Summary – Hunter arrives in Widows Vale with his mentor Ciaran MacEwan. There he meets his half brother Cal and his girlfriend Morgan, whom he feels strangely drawn to, and is sucked into a cat and mouse game that has played between Ciaran and Selene Belltower for years and on top of it all he is reunited with his cousin Sky who is a Seeker for the International Council of Witches and has been hunting him down for years.

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My Goddess, what has Hunter become? He has truly forgotten our teachings, the ways of our coven and our family, he turned his back on everything and now follows a monster. I honestly don't know what I would expect to see when I still hoped to one day see him again, I imagined hundreds of different possibilities. But seeing how far he has actually fallen broke my heart, he is at the epicenter of everything that is dark by associating with Selene and Ciaran and I fear it's too late to bring him back. It'll kill me if I have to turn him in to the council and strip him of his powers. Please Goddess, I beg of you, find a way to help lead him down the right path, I hope there is something or someone who can pull him out of his darkness before it is too late.


At the circle everyone was on their best behaviour. Sky had left shortly after speaking with me, she had not stuck around that long and I can't say that I blame her, not only did she have to face her disappointment of a cousin for the first time in 7 years but she would have to play nice with highly dangerous witches on the councils top wanted list and if there was something Sky couldn't do, it was play nice.

I didn't really want to stay myself but my desire to share a circle with Morgan outweighed my desire to leave. I wanted to feel her energy flow through the circle more than I care to admit, but for the first time since I could remember it was more because I felt a connection to Morgan than my insatiable thirst for more power.

A darkness had crept into me a long time ago when I called upon that taibhs and what came with it was a hunger I just couldn't control. For years now I have watched Ciaran destroy lives, even whole towns in his quest for power. I don't condone his actions, yet my deepest shame is that I stand idly by and allow it to happen just so that I may become stronger, worse yet, I, myself, have often taken part in these devastating rituals

I'm not proud of the things I have done. I always regret them and I guess that is my only consolation. I'm not a good person, Goddess how can I be? I may not approve of murder but a good person would make a stand, not take part and reap the benefits. I am weak and it makes me the worst kind of person.

At least Ciaran knows what kind of person he is and revels in it. I battle daily with all my basic principles and morals and try to convince myself that somehow having them might make me redeemable. It was the ultimate catch 22 situation. I can't pretend to be something I'm not, as much as I try to be, but my need for power always clouds over all of my preconceptions and I have never been able to fight it. I feel the power and nothing else matters in that moment and so I give in to it. Every time.

In case you were wondering, I learnt to live with the fact that my complexes are too much for any shrink to analyze a long time ago.

For years I stayed loyal to Ciaran as a thanks for taking me in when I was homeless, for showing me a way to live without the constraints of the council and using my full potential, for gifting me more power than I ever imagined. I respected him and looked up to him as a father.

Even though I have never dared to speak of them with my mentor, I believed Ciaran has always known about my internal conflict and it has often made me question why he keeps me around. At least I did until I came here. I realize now that I am just another point for Ciaran in his game with Selene. I was angry that after many years at his sides I was still just a chess piece to him and I wasn't sure how to feel about that.

Morgan didn't disappoint in the circle. I had a taste of her power and I was in awe. As much as I craved it, as much as I wanted to claim it for myself something inside of me stirred which was stronger than my hunger, it was purer and much more primal and I clung to the feeling with fervor.

She was usually a beautiful woman, but lit up by the joy of her magick, she was truly the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. I knew now more than ever that she needed to be protected. I had to protect her.

After the circle I headed straight over to Morgan, I couldn't stop myself. I felt Cal's eyes on me as I approached, he seemed untrusting. I thought we had made good head way but he was acting far too territorial about Morgan for someone who claims to have no true deep feelings for her. I didn't like it.

"Hunter," he greeted me as I approached, "how did you enjoy the circle this evening?"

"That was really something," I blurted "I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a circle so much" as I said it, it suddenly occurred to me that I spoke the truth. A simple circle, magick in its purest form no longer seemed to fulfill me as they used to as they're supposed to, I guess the more I yearned the more they left me feeling empty, until tonight that is.

"I'm glad," Morgan smiled,

"We have to get going, I have to give Morgan a ride home." Cal took Morgan's hand in his

"I have a curfew," she explained, "it's a school night. See you around, Hunter"

"Goodbye Morgan, Cal"

I struggled to contain my jealousy as they walked away together. I could no longer deny that I wanted her. Cal didn't even love her, he had told me that himself. It seemed so unfair that he is the one that holds her hand.

For now at least, as long as what he told me about not wanting to see her come to any harm is true I would have to bide my time and see what becomes of them. But I'll be watching closely to ensure she will always be safe.

The car ride back with Ciaran was silent. I could feel his eyes on me from time to time but he left me alone with my thoughts. But my thoughts circled back to her. I asked myself again how could someone I have barely known a day affect me so strongly?