Animaniacs 5D's – Negative World Race

Episode 10 – Dark Cards

Special thanks to Zane the Artist for his wonderful cards.

Yakko: Now let's get up to speed with Animaniacs 5D's!

Yusei: Hey that's my line!

"Maybe you could get him after he learns to Turbo Duel!" Báoshi said gleefully. O-Kay was nearly about to turn and slap him, but somehow calmed down when an idea came to mind, "Yes!" he said wickedly, "After…I'll start a tournament that he can't refuse, the tournament who's ultimate prize is his very life!" he said, and walked past his brother, fading into a darkened corner, disappearing completely.

"Last card!" Yusei shouted and pulled it from the deck, "Looks like I get my attack, and Yakko's friends have come through again!" he shouted and raced forward, spinning the Duel Runner to its side and sliding the wheels along the ground, "Shooting Star Dragon, ATTACK WITH STARDUST MIRAGE!"

"Yakko Warner!" they heard O-Kay say over the intercom of the shop, "You have been invited to join a dark tournament. The rules are simple, defeat everyone who wears a crystal like yours, and your existence is spared, lose even once to someone who has a black crystal on their wrist, and you are sent to the Shadow World."

"First I summon my 'Chaos Artist – Abstract Masterpiece' to the field." Leonard said, and smiled wickedly, "So what is your choice Yakko? Who will you sacrifice to my Dark Card this time?"

[Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's opening theme.]

"What's a Dark Card?" Yakko asked as he carefully took another corner. "A Dark Card is a wonderful work of art and power! Chaos Artist – Abstract Masterpiece is one of those cards. He has given me the power to capture souls as if they were paintings!" Leonard said as if the card were his best friend. "You act as if it's alive or something!" Yakko said. "It is, like your cards it is alive." he said, catching Yakko in surprise, "When this card was given to me, I was but a lonely street-side caricaturist. Ignorantly painting the portraits and caricatures of passers-by for a meager earning. I believed that seeing the smiles on those people was enough to make me happy. My own blind enthusiasm keeping me from seeing the big picture. Then one day, O-Kay and his two siblings approached me, getting their portraits painted and showing me a single card as they did. The card caught my eye as I painted it, it seems to be smiling back at me. O-Kay seemed to notice, and asked if I'd like to have it. Naturally I refused, I knew nothing of dueling. But they kept coming back. That smile, it drove me crazy every time I saw it. How could a card smile back?" Yakko continued to listen as Leonard explained turning and swerving as they made their way through the maze of portraits. "Finally he offered it to me again, and I took it without hesitation, studying it and watching as it smiled back at me. I found myself missing it every time I left it home, the life that its portrait displayed; I could never get just what was inside to come alive!" Leonard said, "Then it happened, my first victim. She was beautiful!"

Leonard stopped talking as they neared another portrait, one of a beautiful girl with long wavy blond hair and a smile to challenge the Mona Lisa in radiance. Yakko looked to it cautiously, watching as the eyes seemed to shed tears as they passed by, "That was my first piece of true art, setting the soul inside the paint, capturing the true essence of a person on canvas!" Leonard said and looked away as they zoomed by, "I realized then, my enthusiasm wasn't enough, it needed to become the power to truly capture the soul of a person."

"Aren't the smiles worth anything anymore?" Yakko suddenly asked. Leonard let his smile fall, his anger beginning to rise, "All my time spent making cartoons I realized that it really was enough, the smiles of children and adults alike. Each one telling me that it's worth it to continue what I was doing!" Yakko told him. "It's not enough!" Leonard said, "I need to keep going, to make the ultimate work of art! And I have a feeling it's going to be you!"

"And what if you're wrong!?" Yakko asked, "You'll just keep trying and trying to find the one person that would make you're obsession fade, might as well just paint yourself! I lay two cards face-down and call it a turn."

'That card, his monster. It turned his enthusiasm into a malevolent obsession, by simply smiling at him. It somehow knew that it could drive him into darkness with just a little bit of temptation.' he thought to himself.

"My draw!" Leonard said, "I play the speed spell 'Captured Moment – Cubic Analysis'. " [Captured Moment – Cubic Analysis is a continuous speed spell you may activate when you have 4 or more speed counters. Your opponent must play with their hand reviled. "Huh?" Yakko asked as he looked up, three cards appeared and spun around, showing Leonard the three cards he had, Pinkie Warner, Slappy Warner and his Unrelated Scene spell card. "Such a shame!" Leonard said, and placed, "Next I play this card face-down and end my turn."

'He now has 2000 DEF points, there's only one toon I can ask for help now!' Yakko told himself, 'I'm gonna have to play smarter now, I'm being backed into a corner, so here goes!'

