Animaniacs 5D's – Negative World Race

Episode 3 – Right Way Up

Special thanks to Zane the Artist for his Sentai Warrior cards.

"I'm telling you Crow I'm fine!" Carly said as she sat there in the hospital. "That's not what the doctor said." Crow told her. Carly simply grabbed her side as she kept still in her chair. "You have three cracked ribs Carly, what would Jack say if he knew you were hiding an injury like that?" he asked. Carly once again tried to curl in tighter, but found the pain in her side stopped her from doing so, "See?" Crow asked. "Alright!" Carly said as she finally gave in to Crow's demands. "Better!" Crow said, "Now stay here! I'll be back with the others later!"

Yakko sped down the parking lot, carefully yet quickly taking the turn with Yusei at his back. "Good." the man said, "You'll be ready before the class even starts!" Suddenly a beeping noise was heard over Yakko's Duel Runner and Yusei reached forward pushing one of the buttons on the console, "Yusei!" they both saw Crow on the console, "Akiza said I would find you on this channel."

"What's going on?" the man asked. "Just come to the Blue Eyes street hospital when you have a chance. Carly broke some ribs when she jumped off of the bridge!" was all he said, and the screen went black. Yakko and Yusei looked towards each other with curiosity, "What was that about?" Yakko asked.

Carly sat down in her bed, smiling happily as her friends surrounded her, "You should have said something!" Akiza said as she sat on her friend's bed. "I'm sorry!" Carly said as she gazed at the worried faces of her friends. Yakko had even summoned Jack to give her an ear full. "Just let us know the next time alright?" Yusei said. "How about never jump off of a bridge again!" Jack responded. "I was saving you!" Carly said. "Still, I'd like to keep my friends in one piece when I get back." the blond said. "Friend?" Carly asked in a rage, "I'm just a friend?" Jack pulled back nervously, "What did I say now?" he asked. He noticed Carly was getting ready to jump out of her bed and strangle him, "I think the medication is disagreeing with her!" Yakko said, and pulled a round poster of a black and white swirl from behind him, "You are getting sleepy!" he repeated to her as he spun it in his hands. Carly quickly fell asleep as she looked towards the hypnotic cardboard. "How'd you do that?" Crow asked as Carly slept. "It's a toon thing!" he answered.

[CueYu-Gi-Oh 5D's Opening Theme.]

Crow never got a real answer, instead days had passed by, and Yakko started his class, quickly advancing thanks to Yusei's and Akiza's help. He soon found himself at his final test. Yakko sat on his Duel Runner, his eyes closed and trying to focus. He patted his right wrist, touching the cards in his deck as if to say thank you to the souls inside. Suddenly he felt them, his friends sitting in the stand. Lillian had a book in her hand, one of Turbo Dueling. She glanced up from the book, locking eyes with him again. Her cheeks flushed a deep red as she blushed, and turned away slightly with a smile. "I'm sure you're ready for your test?" he heard someone next to him say. Yakko turned to see his opponent. The man was dressed from head to toe in a red and white racing uniform, the top red with a white stripe stretching down the side to match with his pants perfectly. Under his arm he held a red full faced helmet, with what looked to be a dragon's mouth for the shape of the visor. "Huh?" Yakko asked. "Don't tell me, you were thinking that all you had to do was race around the track." the man said. Yakko simply nodded to the man, "Sorry, you have to Turbo Duel me to see if you pass!" he said with a smile, and slid his helmet over his head.

Lillian finally focused on Yakko, quickly realizing the difference in him. He now had on a red coat, similar to Yusei's coat, except for the three straps that ran across the chest. Yakko kept his coat open, letting his black chest show through, other than that, he still had on the same brown trousers, and a pair of brand new white boots on his feet. "Is that all?" Yakko asked in confidence, and slid his own helmet over his head. Yakko quickly leaned forward, twisting the left handle to rev his engine. "Last three turns and you'll pass your test!" the man said. "And if I win?" Yakko asked. "Hah, if you win I'll eat my next paycheck." the man said. "How about you just eat a hat?" Yakko asked. The man lifted his head to think about it, "Alright deal!" he said. "My choice?" Yakko asked. "Yah, your choice!" the man said, "By the way, I'm Officer Powers."

"Yakko Warner!" he said, taking the challenge head on.

