Ch. 11

Booth woke first the next morning. He was shocked to see that it was already 9 AM. Usually they would have been at work for at least an hour by now. The aching in various parts of his body reminded him why they had slept so late.

Normally, when he woke first, he would just stare at Bones. He thought he could spend his entire life doing only that and be perfectly happy. However, today he couldn't do that because Bones had wrapped him in her arms the way he usually did her. His back was to her, and he didn't want to wake her just yet.

He wanted to think about what had happened last night. Once again she had amazed him. She had arranged for this amazing workout. Then, she had figured out that it was his feet that were bothering him the most. She offered to and then did massage them. She had been incredibly gentle, but with her knowledge of anatomy and his x-rays, she'd known exactly where and how to rub his feet to nearly erase the pain. He was assuming this because whatever she had done, it had relieved the aching enough that he'd quickly fallen asleep.

Then she had done something even more astonishing. He knew she'd only been able to do it because she thought he was asleep, which he mostly had been. She had finally said those three little words he'd been waiting years to hear: I love you, Booth. He'd debated for the briefest of moments whether to respond, but there was nothing to debate. He'd told her that he loved her too. Finally being able to say that had been a huge relief. Noting that she was still next to him, he gave an even bigger sigh of relief. This was the biggest and best surprise yet: she hadn't run. He knew he'd have to follow her lead to ensure that she didn't have the urge to run again in the next few days and weeks.

He lay there happily and dozed off again. The next thing he knew was that Bones was stirring. He rolled onto his back and smiled at her. She was beaming back at him. "So far, so good," he thought.

Taking her hand in his and gently kissing the tips of her fingers, he told her, "You have magic fingers, babe."

"There's nothing magical about my fingers. I have strong hands and I have a deep knowledge of human anatomy and your medical history. That …."

Booth laughed as he thought, "That's my Bones, always finding a rational explanation." Then he cut in, "It's a metaphor."

She got that look that told him she had her big brain in gear as she pondered what the metaphor meant. It didn't take long for the look to change to a look of delight and triumph, as she said, "My fingers are like a magic wand in a fairy tale that can wave the pain away."

"Exactly." And, he kissed her finger tips again.

"I take the magic fingers remark to mean that your feet feel better."

"Much better. Thank you." He continued, "How are you feeling?"

"A little stiff in the boxing muscles, but nothing really painful."

"Good, but it sounds like a little Jacuzzi would be nice again this morning," he said with an innocent look on his face.

"Yes, it would, but …," she wasn't sure how to put it. She didn't want him to think she didn't enjoy making out and playing with him, because she did, but she didn't think a repeat of yesterday's antics was a good idea. That was because they were both feeling the effects of their workouts and because the Jacuzzi had proved more public than either of them really liked for displays of affection.

Booth understood immediately, "I agree, babe. I don't think I could pick you up like that today. Given how much you can bench press, maybe you should be picking me up," he grinned at her.

She grinned back and said, "The alpha male being carried by his female. Anthropologically impossible."

"There you go getting all squinty again. You know that turns me on." He gave her a wolfish smile.

She punched his arm gently and said, "I think you need a cold shower, not a hot bath."

He put his hands up like a shield, "No, not a cold shower. I promise I'll behave. I'll keep my hands to myself and I won't kiss you no matter what you do."

"That sounded like a challenge, Tony."

"Then let's go get into that Jacuzzi and see who wins."

Booth added, "Actually, given the time, I don't think we're going to have any privacy for fooling around like we did yesterday."

At that Bones looked at the clock and was shocked to see that it was after 10 AM. She never slept in that late unless she was deathly ill.

"Why didn't you wake me?"

"I figured you were very tired, and I like watching you sleep."

"You like watching me sleep?"

"You look so serene. And, when you're sleeping, you don't correct me," he laughed.

"Oh, you …."

"Come on Bones. That Jacuzzi is going to feel great even if we can't make out."

They eased themselves into the Jacuzzi. As they settled into the hot, bubbling water they let out nearly identical sighs of relief.

"God, that feels good," sighed Booth.

"Oh, it does feel wonderful, but you know that god has nothing to do with it, Tony. Actually, the heat causes dilation of the blood vessels and the effervescence mechanically stimulates blood flow easing pain and …."

"Please, babe, no blasphemy."

"I don't understand."

"It's dangerous to be in a pool of water when God starts throwing lightning bolts."

"It's not god, it's an electrical discharge from cloud to ground accompanied by an emission of light and by …."

"I get it, Roxie, you don't believe God exists. It's just that a lightening bolt would really ruin this relaxing moment."