"I activate my Bottomless Pit trap card! This lets me destroy your Dada Discord card and save my monsters for their special abilities!" Yakko shouted, and tossed his Unrelated Scene to the grave. "Now I draw!" he said, letting his new card show, the spell card Sketch Pad. "You don't leave very many choices for yourself do you?" Leonard asked, and Yakko grabbed his Slappy Warner card from his hand, letting it disappear from above him, "I summon Slappy from my hand!" he shouted. The old squirrel dashed out from the portal alongside him, spinning around on her umbrella before letting herself float next to him. "I don't think I could have done that normally!" she said happily. "Next her special ability kicks in! Thanks to her never ending supply of explosives…" Yakko explained as Slappy reached into her purse and pulled up a black round bomb, "…she can destroy your monster!"

"Not if I activate my monster's ability!" Leonard said, and watched as a red beam of light shot fourth from the inside of Abstract's cloak. It pierced right through Slappy's bomb, causing it to blow up next to her. "GYAAAAAA!" she called out as she shielded herself from the blast. "You see, by sacrificing one of the spell or trap cards I have face-up on the field, like my Cubic Analysis, I can save my monster from being destroyed." Yakko growled and lifted his hand, "I switch my Yakko Warner to attack mode and attack you with him, since your monster has no DEF at the moment!" The copy of himself turned around, whipping out a paddleball from his pocket and tossing the ball in the air. He hit it so hard that when the ball struck the monster, it caused it to shatter, giving Yakko a small piece of hope, "Next I attack you with Slappy Warner!"

"I'm getting to old for this!" Skippy said and dashed in, reaching spinning her purse in mid air. It looked as if Leonard wanted to take the hit, letting the purse slam into him as he smiled. He let his LP drop to 1900, taking and his Speed Counters drop to 4. 'I'm ahead of the game!' Yakko thought to himself, and listened to Leonard sigh, "I may now forget about your silly spell card and activate my 'Graceful Revival' trap card!" he said. "WHAT?" Yakko asked in shock. "You really think I would have let you destroy my monster without some kind of plan to return it to me?" the artist asked as the two of them came through a hairpin turn, "Such an amateur!"

'I should have known he'd bring it back. It's the only monster he has in his deck so it should have made sense!' Yakko thought as he scolded himself, "I'll activate my Sketch Pad speed spell, allowing me to bring one 'Warner' card to my hand from my deck! And I choose my Skippy Warner to bring back!"

"It's my draw, and I have the option of using my Gallery Entrance Fee speed spell." Leonard shouted. The card showed the closed door of what looked to be the Dark Gallery, a large poster on the front that said Entrance Fee, and the beginnings of a large group standing out front, "For the low cost of two of my speed counters I can destroy one of your face-down cards, like your Bottomless Pit!" Yakko could only lift his drawing arm as his card was hit by a mysterious red light, and then shattered. "Next I can activate my trap card, 'Captured Moment – Suiboku-ga Legend'. Like I said before, your monsters cannot attack now without sacrificing 700 of their ATK." the artist said gleefully. Watching as his opponent pointed his finger, Yakko braced for the inevitable, "Chaos Artist," he said as his monster's ATK rose to 3000, "ATTACK his most powerful monster!" Again the phantom lunged forward, slamming itself into Slappy and shattering her on contact. Again Yakko watched the shards reform into a portrait that fluttered towards Leonard. "Perfect!" he said as he gazed at the picture, "Such emotion of terror inside. Makes you feel a live doesn't it?"

"Gerr, you're insane!" Yakko said as his LP dropped 900 points again.
"Aren't you as well?" Leonard asked, "The insanity you show when dueling, it's different when you play your silly pranks, or when you recorded your cartoons. It's the insanity of desperation, and it's the perfect look, the greatest portrait!"

'So that's why he waited for me! He could have easily painted my portrait while I was none the wiser, but he wanted me to duel!' Yakko thought, and quickly let the information set in, 'Wait, am I really so different when I duel?' His memories raced as he tried to think of something that made him different, suddenly remembering when he achieved his first dragon. He remembered racing through narrow passages, taking turns thought nearly impossible and caring nothing about his passenger until she screamed. 'He's right!' Yakko thought, 'I 'm getting out of control! I'm beginning to let my emotions make my decisions for me instead of thinking things through! Lillian could have been hurt because of that.' He took a deep breath on the straightaway, clearing his mind of all the muddled thoughts that made him angry, "I can't let my friends down now!" he said, "But I can't win without a clear head. I gotta focus, and have fun!" He found himself clearing his mind, and suddenly a path opened up in his mind. It started with the card in his hand, Pinky Warner, then lead to Brain Warner, then Mime and a trap card he knew as Zanny Response. It then trailed towards his opponent's face down-card and Splash of color before leading to Shining Toon Dragon and a spell card called Staring Roll. 'Is this the path I need to take?' he asked.

