Animaniacs 5D's

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Episode 1 – Separation of the Warners

In Burbank, California there sat a studio. The studio was large and spacious, with many employees…{CRASH!}…and many secrets. The three Warner Siblings being one of the secrets. No one knew what they actually were when they were created. But now they were running amuck, nearly tearing the entire studio down trying to have fun. Yakko Warner is a tall Black and white cartoon with a red bulging nose and long ears. He also wore brown pants and has round, well built feet and white cartoon gloves. With a screech he came to a stop and turned to us, he says, "And I'm tired of people mentioning that stupid Bologna gag. It was strictly for the opening sequence and I was highly against it in the first place…stupid producers!" and leaves. Wakko Warner is shorter than Yakko, and constantly wears a red hat and light blue shirt. Like his brother, he screeches to a stop and tells everyone, "But I'm not wearing pants!" sticks his tongue out the side of his mouth and leaves. Dot Warner is the youngest and…"If you say 'Shortest' I'll have to hurt you!"…cutest of the three, and the only girl, wearing a pink skirt and a flower to hold her ears together. These three toons were probably the rowdiest of all the Cartoon staff the Warner brother studio's had ever hired. At the moment, they were running from a Cartoon man in a Guard uniform that was probably a half size too thin for him, a shapely blond haired cartoon nurse, and a bald slumped over cartoon man with stubby legs and bottle thick glasses. "Can't catch us Scratchy!" Yakko yelled as he carried a large sack spilling over with candy. As the three of them turned the corner, they saw a strange sight. A black and white motorcycle with a strange shape and wheels was just sitting right there. The front end had a shield that looked like it had the Warner's ears, the sleek body was narrow at the seat and had some kind of arm that moved from the back and slid to the sides of where the driver sat. The back of the bike had a seat that came over the rider's head, with a strange light fixture attached to the top of it. The Warner's couldn't help but look at it…up close. "Oooo!" they all drawled.

[Cue Yugioh 5D's opening theme.]

"What is it?" Dot asked. "It looks like it's a lot of fun." Wakko said. "Yes it does, but taking it is stealing and we don't steal." Yakko pointed out, right before hopping onto the seat. "What happened to we don't steal?" Dot asked. "I'm not taking it, I'm just looking at it." Yakko said, and look he did. Yakko found that the strange metal arms that followed the seat had driving handles, both slightly tipped into the center of the motorcycle. "I don't get it." he heard Wakko say. "What don't you get?" Yakko asked. "How does the tire stay on without a wheel?" Wakko finished. Dot took a look at the bikes wheel, and saw exactly what Wakko was looking at. The actual tire of the bike was pinched between two sets of what looked to be free spinning tubes instead of being held on by the all typical steel wheel. "Duh, there theys is's." They heard a dumb sounding voice say. Looking up, they saw the guard, the Nurse and the bald man that had been chasing them. "They're getting faster aren't they?" Dot asked. Yakko leaned forward on the bike placing his hand on the front of it, "Hey there Scratchy…" but before he could finish, the place he placed his hand lit up like the screen on a computer accidentally pressing one of the buttons, "Duel Mode Engaged!" came a computerized female voice from the Motorcycle. From the bottom of the bike spread a circle, covering the entire lot in a green and black light, almost as if it were a grid map from a video game, "Speed World 2 activated. Planning rout. Rout accepted. Activating Autopilot. Ready, set, duel!" it continued. They all heard the machine hum, and before Yakko could jump off, its back wheel spun at incredible speeds, propelling the entire thing, Yakko and all forward.

