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Yuui kept his head down, bangs covering his face as he asked. "Who's Tomoyo?"

Kurogane raised an eyebrow, looking up from the table, where he had already started eating. "Tomoyo? She's the Princess of Nihon. Met her on my travels before I came 'ere. Her sister Amaterasu's the Empress." His lips curved up in an amused grin, "Pretty little sneaker, that kid was."

Fai was silent, eyes cast downwards and hands trembling, so he hid them under the table, where Kurogane could not see. His jealousy, combined with Yuui's confusion, made the entire castle that much colder.

Kurogane frowned, shivering, looking up from his plate. What was going on? Goddamn, it was cold enough, how could it get any colder? "Oi, can you two do something? S'fucking cold."

Fai looked up, blue eyes smouldering in jealousy and anger. He stared directly at Kurogane, who raised an eyebrow at him. His hands balled up into fists, he hissed, "Why don't you ask Tomoyo to do it for you, then? Since she's so-"

Fai's eyes widened. In the midst of his rant, he had failed to notice Kurogane getting up from his seat and making his way towards him. The ninja's warm, chapped lips on his own cold, smooth ones made him gasp in shock, and Kurogane took the chance to sneak his tongue into the king's mouth. Strong arms lifted him up from his chair, then up even higher. Kurogane pushed his back against the wall behind them, forcing Fai to wrap his legs around the ninja's waist, their lips still connected.

Yuui stood up, eyes heavily lidded, and turned away. He sighed, making his way out of the door and leaning against it after closing it silently behind it. He used one hand to cover his eyes, chuckling humourlessly. "I should have known..."

'Everything that I want... Why does Fai take away from me everything that I want? Even Kurogane. Aren't we supposed to both be with him?' He thought bitterly. 'Why can I never get a fraction of what I want? Why does it always have to go to Fai?'

Yet... Yet, he could not hate his twin. Fai, his little brother, his beloved twin. Fai was more cheerful than he was, he smiled more, and he made people laugh. Naturally, the people of Valeria loved him more than they did Yuui. So... So it was only natural that Kurogane love Fai instead of him, right...?

So why... Why had he held them both close that night? If he only wanted Fai, why did he make it seem as though he wanted both – he need both? If he hadn't sent mixed signals that night, then this wouldn't be such a huge blow to Yuui, but Kurogane had buried his face in his neck that night. Surely that meant something...

'Give it up, Yuui. You're just going to be disappointed.'

He turned, and left.


Yuui went up to the tower to change, then pulled his coat onto his back, but not putting his arms into the sleeves. He walked back down the tower, sighing slightly to himself, and went out of the castle without anyone noticing – Syaoran and Sakura were probably having lunch by now, after all.

He walked to the stable, and gently led his horse – black, sleek and powerful – out. A wave of his hand and Kurayami was prepared, saddle and all. Mounting, he stroked Kurayami's mane once, and the horse galloped out of the capital of Valeria.

On the way, he passed the citizens of his country. He frowned slightly, but said nothing when the people waved at him, but none called out. He supposed that they had no idea which king it was, and that was obvious. After all, who could make out a black and white blur?

He did not think, just continued to ride. It was something that he and Fai always used to do together, but he supposed that now Fai had someone else to hold him now, didn't he? He rode, and rode, until the houses were all behind him and his majestic castle was no bigger than a doll's house.

He was at the edge of a cliff. He could see the snowy expanse of the other side of the river, many, many feet below him. He could jump, he decided, he could jump and be relieved of all the pain and the hurt that he was going through, that he would have no choice but to go through when he returned to the castle, to see Fai and Kurogane so very wrapped up in each other's arms, and him at the corner, alone, cold and so very needing the warmth that he used to be able to get from Fai.

He smiled, closing his eyes as he stepped even closer to the edge, feet almost hanging off the side. If he fell...

'Don't do it, Yuui.'

His eyes flashed open, blue irises gazing coldly at the other side. Why not? Why not jump and be relieved of pain, of waiting again and again for Lavien, for the lover that would never come, for the lover that had chosen his brother over him?

Questions, questions.

And yet no answers came.

He sighed deeply, moving away from the cliff and towards Kurayami, who sniffed and made her way closer to him, gentling nuzzling him and warming his cold hands with her hot breath. He smiled sadly and gently stroked her head. "I'm fine, Kurayami."

"What are you doing out here alone, Yuui?"

The blond spun around, eyes wide and prepared to attack, but relaxed his stance and breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw his childhood friend standing in front of him. He chuckled, walking over to the girl and placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. "I could ask you the very same question, Chii."

The shorter blond laughed, eyes sparkling. "I am a mere noble's daughter, your Majesty. You, however, are the king of Valeria, and are out here, alone. Is Fai busy today, then?"

Yuui's lips parted at the mention of one of the two names he desperately wanted to forget for now. He smiled again, head lowering so that his hair fell over his eyes and shadowed them. "He is. With his lover."

A breath was sucked in harshly. "Lavien?" Chii asked. She knew, of course. Fai and Yuui had always told her that they would only accept Lavien as their lover, and she knew that Lavien was supposed to be with the both of them, not just one. If he had only accepted Fai, then it was possible that the stranger up at the castle wasn't Lavien at all.

