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Yeah. So, I know I shouldn't be doing this, but, well, here I am with another story. As for Soaring through a Blue Flamed Sky, which is on LJ but not here, I'm having... A severe writer's block about it, and I'm not actually sure if I should continue the series at all, even though I've only written the prologue. It just isn't... Moving.

So, yup. A KuroxFaixYuui for you! -runs away-



Prince Kurogane Suwa was the second son of lord Suwa. Born to Akira and Ryuu Suwa, Kurogane has always had a hot temper, something not unlike his older brother, Youou. Kurogane, not being the crown prince, decided to relinquish the roles and duties of one, and journey out of his country.

His journey has taken him to many places, but he has the most memorable memories of a few places.

Nihon, where Princess Tomoyo, his childhood friend, and her sister, Empress Amaterasu, teased him to no end while he was there, and he flew into a rage quite a few times, but that only served to make them laugh harder.

Clow, where he met Princess Sakura and her husband, Prince Syaoran. He had heard that in a few years time, King Touya would step down from his throne and pass it to Syaoran, giving him the chance to spend his life with High Priest Yukito.

Celes, where King Ashura, a good friend of his father, taught him basic defensive and offensive magic, and where he managed to learn enough from both the king and the other magicians to convert magic into a type he could use with his blade.

Countries heard about him and his travels, of Prince Kurogane Suwa, wielder of magic and the blade, of the Sun and the Moon.


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