands released her ass and a finger lightly flicked her clit. Brittany started licking her in earnest and thought fled as sensation shivered through Santana. Her body contracted in pleasure as Brittany slowly plunged her fingers in and out of her while licking and sucking everywhere.

"Oh God, Brittany, please," Santana cried. "More baby, please, please," she begged.

Brittany kept up her ministrations adding another finger and alternating between licking and sucking, slowly taking Santana apart piece by piece until the girl had come completely undone underneath her. Gritting her teeth and arching her back, Santana came fast and shuddering, screaming out Brittany's name.

Brittany licked her way back up Santana's body and kissed her, their tongues mingling, letting the human taste herself on the vampire's tongue.

Santana rolled them so that she was on top and sucked and nibbled at Brittany's breasts, causing whimpers and moans to erupt from the vampire. She left a trail of wet kisses down the blonde's lithe body, causing the vampire to fist the sheets and let out soft groans of pleasure.

Santana gently pushed a finger between the lips of Brittany's dripping cunt. Brittany moved restlessly as Santana teased her, caressing in and around her clit, plunging in deep. Brittany's entire body jerked at the sensation.

"Oh Tana feels so good, right there baby, right there," the blonde moaned.

"Whatever you want baby," Santana promised, dipping her head and beginning to worship her lover's body. Santana bit and sucked at Brittany's clit, flicking her tongue back and forth over the button, and plunging her fingers and tongue into Brittany's moist heat as deeply as she could, drawing out high, breathy cries from the vampire, Brittany writhed underneath her. The pleasure grew and Brittany's thighs began to shake as she went over the edge, and her body spasming as she climaxed.

Santana crawled back up Brittany's body and the two exchanged a wet, messy kiss when suddenly the vampire flipped them over and pinned Santana to the bed.

"You're mine," Brittany said, her voice filled with the most love and the most danger that Santana had ever heard in it.

"I'm yours," Santana replied, shakily, knowing what was about to happen.

"I'm going to take such good care of you, Tana," Brittany swore as her fangs extended and she moved forward, sinking them into the delicate skin of Santana's neck and beginning to drain the human.

Santana gasped and her fingers dug into Brittany's shoulders. "Oh God," she groaned as a pleasant heat spread through her body and a comfortable, familiar fog started to roll in over her.

"Brittany," she whined, moving restlessly against the vampire as she began to grow dizzy and weak. Her limbs began to feel heavy and it became an effort to move. A cold numbness spread throughout her body and she began to grow sleepy.

After a few more moments Brittany extracted her fangs from Santana's neck and looked at her mate, lying on the bed, pale and still, hair dark gleaming. "You're going to be just like Snow White," Brittany whispered. "You'll be my princess with skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony and lips as red as blood," she said before she bit into her own wrist and pressed it to Santana's mouth. She moaned happily when Santana latched on and began to drink from the wound.

As soon as she had had enough, Brittany pulled her wrist away and began closing up the wound. She lay down beside Santana and pulled her into her arms.

"Issat it? Is fishd?" Santana slurred, her tongue feeling clumsy and heavy in her mouth.

"No baby," Brittany said seriously. "Now comes the hard part. It's going to hurt," she said regretfully. "But when it's finished, you'll be mine forever," she whispered, fingering the new crimson mark that had risen up on Santana's neck.

"Mmkay," Santana said, wanting to tell Brittany that any pain she had to go through was worth it as long as she got to be with her but unable to do so.

Brittany wrapped her arms around Santana and held her tightly as the change began to overtake the Latina and the screaming began.

Jeff snuggled into Nick's arms as Santana's wails sounded from down the hall. "Thank you," he said kissing his mate gently.

"Why are you thanking me?" Nick asked absently, running his fingers through Jeff's hair.

"For allowing them to mate," Jeff replied, straddling Nick and purposefully grinding their naked erections together.

Nick groaned and grabbed onto Jeff's hips. "You are most welcome," he moaned out, "but it was Blaine, not me."

Jeff shook his head. "You," he said placing his hands on Nick's shoulders and beginning to undulate, "are our sire. The decision was ultimately up to you. Now let me show you just how grateful I am that you made my sister's dream come true."

Nick dropped his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes. "By all means, express your gratitude," he whispered.

Nick exhaled sharply as Jeff maneuvered them both onto their side and then suddenly everything was slicktightperfect as Jeff began sliding their cocks together in the tight circle of his fist.

Jeff, knowing just what Nick needed and how he liked it, stroked them together quick and hard, until the pleasure shuddered through them in waves. Nick clung to his mate, rolling his hips and threading his fingers through and gripping at Jeff's blonde hair. They thrust together, Nick moving his hand to join Jeff's, his passion matching his mate's heat, each thinking the other was never more beautiful than when they together like this. They stroked and thrust in perfect harmony, their movements a symphony of long practiced perfection, the heat rising and building between the two as they hung suspended on the cusp of ecstasy then tumbled over, their mutual release sticky and warm, pulsing and pumping over their joined hands and onto their bodies.

Nick kissed Jeff once more, a soft and gentle brushing of their lips. "I love you, he breathed.

"I love you too," Jeff returned just as quietly.

Tina buried her head in Mike's shoulder as the screams echoed from behind Brittany's door.

"Does it…does it always hurt like that?" She asked the fear in her voice evident.

Mike kissed her softly and nodded. "It does," he confirmed. "I think," he said slowly, "its better when you are being turned as part of a mating. That way the few hours of pain is worth it in exchange for an eternity of love."

Tina bit her lip. "I'm scared," she confessed quietly.

