Teach me to love by Sonar

Disclaimer: Blaze Inferno is my character and any WWE superstar mentioned is not my property nor do I sponsor them in any way, shape or form. This idea came out of nowhere really. I'm going to note that despite the fact that she is a character I created about 14 years ago, her real age or name have not been revealed. Have not determined if there will be any more of my created characters but will let you know ahead of time.
Pairing: Ricardo/Blaze

Summary: After a fight reveals that Blaze was probably being used to hurt another only to appear that others were using her just to destroy her, she doesn't know who she can trust when the one she cared for had used her even if the events had already passed. However, it appears that someone does care and wants to keep her from getting hurt again even if the person that hurt her might have never meant to hurt her in the first place including when he did not really want to hurt her in the first place.

It had only started with one single argument that had caused Blaze to just become shattered as she just happened to hear most of the argument. By the time the wrestlers had finished, they had seen Blaze who seemed to be shocked and feeling betrayed. It always seemed like no matter who she was allied with, it appeared that something bad always came out of it. Even as she stood there, her body nearly trembled, knowing that something was not right with this picture.

It seemed that the ones fighting appeared to have no regrets as Blaze had took a few steps back slowly and ran off after turning her body. Someone was watching and it was appeared that they were rather concerned. Even if she had a match later on in the show, it did not appear to matter. She was trying not to cry because she did not want to constantly show weakness as she had been. She had done nothing to deserve this really. She was just someone that was just trying to avoid getting used and somehow becomes a pawn in someone elses plan.

Where does one run to? Her mind was unclear so it was impossible to really go anywhere. Next to that, it appeared that it was raining as she was thinking of leaving. There was so much going on and it was hard to tell who was even on her side. She was allied with someone that she thought that cared for her only to find that she was being used to try and slow down someone else. She did not like the thought of being used at the moment and she did not deserve to be constantly hurt. It was all people did to her.

After getting far away from what had just happened, she slowed down, breathing a bit fast. Still, it seemed that she stopped at the right time because she had found the door to the roof. She was in pain and it was not just heartbreak she felt. She moved her hand to the handle and got it open. She just needed to be alone but it was uncertain if things could go from bad to worse. Would she consider ending her life right then and there? Walking up the stairs, she felt certain that most would assume that she already left. Despite the fact that she had a match, she didn't want to be a burden to anyone. Her long hair did not seem to get over her shoulders while she went to open the door.

She heard the noise of rain as the outside world became exposed to her. She knew that the rain was usually a bad sign and yet it felt so peaceful. It was raining pretty hard as well. The sky was completely covered in gray and black while the rain is the only thing that could be heard. She slowly walked on out and the door closed behind her probably to be never opened again. Still, she had so much on her mind and there was just a moment where she wondered if she would constantly find herself being hurt over and over again.

The rain had started to soak into her clothes already while she was by herself on the roof of the arena. She had recalled how things got from bad to worse and even with all that was going on, she was not sure of what to expect. To find out that not only was she being used to distract someone, she was the one that was being destroyed in the process because she was being used when she did not want to have feelings or be with anyone that she did not have feelings for. She happened to be in a fued with the person that she was told to get close to but it seemed like all it was doing was destroying her and if it wasn't bad enough, she's currently in a fued with Alberto Del Rio.

She did not know how it got started really but her heart was torn. She was sitting down now as the rain was getting her soaked. She did not feel any pain from the rain and her mind felt sort of empty. In the meantime, she wondered if it was really the end of her or not. Did anyone really care or were they just in it for their own gain? Little did she know was that someone had been aware that she was in pain and was intent on finding her before something else went wrong.

While this was going on, Ricardo Rodriguez knew that he was trying to keep his feelings from showing. He was suppose to be getting ready for later tonight when Alberto Del Rio had a match but even what he had seen earlier had bothered him. Secretly, he had fallen in love with Blaze and he recalled how she had helped him and Del Rio before Del Rio practically focused on getting the undisputed heavyweight title.

He had managed to already get out of the locker room area, wondering if she already left. He could tell that she was trying to hold herself together. Adjusting his suit, he had nearly tripped but managed not to falter while aware of the fact that she had not left the arena. It had been an hour ago that she had went missing. Something in his mind told him that he knew that Alberto would want some answers but this was a private matter in his case. He didn't want Del Rio or anyone to find out that he was helping Blaze.

Even if he was just some ring announcer, there was more to him that meets the eye. Even if he appeared to be someone that might not fight against his boss, he did have some skills and was probably hiding more. He did obiviously care about what happened and even if his employer had revealed so much, it was the truth. If she had not left the arena, he could assume that there was only a few places that one could go to in order to keep hidden from everyone else.

