Animaniacs 5D's – Episode 20

Museum Exhibit

Friday came quickly after that, the three friends anticipation rising as they started school, "I can't believe it's today, I'm so excited!" Lillian said as she and her two friends walked down the hall. "I can tell." Stone said sarcastically. "I have to ask, what's so special about this museum?" Yakko suddenly asked. Both Stone and Lillian stopped in their tracks and looked to him. "Are you kidding!?" she asked in awe. "The Duelist Museum is only the best place in all of New Domino City!"

"Says you, I'll take Barony's 'Bar-B-Q' Steakhouse any day!" Stone said, and rubbed his stomach. Yakko and Lillian both glanced at him as he imagined the food. "OK!" Yakko said, not really sure of what he just saw. "Anyway," Lillian continued, "It's a museum of the history of dueling. You could really learn a lot from going to the exhibits." she said. "Strategies and styles from everywhere are displayed there. They even have an ancient carving of the legendary Egyptian Gods." Stone said, finally out of his dream. "So, we actually have a history lesson we can stay awake through today." was Yakko's response. Lillian and Stone glanced at each other, looking to the other for an answer, "Yah!" Lillian said. "I guess we do." Stone finished. "Alright!" Yakko shouted as he jumped into the air, "Miracles do happen!" Lillian placed her hand against her mouth and chuckled as Stone scratched his head and smiled.

[Cue Yugioh 5D's opening theme.]

"Now everyone, remember that the buddy system is important…" the teacher said. His ramblings literally caused his students to fall asleep on the way to the museum, all except the one nerd again. Stone had found a seat by himself while Yakko and Lillian sat directly in front of him. Yakko leaned his head back on the seat while Lillian had fallen over, resting her head on his shoulder, lightly snoring away. When the buss jerked to a stop, the students slowly woke up. "Alright everyone, single file." the teacher said. He and the nerd were the first off, while the others filed off slowly, still waking up. Inside the entrance of the building stood a large statue of a boy with spiky hair, and what looked to be highlighted bangs. He was of average height, and wore a kind of coat the he'd never seen before. A first generation Duel Disk attached to his arm, a card held high in the air and a strange puzzle strapped to a chain around his neck. Underneath was a plaque that read 'Yugi Moto, King of Games' on it. "Wow!" Yakko said as he looked up at it, "So that's Yugi Moto."

"Yah, the original master of Duels." Lillian said to him as she walked up to gaze at the statue, "He won every tournament he ever competed in, saving the world several times."

"The guy's a legend. It's even said that he had the ghost of an Egyptian Pharaoh inside his puzzle." Stone told them, and the three started to chuckle, "That's a good one." Yakko said, "Egyptian Pharaoh." and with that, they turned to journey further into the museum meeting up with the rest of their class. "Now remember everyone, don't touch anything, and no duels in the building. Use your maps to find where you are." the teacher said, but when he opened his eyes, the only one left was the nerd. Exhaling, the teacher turned and began to explore the building himself.

"So, where do you want to go first?" Lillian asked as she held up the map of the building. "I don't know, the cafeteria?" Stone asked. "You seem more like Wakko every day." Yakko told him. "Why not the Egyptian Exhibit?" Lillian asked, "They're supposed to have the original carving depicting the Egyptian God cards."

