A/n: Hey everyone! Here's a story I've thought up and based it around the story of The Lion King, my favorite movie, and I decided to twist it around and make it into this! I want everyone's opinion on it and if you all want more then please let me know! Otherwise I might not continue this. But still, leave me feedback, thank you all!

This era of time was full of pride, wealth and grace. The city of Priide Ardhi was a lively and healthy fortress of humble people who lived everyday to it's absolute fullest. Not only were the people happy, but the people in charge of those people were also happy as well. The leaders of the city went by The Kings of L.I.O.N., an alliance that thought only of the welfare of the citizens of their city. They were the best rulers anyone could ask for. They supplied the richest and tastiest foods from their flourishing fields, gave the people of Priide Ardhi the cleanest water from their wells, and protected them from the outsiders of their fortress, the evildoers who went by the name H.Y.E.N.A.

As often as the city was happy and prospering, H.Y.E.N.A. would frequently make attacks to the townsfolk, attacking their children and stealing their treasures. H.Y.E.N.A. was most well known for trying to dig their way into the leaders of the city, bring an end to them and overtake the city themselves. Sometimes they'd come close to winning, and some other times...they'd get away with cherished stolen goods.

These years were about survival, and everyone these days owned weapons of all kinds, machinery of all types and all sorts of people who were ideal weapons in themselves.

H.Y.E.N.A. plotted everyday a way to overtake the thrones of Priide Ardhi and destroy that which was such a beautiful nation and rule it themselves in knowing their frightening power would make people worship them in fear.

And on that grateful day which was given to the people of Priide Ardhi did H.Y.E.N.A. attack once more, however not to the citizens themselves.

"6082! We've got members of H.Y.E.N.A. swarming The Rock!"

Bodyguards (who were a part of L.I.O.N.) who protected the leaders of the city were everywhere outside an enormous skyscraper that hid itself away high in the clouds: the building was called The Rock. L.I.O.N.'s bodyguards were stealthy guards and all of them were clothed in thick armor, all of them holding large sniper guns.

"I'm on the east side of The Rock, and H.Y.E.N.A. is everywhere!" called back a bodyguard into his secret microphone attached to his ear. "We can't let them get near the highnesses- her majesty is giving birth right now!"

It was true in fact that the queen of the Priide Ardhi was having a baby, a son who would be taking the lead of L.I.O.N. and in protecting Priide Ardhi. The king was a brave man, majestic and wise, a man who had been leading this city through thick and thin and protecting them from the dangers of H.Y.E.N.A. His name was Xemnas.

Xemnas stood at one of the topmost floors of The Rock, gazing down through the glass window where he saw a mass of people at the doorways. They were holding a long metal pillar which they were hammering against the doors. Other members of H.Y.E.N.A. were throwing grenades in higher windows where the glass would explode and a small fire would start. L.I.O.N. was gathering it's guards where they were all lining up at the doors, guns ready for fire whenever they would break the doors.

Xemnas sighed and crossed his arms, closed his eyes momentarily but then quickly opened them again when a man barged into the room. Xemnas turned around and noticed it was a handsome young man with rosy pink hair, dressed in a suit with a tie that was loose and not fully tied.

"Sir, H.Y.E.N.A. is in The Rock!" said the man. "Apparently the followers of H.Y.E.N.A. who're at the front doors were just a distraction so these few men could sneak in."

Xemnas frowned. "I want at least twenty guards at my wife's bedroom door, right now. They're after my son and her so the line of L.I.O.N. won't be continued."

"Y-Yes sir!" said the male as he rushed back out of the room. Xemnas returned to the window but right as he returned to it he was greeted by a helicopter which had at least fifteen members of H.Y.E.N.A. inside of it. Xemnas's eyes grew wider as he caught sight of one of the men holding a grenade, the pin in it's teeth.

Xemnas dived away from the window and ran as swiftly as he could to the opposite side of the room in which a control panel was revealed to type in a password in order to open a small metal door. Xemnas, expertly fast, typed in a four letter word and the door opened up and inside Xemnas pulled out an enormous bazooka. Before the man from H.Y.E.N.A. could even think of which direction to throw the grenade in, Xemnas pulled the trigger on the bazooka and a torpedo shot straight out from the barrel and straight towards the helicopter.

Glass shattered and a huge explosion took place in the sky by Xemnas's office, destroying the helicopter instantaneously in which in dropped to the ground in flames. Xemnas's silver strands blew in the breeze that came from the explosion and he securely placed the bazooka back in it's protective hideaway panel, retyped the security code to lock it and rushed out of his office the next moment.

Bodyguards of L.I.O.N. were darting down all hallways, trying to locate the secret intruders who had managed to get inside the huge building while nearly all the other members of H.Y.E.N.A. distracted the guards at the front doors. Xemnas quickly made his way to the room where his wife was, a sterile room that was totally white.

As he closed the door, Xemnas caught sight of four nurses around a heavily pregnant woman laying on a surgical table. She looked completely calm even though she was in labor, however she was shaking.

"X-Xemnas," she muttered upon catching sight of her husband.

"Aqua," Xemnas breathed, hurrying over to his wife and taking her hand.

The beautiful blue-haired woman smiled up at Xemnas and squeezed his large hand tightly. "The...doctor says...that our son is almost here..."

"Are the drugs working?" Xemnas asked.

"Y-Yes," Aqua replied with a smile. "The contractions don't hurt at all. I can't feel anything, Xemnas..."

