Bulla's What! What's Goten gonna do?

By: CSI-Panther

Summary: It's been a month after what happened between Goten and Bulla. Now Bulla's been getting sick in the mornings.

Pairing: Goten and Bulla

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Last Time,

Taking a deep breath, Bulla said, " I'm sure you both know that me and mom went to the doctor's today. "

They nodded, waiting for more.

" And I'm not sick. " Bulla said.

" Quiet stalling girl. " Vegeta said, sensing more.

Taking another deep breath, Bulla finally said, " I'm Pregnant. "

Chapter 2

Both Trunks and Vegeta looked at Bulla with wide eyes.

" Your what? " They asked at the same time.

" I'm pregnant. " Bulla repeated slowly.

Then Vegeta and Trunks shouted, " Who is he! And what does he look like? "

" You promised that you wouldn't kill anyone. " Bulla said, trying to calm her father and brother.

" That was before you said that you were pregnant! " Vegeta shouted.

" Will you two please calm down! " Bulma shouted, " Bulla is pregnant and this is starting to be a stressful situation for her and your not suppose to be under stress while your pregnant! " She continued.

Vegeta and Trunks stopped their temper tantrum and sat down at the table.

" Sorry mom. " Trunks said, then his head shot up and his eyes harden.

Vegeta noticing this asked, " What is it boy? "

Bulla knew what her brother was going to say, " Trunks, don't! " She said.

" I know who got her pregnant. " He said anyway.

" Who? " Vegeta asked, " It better not be that Jake guy. " he continued.

" Jack. Dad. And no it's not his baby. " Bulla replied.

" Well then who? " Vegeta asked again.

" Goten. " Trunks said before his sister said another word.

" Trunks! " Bulla shouted.

" What! Kakarott's other brat! That's worse then John! " Vegeta shouted.

" His name was Jack, Vegeta. " Bulma said.

Everyone was quiet before Vegeta asked, " Does Goten know that your pregnant? "

" No. I didn't know until today. I haven't seen since Trunks dragged me out of his house a month ago. " Bulla answered.

" Well then we're going to go to his house and your going to tell him. " Vegeta said, surprising his wife, daughter, and son.

" Now? " They asked.

" Yes. " He answered and started for the door.

The family started after him and they all got in the car.

A few hours later, it was dark and they had made it to Goten's house. Which was his parents, the house became his the year before when sadly, Chichi died of a heart attack.

They opened the car doors and got out. They were met by Gohan and his family.

" Hey guys! What brings you here this late? " Gohan asked.

" We here to have a word with Goten concerning my daughter. " Vegeta said calmly, scaring his family.

" Is he home? " Trunks asked.

" He should be. " Videl answered.

" Good. Let's go say hi. " Vegeta said a creepy cheerful voice and actually had a smile on his face as he walked to the door and knocked.

Worried for his brother, Gohan went with Bulma, Bulla, and Trunks to the door.

When the door opened and Goten looked out, he was suddenly out of sight and a crash was heard.

" Daddy! " Bulla screamed and ran into the house to find Goten, followed by Gohan, her mother, and brother.

Vegeta stayed at the doorway with his arm out-stretched and a fist in the air with blood on his knuckles.

They went threw the whole house and out the other side and there was Goten, embedded in a boulder behind the house.

" Goten! " Bulla, Gohan, Bulma, and Trunks shouted as they ran to him and Gohan pulled his brother out of the boulder.

" Why the hell did Vegeta do that for? " Gohan asked angerily.

" Because Bulla's pregnant and it's Goten's baby. " Trunks answered.

" What? " Gohan exclaimed, looking down on his unconscious brother.

" That's why we were here. But I should've known that man was up to something! " Bulma replied.

" Let's get him inside. " Gohan said and picked up his brother and carried him back to the house and set him down on the couch.

Vegeta came in then and bent over to look at Goten, " Is he dead? " He asked.

" No. " Everyone answered.

" Hmph. Should've hit him harder. " Vegeta replied and sat in a chair.

" Do you guys have any sensu beans? " Bulla asked.

" I think so. I'll be right back. " Gohan replied and fazed out of the room and came back a second later with the bean in hand.

He went to his brother and placed the bean in his mouth and Bulla helped him chew it and swallow it.

A second later, Goten opened his eyes and grabbed his head. He rose up and asked,

" Did anyone get the number of that freight train that hit me? "

" Yeah, but it had letters. " Trunks answered.

" What did they say? " Goten asked again.

" Vegeta. " Bulma answered.

" Why'd you hit me for? " Goten asked Vegeta.

" Because. " Vegeta answered.

" Because...Why? " Goten asked again.

" Because you got my daughter pregnant, you bumbling idiot! " Vegeta answered and smirked when Goten's eyes rolled back and he fell back on the couch.

" Well that's funny. Bulla had the same reaction when the doctor told her the news. " Bulma said, causing everyone, minus Vegeta, to sweat drop.

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