Mike drew her closer. "Of course you are. Anyone would be. Many people say that they would do anything for the one they love, die for them even but few are ever called upon test the courage of those convictions. You…you are literally going to be dying for love. Leaving behind all you know and almost all you are. It's terrifying and it doesn't help that the process is painful. I can only promise that I will do all in my power to ensure you never regret it." Mike ran his hands through her hair and then gently cupped her face, tipping up to meet his. "If, for any reason, you change your mind I will respect that as well. Even if you never become my mate, you shall always be my love and you will forever be mine."

Tina tipped her face up and claimed Mike's lips for a kiss, pressing herself against his strong body and relaxing into the embrace. Tina understood now, far better than she had before, why Blaine had required that they wait. She felt grateful that she had a lover so kind and generous, so dedicated to her and her happiness that she could talk about her doubts and her fears with him without worrying that he would take offense.

Tina rolled onto her back and tugged at Mike until he draped himself over her. She needed to feel his weight, solid and sure, on top of her so that she lost herself in the delicious drag of his skin on her skin.

Mike kissed her with an intensity that Tina didn't think she'd ever get used to. He growled softly, making no attempt to disguise his need and Tina pushed ever closer to him. She yielded to him, allowing him to plunder her mouth, letting him lick his way inside and dominate their kiss.

Straddling her, he rose up briefly and removed the thin nightshirt he wore and strip her of her nightdress. As he let his eyes rove over her body, Tina's gaze darkened with desire as she took in the sight of him, long and lean, chiseled muscle and smooth skin. She trailed her fingers along his abs and bit her lip.

"You are so gorgeous," she breathed. "I can't believe I'm so lucky."

Mike groaned and his stomach quivered under the touch. "I'm the lucky one, so lucky you're mine. All mine, no one else's." he said, before kissing her again.

When his cool skin pressed against her overheated frame and Tina reveled in the feel of him so tight against her. She wrapped her arms around him and began to let her hands wander over the expanse of his back, luxuriating in the taut skin and hard muscles he possessed. She dropped her head back as he began to nip and kiss his way down her throat

Mike slid his hands up her ribcage and over her breasts, using his fingers to tease and stroke her nipples until they hardened and she ached for him to cover them with his warm, wet mouth.

"Mike," she cried out in delight when he took the stiff peak into his mouth and began licking and sucking until she was dizzy with need.

"Shh my own," Mike said softly, "I'm right here. I'll always be right here." He stroked his hand over her smooth, flat stomach and then trailed down to the dampness between her legs. He plunged his fingers into her heat and worked to prepare her for entry. He massaged her clit, urging her passion higher and sending sparks of arousal jolting through her body.

"So good, Mike, so so good," Tina moaned and arched into the touch, feeling like she was coming apart at the seams. She spread her legs wide for him and Mike wasted no time in joining their bodies. She wrapped her legs around his hips and he groaned out his approval, slinking slowly into her body and grunting at the tight, wet, heat that surrounded him. He waited a few moments and began to move.

They quickly developed a rhythm and her body grew tight and taunt, the coil of need in her belly being stretched more and more. She moaned and panted as he moved inside her, changing the angle of his thrusts so that he hit that spot, sending her spiraling over the edge.

Mike roared as Tina's body clenched around him and her release rocked through her. He thrust a half dozen more times before following her into bliss, sinking his teeth into her neck as he climaxed, the sweet, hot taste of her blood in his mouth combining with the feel of her clenched around him to make him empty himself deep into the cradle of her body.

They lay together for a few moments before Mike licked the wound on her neck closed and drew the covers up around them. "Rest now, my own," he whispered as her eyes slid closed. "Mated or not, you are and always will be mine."

Noah growled, kissing his partner with precision and passion. His mouth massaged her lips, biting and sucking on the lower one before moving on to her neck, shoulder and collarbone before finally unlacing her bodice and allowing her dress to slip from her shoulders and pool on the floor as he mouthed her breast.

Her hands flew to undo his belt and unzip his pants. She eagerly wrapped cool fingers around his erection and stroked him, moaning loudly in his ear and telling him how big he was. Noah pushed her skirt down and skimmed his hands up her thighs and then back down, dragging her undergarments with them. He caressed her hips and ran his hands over her breasts, losing himself in her lush curves. She wrapped a leg around his waist and writhed up against him and the movement was enough to snap Noah's control and he lifted her up and carried her over to the bed.

He quickly removed his clothing and covered her body with his as she ran her hands over his hips and up his spine. Noah could tell the dark haired beauty in his bed was ready, so he wasted no time in breeching her body. She moaned and arched as he slid inside and he began to tease and torment the nipple of one of her breasts, as he began to thrust. She writhed underneath him, gripping his biceps and as she urged him to go harder, deeper, and faster.

Noah took pleasure in her moans, feather light touches and the slick heat he found himself buried in as he moved his hips at a bruising, almost punishing pace, driving into her with long, deep strokes. He felt her body giving off the tell signs of an orgasm and moved on pure instinct, angling his thrusts to hit her most sensitive of spots. As he pushed her to her climax, she wrapped her legs around his hips and bucked off the bed, calling out his name. Noah plunged into her again and again until he found his release, growling with satisfaction as he came.

In the room next door Mercedes groaned and covered her head with her pillow, determined to ask Kurt if she could have a different room in the morning because living next door to Noah and across from Tina and Mike not only kept her virgin ears burning, but made it impossible to get a decent night's rest. She briefly wondered who Noah could be keeping company with but decided that the hour was too late for her to properly care and she only hoped that whoever it was, she helped to ease the lycan's loneliness.

A week later, with Santana adjusting to her new fledgling status and Mercedes firmly ensconced in the south wing of the manor, just across from Sugar and Harmony ensuring the girl could finally get a good night's rest and retain whatever innocence she had left, the night for the bonding ceremony had arrived.