"Probably, I don't know. He made me feel warm, Chii. He made me feel whole again, like he wanted to be with me, too. Not just Fai," He chuckled bitterly, "I guess Fai always wins."


"Chii, you know it's true."

The blond girl had nothing to say to that.


Kurogane growled as he continued to assault Fai with kisses, bites and gentle nips on his neck and at his collarbone. The blond king arched into him, crying out his name loudly. "Kurogane! Ahn-!"


"Y-Yuui, he's – ah – gone!"

Spinning around, but keeping his grip on Fai, Kurogane's red eyes scanned the empty dining room. Yuui wasn't there, just as Fai said. Why wasn't he there, though?

Fai panted, coming down from the high that Kurogane had taken him. He very much wanted to have the warrior do that to him again, but concern for his twin was overpowering that want.

Closing his eyes, Fai used his magic to search the kingdom – for surely Yuui would not have left Valeria – for his twin. At first, he panicked, because he could not find his twin's aura nor magic, but relaxed when he found Chii's, who was apparently talking to thin air. That could only mean that it was Yuui, who was currently using his magic to screen himself from Fai.

It hurt. They were twins, weren't they? Born together, loved together, and died together. So why was it that Yuui was trying to hide himself from Fai?

Yes, Fai could be an oblivious idiot in situations such as these. Valeria regularly thanked the heavens that Yuui was not.

But Fai could tell when Yuui did not want to see him, so instead of storming over there to demand why his twin had left, he stayed in the throne room, with Kurogane outside fighting ice dummies that Fai had conjured up for him, and waited.

When Yuui returned, covered in snow, cheeks pink from the cold and eyes sparkling with mirth, he brought Chii along.

"Yuui," Fai said softly, catching the attention of his twin. "Could I talk to you later? Once you've warmed up."

A tilt of the head and a regal nod was all Fai received, before Yuui disappeared into their chambers to dry the two of them up.

Kurogane came trailing back in minutes later, grumbling about the ever-falling snow and plonking himself next to Fai, leaning heavily against the 'fuckin' cold, dammit' throne. "How's your brother?"

Fai shook his head. "He won't talk to me. I don't know what I did wrong, Kuro-pon."

For once, Kurogane ignored the nickname, concerned about how upset Fai was. He grasped Fai's chin and tilted it up to look at him, before growling, "It'll be fine. You'll work it out, the two of you."

Fai smiled, and leaned up to kiss Kurogane gently. "Thank you."

"I don't have time to watch the two of you act so lovey-dovey." Came Yuui's cold voice, cutting through the two lovers like a sharp knife. "Whatever you want to say to me, Fai, please say it fast. I have a guest to attend to, after all."

Fai stared at Yuui, face slack with disbelief. Not once, in all their lifetimes had Yuui spoken to him like that. Even before this life, when they lived different lives and had different names, even when he was the Angel of Day and Yuui the Angel of Light, his twin had not spoken to him with that tone – cold, crisp and unfeeling.

"Yuui," Fai started in what he thought was a reasonable voice, "Why did you leave? And you concealed yourself with your magic so that I couldn't locate you. Why? I thought we were twins, that we were supposed to share everything..."

He trailed off as Yuui's eyes flashed angrily.

"Why?" Fai gasped. That tone of voice, that hatred and coldness and absolute venom had him recoiling into the throne, afraid of his twin's wrath, because never, never never never had they fought like this, never had Fai incurred this much of Yuui's wrath. "Maybe I don't have the interest to see the two of you kissing. Maybe I want to get out once in a while. Maybe for once, I don't want to be your fucking shadow. Maybe I want to be Yuui Fluorite, not Fai Fluorite's twin. Maybe for once, I don't want to be behind you. Maybe I want to be recognised once in a while. Maybe I need to get out and think through my thoughts."

Fai tried to speak, he tried to apologize for what Yuui was saying, but Yuui just cut him off with one last sentence that had him rethinking his apology.

"Maybe, just maybe, Fai Fluorite, I want to be the one that everybody likes. Instead of the one that everybody overlooks. Because I am the Moon, and you are the Sun."

With that, Yuui left, slamming the double doors behind him and leaving a silently sobbing Fai.

Kurogane grit his teeth, and left the king to find Yuui.


"Apologize to him."

"Get out, Kurogane."

"Apologize to him."

"I said to get out, Kurogane."

"Apologize to him."

"I said fucking get out!" Yuui screamed as he rounded on the black haired warrior. "Why do I have to apologize to my perfect brother of a twin? Why don't you just go back to him, kiss him and fuck the daylights out of him, so that he'll forget everything when he wakes up, and the two of you can go ahead and have the time of your fucking life together?"

Yuui did not normally curse and swear like this, but now that Chii had returned home and there was no one to distract him from pure fury, he exploded.

"Your brother car-"

"If he really cared, he would have thought. He would have used the large amount of intelligence in his brain that everybody admires to think, think why I might be so angry, and perhaps, then he should come apologize to me. He would have thought it through and come here alone, but no, he sent you, like the coward he is, because he can't understand why I'm so furious with him, to come and get me to go see him. Well, Kurogane of Suwa, here's the deal. I am not going to apologize to my brother, and I am most definitely not taking any orders from you. Do you get it?"

Kurogane's eyes hardened, and his jaw clenched, before he turned on his heel and left, leaving Yuui alone on the cold balcony, crying silently to himself.


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