Yakko was forced back into the seat as Wakko and Dot dropped their own bags of Candy to grab onto the runaway Motorcycle. Scratchansniff, the Bald Man, Ralph the Guard, and Hello Nurse all grabbed a hold as the bike came close, all three of them being pulled off of the concrete as it passed by. "You ave gone too far Yakko, shtealing is against the law." Scratchansniff said. "Duh, yah what he saids." Ralph agreed. "I didn't do it on purpose." Yakko shouted as he tried desperately to figure out how to drive it. Looking to his right, he spied the driving handle, and grabbed it. On the left, he did the same thing, and found that the machine was comfortable to him, almost like it was made just for him. His fingers touched what he felt were bicycle break levers, "Probably stops this strange thing." he whispered to himself, but when he used them everyone heard a definite {KLUNK}. "What was that?" Dot asked. Yakko blushed and smiled in embarrassment, "That would be the breaks…breaking." he said to his sister. Dot turned to Wakko with a worried look, "Think we should just jump?" she asked. "You'll just get hurt at this speed." Hello Nurse said for him. As they traveled the Bike took an automatic turn, and crashed straight through a house made out of a tree. When it came out from the other side, an old grey Squirrel and a young brown Squirrel were crowded on top of the motorcycle as it continued on. "You three are going to pay through the nose for this." Slappy the old Squirrel said. "If we survive, Aunt Slappy!" the young Squirrel, Skippy, yelled in fear.

The bike continued on its way smashing through what looked to be a production stage, and when it exited through the doors, a short stocky man in a business suit was taken with them. Yakko smiled in embarrassment, "Hi Plotzy." he said to the short man. "Dooh, I'll get you, you, whatever you are for this!" Mr. Plotz said, and continued to hold on. The bike made a sharp turn towards what looked to be a lake, and Yakko pulled as hard as he could, on the steering handles, causing it to instead crash through a log made into a home. Smashing through the other side, a silky white mink in a red evening dress, and heavenly blond tail and head fur, came out sitting on Yakko's lap. She did nothing but scream. Another sharp turn was made and the group traveled through the lot, dodging buildings and scooping up four others, a dog and cat, a mime and a skeleton in a sport coat. The small grey cat leaned into the large yellow dog, and began to relax, "Hey when you get to a restaurant, would you drop us off?" she asked.

The Bike suddenly raced through a house, snatching up a teenage girl and smashing through the upstairs window. "Hey this is kind of fun" she said, "But you didn't have to, you know, kidnap me." Yakko smiled nervously at her, he knew all of the damage this crazy thing was doing was probably coming out of his retirement, but he soon forgot about it when he saw the two Hip Hippos standing in his way, talking to a giant chicken dressed up as a door to door sales man, and yes, it snatched up them as well. Pinky and the brain, a tall lanky lab mouse and a small but large headed white lab mouse, were walking along the street, until three pidgins stopped them. Before the pleasantries were even exchanged, the bike and all of its occupants smashed right into them, the birds plastered against the hippos and Pinky somehow unharmed, riding on the front, Brain on the other hand, was stuck under the wheel, until Pinky reached down to snatch him off of it. A thin brown dog was soon picked up from his yard, and in his front pawn he held a squealing little girl in purple overalls. The bike suddenly turned and traveled up a nearby mountain in the back beyond the Lot. "Stop this thing!" Minerva, the gorgeous mink, screamed. "I can't, the breaks are out." he shouted. As they turned the corner, the road suddenly stopped, and everyone went careening off of the edge. Only Yakko was able to stay inside of the mysterious bike as it fell, and he found it almost as if all sound had vanished from existence, until the fall actually kicked in. The last thing Yakko saw, was what looked to be a strange rip in the forest below him.

Yakko just lay there, keeping his eyes closed. He didn't know why but he hurt all over. He also felt grass under his face and chest, tickling him. "Jack, Crow, go get the medics, I think he's hurt." a strange but kind voice said. It was followed by a voice that seemed arrogant, "What is it anyway Yusei?"

"May be it's your cousin Jack!" a raspy deep voice responded. "Ha ha, very funny Crow!" the arrogant voice said sarcastically. "Would you two quit fighting and just go get help?" Yusei said. "Got it Yusei." Crow said and Yakko could hear two sets of feet as they moved away. Yakko slowly opened his eyes, trying to ignore the pain of letting his eyes adjust to the light, and the pain he felt in his whole body. When he looked up, he saw a man, wearing a strange blue jacket and black hair with golden highlights. Tattooed on his left cheek was a yellow line that started from the bottom of his eye and jetted slightly in towards his nose before moving down to line itself with his mouth and angling to the bend in his cheek. A small triangle was tattooed just on the outside of his eye, close to where the line started. "Hey are you alright?" the man asked. Yakko tried to nod, but again pain stopped him in his tracks. "Steady there!" the man said as he helped Yakko to sit up, "Can you tell me your name?"

