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Chapter 4: We Got Pink Instead of Green

Akari's POV

I eventually found myself at a house surrounded by a buggy swamp. I turned to Finn. "Is this the witch's house?" He nodded and I turned to look back at the house, observing it for a minute. "Looks more like ahut to me," I said to myself. Deciding to call it a hut from that point on I walked up to the door and pulled it open.

Finn flew over to me with a concerned look on his face. "Akari you can't just barge in like this!" he exclaimed. "Its rude!"

I smiled mischeviously. "This way is easier," I replied as I walked inside. Inside the lights were on and the hut was nicely furnished. There was a bed inone corner and pink covers and near it was a yellowish dresser with a large mirror on it. There was a table near a bookshelf (much like it is in my house) and another room that i assumed was the kitchen was connected to the one I was standing in. I took one step forward and noise sounded.

"Ribbit!" It was so quiet that I thought I was hearing things. I took another step forward and it sounded again but louder.

I whipped my head around to see if anyone was following but no one was. "Finn?" I whispered softly. "Was that you?"

"Was what me?" Finn whispered back. It sounded like he was in the kitchen. Assuming it wasn't Finn I took another step toward the table and all of a sudden a frog leapt at me.

I stepped back, surprised, and raised my hands to cover my face. When nothing had taclked me I slowly lowered my hands and took a closer look at the frog.

Now this was no ordinary frog, I tell you. You're probably thinking: "Whats unordinary about a frog? Its only green!" But this frog was not green, it was pink. And it also wore a tiny little witch's hat.

Finn and I stared in total awe and silence at the pink frog and the frog stared back at Finn, then at me. An eerie silence crept into the air and hung there, like a thick-layered blanket of fog that the wind has trouble whisking away. A tiny sound briefly parted through the fog. It was a sneeze, a mouse sneezed. The fog mended itself back together again before I unraveled its threads again.

"Well," I said to Finn. "Either I just heard a mouse sneeze or this pink thing is the witch we're looking for."

Finn flew around the frog, trying to inspect every of it. "I think both... But I'm still not convinced. Let's go ask Wizard." Without waiting for me to reply he flew over to the door and just stared at it, as if would just open magically. I followed him but before I threw open the door I looked back at the frog. Its eyes stared back at me, reflecting pools of sadness and longing, as if it were saying "Please take me with you!" Sympathy rose up inside of me.

I threw open the door and let Finn go ahead of me. Then I ran back in, grabbed the pink frog, and shoved it in my rucksack.

Finn eyed me suspiciously when I came back. "Why did you go back in?" He asked.

I quickly came up with an excuse. "I thought I saw something green so I went to go see if it was the Green Bell but it wasn't."

Finn's suspicious look slowly slid off his face, like a slow moving avalanche. He turned and started to fly away. But then all of a sudden an annoyed muffled croak emerged from the whimsy fabric of my rucksack.

Finn's head snapped back around. "What was that?"

"Me!" I quickly said. "Sorry, I burped." The frog let out another annoyed croak and I came up with a burp to cover it. Thank you dad for teaching me how to belch! I silently thanked my father in my mind.

Finn stared at me for a moment before holding his head in his tiny hands. He started to fly out of the forest mumbling as he went. "Why do I always get stuck with the wierd ones?" I followed him out.