"Yah!" Stone agreed with a smile. "Seeing legendary cards will always keep me interested." Yakko said and the three of them turned down the hall to go to the Egyptian room. As the three of them entered into the room, they saw plenty of display stands, each holding what looked to be an Ancient Egyptian equivalent to a card, a stone plate with a carving on it. "That must have been one tall deck!" Stone said as he gazed at the carvings. Yakko nodded in agreement as Lillian slapped her forehead. "I think I agree with the girl!" they heard a kind of high Brooklyn accent say. Yakko turned around and looked up, followed quickly by the others. He spotted three familiar pigeons sitting on the top of one of the taller display cases. "What the…" he was about to say, and the three of them flew off, soaring into one of the adjacent rooms. Yakko took off like a rocket, "Hey wait!" he called out as he and his friends chased the three pigeons. Lillian stayed as close as she could to him as they rounded the corner, but Stone wasn't so fortunate. The gate closed right before he could make it through. "STONE!" Yakko shouted when he turned around to see his friend trapped. "I'm ok man." the big guy said. "You won't be for long, if you know what I mean." they heard a kind of forced New York accent say. It almost sounded like Scarface or Al Capone. "That's Bobby!" Yakko said as he saw one of the pigeons standing there. The bird was defiantly the tallest of the three, with grey dark grey feathers and a shiny green head, his eyes constantly squinting. Around his waist was what looked to be a dual disk, specially made for the toon bird. "You mean his negative." Lillian reminded him. Stone turned around, sliding his back pack from his shoulders and gently placing it on the ground, "Just open the gate and let my friends go." he warned the bird. "You know I can't do that." Bobby said, and watched as Stone knelt down, unzipping the pack to reveal a new custom Duel Disk. The platform of the disk seemed to circle around the center from the middle, with what looked to be rocks lining the border. The disk with the deck slot and graveyard was in the shape of a large bolder with a metallic insert in the middle. Stone quickly slipped his duel disk on, and activated it, the rocks along the disk, spread out, forming the platform and then the middle one extended out, revealing the graveyard. "Oh, yah!" he said with a smile, "Yusei did good on this one. Fits me like a glove." He then pulled his deck from the pouch on his belt and slid it into the deck slot for the first time. "So that's the way you wanna play it eh?" Bobby asked and grinned, "Fine by me, I'll take you down and there's one less nuisance in the way of my Boss' future." The pigeon then lifted his own deck and fitted it into the disk hanging off of him, "LET'S DUEL!" the two of them shouted, and a black mist came spewing out of Bobby, filling the room entirely. "Hey what gives?" Stone asked. "This is a shadow duel!" Bobby answered, "And the damage we take will be real." Stone smile heartily, "Don't go easy on me just because this is my first time in a Shadow Duel." he said and drew his first five cards. "I didn't plan on it!" Bobby told him.

From outside the room, Yakko and Lillian both watched as the black wall pulsed with different shades of shadows, "I can't see a thing!" Yakko told her, and Lillian turned to him with an almost identical expression of worry on her face. "Do you think he can hear us?" she asked, and Yakko shrugged and placed his hands around his mouth.

Inside the shadows, Stone heard them, "HEY BUDDY, KICK HIS TAIL FEATHERS!" he heard Yakko shout, and Lillian followed close behind, "YAH, KNOCK HIM INTO NEXT WEEK!" Bobby didn't seem to even notice, and continued to glare at the human, "Heh, hear that? My friends are there, cheering me on." he said, and Bobby placed his wing on his deck, "I didn't hear nothin." he said and drew his card, "I'll start." Glancing at his new card he added it to his hand and picked up another, "I play 'Bob-O Gunman' in attack mode." the monster that came out was dressed like a white bird with a large cannon mounted on his shoulder. "This level 4 monster has a special ability that increases his ATK by 500 every time you summon during your turn, and considering he has 1600 already, you'd better think twice about Synchro Summoning." Bobby said. Stone looked at the pigeon, and then laughed, "That may have been the case with my old deck, but my new one is different." he announced, "You see, my old deck consisted of 'Rock' monsters that through special abilities can special summon themselves and others. But this time I'm using a different strategy." Bobby gritted his teeth, and grabbed some cards from his feathers, "I lay two cards face-down and end my turn, Capice?" he asked.

