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I Always Come Back To You

Five years. It had been five years since House had seen her. She had sent him postcard and called on the holidays but he hadn't seen her in five long years. He didn't think he would ever see her again.

Yet there she was standing in his doorway. Five years older, still beautiful. Her hands where shaky as the Huntington's had begun to set in but that didn't matter to him, she was still perfect in his eyes.

"Where's the girlfriend?" House could have kicked himself for those being his first words to her.

"She left. She didn't want to watch me die. Not that I blame her," Thirteen answered her voice held no hate, no hurt.

House turned away walking back inside leaving the door opened as an invitation to follow. Plopping on the couch he kneaded his leg as she perched herself beside him legs curled underneath her body. She leaned against the back of the couch resting her chin upon her palm eyes watching him. Silence enveloped them neither feeling the need to talk at that particular moment.

"She didn't deserve you. If she really loved you she wouldn't have left," House finally spoke.

"It doesn't matter," Thirteen replied simply.

"Yes it does," House spoke with venom at the thought of anyone abandoning her.

Thirteen smiled softly placing a hand over his. "No, it doesn't. I would have left her."

He looked up eyes locking with hers. "Why?"

She just smiled leaning forward. He couldn't move as she came closer even as her lips pressed to his in a soft brief kiss. "I always come back to you."

Reaching out House ran his fingers through her hair stroking her cheek. "I'll never leave you."

Thirteen's eyes fluttered closed pressing into his hand. "I know." She kissed his palm.

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