Ron looked down at his daughter with pride. He slowly turned her until she was facing the Malfoy boy and said to her very clearly.

"Rose, you see that blond boy over there. Beat him at very subject at school and never talk to him if it does not involve rude words and most of all never ever like him."

Hermonie told Ron to stop influencing Rose with his bad ideals but I had already drifted off into her thoughts wondering what could be so bad about the skinny blond boy.

7 years later

"Albus, I swear you are sweetest Slytherin in the world but could you be any lazier? Get up already!" Rose yelled banging at Albus' door. Albus quickly opened the door causing me to stumble as I had been lending against his door.

Albus yawned lazily leaning against the door frame "Rosie, please next time let me sleep, it's not like we're going to leave for another 3 hours."

I punched Al in the arm "Ow," he yelped grimacing. Then I smiled at him evilly "That was for making me wait for 10 minutes for you to get up. Everyone else has already left."

Al glared at me with which was amazing consider he usually doesn't even have enough energy to get dressed until after noon. "Rosie I thinkeveryone can't read the time it's only 8 o'clock."

I raised an eyebrow back at Al offend that he would contradict me. "Albus it's 10:40 you can't read the time."

Al glanced at his watch "Shit." He slammed the door shut then opened it again only this time he had his suitcase with him. He pushed past Rose and started walking down the stairs. He turned around and asked "Rosie what are you waiting for? We're going to be late."

I silently cursed my cousin for having a short memory before storming up to my room and pinning my head badge on and starting on the huge task of pulling my giant of a suit case down the endless stairs.

When Al and I had finally managed to get to platform 9 and ¾ the train was about to leave. We pushed through all the parents dropped our luggage on the luggage carriage (no need to wonder where the name came from) before running onto the last passenger carriage only to bump into a pole. There we spilt ways; Al went and tried to find his friends as I went to the heads compartment.

I wonder who the other head will be. Slowly I opened the door going through all the options in my head. Instead of my co-head I was greeted with the back of Scorpious Malfoy's head. Malfoy was looking out the window.

"Excuse me Malfoy but I think that you have the wrong compartment if you were looking for Albus I think he went up to the first carriage. "

The arrogant prick just smirked over his shoulder at me. I smiled with my rage barely under control.

"I think you didn't hear me would you please get out of the private head compartment." I ended the statement with my most threating tone and face as I took my wand out of sleeve. The little piece of dirt just turned his head away from me and kept looking out the window. Well he can't just walk over me. I decide that Malfoy's hair may need a little bit of changing. I silently shot a curse at him before settling down onto the closest couch and started reading "Emma" by Jane Austin (a Muggle author, surprisingly good through).

Half an hour into the train ride I silently went over in my head what I was going to say to the prefects when they come in. I hope my co-head come in soon so we will have time to compare notes for the rosters of prefect rounds.

Scorpious' annoying voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "Carrot, ignoring me isn't going to change the fact, so stop staring at a wall and start staring at something worthwhile. "

My cheeks and the tips of my eyes flushed a deep red. Even though I have endured all the insults from Malfoy, but as soon as he says something about my hair I blush, I swear it's the Weasley curse.

"First of all Barbie you may want to change the colour of your hair and secondly what is the DAMN fact that you're taunting me with?"

Malfoy's ever present smirk spread even wider. Prat. "Are you blind Weasley?"

"It would be a relief because I would never have to see you again Barbie, but sadly I'm not blind and JUST SPIT OUT THE DAMN FACT ALREADY."

"Weasley look at my chest." After Malfoy said that he burst into hysterical laughter.

"You prevented little weasel. I will not look at your chest." I snuck a glance at his chest to see what all the fuss is about. On his chest there is a head badge. My mouth dropped open in horror. Who decided that it would be a good idea to stick the person who I hate the most in the same dorm as me? I mean he is sole reason I've had a detention. At the worst second of my life a knock comes at the door. The good news is it shut up Malfoy, but the bad news is I'm still freaking out about Malfoy and me having to share a dorm and in that process I had forgotten my whole speech.