Kurt had outdone himself, and on short notice, finding a way to elegantly decorate the ballroom in shades of deep red and black, and securing a cooking staff that could prepare refreshments that would suit the varied and peculiar dietary needs of their guests. There would be humans and fey, witches and vampires, all manner of demons and even a few demi gods in attendance and Kurt had been meticulous in his instructions to the staff in an effort to make sure that no one was offended.

The morning had gone too slowly for Blaine who was grumpy because Kurt had chosen to adopt the human tradition of spending the night before their "wedding" apart, promising Blaine that it was the last time they would ever be separated.

Though there was no traditional "wedding party" as there was in the human custom, Blaine and Kurt had chosen to have their closest friends and family stand with them during the ceremony. Nick, Mike, Sam, Noah, Jesse, Jeff and Rory were all attired in the suits that Kurt had selected for them and Kurt had also had a miniature version of the ensemble made for Dmitri. They were wearing brushed cotton trousers with a high waist and burnished silver buttons for attaching the suspenders. Their shirts were bright white, bib front dress shirts with a high, stand up collar and full gathered back and the look was topped off by a double breasted textured grey vest, black regency tailcoat with velvet trim, black, paisley print ascot, black top hats and black leather dress boots.

Blaine's outfit was a slight variation, his suit matching Kurt's. His pants and shirt were the same but his vest had a silver and black paisley print design as well as notched collar, two front pockets and silver buttons. His tie was a fancy silk jacquard that tucked perfectly into the waistcoat and was plain black and held in place by a pearl tie tack. His coat was also different, even though it too was a black regency tail coat it made out of a black tapestry fabric with luxurious black velvet lapels, fully lined in black satin and decorated with six ornate mother of pearl buttons. He also had a top hat and leather boots to complete the look.

For Tina, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, Sugar, Harmony and-much to Blaine's chagrin-Rachel Berry, who'd become an almost permanent fixture at both Kurt and Jesse's sides since her whirlwind romance with the vampire and surprise friendship with Kurt had began-the witch had chosen skirts made of claret colored satin ornately trimmed with rich passementerie. The jackets were stylish and cut to form a point in the front of the with a coat skirt behind. The tablier was elegantly pleated and fell into gathered pleatings and bouillons in the back.

Blaine was surprised to find that he was not nervous as he stood under an arch of consisting of hundreds of blood red roses and glittering crystals, in front of their assembled guests, preparing to be forever joined with Kurt, not just in their eyes or the eyes of the clan but in the eyes of all.

He looked across and saw that there was no trace of nervousness on the face of his mate either, just a simple happy smile as the Celebrant prepared to bind them.

"Welcome one and all," said the high priest, getting the ceremony under way. "We are assembled here to celebrate Blaine and Kurt as they pledge their eternity to one another. Within each of them resides the missing piece of the other, so let us all bear witness as their eternities are bound."

The ancient cleric brought forth a red cloth and bound Kurt and Blaine together by their left wrists. "As you stand now ye will stand evermore," he declared. "Like this crimson cloth binds your hands, your eternities are now tethered. May you always stand by each other, stand between your mate and all that would harm him, shield him from dishonor and despair and become his alpha and omega, strength and comfort."

"Kurt," he said turning to the brunette. "Do you promise to give of yourself to Blaine so that your life may strengthen his life, and his will shall become yours?"

"I do," Kurt replied solemnly.

"Do you promise to only act in the interest of the greater of good of your mate and his clan?"

"I do."

"Do you swear to be faithful to Blaine, belonging only to him as long as you both have life?"

"I do," Kurt replied without hesitation.

"Very well," said the ancient one, turning to Blaine. "Do you promise to care for Kurt and those he cares for and to cherish the gift of his obedience that he provides for you?"

"I do," Blaine answered.

"Do you promise to protect Kurt and never demand of him that which he cannot reasonably give?"

"I do."

"Do you swear to be faithful to Kurt, belonging only to him as long as you both have life?"

"I do."

The ancient one stepped forward and addressed the crowd. "Kurt has given his word that he understands his obligations to his mate and his clan. He vowed to be loyal and true. Blaine has given his word that he understands his responsibilities to his mate and has sworn to treat him and his kin with respect and care. By their intent and our witness, they are now one."

As the announcement was made the cloth suddenly dissolved and matching thin red lines appeared upon the wrists of both Kurt and Blaine and the ballroom filled with applause.

As Blaine crossed over and kissed Kurt soundly he whispered in his ear, "I hope you know I have no intention of being any less demanding."

Kurt snorted. "That's absolutely fine because my obedience is one gift you won't be receiving."

Blaine laughed and kissed his mate again. "You realize the fact that we're both going back on our vows two minutes after we said them only proves we were made for each other," he murmured against Kurt's lips.

"We're not going back on our vows," Kurt whispered. "We're amending them to fit our individual situation."

"These vows have been around longer than anyone in this room has been in existence," Blaine whispered as they made their way to the receiving line.

"I don't know," Kurt said, shooting a glance over his shoulder. "The guy who performed the ceremony might just predate dust."

Blaine buried his head in Kurt's shoulder, desperately trying to smother his laughter as they accepted congratulations from Murmur, the Earl of Hell and demon of music.

The party was in full swing when Kurt finally got a chance to talk to Noah. "So," he said bouncing on his heels, "who is she and who is the adorable little girl she brought with her whose currently tormenting Dmitri?" He asked, referring to Noah's date.

Noah smiled. "Her name is Shelby and that's her daughter Beth. I met her a few days ago and we've been getting to know one another and-"

"Yes," Kurt interrupted teasingly, "the entire household has heard how well you are getting to know one another."

"Shut up," Noah laughed. "It's not as though you and Blaine don't peel the paint from the walls with your screaming and moaning."

Kurt blushed and was about to retort when Blaine came up to them, followed by three gentlemen in matching dark suits. "Kurt, Noah my apologies for interrupting but Wes, David and Thad wanted to congratulate us and personally extend their thanks to you, Kurt for ridding us all of Jeremiah."