"Am I late?" Yusei heard from behind him. The deep rough voice told him just who it was. "Not yet Trudge!" he said as he kept his eyes on the track, "Yakko's just about to start!" Trudge took a seat next to a woman in a black coat and short blue hear, "Hello Amy!" Trudge said, causing her to turn to him, "Hello Trudge!" she said. Trudge turned to the track, "Oh no, it's old Powers isn't it?" he asked as the two combatants them revved their engines. "You know him?" Amy asked. "Yah, used to work for the Facility, uses something called Sentai monsters." Trudge told her.

"I'll start us up." Powers said, and pushed a button in his console, "Duel Mode Engaged!" said the two machines, "Auto Pilot Engaged. Activating Speed World 2. Ready, set, duel!" The two of them squealed their wheels as they took off, Yakko trying desperately to stay in front, but was surprised when Powers shot off like a rocket to take the first turn.

"Looks like I get to start things off!" the man said as he drew his card, "I summon 'Sentai Red Dragon' from my hand!" he shouted, and out came what looked to be a masked hero dressed all in red with a helmet that looked just like his own, except with black glass for the visor and glowing green eyes on top. When his stats appeared they read, level 4 with 1700 ATK and 1200 DEF. "Because of his special ability I can special summon 'Sentai Orange Tiger'!" Powers called out, and out came a woman dressed in an orange suit, similar to the red one. Her mask looked strikingly like the animal in her name. [Sentai Orange Tiger is a level 4 LIGHT attribute Warrior type monster with 1700 ATK and 1500 DEF. If this monster was special summoned by a 'Sentai' monster's ability, or the effect of a 'Sentai Unite' spell or trap card, special summon one 'Sentai' monster from your hand in face-up attack mode other than 'Sentai Orange Tiger'.] "Wait, another monster?" Yakko asked as the man slapped down another card from his hand, "You bet!" he said, "I special summon the 'Sentai Black Beetle' in attack mode!" Black beetle was the same, except black and with the horns of a stag beetle on his helmet. The stats showed up as level 4 with 1400 ATK and 1800 DEF. All three of the warriors raced along the Duelist as they just floated there in a sprinting position. "I end my turn with two face downs!"

"My draw!" Yakko shouted, "I summon my Minerva Mink Warner to the field in defense mode. This lets me take control of your Sentai Red Dragon!" Yakko shouted. Minerva launched herself out of the portal covered in light, taking a single step as if to gain speed and burst forth from the light. Red Dragon turned his head, noticing the beautiful mink. Minerva simply turned her head, and winked. Yakko could almost see the hearts in his eyes break the glass of his helmet before he jumped over, and pressed his shoulder to hers. He also saw Orange Tiger go green with envy. "Now, I can use your Red Dragon to attack your Black Beetle!" Yakko called out, and Minerva simply pointed towards the black warrior, with Red Dragon quickly, and without question, charge in, shattering the warrior and causing 300 damage to Powers. The racing man didn't even flinch. "I lay these three cards face-down and call it a turn!" Yakko shouted as he set down his cards. Red Dragon turned around, waving towards Minerva as he floated back towards Powers, and turned just in time to get a face full of his friend, Orange Tiger. Yakko could almost see the blush behind his mask, and the man put the tips of his pointer fingers together, as if to explain his actions.

"My draw!" Powers shouted, and again a light lit up on the combatant's Duel Runners. 'Two Speed Counters!' Yakko thought to himself. "I activate my trap card, 'Sentai Unite! – That's a Wrap'!" he called out, and Yakko saw a card that had a picture of Red Dragon unmasked and leaving what looked like a set while receiving a towel and a cup of coffee from two intern assistants. The man had shaggy brown hair, and a handsome face. [Sentai Unite! – That's a Wrap is a trap card that returns all 'Sentai' monsters on your field to your hand. You gain 500 life points for every monster returned in this way. At the end of the turn, you may special summon one 'Sentai' monster from your hand.] "Next I summon my Sentai Red Dragon again, letting me special summon Orange Tiger, and 'Sentai Silver Wolf', in defense mode!" [Sentai Silver Wolf is a level 4 monster with 1600 ATK and 1600 DEF. While this monster is on the field, your opponent cannot destroy your Sentai monsters with card effects.] Yakko growled angrily at himself, 'I can't believe how slow my mind is going!' he thought to himself, 'His Sentai monsters are just like one of those silly super hero team shows with the bad acting! They always summon each other to the field to combine into something else, I should have known!' and closed his eyes on the straight away, suddenly he saw a synchro card of what looked to be a large robot made of gold and black metal standing in the middle of a large city. 'There it is again!' Yakko thought to himself, 'It's like a glimpse of what's to come. Now I just need to get ready for it!' His Duel Runner took the turn by itself, causing him to lean in the direction of the center of the track. "I end my turn, letting me special summon 'Sentai Green Serpent' to the field." [Sentai Green Serpent is a level 4 Warrior type monster with 1550 ATK and 1300 DEF. When this card is special summoned by the effect of a 'Sentai' monster or a 'Sentai Unite' spell or trap card, you may destroy one card in your opponent's spell/trap zone.] "Let's see!" Powers said, and pointed to the three cards individually, "Enny, Meeny, Miny, MOE!" His finger landed on the middle card, "Alright, Jade Venom Blast!" he called out, and the masked warrior turned to Yakko's card, pressing his palm to the back, and somehow, it dissolved with a green energy. "UGH!" Yakko grunted as he watched his card disintegrate, 'That was Clever Disguise.' he thought to himself, 'He's just opened me up for an attack and he has no idea he did it.'