"Yah, my draw!" Stone said, and placed his card in his hand, "Hope you're ready for this, cause I summon 'Stone Guard' in defense mode!" The monster wasn't made of stone, more like a large man garbed in stone armor with a bolder shield. The stats the appeared showed level 3, 300 ATK, and 2000 DEF. "And guess what, thanks to his two special abilities, he gains 600 DEF when he's attacked and I take no damage in any battle involving him." the human told the bird. Bobby gritted his teeth even harder as his monster increased in ATK. "You see, my new 'Stone' monsters use their special abilities to defend me and my life points. They also do other things but I guess you'll just have to wait and see." Stone told him and reached for the cards in his hand, "Next I lay three cards face down to end my turn, a little trick I learned from Yakko."

Bobby, quickly grabbed the top card from his deck, "I'm up." he said and added his card to his hand, "I summon my level 3 'Bob-O Mobster' to the field." and even before the stats could be shown, a small chasm opened up beneath the new bird faced man wearing wings and a pinstriped suit. The monster flailed its arms before falling in and disappearing into the darkness, however, the chasm never vanished. Bobby looked up from watching his new monster fall away, and looked right at the face of one of Stone's three trap cards, "Chasm Depths?" Bobby read. "Yup, Chasm Depths lets me destroy one of the monsters you summon this turn and block that monster space from being used as long as my card remains on the field." he explained. Bobby growled angrily, and pushed one of the buttons on his duel disk, "I activate 'Replacement bird'! When one of my Winged-Beast type monsters is destroyed by one of your card effects, I get to special summon another monster from my deck with the same level to replace it, like my 'Bob-O Wrenchman'." The bird dressed mechanic held a wrench almost as big as he was on his shoulder, and blue overalls all the way up to his feather covered arms rose up from the ground. [Bob-O Wrenchman is a level 3 Winged-Beast type tuner monster with 1200 ATK and 1500 DEF. When you summon this monster to the field, you may special summon one level 1 machine type monster from your deck in attack mode.] "A Tuner Monster?" Stone asked. "That's right, next I activate Bob-O Wrenchman's special ability, allowing me to call forth from my deck the level 1 'Chick Magnet'!" [Chick Magnet is a level 1 Machine type monster with 300 ATK and 1900 DEF. When this monster is used as synchro material, you may special summon one Chick Magnet from your deck in defense mode.] The mechanical chick had a large magnet strapped to its back by wires and pointed towards its head. "Next I tune my Level 3 Bob-O Wrenchman with my level 1 Chick Magnet and my level 4 Bob-O Gunman. This lets me Synchro Summon the 'King Pin, Bob-O'!" The massively bulky bird man stood with a cigar in his mouth, a Tommy gun in his hand, and a monocle on his eye. The pinstriped suit fit him perfectly all the way up to his massive shoulders and protruding belly. [King Pin, Bob-O is a level 8 Winged-Beast synchro monster with 2000 ATK and 2000 DEF.] "And, thanks to Chick Magnet's special ability, I can summon anther one in defense mode to take its place from my deck." The mechanical chick once again emerged from a patch of light on the ground, "Now I can attack your Stone Guard." The bird man lifted his gun with both hands and pulled the trigger, "I activate my 'Bolder Barricade' trap card." Stone shouted, and the bullets harmlessly bounced off of the rock wall that appeared. "You shouldn't a done that." Bobby said as he waved a feather in the air like a finger, "Cause when an attack of his is negated, he gets a boost of 1000 ATK permanently thanks to an anger counter." he said, and the angry look on the birdman's face and the red glow around him began to tell Stone that the attack went from 2000 to 3000, "Also if I choose, I can use one of those anger counters to mount another attack, but I think I'm gonna hold on to it for now." Bobby said, "I call it a turn."

Yakko and Lillian both stood outside of the shadow, watching and waiting, suddenly Lillian shivered, and placed her arms to her shoulders, "You cold?" Yakko asked. "No," she responded, "It just feels like Stone might be in huge trouble right now, like something bad is going to happen if he can't meet the challenge." Yakko then placed on of his hands on her shoulder, and smiled, "Hey, listen, Stone can get through any situation, he's as strong a duelist as you and me." Lillian's shiver slowly vanished, and she smiled brightly, "Yah, you're right." she said and turned back to the darkness, "GET HIM STONE!" she called out.