Kurt gave the trio a curious smile. "Well thank you," he said slowly. "Blaine and appreciate the well wished. I must confess though, as far as Jeremiah goes I didn't do it alone. Everyone who was there helped."

"That may be," Wes said primly, "But it is our understanding that you opened the caixa and you beheaded him."

"You were the only one present who could open it," David spoke up, "without you there the entire endeavor would have ended in failure."

"And as he was unstable, Jeremiah was a threat and a nuisance to us all," Thad added.

"And so, on behalf of the council, I would like to offer you a reward," Wes finished.

Noah choked on air and then discretely disappeared while Kurt's jaw dropped. "You…you three are the council?" Kurt asked hesitantly, looking at Blaine for confirmation.

"Indeed we are," Thad answered. "So what would you like as your reward?"

"Choose wisely," David continued, "We don't often make these types of offers."

"Of course, if you need to talk it over with Blaine, we understand." Wes added.

"No," Kurt yelled then flushed in embarrassment. "I mean, I know what I want and I do have to talk it over with Blaine first but it should only take a minute," he said dragging Blaine into a quiet corner.

"I want to ask them to revoke Noah's ban," Kurt said without preamble.

Blaine frowned. "Kurt," he said, "I won't tell you what to do here, but a favor from the council is huge. You can literally ask for anything and they have the power to make it happen. You could even ask for revenge on Morgana, the council could have her dispatched easily."

Kurt was surprised when at the mention of Morgana's name he didn't feel the overwhelming rush of hatred and bitterness he'd usually felt. He was silent for a few moments, and then he shook his head and smiled at Blaine. "I used to imagine all the ways I wanted to take vengeance on her," Kurt said slowly. "But her end is written and she is forced behind the mist at Avalon. I think that's enough for me, for now. I'm always going to be angry and a bit bitter at the part she played in my parent's deaths but having you, having a family, finding a home, it's filled up that aching, empty space inside me where all my hate and anger, longing and sadness used to be. Sam will take care of Morgana when the time comes and I can live with that. What I can't live with is unable to register his services."

Blaine nodded and kissed Kurt softly. "You are a good man, Kurt. I'm honored that you're mine."

Kurt smiled. "I wasn't nearly half as good until I had you by my side," he returned, grabbing Blaine's hand and pulling him back over to the council.

"Gentleman, thank you for your patience," Kurt said respectfully, "I've decided that all I wish is for you to revoke Noah Puckerman's sentence and let him have all the rights and recognition of a free lycan. He has suffered enough for his mistake and he was also instrumental in Jeremiah's defeat."

The council exchanged looks and then nodded. "If that is what you wish, then we shall make it so. Tell the lycan he will get his official pardon soon and until then to consider himself free," Wes said before the trio moved off.

"Kurt!" Noah said, suddenly appearing out of thin air and grabbing the witch into his arms. "Is it true? You had them revoke my sentence? I can go into the city freely? I can register?"

Kurt laughed and returned the enthusiastic embrace. "Yes Noah, yes you can! You're free, totally free!" Kurt cried happily.

"Thank you so much brother," Noah said crushing Kurt to him. "You don't know what you've done for me."

Kurt followed Noah's line of sight to Shelby and her daughter and watched as the little girl gave Noah a happy wave and then beckoned him over. "I have an idea," Kurt said softly. "Go on, Noah; go see what the little lady wants."

Noah gave Kurt one more happy squeeze and made his way back over to Shelby and Beth. Kurt watched them for a minute until his eye was drawn over to another table where Rory sat in between Sugar and Harmony, with an arm around each, whispering things into their ears that made both female vampires giggle and look at him coyly.

"Tell me that is not happening," Kurt groaned.

"Oh but it is my love," Blaine responded cheekily. "And so is that," he said taking Kurt by the shoulders and turning him to his right, where Mercedes and Sam were in a darkened corner, engaged in a furious lip lock.

Kurt threw a hand up over his eyes. "Oh my Goddess, this cannot be happening. My cousin is at one table organizing some manner of a debauchery that looks to include a ménage à trios and my brother is in the corner attempting to steal the virtue of one of my best friends. How is this even my life?"

"You're asking me?" Blaine grumped. "Look at my fledging," he said, pointing to Jesse and Rachel, who had gathered quite a crowd at the piano where they sat singing together in between heated kisses. "He's head over heels for Rachel Berry! He marked her Kurt! I should behead him on principle alone."

"Which principle would that be" Kurt asked, circling his arms around Blaine. "And I think they make an adorable couple."

"You would," Blaine said dryly," and the principle that you don't annoy your creator. I just…the thought of eternity with Rachel makes me want to stake myself."

"Aww, poor Blainey," Kurt joked.

"Call me that again and I'll drain you."

"Touchy," Kurt said. "I'll have to ask Nick if there's a story behind that…if I can get him to stop eating Jeff's face long enough to answer," Kurt said briefly looking over to where the two vampires were involved in a very heavy make out session.

"Good luck with that," Blaine said. "The odds on that are as good as the odds that Brittany and Santana aren't following in Mike and Tina's footsteps and sneaking off to have sex."

"What?" Kurt yelped, and then looked around the room. "For the love of...we need new people, we'll replace them and get new, non insane, non sex crazed people."

"Non sex crazed?" Blaine said mockingly. "Then how would we fit in?"

Kurt giggled. I guess you're right. We'll stick to the people we have," he grimaced as he saw Mercedes and Sam attempt to sneak out of the room while Rory, Sugar and Harmony began making out, "and pray for mercy."

Blaine laughed long and loud while Kurt scowled at him.

Blaine kissed him on the cheek. "I'll be right back love, I see…someone I need to chat with for just a moment."