"What does it matter?" asked a strange voice from the woods. Yakko didn't even try to look up, but the nice man did, "He's just ripe for the picking." said the voice. "Leave him alone!" the man said as he stood up to guard the toon. It was at that time, Yakko found his pain fading from his body and turned to see a strange man wearing a flannel shirt and khaki shorts, brown tennis shoes and a strange device on his left arm. As Yakko leaned on his side, he felt something pushing up against his side from inside his pocket. The toon slowly stood up and reached into his pocket, grabbing the item that was bothering him, a deck of strange cards with a brown and black swirled back. "Ah, that looks like a Duel Monster deck to me." the man with the flannel shirt said. "I said leave him alone, if you want to duel someone, then duel me." the nice man said and turned to what looked to be a red bike, similar to the one Yakko remembered going out of control with him in the seat. Yusei reached down to the console, and when his arm came back up, his own device was strapped to his arm. Yakko noticed that the device looked strangely like a platform where one side was longer than the other, to accommodate for an odd number of spaces. "Come on, you think I'm stupid or something?" the man in the flannel shirt asked, "You're Yusei Fudo, the greatest Duelist in the world. Now if you were to use his cards…"

"Deal!" Yusei said, not letting the man finish. As Yusei walked over to Yakko, he lowered his hand, "May I use your deck?" Yakko didn't even say a thing, everything was happening too fast for him. He just handed over his cards. "Thanks, I'll make sure to give them back." Yusei said, and turned back to the other man, who had a shocked look on his face. Yusei first removed some more cards from his wrist contraption, and placed one of Yakko's cards into it, before slipping the rest into an open slot in the front of the machine. The cards instantly shuffled themselves, and Yusei grabbed the top five to place into the hand with the platform. "I was right, it is used for playing with these cards." Yakko said to himself. "You're right, it's called a Duel Disk." Yusei said, hearing Yakko. The other man soon followed suit, placing his deck into his Duel Disk and letting his cards shuffle. "LET'S DUEL!" they both shouted at each other.

"I'll start things off." Yusei said as he pulled the top card from the deck. Looking at his hand, he selected a card and slapped it down, "I summon the 'Cartoon Master', in attack mode." he said. The Monster that appeared on the field, looked like a cartoon karate master with a goofy grin. "Cartoon Master is a level 4 monster and his special ability lets me deal 800 damage directly to you." as Yusei said this, the monster on the field, ran up to his opponent and kicked him in the stomach. The man flinched at the impact an eight hundred points were taken from the LP circle. Yusei grabbed two cards from his hand, and placed them in slots close to him, "Now I lay two cards face-down and call it a turn."

"Fine then." the man said and drew his card. "I summon `Ax Wielder' in attack mode." he said as he slapped down his monster. The monster that appeared, looked like a lumberjack with a knights helmet on its head and a Battle ax in its hands. "Now I can attack you with my Ax Wielder." the man said, and the Ax monster took a swing at Yusei's Cartoon monster, destroying it. Suddenly 1100 life points were removed from Yusei's LP wheel. "Heh, every time my Ax Wielder destroys a monster, it gets to deal half of its attack points to you as damage." the man said, and an extra 950 points were subtracted. This didn't seem to faze Yusei at all. The man grabbed one card from his hand and set it face down, "Now I end my turn with a Face-Down."