Bones had a snappy retort on the tip of her tongue, but she realized that just as Booth would never turn her into a believer, she would never turn him into a non-believer.

"Besides," she thought, "there are better things to do with our mouths than have a theological debate."

With that thought, she slid over closer to Booth and gave him a quick, but penetrating kiss. When she pulled back, she saw a pleased, but startled expression on Booth's face.

"Whoa, Roxie, I thought we weren't going to do that this morning."

"I know, but I figured that was a better thing to do with our mouths than a theological debate."

Booth laughed, "That's the idea, Bones."

Then he put his arm around her shoulders and she laid her head on his shoulder.

The warm moment didn't last very long because an older couple joined them in the whirlpool. The man helped his wife get in, then put a hand out to Booth.

"Stu Griffin from Milwaukee. This is my lovely wife, Sherry."

Booth stood and shook the man's hand, "Tony Manetti, in transition. This is my lovely wife, Roxanne. It's good to meet you, Stu, Sherry." Booth nodded to Sherry.

Stu sat and continued proudly, "We're in town visiting our son the philosophy professor."

Booth saw a light go on in Bones' eyes and wondered what she was going to say. To his surprise, and delight, she turned to Sherry and said, "You must be so proud of him. May I ask where he got his doctorate?"

Booth had to stifle a chuckle. It was perfect Bones. She'd said the exactly right thing, but she was also going to find out if they guy took his doctorate from a first rate school or not. He squeezed her shoulder to let her know that she'd done the right thing.

Sherry beamed at Bones, "We're so proud of him. He got his doctorate at Harvard and now he is the youngest person ever to get tenure in the philosophy department at Ohio State."

"That's quite impressive, isn't it, Tony?"

"I just managed to get through college," Booth laughed. He looked at Bones as he added, "I do admire people who have the brains and drive to go that far."

Bones squeezed his hand to privately acknowledge the compliment intended for her.

"So what brings you two to town?" Stu asked.

"We've been in the East working and we're heading for Colorado," Booth replied.

"What's your business, Tony?"

Booth looked at Bones, and replied, "We provide security. Mostly personal security."

Sherry asked, "You're body guards?"

"That's how I got started. Now we also help with planning for security for home, for work and when the client is traveling."

"I take it you two work together?" asked Stu. "Sherry and I do too."

"Yes we do. Roxie here is a lethal weapon herself."

Stu and Sherry looked at Bones in surprise.

"I have black belts in several martial arts, and even though Tony here won't admit it, I'm also a very fine marksman."

The Griffins looked very impressed and Stu quipped, "I'll be sure not to get in your way, Roxie."

Booth nodded in agreement, "I try awfully hard not to aggravate her."

Stu added, " That's the secret to a happy marriage: never aggravate the wife."

Everyone laughed and Sherry and Bones gave their respective husbands stern looks.

Booth asked, "What business are you two in?"

"We're in security too," chuckled Stu. At the other couple's quizzical looks, he continued, "Financial security. We sell insurance."

Sherry added, "Your kind of security sounds a bit more exciting."

"Actually, we spend a lot of time just standing or sitting around watching people," Booth explained.

Bones added, "We're always trying to avoid excitement. Excitement usually means we haven't done our jobs very well."

The Griffins shook their heads in agreement.

Booth stood and reached out to shake Stu's hand and said, "It's been nice meeting you, Stu, Sherry."

Stu and Sherry answered simultaneously, "Nice meeting you two too. Travel safely."

With that Bones and Booth climbed out of the pool and hurried out of the pool area. When they were out of earshot, Booth stopped and turned to Bones, "You were great back there."

"What do you mean?"

"You acted just like a …." Booth caught himself before he said "like a normal woman."

"Like what, Booth."

"Like Roxie. You said and did all the right things so that they'd believe we really are Tony and Roxy, married security consultants, not," he whispered, "Special Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan of the Jeffersonian."

"It's what we do, Booth, and we're very good at what we do."

Her eyes told him, that that was really a question, not a statement.

Booth looked directly into her blue eyes and replied, "Yes, Bones, we are."

Then he bent his face to hers and gave her a gentle kiss. Then he slipped an arm around her shoulders as they returned to their room to get ready for the day.

Observing Booth and Bones and the way they interacted and kissed, Sherry observed to Stu, " They've obviously been together for a long time, but it's nice to see a couple that still acts like they're on their honeymoon."

What would she have thought if she knew the truth: they had been together for a long time, but they were also on a kind of honeymoon.