Xemnas smiled. "These drugs are the best I can get. I'll bet you wouldn't even feel your leg getting sawn off if that be the case."

Aqua smiled and laughed gently, "I wish I could feel the warmth of your hand...but at least I know you're here with me."

Xemnas's dark lips curled up ever so slightly before he frowned again. "Where is the doctor?"

"He said he was coming right back," responded Aqua. "Xemnas? Please tell me our son is going to be okay... H.Y.E.N.A. won't get in here, right?"

"I promise both you and our son will be safe," Xemnas nodded, giving Aqua's hand a reassuring squeeze even though she could not feel it.

That was when the door to the room opened and in stepped a man wearing a long white coat and Xemnas new immediately it was the doctor. There was no need for the guards outside to check him for the tattoo in which every member of H.Y.E.N.A. had on their arm; this man was a well known doctor who worked only for Xemnas.

"Well, well, miss, are you ready to see your son?" smiled the doctor.

Aqua's eyes lit up and she nodded. "Y-Yes, I am... Please let me see him."

Xemnas stepped back, allowing the doctor to do his specialized work. Xemnas stepped over to the door leading into the room, and by the door was another control panel, just like every other door in the entire building. He tapped a few buttons and it enabled a small piece of the wall to turn invisible as if Xemnas was looking through a window and he could gaze right out into the hallway. Just as he ordered, more than twenty guards were standing by the door leading to that room, holding guns and focusing on the hallways before them.

"Here we are," smiled the doctor as he sat down in front of Aqua to get into position for delivering her son. "Heh heh, this is just my kind of work..."

Suddenly, all of the nurses standing around let out shrieks of terror as the doctor reached inside his coat to pull out a gun. Xemnas spun around and stared at the doctor, pointing his gun straight at Aqua whose eyes were wide with terror.

As fast as Xemnas could run, he had not made it to the doctor in time before the gun had gone off...however, Aqua did not scream. Xemnas tackled the doctor to the floor and was alarmed to see his appearance changing to that of a member of H.Y.E.N.A. who was cackling maniacally. Xemnas, blinded by rage, grabbed the gun that the member had been using and shoved it into the imposter's mouth, pulling the trigger once, twice, three times and then until all the bullets had been emptied and the back of the man's head had been blown off.

Xemnas quickly stood to his feet and looked back at Aqua and his heart split in half at once. There was blood splattered all over the floor, and all around Aqua's waist, where for sure the baby would be injured.

"Xemnas?" breathed Aqua. "He didn't shoot me...I didn't feel it. Everything fi-" Blood spurted up from Aqua's mouth and splashed over her chest and she fell back against the table panting heavily.

"AQUA!" Xemnas cried, rushing to her side and holding her hand. "No! No, please, this can't be happening...not now...not after all this time. Damnit!"

"Xemnas..." Aqua spoke, looking up at her husband. "Please tell me something..."

There were tears in Xemnas's eyes and they swam quickly down his face, his hand wrapped tightly around Aqua's and holding it up to his face. "What...?"

"What is the password in order to get into your main office and that bazooka of yours?"

Xemnas looked a little confused; why would she be asking that? "Th-The password was...was axel..."

Aqua smiled and closed her eyes, "That is our son's name, Xemnas... Axel... Long may he live...in our hearts..." Aqua's smile faded and her hand dropped lose from Xemnas's hand. Xemnas's orange eyes were very wide, but then they narrowed and he stood up fully straight. Pulling back his sleeve, he pressed a few buttons on a special watch on his wrist.

"This is detective Major Marluxia speaking!"

"Marluxia," spoke Xemnas unexpectedly calmly. "Notify every single guard in L.I.O.N. and...and tell them to release the Nova on these putrid dogs who call themselves an alliance..."

"The...Nova sir? We're only supposed to use that in dire need-"

"I SAID NOW!" roared Xemnas into the watch. He disconnected it instantly after shouting that, knowing his order had been done. Xemnas looked at the nurses who were all in tears at the loss of their queen and in which the line of L.I.O.N. had been broken and he politely asked them to leave. They did, one by one.

Xemnas got slowly onto his hands and knees by Aqua's side and held her hand, more tears swimming down his cheeks. He had not expected this to happen...not to his wife, and not to his unborn son. The technology that H.Y.E.N.A. had obtained over years of time to copy someone else's appearance and use it for evil was quite a mastermind plan...but Xemnas doubted they'd ever win this far in killing both Xemnas's wife andson.

After Xemnas had knelt for a few more moments, he went to go and stand but halted when he heard something he thought he'd never hear. The shrill sound of an infant screaming and crying.

Xemnas whirled around and to his utter shock saw that his son was stillalive and had managed to push through and stay alive. He was covered in blood and fluids and was nearly all the way out of Aqua. Xemnas, hurrying as fast as possible, grabbed some surgical gloves and pulled them on and managed to actually deliver his own son out of the dead body of his wife.

Xemnas had successfully pulled his son out of Aqua's body, still in total disbelief that his son was still alive after Aqua had been shot in such a crucial place. Xemnas shook his head and closed his eyes as he stood up, holding his son in his arms after he cleaned him off. A smile crept onto his lips and he chuckled.

"You're a lucky one, alright," he said as he admired the patch of flaming red hair on the baby's head. "You'll be one legendary leader of L.I.O.N., I can tell." Xemnas's eyes connected with that of his son's emerald green eyes.

"Welcome to the pride...Axel..."