Heiss stood beside the castle. It had changed considerably since he left. There were certainly more guards as well. But it was no matter. He pulled out the book and walked in through the gate, unseen and unheard by anyone. The vanishing spell he learned came in handy numerous times.

Though Heiss had been away from this place for a long time, he can still find his way around quite easily. There was some replacement, however. His room was now a locked storeroom that looked like it hadn't been used for a long time. He supposed that his brother didn't want to see anything that would remind him of the traitor.

Heiss went along the corridor. His nephew's room stood just a few steps away. He returned here right after he'd heard that Ernst was going to be the Sacrifice in his place. He wasn't going to let that happen. After all, this world was better off falling into ruin. The Sacrifice should have been Eruca, but Heiss wasn't surprised that Ernst was chosen instead. That foolish boy, always got in his tyrannic father's way, clearly proved himself to be a threat in the king's eyes, unlike the little clever princess who'd learned when to bow her head and stay a good girl. Heiss walked pass the door. He would pay Ernst a little visit later after he'd done what he came to do.