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The Shikabane Hime of Dai-Rin House - Chapter 1

Miyako Yamanaka had lived in the Dai-Rin House for all of her life, for as long as she could remember. She had been there since before she was one. The only thing that Monk Tagami had known about her was her name, and with that he left her in the care of the family looking after the Dai-Rin House. There had never been anything for her to complain about, life there was all she could have asked for, considering she had never known anything else.

When she was three, Monk Tagami, also known as Keisei by those closer to him, brought a young boy to the orphanage. His name was Ouri, and he was the same age as her. There was something odd about him though which she picked up on immediately. Whenever one of the other kids tried to talk to him or play with him he would stare at them with his cold, emotionless eyes. Those eyes always scared the other kids and made them run away. Miyako, although she was only a three year old girl, knew better than to approach the Ouri who seemed so out of touch with his emotions. She simply waited, watching from afar as she played with the other children.

The change she had been waiting for occurred when one day Ouri brought a small kitten back to the orphanage one stormy night a year later. The kitten appeared to be partially drowned, and he seemed genuinely concerned about the poor thing. Keisei and Riko, the woman in charge of the Dai-Rin House, had a small argument about whether or not to let Ouri keep the drenched thing. Miyako had been watching from the kitchen when they finally agreed to let him keep the black kitten. He had been so happy, it was the most emotion the young girl had ever seen him express.

After that day he spent almost all of his time trying to look after that kitten. Miyako watched with interest as his clumsy nature got in the way, yet he never gave up. He put all his effort into caring for the dark coloured kitten, and she slowly managed to get closer to the boy as she attempted to help him care for the creature. She hadn't expected him to let her, but to her utmost surprise the young boy had opened up and let her assist him. As they helped the cat grow they became friends, slowly but surely, and it was all because of that cat. He had managed to reach out to the emotion in Ouri's heart and for that she was thankful. The cat had given her the opportunity to get to know the boy she had been watching from afar since he had arrived in her life.

One day something terrible happened that would once again change the course of their lives. The cat they had spent so much time looking after was hit by a car outside the orphanage. When Miyako saw the lifeless corpse she had fallen to her knees on the dirt and cried her eyes out. Keisei had heard her crying and came out to see what was wrong. Ouri came with him, having finally made a human friend. She clung to Keisei's leg and bawled her eyes out as he patted her comfortingly on the head while the young boy had merely stared out at the dead cat with that familiar cold look. He didn't shed a tear.

Keisei, whom they both thought of as a brother, said that they would hold a small funeral for the cat. When he went back out to collect the ruined lifeless body of the unfortunate creature it had disappeared, and both Miyako and Keisei knew what had happened. Ouri had taken the cats body, refusing to believe in the fact that its life had ended. She had seen the look in his eyes and she knew it was the truth. Unfortunately for her Keisei wouldn't let her come with him when he went out to find Ouri. She had sat in front of the Dai-Rin house for hours waiting for the two of them to come back, and when they finally did her and Ouri cried together out in the dark until Keisei came and dragged them inside.

That cat had been THE turning point in Miyako's life. Ouri had finally rediscovered his emotions, and she had finally worked up the courage to approach him. The death of the cat changed him a bit, and once or twice he had insisted that he could see the cat. She had originally thought he was just imagining it, but once she thought she may have seen him too. Even after that event she hadn't been naïve enough to bring it up to Riko or Keisei, for she knew they wouldn't believe her, just as they hadn't believed Ouri.

Sometime after that phase of potential hallucinations the two of them began noticing that Keisei would sometimes show up injured. The kids at the Dai-Rin House who had been their age had all left and the younger kids didn't seem to notice it. Miyako knew better than to ask him about it, but she always went with Ouri when he demanded answers, just in case he actually told them the truth. Keisei always lied to them about his injuries; either that or he would avoid answering the serious questions and laugh them off. Ouri never gave up though. Every single time Keisei turned up injured the two of them would hunt him down.

Miyako and Ouri went to the same school and were in the same class. They walked to school together in the mornings and they walked home again in the afternoons. She was pleased enough with the arrangements, although some of Ouri's school friends bugged her. She had a rather sharp sense of hearing, and she could always hear Hiroshige hassling Ouri about her during class. He never came out and said anything to her face, which she found odd since he often ended up doing that sort of thing with all the other girls.