"WE KNOW YOU CAN BEAT THAT BIRDBRAIN!" Stone listened as his friends cheered him on, soaking up the confidence in their voices. "Hey, you gonna take your turn or shall I go again?" Bobby asked. "Sorry dude, just enjoying the cheering voices of my friends." he said calmly. Bobby lifted an eye brow, "Whatch you talkin about?" he asked, "I aint heard nothin."

"That's because you don't want to believe that just because my friends cheer for me, I can win." Stone said, and without giving Bobby a chance to respond, drew his card, "I DRAW!" he called, and smiled when he saw the card in his hand, "I summon the level 1 'Stone Bell'! This tuner monster keeps my life points safe from effect damage. Also I can special summon my 'Stone Knight' from my hand thanks to the fact that stone guard is out on my field." [Stone Knight is a level 1 Rock type monster with 200 ATK and 200 DEF.] "Next I activate my last trap card, 'Boulder Armory'! Since I have a 'Stone Knight' on the field, I can now special summon two more from my deck." The stone garbed knights, with stone hilted swords and rock chiseled shields appeared one right next to the other. "Next I tune all of my monsters together, so that I can synchro summon, 'Mother Gaia, Power of Life' in defense mode! [Mother Gaia, Power of Life is a level 8 Spellcaster type synchro monster with 1900 ATK and 2800 DEF. Once per turn, you may special summon one level 1 Rock type monster from your hand into attack position.] The large woman monster, that appeared, had long hair that was a blue as the deep oceans, and light blue skin with a beautiful face and a royal dress that looked to be made from coral silk, and a cape that looked to be made from the waves of the sea. Her staff was made from gold, and a giant pearl at the top. The crown on the top of her head was made out of a coral reef. "With Mother Gaia's special ability, I can special summon my 'Stone Morpher' in attack mode." The pile of small pebbles appeared, and moved, trying to shape itself into a human shape, but failing. [Stone Morpher is a level 1 Rock type monster with 0 ATK and 1000 DEF.] "Next I attack your Chick Magnet." Stone shouted, and Mother Gaia aimed her enormous scepter at the mechanical bird and a blue ripple wave emerged from the pearl, shattering the monster to dust, "Now I end my turn." Bobby looked at Stone, curiously, then laughed out loud, "Look at you, nothing but a blob of pebbles in the way." he said, and drew his card. Without looking at it, he pointed to the Stone Morpher, "King Pin, Bob-O, attack the Stone Morpher." Bobby shouted, and the spray of bullets collided with the pile of rocks, shattering it into thousands of tiny triangles. The bullets didn't stop there, instead they continued, right past Stone, knocking him to the ground and 3000 life points away from his circle. It seemed as if Stone was out cold, "Heh, told you the damage was real, it's a shame though, you might have actually stood a chance if you were just a little tougher."

Lillian clenched her arms in pain, enough to drop her to her knees, "Lillian? What's going on?" Yakko asked. "I wish…I knew." she grunted and looked up to him, "Stone's in trouble, he needs us in there!" she said as she continued to grip her arm. "We can't get past the gate let alone the shadow." Yakko said, "All we can do is cheer him on, let him know we're there." he said. Lillian lowered her face to the ground, "But, what if it's not enough?" she asked. "It'll be more than enough." Yakko promised, and turned to the shadowy wall. He couldn't explain it, but somehow the wall cleared up, letting him see the duel. Stone lying on the ground, and Bobby laughing his feathers off. "GET UP STONE!" he called out. Lillian looked to him, "What?" she asked. "You were right about one thing, Stone needs us, and we're always there for friends." he said and picked her up off of the ground. He then cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled, "Get up you lazy bum!"

