Disclaimer: This is a story based on the characters of You're Under Arrest, which belongs to Fujishima Kousuke, Kodansha & Bandai Visual.

Foreword: All credit to Princess Terra Addea (a.k.a. Leona Magnus) who wrote the prologue and the first chapter, and posted them on the Bokuto PS Archive. I, KiraYamatoFan, decided to pick the story up where it was left 9 years ago. So everything from chapter 2 all the way to the epilogue, that's my creation. I was dissatisfied with some of the events in Season 3 (Full Throttle), so this story happens somewhere in the timeline of Season 3. Some readers might drop our after the first few chapters, but I'll suggest everyone to hold on to your hats until the very end! This is my first fanfic ever, so please don't be too harsh in your criticism. Still, positive feedback is mostly welcome.

You're Under Arrest: Beyond the Truth


The sun shone brightly up in the blue sky. The high temperature made the weather hot. It was the end of spring, the beginning of summer. For three months, the people will be living in the hot weather. A girl sipped her ice lemon tea very slowly while staring through the window of her own room. "Finally, summer again..." she muttered quietly. As she was about to sink into her own deep thoughts, the telephone rang.

"Coming!" She quickly stood up and ran out of her room, reaching for the telephone that was situated at the corner of the living room. "Hello, Tsujimoto Natsumi's speaking. May I help you?"

"Hello, Natsumi, is that you? It's me."

"Oh, Miyuki. What is it?"

"I'm so sorry to disturb you on your day off but we need you in a case. HQ said it's a very serious case. They need a strong officer to manage the case and they mentioned you. Will you mind coming here?"

"Of course not. Okay, just wait. I'll be there in a minute."

"Be quick!"

Their conversations stopped there. Natsumi quickly dressed up and put on her blue cap. She reached for her helmet and walked towards the front door of her apartment. As she opened the door, a flash of shiny stuff blinded her. She knew she was not shutting her eyes and she knew it was daytime but what the heck? She saw nothing but darkness. Her head seemed to hurt a lot. She could feel a hot liquid trickling down her cheek down from her head, a red liquid. She recognises the liquid, blood...

She tried to stand but suddenly she felt so sleepy that she couldn't seem to open her eyes anymore. The hot liquid still trickled down her head. She heard a laugh, a laugh of a man and the most cynical laugh ever.

She did not go to the station. She was not at home either. Her friends, her relatives... All tried to search for her but all in vain. What they found was just a small lake of blood, not her. Tsujimoto Natsumi was reported lost. Her loss shocked everyone who had known her and it was a very mysterious disappearance...