"What are you doing?" Leonard asked. "Huh?" Yakko responded as they turned again. "I can't have you calm, my master piece requires your determination, your look of insanity as you duel!" the artist argued. "Really, then maybe you should have said something earlier! MY DRAW!" Yakko responded as he pulled the top card from his deck, "I summon Pinky Warner to the field!" [Pinky Warner is a level 1 Toon type monster with 100 ATK and 100 DEF. When this card is normal summoned or flip summoned, you may special summon one 'Brain Warner' from your deck or hand!] "Without your Dada Discord on the field I can use his ability, summoning his best friend, 'Brain Warner' from my deck in defense mode!" [Brain Warner is a level 1 Toon type tuner monster with 300 ATK and 100 DEF. Once per turn, this monster cannot be destroyed by battle.] 'If that path is the one to lead me to victory, then I'll follow it!' he thought to himself, "Next I lay one card face-down and activate my Totally Insaninny trap card, destroying your monster!" Yakko shouted. "I activate my monster's ability and destroy my Suiboku-ga Legend instead!" Leonard said. "Next I raise your LP by 200 since your monster is only level one, and draw three cards from my deck!" Yakko finished, "I end my turn!"

"My draw!" Leonard said, and drew his card confidently, "I attack your little mouse friend, Pinky!" His artist lunged forward, reaching his hand out for the thin little mouse until Brain moved in front. Chaos Artist – Abstract Masterpiece struck a barrier instead, "GRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Yakko shouted as he felt the pain rush through him, "Sorry, but as long as Brain is on the field, he's the only 'Warner' you can attack!" Yakko said as his LP dropped to 600 and his speed counters to 8. Leonard growled angrily, "I lay these two cards face down and call it a turn." he said.

"Alright, my draw!" Yakko shouted. "And I activate my Gate of Dark Inspiration trap card. Not only does this bring my Abstract Masterpiece back up to 3000 but it also lets me choose between negating your first attack or searching my deck for a Captured Moment spell or trap card and setting it face-down for nest turn!" Leonard said, "So I'll gather my 'Dark Gallery of the Captured Moment' trap card and set it face down!"

'Heh, I've got nothing to worry about, he has no monsters that can compete with my Dark Card. And anything he'll think of next turn will be defeated easily with the abilities of my Dark Gallery of the Captured Moment. It'll let me use the rest of my monster slots as spell and trap zone and let me negate anything he'll think of to destroy my monsters!' the artist thought.

"I summon Mime Warner to the field!" Yakko shouted catching Leonard's attention. 'Even that won't work!' he thought as Mime lunged out from the portal riding an imaginary motorcycle. Mime let the red light surround him as his ATK rose to 3000. "Next I activate the trap card 'Zanny Response'!" Yakko shouted. "Wait, what?" Leonard asked. [Zanny Response is a trap card that doubles the ATK of one 'Warner' monster you have out on the field.] "I'm not worried!" Leonard said as Mime's ATK rose to 6000. "MIME, ATTACK WITH IMAGINARY SPEAR!" Yakko shouted. Mime turned his imaginary bike, and lifted one of his hands as if he were holding something, and rushed forward. "Not if I activate my 'Counter – Culture Movement' trap card. This lets me negate your attack." The moment he said that, Mime's spear struck thin air, shattering on impact and causing him to pass by the unharmed monster, "It then lets me destroy every monster you have on the field for the low price of one Capture Moment spell or trap card from my hand and one from my field! I send my Captured Moment – Baroque Empowerment from the field and my 'Captured Moment – Renaissance Beauty' from my hand." Leonard announced. Yakko smiled brightly, "Bull's eye!" he said, "I activate my Splash of Color trap card!"

"WHAT?" the artist asked in surprise. "You may have negated my mime's attack, but thanks to you targeting everyone of my monsters I can use this card to negate your card's effect and then destroy it!" he said, and watched as the card casting the red light shattered into dust, "It then let's me special summon my Shining Toon Dragon to my field without synchro summoning him!" The portal opened up alongside the toon, his dragon emerging with a screech as it burst through, circling around before settling above its master. "NO!" Leonard shouted, "I can still negate your attack!"