Kurt watched as Blaine walked over to an extremely handsome tall, broad man with long dark hair and began speaking to him in low, hushed tones. Before Kurt could give too much thought to the encounter he felt someone laying a cool, gentle hand on his arm.

He turned and found himself staring at a trio of the most beautiful vampires that he'd ever seen. There was a brunette wearing a revealing long, green and white delicately pleated dress that had bat wings and was cut low across the bosom and had an intricate see through flower pattern cut out in the middle, a separate, high, flower like collar. The red head with her was in a similar pink gold dress except it had more intricate cut outs along the sides, gold banding under the bodice and her collar was not as high. The blonde, who appeared the youngest of the three, and was attired in white and gold, She wore silk, nearly see through harem pants and an ornate gold top that bared her midsection, and had several layers of nearly see though silk attached to create bat wings.

The woman who had gotten his attention smiled gave him a smile he was sure was meant to be seductive, and he laughed inwardly at how utterly wasted it was on him before giving her a small smile of his own.

"We haven't been formally introduced," the red head began, coming up into Kurt's personal space. "My name is Aleera and these are my…sisters Verona," she said indicating the brunette, "and Marishka." She said gesturing to the blonde.

Something niggled at the back of Kurt's mind and he pushed it aside in order to play the good host. "It's a pleasure to meet you ladies," Kurt replied. "And thank you, Blaine and I were so hoping that out guests would have a good time, and I must you say you ladies look quite lovely."

The ladies preened under the praise and the blonde moved forward, stepping into Kurt's side and pressing herself against him while the brunette slipped behind him close enough so that he could feel her breath on his neck.

"You look quite handsome as well," Aleera said, giving Kurt a lascivious look.

"Absolutely delicious," Verona agreed.

"Good enough to eat," Marishka giggled.

"Blaine's a very, very lucky man," Aleera went on.

Kurt gave the trio a curious look before stepping out to the side and creating a bit of distance between them. "I'll be sure to tell him you ladies think so," he said warily.

Before another word could be said, Blaine and his companion came and joined them.

"Making friends?" Blaine asked lightly, pulling Kurt into his arms and locking them around him possessively.

At the display the three women giggled, but fell silent at the disapproving look the dark haired gentleman sent their way.

"I must apologize for them," the man said, the faintest traces of a Romanian accent coming through and the golden ring around his eyes and pale, smooth skin revealing that he was a vampire. "My brides sometimes forget their social graces, but I assure you they meant you no harm."

Kurt waved off him off. "There's no apology necessary. Aleera, Verona and Marishka were just telling me how much they enjoyed the ceremony."

"Yes, I imagine they were," the man chuckled, taking Kurt's hand in his and gently caressing the skin. "You are even more magnificent up close than you were from across the ballroom. Your skin is so perfectly pale; it's hard to believe you aren't one of us. And I must say you have the most beautiful eyes and now that I'm in your presence it's simply captivating. There is a purity to your spirit that I can see now…it's rather intoxicating, it only adds to your appeal. I would venture to guess that's what made these three," he gestured to the women how had plastered themselves to his side, "lose their sense of propriety."

Kurt found himself unable to reply and suddenly felt as if he were sinking into a pool of warm honey, his senses becoming muddled as he looked into the vampire's eyes.

"Well, they can't really help themselves, can they?" Blaine replied, yanking Kurt out of his mental fog and pulling his hand free from the other vampire. "You on the other hand, are quite capable of exerting self control. Stop trying to seduce my mate before I take your head.

The man arched an eyebrow at Blaine and laughed in response. "My apologies Blaine. It's quite rare these days but every so often I come across one so exquisite that I forget myself."

"As long as you remember that Kurt is mine there is no issue," Blaine said, his tone warning but respectful. "But I understand. He had the same effect on me."

Kurt wasn't quite sure how to respond to what was going on so he decided to direct the conversation away from himself. "Well, thank you. I'm sorry I didn't catch your name and-"

"And I understand you are the long missing Queen Adeline's son, and King Samuel's brother," the man went on as if he hadn't heard Kurt's interruption.

"Y-Yes that's true," Kurt replied.

"Blaine chose well. Come with me to the garden, I wish to have a word with you."

Kurt gave Blaine a questioning glace but he merely nodded.

"He'll do you no harm, dear one. It's fine."

"We'll keep Blaine company while you're gone," Verona said, giving Blaine a flirtatious smile that instantly had Kurt changing his mind about leaving them alone and shooting the woman a vicious glare.

"Verona, behave yourself," Blaine whispered then kissed Kurt gently. "Its fine, I promise."

Pushing aside his jealousy and knowing that Blaine would never send him into danger Kurt let his curiosity to get the better of him, and he allowed the man to take his arm and lead him out the French doors into the garden. They sat on a stone bench in silence for a few moments before the vampire began to speak.

"I wanted to speak to you in order to impart a bit of wisdom," the vampire began. "I realize that Blaine is not an easy man to love. He's domineering, he's difficult, he's capable of extreme brutality and quite a bit of that is my doing. He's also fiercely loyal and incredibly brave. You chose well, Kurt."

"I know," Kurt murmured. "Blaine is everything I have ever wanted and a lot of things I never knew I needed," he confessed.

"You entered into the House of Drăculeşti tonight Kurt," the vampire said seriously. "You need to know that you are bound by those oaths that you took, and your place in this family relies upon your loyalty to Blaine and to those oaths. Never fail to appreciate the power and sanctity of what you swore here this night."

"I won't," Kurt declared fiercely. "I am Blaine's always and in all ways. I will never betray him or his House."

"You need to understand, truly understand that you have offered yourself body and spirit to your vampire. The very nature of a vampire is to transform and change. You cannot be touched deeply by one of our number without being altered in some aspect of your being. Blaine's darkness has been touched by your light but your light has also been touched by his darkness. It will be a delicate balancing act but you need to take pains to ensure that neither of you overtake the other."

