Rose Pov

I know this may seem childish and it was out of character but I curled up into a ball locked my door and hid under the covers with my wand raised. When I did fell asleep out of pure exhaustion it was filled with nightmares, leaving me more tired than when my head hit the pillow.

I awoke when Roxy gently nudging my shoulder.

'Rose I'm afraid you're going to have to get up.' She stated quietly.

'I can't Roxy.' I answered weakly knowing that it was true, just another day in bed then maybe I'll work up the will to get out of my safe room. That reminds me my door was locked how could have Roxy gotten in. I looked up and my innocent cousin face had turned colourless white. Her eyes seemed to drain of all colour. Her school uniform morphed into a black cloak that looked like rippling ink. I stared in horror as the skeleton like hand reached for me. On its palm lay a red rose the shade of crimson blood.

I sat bolt upright when I heard knocking on my door.

'Rose, get up.' This was followed by more banging on my door. I slowly crept towards the door. I opened the door up a crack to see who was there, undoing my many spells. I took a step back as Fred stomped into the room.

'Where were you this morning?' He asked crossly, scowling furiously.

'W-w-what do you m-mean." I stammered.

'At Quidditch practise obviously,' the tightness around his eyes soften a bit 'look Rose, I know that your very upset about having to break Lily and Scorpius up but that really isn't any reason for you to skip practise. I know that you probably are feeling a bit awkward around her but if you miss another training session you're off the team.' He walked out of the room looking sorry, leaving me there dumbstruck. I glanced at the clock on my bedside table and found out the time is 8:30 am. I had missed training this fact didn't stop me from being angry at him through.

Does Fred even care about me? I know I'm probably paranoid because I've just had a death threat put against me but does he know how many ways you could die on a Quidditch pitch?

I, think, not.

Does Fred not read the Daily prophet? I thought over the question and realised the answer was no, he doesn't. He had stopped reading after Kilena Sticker had posted an article about him being secretly adopted, complete with the full cover story (extremely unlikely as Mum did a blood test on him just to be sure after he begged her for ages because he was paranoid (and being more stupid than usual). I grappled for reasons that Fred to know about the reason why I hadn't turned up this morning and I came up with nothing. He walks in the other direction as soon as people start gossiping, and his closest friends hate to gossip as well, so, they probably wouldn't have said anything either. No Weasley or Potter family members tell Fred anything because, once again, he walks in the other direction as soon as you try.

I gave up with the problem about Fred almost kicking me off the team and started getting ready for class. As I tied my shoes up my gaze kept wandering to every shadow in the room, wondering how many ways a bloodthirsty murder could hide. Then it struck me, I live in a world full of magic, they could be standing right in front of me and I would never even see them. I hurried to push this thought down before it could suffocate what scarps of bravery I had left.

As I rushed through the common room I stopped dead and backtracked. There on the couch, dead to the world lay Albus and Palo. I smiled at how innocent they both looked out smirks on their faces. I grimaced as Albus let out a loud, rumbling snore ruining the moment completely. To top it off Palo also let out a toot, a very very smelly toot. I gagged, covering with my mouth with my hand I managed to block out some of the smell while looking for the textbooks for my first class. As I poked through pile and pile of books lying around the common room a pale hand landed on my shoulder. All the nightmares of last night came back to me in one moment and I brought a heavy Transfiguration book around to wack my attacker away. I continued to batter the creature away with this book, closing my eyes so I couldn't see the monster until it let out a loud yelp. Ghastly creatures from the depths do not yelp like a puppy dog having its tail stepped on. I took a break for a moment and cracked one of my eye lids open to peek. There was no monster in front of me, just a blond boy cowering behind raised arms.

'You're not a monster.' I said in shock. Slowly Blond boy a.k.a. Scorpius Malfoy dropped their arms and scowled at me.

'How observant of you Weasel-be. Attacking the innocent now are we.' My heart was still pounding from my almost encounter with figments of my wild imagination and even through the threat on my life, I still hadn't forgotten about what happened to Scorpius so instead of retorting. I quickly muttered sorry before spotting my text books and running out of the room.

I entered my assigned classroom for this morning and buried my head in the one of my worn out text books. Not worn out from being passed down but through use. Since Dad had little when he was younger he was careful with money but he thought that we should have brand new textbooks and not go through what he had when he was younger. Continuously buying or receiving old battered copies when all his friends had shinning copies that didn't smell of hogs vomit. I took in another deep breath at the pure air that was in the room thankful that I had escaped the smell of Palo's fart, Merlin, was that boy smelly.

When the class filled up and I couldn't seem to concentrate on the work in front of me. Eyes bored into me and every time I looked up the people who had been staring quickly turned away and muted whispers arose. Eventually the professor got angry enough at the classes obvious lack of attention to send us out earlier. I packed my bag quickly, making sure to keep my eyes down and ignore all people who had dropped any pretence not to be staring, watching me like I was about to explode. Obviously they had decided there was no point in hiding their motives, joy.

I briefly wondered how I could still be so sarcastic in the midst of the biggest crisis of my life.

I escaped the confinements of the classroom, heading through a dark, dank secret passage that I know eventually leads to kitchen.

I walked into the homely smell of the kitchen with a big sigh of relief. Immediately a small elf named Goggly (she is related to an elf call Dobby who my parents were very fond of).

'Hello Miss Rose, how are you today? What shall you be having?' Her voice ended on a strange high pitched note that was uniquely hers. Also her extremely big eyes seemed even wider than usual (if possible, she was named Goggly because her eyes were, well, so big and, Goggly. The fact she wore these big goggles with glass lens and rimmed in copper seemed to highlight this to the point).

'Just a blueberry muffin please Goggly.' The little elf beamed before tottering off the complete my order, I went and sat on a bench around a big wooden table that uncle George had funded for. He claimed that it was for the elves to sit down on while grinning cheekily at his son. He also claimed it was for when they got tired but the whole idea was prosperous. Elves never got tired and were far too small to sit comfortable on the bench and rest their hands on the table. I was not going to complain however since I had used the facilities far too often myself.

Goggly came back with a huge blueberry muffin set out on a plate. I broke a bit of and the delicious scent of freshly baked muffin wafted up to me. I was just about to bring it up to my mouth when I was ambushed.

I screamed as I tumbled towards the floor.

'Hey Rose.' Lily whispered climbing off my back. I rubbed my very, very sore head as I struggled to rise.

'Hi Lily.' I croaked out as I made sure that nothing important was broken. The things that frighten me the most was that Lily didn't even seem worried that she might have hurt me. A flash of fear ran through me as I entertained the possibility that Lily had found out about Al's stupid plan to break her and Scorpius up and was here to reap retribution.

'I knew I'd find you here since I didn't see you at breakfast and your stomach rules your moves.' I shifted uncomfortable at her words. I had long ago realised that I had nearly my Dad's appetite but that did not mean I was happy about it.

'Anyway your parents have asked all of us to look out for you, I bagsed looking after you at lunch and anything after dinner.' I was touched that she was willing to give up her free time for me. Lily continued on chatting 'Fred is looking after you training and delivering after practise to the head dorms. Al will look after you through breakfast and will walk you to your first class. Dom is looking out for you between classes and at lunch. Which leads me to my main point, I'm moving into your room for the time being. No need to worry Scorpius already helped moved everything across and I've set up myself so you have to do nothing.' She prattled on like this until I smiled at her and asked for hand up.

'You know it's really strange that Dom volunteered for this. I didn't know you to are so close?' I weakly nodded in response.

Blueberry muffins, you don't know the half of it I thought.