Bulla's What! What's Goten gonna do?

By: CSI-Panther

Summary: It's been a month after what happened between Goten and Bulla. Now Bulla's been getting sick in the mornings.

Pairing: Goten and Bulla

A/N: I don't own Dragon ball/z/gt

Chapter 1

At Capsule Corp.

" Mom! " Trunks shouted from upstairs as he banged on the bathroom door.

" What is it! " Bulma shouted back up.

" Sis ain't opening the door! " Trunks shouted back.

Bulma came up the stairs and saw the worried look on her son's face. She went to the door and knocked,

" Bulla? Are you alright? " She asked through the door.

She got no answer. So Bulma put her head to the door to listen. She heard faint splashing noises. She tired the door, but it was locked.

" Trunks kick the door. " Bulma said urgently.

Trunks did as his mother asked. He held back a little when he kicked the door, not wanting to hurt his sister. When the door opened, they saw Bulla leaning over the toilet, hair back away from her face and basically threw her guts up.

" Bulla! " They exclaimed and ran to her side.

They stayed there with her for five minutes before she stopped and flushed the toilet.

" Sweetie? Are you alright? " Bulma asked, getting her a glass of cold water and placed a wet rag to her forehead.

" I'm not sure. " Bulla answered.

" Then we're going to the doctor. Better safe then sorry right? " Bulma asked with a smile.

" Yeah. " Bulla answered.

An hour later the two were at the doctor's office, waiting for the doctor to return.

She came in and she looked rather happy.

" Well? Is she alright? " Bulma asked.

" Everything's just fine, Ms. Briefs. In fact, congraduations are in order. Your daughter's pregnant! " The doctor replied, but sweat dropped when the soon to be mother fainted and her mother nearly fell down in shock.

" Are you sure? " Bulma asked.

" Yes Ma'am. She's at least five weeks along. " The doctor answered and left the room to give the two some privacy.

Bulla woke up a second later and was met by her mother's stare.

" I wasn't dreaming was I? " Bulla asked.

" No. You didn't know you were pregnant? " Bulma asked.

" No mom. I swear. " Bulla answered.

" So. Whose the daddy? " Bulma asked with a smile, " It's not Jack is it? " She asked again.

" No Mom. I broke up with him because that jerk cheated on me. " Bulla answered.

" It's...Goten. He's the only one I've..been with. " Bulla answered looking down.

" Goten? Oh thank heavens it was someone I know! " Bulma exclaimed happily.

" Mom! He doesn't know! I haven't seen him since Trunks came over to his house and dragged me out! A month ago! " Bulla shouted.

" What? You need to tell him. And when we get home, I'm giving your brother a piece of my mind. " Bulma said as she stood up and Bulla followed her out the door and out of the office and back home.

" What are we going to tell Daddy and Trunks? " Bulla asked on the way home.

" If you want, I'll tell them. " Bulma offered.

" No. I'll do it. I just don't want them to go and kill Goten. " Bulla answered.

" Alright. " Bulma replied.

When they got home, Bulma called for Trunks and Vegeta to come into the kitchen.

" I have something to tell you guys. " Bulla said when her Father and brother came in.

" What is it? " Vegeta asked, arms crossed and a raised eyebrow.

" First promise that you won't get mad or go off and kill someone. " Bulla said.

" Both of you. " Bulma said.

Vegeta and Trunks looked at the other and nodded back at the girls.

Taking a deep breath, Bulla said, " I'm sure you both know that me and mom went to the doctor's today. "

They nodded, waiting for more.

" And I'm not sick. " Bulla said.

" Quiet stalling girl. " Vegeta said, sensing more.

Taking another deep breath, Bulla finally said, " I'm Pregnant. "

Here's ch. 1! Hope ya'll like it!

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