Kurt thought about Jeremiah and how far he found he was willing to go to ensure Blaine's safety and then thought about Noah and how Blaine had opened up his home, going against his very nature in an effort to make Kurt happy and he nodded. "I think," he said slowly," Blaine and I bring out the best in each other."

"I believe you do, you and Blaine were written long ago," the vampire said. "You two were joined in destiny and are now joined in eternity, spirit to spirit, flesh to flesh; your bond is sacred and sealed. Be mindful of one another's feelings, and never do anything without considering the consequences of your actions, for this is not a worldly union of the flesh, but a uniting of clan and coven, houses and kin. By giving of yourself, by taking Blaine's clan as yours you have forged a bond that will tie your two spirits together for many lifetimes to come. Do not take such a sharing lightly. Never fail to appreciate the sanctity what you have. May you be strong together, may you prosper together, and may you always know love."

Kurt felt the gravity in the words. "Thank you," he said quietly. "I will carry your words with me and heed your wisdom in the hopes that it helps our union endure in times of trouble and strife."

"Good man," the vampire said rising. "Now, let's go rescue Blaine. I'm sure my brides have entertained him long enough for your liking."

"Indeed," Kurt agreed then flushed. "Not that they aren't lovely, it's just that Blaine's mine," he said, unable to keep the possessive edge out of his voice.

The vampire merely laughed. "He always has been and he forever shall be," he said, leading Kurt back into the ballroom where Kurt wasted no time in removing his mate from the predatory females.

"Excuse us ladies," Kurt said as shot dark looks at all three women and placed a possessive hand on Blaine's arm. "I think I see Eurynomus and Yuki Onna over by the Black Prince roses and we're yet to greet them. It was a pleasure meeting you all and I hope you enjoy the rest of the reception," Kurt said as he attempted to hustle Blaine away from the quartet.

The male vampire smiled. "Of course, we understand Kurt. Go greet the rest of your guests. And Blaine," he said addressing the clan chief, "I like him. Take good care of him."

Blaine nodded. "It's my intention," he said over his shoulder as Kurt rushed him away.

"You look adorable when the green eyed monster has you in its grasp," Blaine chuckled.

"I am not jealous," Kurt huffed. "I realize your idea of a party is turning the place into a den of iniquity but I would prefer this event retained a degree of class," Kurt sniffed. "Those three looked like they had learned at the feet of Gaius Petronius and were about to engage in all manner of lewd and lascivious behavior with your person."

Blaine laughed and Kurt gave him an icy look. "You," Kurt said slowly, "did not look at all opposed to them using you for their deviant sexual desires. In fact, you seemed to be enjoying the attention. If you think for one moment that I intend to share you, you have another thing coming. You are mine and I have half a mind to hex those harlots, make them break out in boils and make their heads go bald and oh-"

Blaine cut Kurt's tirade short by pulling him into a fiery kiss. "Calm yourself," Blaine chided gently. "There is no need to turn the ladies from beguiling beauties to horrifying harpies. I am yours and yours alone."

Kurt's knees weakened. "Prove it," he said suddenly. "Dmitri is with Noah, Shelby and Beth; he'll be fine for a half hour or so. Take me upstairs and prove to me you're mine."

Blaine did not have to be told twice and made short work of getting his mate from the ballroom to the bedroom. Once in the privacy of their bedchamber Blaine took Kurt in his arms and looked tenderly into his eyes.

Blaine ran his fingers through Kurt's hair. "I love you," he breathed, as they toed off their boots and socks and then he led his lover over to lie on the bed.

Kurt closed his eyes and sighed. "I know." He reached up and took Blaine's hand, then pulled it in front of his face to kiss Blaine's knuckles. "I love you too," he breathed against his skin. Kurt melted into Blaine's embrace and closed his eyes, making a needy noise in the back of his throat.

Blaine sighed and buried his face against Kurt's hair. "I am so honored to be yours," he whispered. Kurt pulled back briefly and looked at his mate, overcome with emotion. He wanted to tell Blaine how much he loved him, how proud he was to be his and how fiercely he would protect his heart and his clan but no words came out at first. A single tear tracked down his cheek and Blaine tenderly wiped it away. Kurt cleared his throat, "Blaine," he whispered thickly.

Blaine drew in a deep breath. "I'm here," he said quietly, gently removing their jackets helping Kurt slip his from his shoulders. "Blaine," Kurt whispered, as his lover made quick work of removing their waistcoats. Kurt slid his hand Blaine's shirt and ran his nails lightly over Blaine's chest and abdomen. "I need you, so much." Kurt whispered brokenly.

"Yes," Blaine breathed, still threading his fingers through Kurt's hair. "You have me, dear one. I'm yours forever."

Kurt groaned and kissed Blaine again, his mouth hungry, and Blaine, for the first time yielded to Kurt, allowing him to dominate and control the kiss. Kurt pressed his advantage, letting his tongue slide over and around Blaine's, nipping at his mate's lower lip and sucking on his tongue. Blaine moaned and pulled Kurt closer to him.

Kurt allowed the contact briefly, then pulled back a moment later to unsnap both their suspenders and unbutton and remove both their shirts before he began mouthing down Blaine's neck and leaving a trail of butterfly kisses down Blaine's chest. .

Blaine arched under him, his skin burning from Kurt's touch. "Kurt, I need..." he murmured.

