Somewhere Only We Know

"This is my kind of perfect," Rose comments, grinning at him over her shoulder as they stroll along the path, which winds through a tangled grove of weeping willow-like trees, with delicate, bell-shaped blue flowers dangling from the branches. The Doctor picks one as he passes it by, then hands it to Rose, who cups it gently and smiles even more brilliantly at him, her wide brown eyes filled with delight at the scene.

The follow the trail, twigs crunching beneath their feet, light green leaves around them forming a sweetly-scented tunnel. Rose laughs and skips along, and the Doctor can't help but beam back, her happiness shining on him like the sunlight which gently filters through the trees to dapple the pair. It takes some time of walking like this, in silence but for the occasional trill of joy Rose emits as she encounters some new flower or bird, but eventually they reach the destination the Doctor had in mind, and all previous thoughts of 'perfection' flee Rose's mind; "I was wrong," she breaths, her infectious grin somehow growing even wider. "This is perfection." By this point, both their smiles are 'ear-splittingly' wide, which is a saying the Doctor isn't sure this reincarnation appriciates, as it draws unneccessary attention to his over-large ears.

They're standing at the edge of the path, where the trees open up onto a sun-dazzled meadow with grass of the brightest emerald hue, dotted generously with multi-colored wildflowers, and a clear azure sky above. The circular meadow is divided by a cheerfully babbling brook, which is fed from a small, round pond with blue-green waters of the deepest shade. The sandy bottom would be visible if it weren't for the bubbles created by the force of a small waterfall, which cascades down a sparkling white stone cliff to the pool.

All in all, the meadow is a most charming place; indeed, one of the most charming places the Doctor could think of, of all time and space.

But really, the thing that makes the Doctor the happiest is the expression of wonder on Rose's youthful face as she takes in the beauty. He could ask for nothing more as he shrugs out of his leather jacket and tosses it uncaringly to the side, still gazing upon his companion.

Set just after "The Doctor Dances"