Minerva growled a little and pulled her arms in front of her, "Thanks Minerva!" Yakko said, as he drew his card, "I draw!" he called out and placed it in his hand slot on his gauntlet. "First I activate my trap card, Warner Tower. This lets me special summon a 'Warner' monster from my hand as long as I control another Warner."

"And who said you controlled me?" Minerva asked. "It's an expression!" Yakko responded, "I special summon Hello Nurse, and normal summon Squint!" Powers just glanced to Yakko, almost as if he were smiling, "You don't seem confused about my monsters talking!" Yakko said. "Why would I? After you won your first tournament everyone knew your cards talked." Powers said, "I actually envy you. If my card could talk we'd be in the movie business!"

"Wow!" Yakko said sarcastically, knowing just how bad the shows in his world were like with that theme, "I actually feel sorry for your cards. Let's synchro summon!" Hello Nurse raced forward, before lifting into the air and splitting into three synchro rings with Minerva following close behind, followed by Squint. "This always feels weird!" Squint said as the three synchro rings surrounded him and Minerva. "Hold on!" Powers said and let his trap card flip up. This card had Red Dragon, Orange Tiger and Black Beetle stretching their arms out to the bottom. From their hands a bright white light shined forth, "I use the trap card 'Sentai Interruption Wave'! This card let's me negate your synchro summon, and brings one monster with 'Sentai' in its name from my deck to my hand!"

"And…my friends?" Yakko asked. "I'm afraid one of them gets sent to the graveyard!" Powers responded, and Minerva reappeared with Squint by her side. "AK!" Yakko said as his Duel Runner took another turn. "I think you can guess, I sent your tuner monster to the grave!" Powers said. Yakko could almost hear the smile in his voice. "I end my turn with a face down!" he shouted emptying his hand.

"My draw!" Powers said, "Next I can summon the tuner monster 'Robo Sentai Ally'!" [Robo Sentai Ally is a level 1 machine type tuner monster with 500 ATK and 300 DEF.] The robot that stood up was grey, though like the Sentai warriors, he had a mask on, one with a 'V' shaped visor. Around its neck, Yakko could see a torn scarf that hung down to his hips, and waved in an invisible wind. "Aw crud!" Yakko said. "That's right, but first, when my monster is normal summoned, he lets me choose two 'Sentai monsters like my 'Sentai White Raptor and 'Sentai Pink Fox'. Now with these monsters, I can synchro summon!" Powers said, and his monsters lifted into the sky. "Let me introduce the 'Mecha Sentai WarZord – Ultimax'!" Powers said as all five of his monsters lifted up. "But that's way too many stars!" Yakko observed. "You'd be right if I wasn't using my Sentai's. You see, when Robo Sentai Ally is used as synchro material, all other Sentai monsters used become level 2!" the human said, just as the same golden and black robot that Yakko had seen, burst forth from the light. "Aw crud!" Yakko said. [Mecha Sentai WarZord – Ultimax is a level 9 machine type synchro monster with 1000 ATK and 2500 DEF. Add 1000 ATK to this card for every non-tuner monster used as synchro material for this card.] Yakko flinched as the WarZord's ATK shot up to 5000. "Aw crud!" he said. "That's not all!" Powers warned, "With five speed counters out on my field, I can activate my speed spell, 'Sentai Unite – Ultimax Finisher Canon'!"