"I know," Kurt answered as he stripped Blaine, savoring the reveal of every inch of skin and muscle, licking, biting and marking his way across every piece of flesh exposed to him, and then shifted to get himself out of his own trousers and briefs. When they were skin to skin Kurt pressed against Blaine again, and the contact sent sparks of arousal flooding through both men's veins. Blaine groaned and Kurt scraped his teeth over the vampire's sensitive nipples and Blaine hissed, his fingers clenching around and fisting the sheet. Kurt reached his hand out and fumbled until he found the oil on the bedside table. He poured a generous amount into his hand and took Blaine's cock in it, slicking Blaine, and then moved to straddle him.

"Wait," Blaine gasped, halting Kurt's intention to ride his cock. . He tugged gently at Kurt's hair. "Tonight, I want you," he begged brokenly, "Please-I want you inside me," Blaine moaned. "I need to feel you, to be yours," he whispered against Kurt's lips, and then kissed him hard.

Kurt was stunned but recovered quickly. He was suddenly overcome with the burning desire to be inside Blaine, to feel him in a way he'd never felt him before, to claim him in a way he'd never claimed him before. "Okay," Kurt whispered shakily, coating his fingers with oil and gently pushing a finger inside Blaine a moment later, as he kissed him softly.

Blaine tensed for a moment then forced his body to yield. After a few moments Kurt's careful exploration and skillful tongue had Blaine wanting. "More," Blaine breathed, aching with need and rocking his hips up to reinforce his words.

Kurt made a little needy noise and pushed his finger in more, sliding it in and out only a couple times before adding a second. Blaine arched, his fingers curling in the sheets then Kurt moved down and took Blaine's hardened cock into his mouth.

"Oh God," Blaine gasped, his fingers flying from the bed to tangle in Kurt's hair. The sensations running through his body were taking him apart a piece at a time. "Please, Kurt—more," he begged.

Kurt pulled up briefly, then swallowed Blaine once more as he slid a third finger inside him, crooking them just so as he found that secret place that sent pleasure jolting through Blaine's veins, hoping to cancel out any discomfort Blaine may be feeling from the stretch and the burn. "You feel so good," Blaine groaned, as he thrust up into Kurt's mouth. "Want you so much, need you so much," he moaned.

"Mm-hmm," Kurt hummed, scissoring his fingers, then he pulled back just long enough to slick his cock and lean in and kiss Blaine as his erection nudged at Blaine's entrance. "You're mine," he whispered fiercely, his eyes blazing with desire.

"I'm yours, Kurt. Always and in all ways, now take me." Blaine moaned.

"Yes," Kurt whispered. He pressed inside carefully, giving Blaine time to adjust, moving forward an inch at a time until he bottomed out and found himself fully seated in his mate for the first time. Blaine moaned, feeling Kurt fill him, filling his body and his heart with nothing but him.

Kurt began to thrust slowly, moaning, and drinking in the sight of Blaine underneath him, spread out for him, taking him, falling apart under his touch and from his cock. Blaine slid his hands up Kurt's back and curled his fingers into Kurt's shoulders. The sensation of Kurt repeatedly plunging into his body sent waves of pleasure through the vampire, making him gasp and tighten his fingers. "Yes, Kurt," he breathed, canting his hips up and meeting his lover's thrusts.

"I love you," Kurt panted, as he slid a hand down to cup Blaine's ass and hold him close as he started to push faster. "You're mine, all mine, forever, I'm never letting you go," he swore as his fingers squeezed, his nails digging into Blaine's skin.

"I'll never want to leave," Blaine promised, "I'm yours, Kurt, I need you." He tangled his fingers in Kurt's hair and tugged him up for another kiss, their tongues tangling messily. "I'll always need you."

Their words devolved into moans and grunts of pleasure and their world dissolved into nothing but the intensity of their lovemaking. Kurt slid his hand down Blaine's thigh and pulled Blaine's leg up over his hip, driving into Blaine harder and faster, going deeper, connecting them together with every thrust.

Kurt bit just below Blaine's collar bone. He sucked hard, and Blaine knew he was leaving a mark, that he was trying to leave a mark. It sent a perverse pleasure to through Blaine to know that the mate who bore his marks wanted to brand Blaine with a mark of his own. He pushed up into Kurt's mouth, urging him on just as Kurt's rhythm started to falter.

Blaine arched against him, pulling him back in for another kiss. Blaine's hands curled at Kurt's hips, pulling him in deeper and clenching his muscles around him. It was enough to draw a strangled cry from Kurt's lips, and then he climaxed, his seed spilling forth and filling Blaine. Blaine moaned, clinging to him, and then turned his head to kiss Kurt hungrily.

Kurt moaned into the kiss, his hips rocking just a little against Blaine, drawing out his release until he was spent. When he stilled, he melted into Blaine, his weight pressing Blaine deeper into the mattress. "Mmm, Blaine," he whispered.

"I love you," Blaine said, wrapping his arms around him and holding tightly. "I'm yours, with all that I am and all that I have," he said. Blaine's body was still caught up in arousal and need and Kurt recognized it instantly, slipping his hand in between them. His fingers curled around Blaine's erection and began to stroke. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," Blaine breathed, the need to claim his mate racing through him, Kurt's touch strengthening his arousal and fraying the edges of his control.

"Need you," Kurt whispered as his thumb grazed over the head of Blaine's cock.

Blaine groaned and arched at the frisson of pleasure that sent through him. "What do you need? What do you want?" He asked Kurt throatily.

"Need to feel you," Kurt groaned. He nipped at Blaine's jaw, and then licked a line to his ear. "I want to feel you inside me, take me Blaine, please." he whispered as he shifted to straddle the vampire.

"I'll always give you what you need," Blaine whispered. He let his hands slide down Kurt's back as he moved, settling finally at his hips. Kurt grabbed the oil and slicked Blaine first and then coated his hand, slipping his fingers into himself quickly stretching and preparing himself to take his lover. After a few moments, he sank onto Blaine's cock letting out a loud hiss of pleasure. "Oh Blaine," he whimpered, beginning to move.

