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Chapter 1: A New Life

Akari's POV

I lay on the back of the carriage with my head nestled in the soft hay. My eyes were closed and I could feel myself drifting off to sleep when I heard a small voice call my name. "Akariā€¦" My eyes shot open to see the small orange clad harvest sprite, Finn.

I yawned and stretched. "What?" I said quietly enough for Finn to hear me but Cain wouldn't hear me.

"We have to go see the Harvest Goddess immediately. I have feeling that she needs our help!" Finn replied.

I yawned again then rested my arms behind my head. "I know," I whispered. "Stop bothering me about it."

"What was your name again?" That was Cain talking.

"Akari" I quickly replied.

He turned his attention back to road for almost a second before saying, "Mind if I ask you some questions Akari?"

"Shoot," I replied. He asked me when my birthday was (Fall 8) and what my favorite thing was (peaches and corn).

Next thing I knew we had stopped at a rundown place. Cain hopped off his horse and walked to the back of the carriage where I was looking at the sky. "We're here," he said.

I looked at him like he was crazy. This place is a dump! I thought when I noticed multiple holes in the roof of the barn, the coop, and the house that I'm supposedly supposed to live in. "Are you sure? You sure you don't have it mixed up with some nicer, better, farm with no holes in the roofs?" I asked.

"Positive," Cain replied as he jumped back onto his horse. He then quickly rode off into the distance.

Finn flitted around me in excitement. "Why don't you name it Akari?" he suggested.

I decided to name it Melodies Farm to continue the music names that were scattered throughout the island.

"Heeelloooo!" someone called. I turned to see short fat man with gray hair coming up to me.

He grabbed my hand and shook it really hard. "I'm Mayor Hamilton, the mayor of this fine island. You must be Akari! We are so glad to have you here! Our island might not be at its best economic times but we're pulling through! Oh and don't forget that at one point if you want to buy more land you have to come pay me 5000 G first! Also do you think you could give this to Bo when you see him? He's supposed to fix the bridge to the Garmon Mines District but I forgot to give him back his toolbox. I packed him a lunch inside it too! So don't forget! K, byeeee!" He said all of this really fast. Waaaay too fast for me to catch it all. He thrust a green toolbox into my hands then ran off to who knows where.

Finn told me he knew where the bridge was so he led me there and that's where I met Bo, one of the apprentices at the carpentry shop just across the bridge. I handed him the toolbox and he told me that he would have everything done by tomorrow thanks to Hamilton packing him a lunch for him. I took this opportunity to go back to my new house and sleep. I climbed under the dusty covers of my bed, coughing in the process before settling down into a deep sleep.

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