"What the…?" Yakko exclaimed as the card was shown. "That's right." Powers said, "With this card I can activate a gauntlet of abilities depending on how many non tuner monsters were used to synchro summon Ultimax. Because I was able to use four, I can activate all of them. First, with one or more, I can draw one card, and then force you to discard one from your…"

"Hand?" Yakko asked, reminding the man that he had no cards in his possession. Powers growled, and continued, "With two or more I can special summon one of the non-tuners I used as synchro material. So I summon Silver Wolf, to keep them safe from any monster abilities you might be thinking about." Yakko watched as the silver warrior returned to the field, "With three, I can deal 1500 points of damage to you directly!" Yakko watched as a beam of red light rose up from the spell card, and came crashing down on him, "ERRAAAAAAAAA!" Yakko shouted as his LP dropped to 2500. "And last but not least, thanks to four non tuner monsters, I can DESTROY EVERY MONSTER YOU HAVE ON THE FIELD!" Powers told him. "Actually, I can activate my Splash of Color trap card!" Yakko responded. Powers was stunned, "HUH?" he asked as his Duel Runner took the turn. "Your monsters may be safe from my cared effects, but your spell cards are not. Splash of Color negates the ability to destroy two or more of my cards, and destroys the card that was played." Yakko announced. His card slid into the path of the red beam shot from Powers' spell card, blocking it. "Next this card allows me to special summon my Shining Toon Dragon from my side deck!" he said, and slapped down his monster. The dragon flew out of the portal, flying to the sky and circling back down to burst forth from the light, revealing itself to all. "GEERRR!" Powers said, "You may have your dragon, but it won't last long! I attack it using my WarZord!"

"You almost had me!" Yakko said, and activated his last trap card, "But my 'Interesting Escape' trap card can switch your target to my Minerva Mink Warner!" Minerva turned to him, "Why me?" she asked. "Because you can come back at the end and Squint is in attack mode!" Yakko said, right before the cannon blast slammed into her, shattering her. Powers growled again, "Aright then, I attack your pigeon with Silver Wolf, go Sentai Spear!" The monster lunged forward, holding a large spear made of silver energy in his hand and slammed it on Squint. Yakko could nearly feel the shards as they hit his face, dropping his LP down to 1800. "Next I use Speed World's effect and deal 800 points of damage to you in exchange for 4 of my speed counters!" Powers shouted, and Yakko found himself at 1000 LP, "I end my turn!"

Yakko watched as Minerva came back to the field, "Sorry Minerva!" Yakko said to the mink, "You were the only one who could protect me from such a large attack!" Minerva turned to him, only slightly angry, "Yah whatever!" she said, and turned back to her opponent, staring up at the large mech, "You'd better have a strategy for taking this thing down or you're sunk next turn."

"Hey I want this guy to eat a hat just as much as you do." Yakko said. Minerva simply smiled, "He said his monsters couldn't be destroyed by card effects!" she said. Yakko turned to her, "Yah, so?" he asked. "Sending the monster out of play isn't considered destroying it!" she said. "You and I think alike!" he said with a smile, and turned to the road just as the next turn came up, "I draw!" Yakko smiled as he looked to his new card, "Here's the curtain call. I use the speed spell Wheel of Morality!" he shouted, and the wheel came up, "By spinning this wheel, I can draw the number of cards that the dial lands on, so let's do this!" Powers watched as the wheel spun, "Wheel of Morality turn, turn, turn!" Yakko chanted, "Tell us the lesson that we should learn!" The wheel stopped on 4, "Moral number four!" Yakko said, and picked up the top four cards from his deck, "And the moral of today's Duel is…" Yakko looked to his hand, and slid them into the slot, "Lead feet are not made of real lead!" he made up, and pulled a card from his hand, "I summon 'Rita Warner' to the field!" [Rita Warner is a level 2 Toon Type tuner monster, with 300 ATK and 1200 DEF. When this card is normal summoned, you may special summon one 'Warner' monster from your deck in face-up attack mode.] The grey cat dashed out from the portal, racing along the ground using just her paws. "Thanks for bringing me out here!" she said happily. "You're welcome, hope you don't mind having a friend with you!" Yakko said. Rita smiled brightly, "I don't mind at all!" she said. "Great, because thanks to Rita, I can summon her friend, Runt Warner to the field in attack mode!" [Runt Warner is a level 4 Toon type monster with 1200 ATK and 2100 DEF. This monster may attack your opponent's life points directly.] "Hi Rita!" Runt said happily, and the cat jumped onto his back. "It's good to see you too Runt!" she said and patted him in his furry head. "I'm gonna synchro summon!" Yakko called out, "When a soul of laughter is painted with rainbows, their smiles bring light to the shadows. From the drawing board to the big screen, give a big round of applause for Queen Angelina Warner!" The queen came bursting out of the light, spreading her wings and soaring next to him. "With her special ability, I can re-summon Rita Warner form my graveyard!" The fairies raced forward, creating the small portal as the queen reached out, Rita reached her paw out of the portal, and the queen gently took hold, pulling the cat the rest of the way out. "So I'm going to synchro summon again!" Yakko called out, and again Rita took to the sky, bursting into the two rings needed to synchro summon. "I synchro summon King William Warner!" he shouted, and his father came out, breaking the light with a vigor. "And he gets to send your monster out of play!" Yakko shouted as he raced forward and turned to the side, skidding along the straight stretch. The king raced forward, coming face to face with the giant mech, looking it up and down before opening his scroll. The picture of the WarZord with the large no circle around it, made the machine sweat drop, and out came the hand made from energy. It grabbed the Zord and pulled it into the parchment. King William then let go of the scroll, letting it spin in midair before grabbing it with his right hand. "Next I can use the speed spell card, 'Unrelated Scene'. This card can let me special summon a 'Warner' monster form my graveyard as long as I have 5 or more speed counters. I summon my mother back to the field." Yakko shouted as he straightened his Duel Runner and up again came the queen.