As he continued down the long hallway, he had noticed something that didn't seem so obivious. The door that was not far from him appeared to be a bit open. Walking over closer with some caution, he peeked over the other side of the door to see a staircase. Without even saying a single word, he made sure that he was not followed and went around the door, opened it some more and went in. Feelings did appear to be quite mixed even as he made it up the stairs. Upon touching the knob and turning it, he discovered it to be unlocked.

As he got the door opened up, he heard the sound of rain but the obivious presence of someone being out there seemed to cause a chill down his spine. His head had only moved a bit before he had recognized the figure on the roof. The rain seemed to be slowing down while he stood there at the door. He knew something was wrong.

Ricardo yelled," Senorita!"

The rain had felt calm as it managed to slow down. However even as he just got there, it appeared that she was already part way to a standing position. He made his way out, hoping that the door was not going to lock behind him. He made his way towards her only to be behind her on one side.

Ricardo called," Blaze!"

He was concerned even as that voice of his indicated that he was serious. Blaze might of been a bit surprised but the rain must of got to her because she had not really moved her body. Only her head moved as she turned it a bit. She did not even expect him at all. He didn't get too much closer to her as the rain looked like it might try and do something again.

She managed to say," Ri-Ricardo?"

It was the last thing that she would say at this moment as he had to catch her when her body faltered. He was certain that she had been out for a while as her eyelids had closed. He was tempted to call her an idiot for being so foolish for being out in the rain. Certain that this rain might of given her a cold, he moved his hand to her forehead despite almost being hesitant at first. He noticed that she was a bit warm and knew that there was really no time to waste.

He placed an arm around her body and pulled her up. It felt kind of awkward while he moved her body. At one point, he nearly stumbled and mentally wondered what he should be telling himself right now. He did know that he was suppose to be elsewhere but something told him to get her out of this rain as he managed to move her body with him to the door.

He thought," Would of been nice to have some help."

He never could figure why he took such an interest in her to begin with. Still, any man might of fallen for any woman that was different in their own ways. He recalled how she had helped him and Alberto but he knew that she was not out to pick a side. He had figured out that much but why did she even bother to help or did she know that the one that she didn't want to be forced to pick sides anymore against her own will?

Things would of been much simplier if things had not gone the way they did but it seemed that fate has a way of stepping in. He wasn't sure of how to even explain what he had even felt. Even he wasn't as simple minded as some would think. Even if he was just suppose to make sure that he was there at Alberto's side, he wasn't there today because of this one diva. Even as he was in thought, he managed to get her down the stairs. Hoping to get to her someplace warmer without incident might prove to be tricky. He had to hope that Alberto did not find him.

Adjusting his hold on her, he was thinking about what he should do. Tempting to mumble something in Spanish, he stopped himself while going down the hallway. It seemed that he was lucky as no one really seemed to be in the hallway that he was walking down. Despite the show going on, he had to figure to do what was best for her in this situation. Would it be better to have her rest in her locker room or take her to a hotel room for the night? Still, the shows were always moving from one place to another but he did not want her to be left in this state while the show was going on.

He felt a bit wet from that rain as well but it did only cause him to feel a slight chill as the arena did feel warm. He had went down the hallway until he had found where he had wanted to be at. He knew that he should of been focused on being there for Del Rio but ever since the fued started, he could not help but notice the things around him. Sometimes he wondered how he found himself involved yet he did have his moments of getting involved. He knew that he shouldn't of been doing this yet something urged him to at least get her out of the cold.

Ricardo nearly bit his lower lip, thinking of what Alberto might say. He would doubt that Del Rio would understand even if the two were close as friends. Still, he knew how Alberto could be as well. Ricardo had silently thought about what he should do while adjusting his hold on her body. He was not sure if he would have any regrets making what should be a simple decision but at the moment, he knew that he had to make a decision fast. Would he just leave her in her locker room or for someone else to tend to or would he take matters into his own hands?

As he looked right at Blaze, he realized that his judgement got that better of him. Close to mentally cursing, he knew that Alberto would have quite a talk to him about leaving without saying anything about it. Despite the fact that he was loyal, he was like every man that seemed to sometimes help someone that was in need but it usually depended on the situation.

Ricardo thought," You should be fortunate that someone's here to help you."

He may of had strong loyalty to Alberto but right now, his concern was helping her before she ended up with a cold or something. Besides, it would only help with the fued if she was not left in a bad state. He did not know why he would even help if he was on Alberto's side. He did not bother to really validate his decision to get Blaze out of the arena because it wasn't worth wasting his time to think about it now. He would worry about it after.