"It's my turn." Yusei said, and drew his card. Yusei then grabbed a card from his hand, "I Summon the 'Cartoon Tuner' in attack mode." [Cartoon Tuner is a level 3 tuner monster with 1200 ATK and 1000 DEF] "Now I activate my trap card." the man said and the face down card flipped over to reveal, "TIMBER!" [TIMBER! is a trap card that targets one monster on your field with `Ax' in its name and deal its attack points to your opponent as direct damage.] "Now I deal all 1900 attack points to you as damage." Yusei's LP meter dropped to 50. "And I activate my trap card." The first of Yusei's face-downs flipped over to reveal, "Candy Bag." [Candy Bag is a trap card that restores your life points by 500 when your opponent deals damage to you by effect or battle] Yusei's LP meter rose by 500 points. "Now I can activate my second face down. 'Tracing Board'!" [Tracing Board is a trap card that is activates by paying 500 life points, special summon one `Cartoon' monster from your graveyard] Yusei's LP meter dropped back down to 50 and the Cartoon Master reappeared on the field. "And From my hand I use the spell card 'Cartoon Boost'." [Cartoon Boost is an equip spell card that raises 1 cartoon monster by 800 attack points and one star] "And I equip it to Cartoon Tuner. Now I can Synchro Summon." as Yusei said this, the two monsters lifted to the sky, Cartoon Tuner separated himself into four glowing stars circling four strange circles, and Cartoon Master entered the circles changing into a glowing outline.

"From two come one and from one comes power, I Synchro Summon, SHINNING TOON DRAGON!" with that the monsters rose into the air and Cartoon tuner split into four stars that aligned themselves and began circling the other monster as it lost its color and changed to a blue outline of what it used to be, they quickly exploded into a beam of light that touched the ground behind Yusei. "Let's rev it up!" [Shinning Toon Dragon is a level 8, Dragon type, Synchro monster with 2500 ATK and 2000 DEF] The dragon that came out stood on two legs, with powerful looking arms. The wings on its back were lined with feathers in all colors of the rainbow. "When my Shinning Toon Dragon is summoned successfully, I can destroy one monster on your field." Yusei called out, "Go, destroy Ax Wielder with Rainbow Blast Wave!" Yusei's Dragon opened its mouth wide, forming a ball of energy in its mouth the same color as the aurora borealis, and launched it at the man's monster. The Ax monster was destroyed the instant the energy collided with it, shattering into several triangle pixels. "My Ax Wielder!" the lumberjack shouted. "And from my hand I use the spell card 'Take Two'. This let's my monster attack twice this turn." Yusei continued, "Now I attack your Life points directly." Yusei shouted, "Go, Color Blast." The dragon's claws were surrounded in multiple colors and he slammed it into the lumberjack. His LP meter dropped to 700. "AGAIN!" Yusei called out, and the dragon slammed his other clawed hand into the opponent. The Man's LP meter dropped to 0 and a buzzer went off. Yusei had won.

"NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!" the man shouted, "This was supposed to be an easy win. Wait till I get my hands on that freak, he'll wish he's never lied to me." and stomped off back into the forest. "You ok?" Yusei asked as he turned back to the toon. Yakko stood there speechless, until, "WOW, THAT WAS AWSOME! You have to teach me how to do that!" he shouted and ran like a lightning bolt up to Yusei, perching himself on his chest and placing them nose to rubbery red nose. Apparently he still had his Toon capabilities. "You don't know how to duel?" Yusei asked. "Who doesn't know how to duel?" they heard Jack say as he returned. Jack had bright yellow hair spiked back words with some strands sticking up, as if he were wearing a helmet. The long white coat he wore stuck out at the bottom, almost as if it were being lifted by wire inserts. The man next to him, looked like a punk, he had a bandana holding up his spiky red hair. Two metal rings stuck out on the right front side. The dark red vest he wore resembled Yusei's jacket in many ways, and it looked to Yakko like he had worn his fingerless gloves almost all his life. The yellow marks he had were an `M' on his forehead and a line on each of his cheeks. "He doesn't, I think." Yusei said pointing to Yakko. "Who's he?" the punk asked. Yakko jumped to the ground, and lifted his hand up in an exaggerated wave, "I'm Yakko." then stopped, as if her were waiting for something. Slowly he turned to his left, and looked down, then to his right. He hung his head in a calm depression, "It's just not the same without them."

"Without who?" Jack asked. "My siblings." Yakko explained. "There are more of you?" the punk said as he pulled his hands back in a surprised disgust. "Why Crow, you looking for a girlfriend?" Jack retorted. Everyone laughed, at Crow's expense.

To Be Continued.