Suddenly Shining Toon Dragon glanced at the king. Both nodding their heads and then looked to the queen. The same result occurred. The king and queen than moved to each side of the dragon, and stretched their hands out towards Yakko's deck. The Shining Toon Dragon then opened its mouth, letting its colorful flame pass between their hands. King William and Queen Angelina then turned the flame into a white light, and the light struck the top card of Yakko's deck, causing it to glow white. "HUH?" Yakko asked as he straightened out.

Yusei stood from his chair, "That's the same light that shines when the Crimson Dragon gives us the Majestic Dragon!" he said with everyone else in awe!

"What the…?" Yakko asked as his card shined. "What the heck is going on?" Powers asked as they raced around the track. Yakko turned to him, and pointed his hand, "I'll find out later, first I'll attack you monster with King William Warner!" he shouted, and the king raced in, striking the monster on the helmet with his scroll and dropping the Duelist's LP down to 3300. "Next Queen Angelina Warner takes a turn!" Yakko shouted, and the queen pointed towards Powers, her fairies charging in to slam into his tires, lowering him to 1300. "SHINING TOON DRAGON, attack with color blast!" Yakko shouted, and the dragon pulled back his clawed hand, slamming it into the ground in front of Powers. The dist covered up his Duel Runner as the screen turned back with a red 'X' in the middle of it, and steam shot out from his rims, slowing him down to a stop. Yakko had won.

"YAY!" Lillian shouted as she jumped up in her seat, and hurtled over the railing. "AH!" Yusei shouted as he looked to where Lillian had disappeared. She ran up to Yakko as he came to a stop. "You did it!" she said happily as she tackled him still on his Duel Runner. "Hey!" Yakko said as they nearly tipped backwards. "I knew you could do it!" she said. "Nicely done!" they heard Powers say from behind them. He had taken off his helmet and showed off his perfect brown hair, "Nicely done indeed."

"Thanks Powers!" Yakko said. "Yakko!" Lillian said as she looked down, "Your deck!" Yakko looked to his cards, finding the top one still glowing. Yakko hesitated, fear creeping up on him, "The card never continues to shine after the duel with us!" he heard Yusei say from behind him. "Pick it up!" Crow said simply. Yakko forced his hand from the steering handle, and grabbed the glowing card. He slowly pulled it from the deck, and turned it over. The light faded, and in his hand he held a speed spell card with his family on it. The king and queen in casual clothes with a young Yakko standing at the queen's side. An even younger Wakko held up by his father with an oversized blue shirt and red hat and what looked like a newborn Dot, resting comfortably in her mother's arms, wrapped in a pink blanket and sucking on a red pacifier. "Yusei!" Yakko said in shock, "I just found the card I need to summon those three fusions."

"Oh Yah!" Yakko said and reached behind his back, the hat he brought out must have been as tall as Powers himself, "I got salt if you need it!" Yakko said coyly, and smiled as Lillian and the others began to laugh

End Episode 3