"Not if your monster's not there!" Yakko said, "I activate the speed spell on my field, 'Staring Role'!" [Staring Role is a speed spell that you may activate if you have 6 or more speed counters, both players return all non-synchro and non-fusion monsters back to their respective owners hand, each player then selects one remaining monster they control and increase that monster's ATK by 300 for every monster they returned by this card's effect.] "Wait, I only have…" Leonard said with worry. "One normal monster? Sorry buddy!" Yakko finished, sending four monsters back to his hand, and increasing his dragon's ATK by 1200, "Shining Toon Dragon, finish this with Color Blast!" The dragon turned around, holding his hand up as the aurora burst forth, engulfing the claws. He then thrust his hand forward, slamming it into the ground near Leonard and dropping the man's LP down to 0. A buzzer sounded and the artist found his runner fading with the darkness around him, the souls he had trapped from the duel bursting from inside his pocket to join up with their cards in Yakko's deck. Yakko was the victor.

The darkness receded, people emerging from the portraits as they were released, Yakko came to a skidding stop Stone somehow being launched from the back of the runner, "WHOAAAAA!" the man said as he hit the ground, "I hate Duel Runners!" Yakko smiled at his friend, and turned, finding Lillian sprawled out on her side. "Lillian!" he said with worry as he ran up to her. "LEONARD!" he heard as he reached his friend. He quickly looked up, finding the same girl from the middle of the track running up to the downed artist. "Janet?" Leonard asked win a grunt. She quickly reached him, and turned him over, the card of Abstract Masterpiece fluttering to the floor and vanishing in a dark mist, "My Janet!" he said as he looked to her, "I can see you again, the tears still fall!" "Leonard, what have you done to yourself?" she asked. "I chased a dream!" he responded. "Not a dream!" she told him, "But darkness, you chased a nightmare!" Leonard looked to her, shocked, "Was it really that dark?" he asked.

"They speak in play style poetry to each other!" Yakko said, and listened to Lillian as she groaned. "You ok?" he asked. "My head hurts!" she responded. "Yes!" they heard Janet say, "It was dark where you were, I could see nothing of your light!"

"My Janet, how I missed our conversations. And yet I locked you away in a room of plaster walls and canvas. One day I may be punished for my sins but now, I go to face my darkness!" he said, and finally faded away, leaving her in the tears she arrived with.

"On behalf of Leonard I apologize!" Janet said as the three friends stood at the entrance of the street as the sun dipped behind the buildings, "What he had done was not of his own accord!"

"Does she come with subtitles?" Yakko asked. "She said that she's sorry for what her boyfriend did to us and that it was that Dark Card's fault." Lillian translated. "OH! I thought she was talking about music!" Stone said. "That's an accordion, not accord!" Lillian told him. "Alas, I have no way to rectify his sins, but a favor please?" she said. Yakko again turned to Lillian for translation, "She says she can't apologize enough but wants to ask us a favor!" Yakko nodded to Lillian and then turned to Janet, "Sure, anything!" he said. "If you pass his soul on your journey, please hand him my heart, so that I know I have his in the end!"

"Oh, I got this one!" Stone said, "She…wants us to get him to haunt her!" Yakko and Lillian both looked to him in disbelief, "No, she wants us to tell Leonard that she loves him if we see him!" Lillian corrected. "Oh!" was all the strong man said as he slouched his shoulders in defeat. "I'll do that!" Yakko said, "And if I see him, I'll bring him back so that he can tell you himself!"

"Surely an impossible feat this be!" Janet said. Lillian was about to speak up when Yakko responded, "I'm trying to free my friends from the darkness so I might as well keep my eyes open for him!" Janet said nothing, instead she moved forward slightly, kissing him gently on his cheek. Lillian stiffened up with jealousy, "Thanks be to you brave Duelist, may your journey bring good fortune!" Janet said, and turned away, leaving them with a fuming Lillian. "That was the strangest thank you I've ever had!" Yakko said. "You ok?" Stone asked as he turned to the fuming Lillian. "I'm fine!" she growled back, and stomped over to her own Duel Runner, a violet colored one that looked very similar to his own. It was thinner and the back didn't curve up like his, instead it pulled back into three sections, like fins. The handles were shaped like an elongated crystal tipped with black rubber. It lifted up letting her sit down on the comfortable brown seat before she pulled it down. With a loud roar of the engine, she raced off, passing by the two of them in a flash. "What was that about?" Yakko asked. "Uheh!" Stone said in response, shrugging his shoulders and turning to walk towards the bus stop. "You're a lot of help!" Yakko said and turned back to where Lillian had run off, "She'll tell me if I need to know, right?" Yakko asked himself as he placed his helmet on his head, and leaned forward on his Runner before racing off in the same direction.

End Episode 10