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Letting Her Go

He loved her. In that moment House realized he was in love with Thirteen. He had been so desperate to keep her calling seventeen times a day leaving a message each time. House didn't know why out of all of his team she had been the one he was so desperate to get her back.

He had told himself that it was because she was the only one he could stand. They could go out drinking, eat dinner together, talk about each other's problems, and he still wasn't sick with her. He had shown up outside the prison to pick her up dragging her along on a road trip. At the time he had told himself it was because she was a mystery waiting for him to unravel.

Now standing there watching her with the new girlfriend he realized he was completely and utterly in love with her. He had to let her go and he couldn't go with her. He had tried to leave this hospital so many times before but it always pulled him back. And if he went with her it would pull her back as well.

She is dying and she deserves to be happy. He thought Cuddy dumping him was what heartbreak felt like now firing her for the last time he understood that this was what true heartbreak was. He could tell that as her eyes teared up she would have stayed for him all he had to do was say the words. Because she loves him too.

For once in his miserable life House did the most unselfish act letting her go.

If he did what he wanted he would have kissed her. He would have never let her go. Yet he did it. She knew why he was doing it. She is the only one who ever understood him. She got the message. This was the way he told her that he loves her. This was his "I love you". He watched her run out of the hospital before she changed her mind eyes watery because if she stayed another minute she wouldn't have been able to leave.

For once in his life he cried. The tears rolled silently down his face. Sitting inside his car he couldn't drive as the despair took him.

Now he knew what true love was. He could never make fun of it again because know he knew that true love is when you put their feelings above your own, their life above your own. True love is when you let them go.

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