One day Ouri saw something he wasn't supposed to. He had been in the temple, probably looking for Keisei, when he found what had appeared to be the torn up body of a dead teenage girl. He had even checked, making sure she was definitely dead. The fact that she was dead didn't creep him out or scare him in the slightest. When he heard footsteps and voices however he was forced to hide behind the giant Buddha statue in the room. Keisei had been there, injured again. Ouri had watched in wonder as Keisei had picked the corpse up in his arms and practically breathed life back into her. Again Ouri felt no real sense of fear. Yes, he was confused, but if he was confused he could always talk things over with Miyako, because she always listened and didn't judge him on what he told her. Once the monks had left Ouri had run back to the Dai-Rin House to look for Miyako, to tell her not only about the moving corpse, but to tell her that he had seen the cat again for the first time in a long time.

Miyako had listened intently to his story, storing away her judgements inside her mind where they wouldn't hurt her friend. The cat apparition she knew was more than likely true, since she herself had seen the cat just before Ouri had found her, almost as though it had been showing him the way. She was more sceptical about the living corpse story though. Death was supposed to be final and absolute, and she didn't believe that the anime girl obsessed monk Keisei could have that sort of power over life and death. Then she began to ask herself, what if he only had that power over one particular individual? But she quickly shunned that line of thought, bringing her attention back to Ouri who had been watching her silently as she thought things over. The cat she quickly agreed to, although she never once admitted to her own sightings of it. Living corpses though. The idea was at the same time fascinating and repulsive. She chose to remain silent in that regard, not telling Ouri what she thought about what he had supposedly witnessed. It was just too unrealistic to her, even though she knew the cat wasn't a real cat, since it could walk through things and other people couldn't see it. That cat really did mystify her.

When Ouri decided to move out and go live on his own Miyako was devastated. She herself had no such intentions for moving out so soon. The younger kids looked up to the two of them as their older siblings in the same way they both looked up to Keisei, and they wouldn't be able to cope if both of them left. She had a part time job, but she was saving that money up for later when she would have to move out. Ouri was working two jobs just to be able to afford his new place. She was afraid that the stress would be too much for him, although she never said as much out loud. On the day he was packing up to leave Keisei attempted to frame him for possession of heaps of adult magazines that obviously belonged to the monk himself. At Ouri's protests of innocence Miyako laughed so hard she cried, although she had been going to cry anyway. She really didn't want him to leave, even if they would still be going to the same school. It was going to be lonely without him around, and she had a feeling that questioning Keisei about his injuries was about to become her responsibility. When she had started crying Keisei had given her a pat on the head like he used to when she was upset. The younger kids had seen her outburst and they all piled on her, asking if she was okay and if they should force Ouri to stay. When they decided she was okay they went back to calling Ouri a pervert as Keisei shoved the magazines on him.

After Ouri left Miyako's life became quieter. She had no real affections or attachments towards the other kids at the Dai-Rin House, no matter how much her outward appearance may have contradicted that. She was lonely, and Keisei was coming back injured even more often than before. Her interrogations had ended almost as quickly as they started, and she decided not to tell Ouri about it when Keisei was injured, out of fear that he would start stressing out about it. Miyako could no longer walk to and from school with Ouri, and sometimes Hiroshige would walk with her. That boy had never been high on her list of favourite people, because he was annoying, girl crazy, and almost as much of a pervert as Keisei was, if not more. Not that Hiroshige ever did anything to her, or even said anything to her. Maybe he was just being respectful since her and Ouri were so close. He didn't often say sleazy things to Mizuki either, so maybe it was the girls in their little group that he actually managed to find some respect for.

Not long after his move Ouri started acting strangely. He insisted that he had seen the corpse girl several more times since the temple. Miyako still didn't believe him. If he had seen her again didn't that just mean she hadn't been dead in the first place? Nothing about what he was saying was making sense, so she wasn't surprised when Ouri began confronting Keisei about one thing or another without her. Maybe he had sensed that she had doubts about what he was saying, and for some reason he thought that Keisei would tell him. Keisei didn't tell him anything though, not as far as Miyako knew.

New people were popping up everywhere. They had a new student and a new teacher. Itsuki, the new student, was in their class, and Hiroshige immediately started saying weird stuff about her that made Miyako turn in her seat to glare at him. He didn't know she had such good hearing, so he just assumed that she knew him well enough to know what he was talking about in general. That wasn't the case, but she wasn't about to set him straight about it. Miyako felt there was something odd about the new additions to the school though, they just didn't feel right. She didn't know how to explain it, and she didn't want to talk to Ouri about it in case he decided not to listen like she had chosen not to believe him when he told her about his encounters with the living corpse.