"Get up you lazy bum!" Yakko's voice echoed throughout the entire arena, reverberating around, "What the…" Bobby asked, finally able to hear the voices Stone had been talking about. "You aren't done yet, get up and fight!" Lillian shouted. "Those two, they were supposed to follow them." he whispered to himself. Stone's eye twitched, "What happened to that rock hard attitude, stop loafing around and beat him." he heard Yakko say. Stone could barely open one eye until, "GET UP!" he heard them both yell, and he opened both eyes, and began sitting up.

"YES! He's up, go get em buddy!" Yakko shouted. "Yah!" Lillian called out happily.

"Give him a good one for me!" he heard her call out. Stone slowly got to his feet, though bruised and battered, he stood strong and ready to continue. "Sorry about that, I guess I just didn't expect it to hurt that much." he said and used his right arm to wipe his moth, "Shall we continue?" he asked. Bobby seemed like he was scared, "What? How? How did you get up from that?" he asked. Stone looked right to the bird, "I told you, I have my friends to help push me forward past all the things I can't do myself, thus turning a single stone, into a mountain." he said, and pointed to the field, right where his Stone Morpher used to be. "Thanks to you, my Stone Morpher's ability activates." he said. Bobby stood back a little, "What special ability?" he asked. "He's called a morpher, not because he can morph into a monster, but because when he's destroyed by battle, I'm allowed to special summon a monster from my deck who's ATK is equal to or less than the damage I take." Stone explained. "Wait, that's…" Bobby tried to say. "3000! Exactly!" Stone finished, and a card was pushed out from his deck. He quickly pulled it out and slapped it on the field, "I special summon the level 8 'Father Gaia, Essence of Life'." he shouted. [Father Gaia, Essence of Life, is a level 8 Warrior type monster with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF. When this monster is successfully summoned, increase your life points by 1000.] The large bulky man had a deep tan, and the hair on his head was a golden as the plains. His armor looked like tree bark and the cape he wore was woven from deep green moss. The giant hovered his hand over Stone's head and a white light shined down, raining like pixy dust upon him, and the life wheel rose to half. Bobby gritted his teeth and set the last of his hand to his disk, "I lay two cards face-down and call it a turn, capice?" he asked.

"I get yah!" Stone sad and pulled the top card from his deck. 'Heh, the three cards I got face down will really surprise him when he attacks.' Bobby thought to himself, 'First I'll stop his monsters from attacking with 'Hurricane Blitz', and cause them both to lose 1000 ATK. Then next my 'Scared Face' will place three more anger counters on my King Pin, Bob-O. Finally 'Extra Ammo' will give my King Pin one more attack without having to spend my anger counters.'

"I activate my Giant Trunade spell card!" he heard Stone shout. "Wait, what?" Bobby asked, and watched the tornado blow all three of his trap cards and the only trap card Stone had back to their respective hands. "NO!" he shouted. "Oh, yah, that's not all." Stone said, and lifted his hand to his two monsters. Bobby noticed finally that they were holding hands, like a couple. "You see, it's in their names. Mother Gaia, Father Gaia. Their married, and married couples usually support each other." Stone said, and both monsters' ATK rose to 5800. "What the…" Bobby panicked. "That's right, when Mother Gaia is on the field with Father Gaia, she gets a boost of 3000 ATK. Same goes with Father Gaia, only he gets a boost of 2800 ATK." Stone explained as he pumped himself up. "Oh mama!" Bobby said nervously, mostly to himself. "Mother Gaia, attack the King Pin, Bob-O!" he called out, "ROAR OF THE OCEAN!" Again she aimed her scepter, and fired the magical waves, shattering the bird King Pin into shards of light. Bobby was pushed back, slamming into the shadowy walls of the arena. He looked up at the massive new monster, staring him down. "Can't we talk this over?" Bobby asked nervously. "Father Gaia, attack him with Tremor Fist!" Stone shouted, and Bobby began flailing his wings attempting to hold back the attack, "Gyahh, wait a…" he never got to finish, the massive fist slammed right into him, and past the ground, reducing his Life Points to 0.

To be Continued…

End of Episode 20