Blaine grunted, his hips jerking automatically before he could gather his wits about him. At the muffled groan of pleasure Kurt made, Blaine began to thrust up into him, feeling triumphant at the blissed out expression on his mate's face.

Kurt moaned and leaned forward, folding himself over Blaine so that the vampire's head lay in the crook of his neck. Kurt turned his head to the side, bit down harshly on his bottom lip and his entire body was flushed, his screwed shut in pleasure and he looked the very picture of debauchery. "More, please, Blaine," he moaned, then started rocking his body to meet Blaine's thrusts.

"Kurt," Blaine gasped, his fingers tightening at Kurt's hips. He was so beautiful, and he'd saved Blaine's son and his life, agreed to be his mate and was his forever. Blaine didn't know how he'd gotten so lucky, and he wasn't sure he would ever deserve Kurt, but he was grateful for him and vowed to never stop trying. "Love you," he managed, thrusting harder.

Kurt returned the words, his voice breathy. And Kurt's sounding so wrecked, his voice high and thin, breathy and needy and knowing it was him who had reduced Kurt to such a state sent a shock of pleasure through Blaine and his hips sped automatically. Kurt adjusted to the new rhythm and they worked together to reach ecstasy.

Blaine's control had already been stretched beyond his limits by the emotional events of the day, and Kurt's response to his need undid him completely. He gave himself over to the feel of Kurt's tight and hot around him, Kurt's body straddling his and all the burning points of skin on skin contact, Kurt's begging in his ears. Passion and desire rushed through Blaine's body until he couldn't stand it any longer. He extended his fangs, sinking them deep into Kurt's neck, drinking from his as he shook through his release.

Kurt gasped as Blaine filled him, pumping into him hot and fast, then, when the vampire withdrew his fangs, turning his head and kissing Blaine's lips softly. "Oh Goddess," he panted, and then moved his lips across Blaine's jaw. Kurt pulled off of Blaine and settled at his side, stroking his fingers across his skin as Blaine licked his wound closed. "You've turned me into a wanton deviant," he whispered teasingly. "That was utter wickedness and we have a house full of party guests," he giggled.

"To hell with them," Blaine replied. "They have food and drink; let the staff deal with them for the rest of the night. I just want to lie here with you."

"Are you sure you don't wish to return to your admirers," Kurt teased, referring to the trio of lovely vampires he'd met earlier in the evening, a tiny bit of jealousy still burning underneath.

"If memory serves I wasn't the only one Verona, Aleera and Marishka were admiring," Blaine retorted. "And I think we can leave them to their master. How was your talk with him?"

"He was," Kurt struggled to find the words, "fairly insightful. If he can control his harem I'd like to have him for dinner sometime."

Blaine gave Kurt a puzzled, surprise look then laughed. "Dear one from the way he was caressing your skin and the way his brides were practically devouring you with their eyes, I think that if we had Vlad over for dinner he'd be quite disappointed to find that you were not on the menu."

Kurt shot straight up in bed. "Vlad?" he whispered. "As in Vlad Tepes? As in Dracula?" he demanded, staring at Blaine incredulously. "Why didn't you say something? I was sitting in the moonlight having a conversation about my responsibilities to you as my mate and to your house, his house and I had no idea that I was talking to to...oh Goddess I don't even know what to call him!" Kurt moaned.

Blaine raised an eyebrow. "Vlad, Count, blood sucking bastard, they all apply equally," he said glibly. At Kurt's dark look he sighed and pulled his lover back against him. "I honestly thought you knew. Tall, dark, imposing vampire everyone gives a wide berth, seduces with a single look, and has three brides, a blonde, a brunette and a red head…he's rather recognizable love."

Kurt huffed and snuggled into Blaine's chest. "You still could have said something," he muttered. "But I forgive you because this night has been perfect and you are perfect and I don't think I've ever been any happier."

"Good," Blaine said "because I love you and all I wish is for your happiness," Blaine murmured. He buried his hand in Kurt's hair, running the sweat-damp strands through his fingers. "I love you so much. I can't seem to stop saying that tonight," he said giddily. "Don't ever doubt the depth of my devotion; I would set the world ablaze for you."

Kurt smiled and tenderly kissed Blaine's lips. "Say it as much as you please, I'll never tire of hearing it. We shall work on less destructive demonstrations of your devotion but…I would do the same for you. I love you, Blaine and I am yours, always," Kurt said as his eyes slid closed, his heart overflowing with love, content to fall asleep safe within the circle of his mate's arms, knowing that all the people he loved and cared for had found their own happiness as well.

"As I am yours," Blaine whispered as he watched Kurt drift off, the cold emptiness that had claimed his soul centuries ago melting away beneath the tender heat of Kurt's love. Blaine had known from the first moment he saw him that he would claim Kurt as his own but he'd never imagined that having Kurt as his mate would change his life, and the life of those he loved so thoroughly and for so much the better.

Kurt had changed the lives of all Blaine loved for the better in some way large or small. Nikolas had finally found the courage to claim Jeff as his own, his favorite fledglings, Mike and Jesse, had found love, his son was safe and close enough to bond with his people and his father and Santana and Brittany were content in their new bond as mates. His house was in order, his son's future secured and he had his mate safe and sated in his arms. Blaine tightened his grip around Kurt, kissing him gently on the temple, convinced nothing could be more wonderful than an eternity of loving Kurt and being loved in return.

~The End~

A/N 2: And that's all folks. A couple of things: I saw Van Helsing and HAD to include Dracula and his brides cause seriously how SMOKING HOT were those ladies (and can't you just see them trying to 'eat up' Kurt?) and all the dialog for the bonding ceremony straight up came from me Googling "Vampire Wedding Vows (and being kinda stunned such a thing existed) and combining and changing several lines that I saw and liked.

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