Without hesitating any more, he made his move and within a short amount of time, he did what needed to be done. He had figured that if he at least gave her a place to rest than let others find out about it, he could possibly either stay with her or just come back in the arena in time to be there for Alberto. Sighing a bit loudly, he got to work.

In a short amount of time, he managed to get her into a car, grab his and her things and then he left the parking lot with her. All he could hear was the sound of the rain as he drove the car out of the parking lot. He could of caught himself mumbling but he stopped himself while the radio was playing. The rain wasn't as hard as it was before but that could change. In his mind, there was no way that he was driving with her to the next location for a match since it might cause an awkward situation.

Ricardo thought," And here I am suppose to be the bad guy only to find myself saving the woman that is in a great deal of emotional pain."

He kept focused on the road but stole a glance at her before determining which hotel to go to. It took him a bit of time but he managed to find a hotel. He would have to get her in first before going for the bags. As the rain started to come down hard, he managed to get by the door. He mentally wanted to curse in Spanish as he heard the rain coming down. He went to where Blaze was on the passenger's side, wishing that she was awake now and got a hold of her. He managed not to bang her head in the process while getting her out. Holding onto her body, he moved as fast as he could to get her inside. Someone that worked at the hotel got the door open and it allowed him to get in easily. He looked around and found a chair to place her in. He placed her in the chair and then went to grab the things and park the car.

After that was done, he came in, looking a bit wet. The things he would do. Even he would of done the same for Alberto and that was no lie. Ricardo had went to the desk and had booked a room. He got help with the bags while he took care of Blaze. After a few minutes, he got to his room and once the bags were dropped off inside, Ricardo thanked the guys for the help but didn't bother to give them a tip. Ricardo did not bother to try and get a response from Blaze as he managed to get her to one of the beds after making sure that the door was locked and wondered if it would be wise to strip her of her wet clothes since she did not wear a jacket outside.

Mumbling something in Spanish, he had her sitting up even if the covers were torn open on one side because of him. Any man that had an outcold woman with them would of probably taken advantage of this situation. In this case, he wasn't going to do anything to her except just lay her down and figure what he should do. After moving her legs, he got her into the bed and just pulled up the covers. He nearly felt frustrated but decided it wasn't worth it as he felt a bit cold due to being out in that rain. Even as he decided to get himself a towel, he took a look and saw that the weather was not improving.

Ricardo thought," Starting to wonder if someone doesn't like me out there."

He sighed softly but did not feel defeated despite nearly slouching his shoulders. He knew that he would have some explaining to do as he moved around the warm hotel room. Moving himself over to Blaze's side, he managed to place the back of his hand to her forehead to only notice that she was quite warm. It did feel kind of frustrating that he was suppose to be doing his job yet this had to happen. No one could of seen it coming either way as he realized that she could get a cold at this rate. Quickly, he had acted and managed to contact room service to get another quilt up. After that call, he got a cloth, soaked it, wrung it out and placed it on her forehead.

Even as he looked to the watch he had on his wrist, he wondered if he would of made it back in time. He nearly bit his lower lip even as he looked at the time.

He thought," I could possibly make it but this rain is not making it easy. What do I tell Alberto though if he realizes I'm not there?"

There was moments where he could of nearly whacked his head for not thinking this through but he didn't expect Alberto to expose things that had already passed. He knew that Blaze did not deserve to be treated badly yet the person she was with did seem to care about her as well as noted. Still, it was obivious that some things were never right to begin with. The fued that was going on didn't really seem like a fued even if they were facing each other. When he watched Alberto and Blaze face off, it didn't seem like she had no disrespect but still performed well in the ring against him.

Slowly, he walked up to the window, placing one of his hands in his hair. When he looked outside, the rain was clearly causing problems on the road and the expression on his face clearly said it all. He was so going to get lectured by Alberto when they saw each other again. He could of easily blamed Blaze but the decision he had to made clearly made it his fault as well. He was suppose to remain loyal to Alberto and instead of doing that, he aided someone that wasn't really an enemy but it was hard to tell whose side she was on.

He moved away from the window, ignoring the sound of the rain while walking over.

Ricardo spoke," Looks like it's you and me."

In his mind, he did feel a bit frustrated but all he could do was watch Raw from television and only hope that what he did was the right choice. For now, he knew that he would probably have some peace and quiet for a while but did not really feel the need to explain his actions even to her even if she woke up. He got himself comfortable after getting changed since he knew he would not make it back in time and just watched some television. He did not know what would happen from there but time could only tell.