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"Mmnn... We can't do it... Ngh... in a place like this... Hahhh..." Ichigo moaned between the sentence as Aizen entered him slowly, while licking his ear greedily. "It feels... so good..." Ichigo whispered, feeling the heat inside him getting even hotter. He moaned even louder, when the priest started pumping his member. This man's touch always set his body on fire, and nothing could extinguish that lustful flame lit in him.

Ichigo couldn't stop his hips from moving on his own, sheathing his lover's length eagerly as more pleasure began to build up in him. Aizen groaned a little as the muscles surrounding his member tightened, but he refused to stop. He wanted to see more of the boy's flushing face, slowly sinking into the depths of lust and desire.

"There is no need to hold back, Ichigo. Just give in to the deepest desires lingering on your heart..." He muttered, at the boy's ear, biting at the lobe. The orange head kept on rocking his hips back and forth and up and down, feeling lightheaded as the hand surrounding his member refused to go up and down to send wave of pleasures to his body.

Ichigo leaned his head forward and eagerly kissed Aizen, their tongues wetting each others' mouths and lips with no restraint. He bit the younger boy's tongue which made him moan more inside his mouth. "Aizen..." Ichigo said as his lips were still taken deeply, and to deepen it all the more he grabbed those brown locks and pulled him closer, saliva flowing from their mouths as their eyes were full of nothing but lust.

Aizen licked the bridge of his nose that made Ichigo's skin tingle. He continued thrusting into the boy, whose sexy moans never stopped turning him on, no matter how many times they did it. "More... please..." Ichigo pleaded, his face completely red from the sensation and kissed his lover again before the older man moved down to suck on the pink buds that made Ichigo bite his lip to prevent getting so loud.

They were doing it for most likely the hundredth time in the confession box, and despite the space the pleasure that they received from the passionate sex compensated for it. The brunette smirked as he saw his lover's member dripping wet with white semi-fluid, he knew Ichigo is almost at his limits. They couldn't keep count to how many minutes have passed since they were in this stage of sex, the stage where in their bodies become one.

"I'm going to..." Ichigo panted and couldn't finish his sentence, the pleasure completely overcoming him that the only thing he could now is to hold on to Aizen and rock his hips. The latter grabbed his small hips and made one hard thrust that hit the area that drove him over the edge. Ichigo arched his whole head and back, the white substance staining their naked bodies.

After a few more thrusts that continued to make Ichigo feel euphoric, he came as well in him and pulled himself out, before they kissed deeply. They pulled away after long enough, needing to breath air. They put back their clothes on, and Ichigo's lower body felt too light to move, and a bit painful from the forbidden act.

"You know that this should be kept a secret, Ichigo. Make sure you act discreet." Aizen told the boy, walking behind Ichigo who just finished changing his clothes. He tilted the head up and leaned forward for a deep kiss, before letting go and leaving the confession box. Luckily it didn't go dirty, but they still felt very dirty, the sticky and hot feeling seeping through their skin like it's their sweat.

"I will make sure of that." The orange head replied, leaving the place to go to back to his small bedroom, trying to sleep though it's not yet evening. For nearly a year they have been in this relationship, and the more they did it the more dangerous the situation was for them. Ichigo knew that, but he can't resist it. The lust for him, the want for him. Just the thought of him made him moan sexily on his bed, his hand moving to his member that started to harden again.

His hand wrapping the hard flesh moved up and down slowly, his own touches setting his body on fire again. "I have to stop..." He struggled, but his hand could not stop from pleasuring himself in such a lewd manner inside the church. "No..." It was useless, it was impossible to restrain himself. He rocked his hips in sync with the strokes, as he licked the fingers of his free hand and massaged his entrance before plunging two digits in.

His moans brought the dull room to life, coloring it with the color of lust and lasciviousness. The strange substance mixed with a little saliva flowed down his thighs, making him even more dirtier just after he had sex with his lover a while ago. The wet, slimy tips brushed his prostrate, which made him lift his head up as his face was overcome by that of sin. "Unnn... ahhh... hmmm..." His eyes rolled to the back of his head, his breathing unsteady yet loud and heavy.

He let a third finger enter, and the muscles stretched that it gave him a little pain yet the sexual feeling overcame it. It was like he drank a strong aphrodisiac that made his whole body to go crazy with the thought of sex. He couldn't full his fingers off, or release the hold of his hand.

"Stop... ngh... no... more... ahh..." He cried desperately at no one but himself, but it was too late. After several more strokes he spilled all over the plain sheets with creamy white, as his fingers went really deep in him. He could feel the heat and the muscles constrict around the digits, and a tear of pleasure and pain left his brown eyes. His whole body was now stained with sin, as it had been several times. He didn't know that it would lead to a thing like this.

He remembered going to the shower for a bath after cleaning the stables on his own, but he didn't know that the priest was taking a shower in the same room. Before, Aizen was a man who he always looked up to. He didn't know how it ended up to such a relationship that caused him to sin for the first time. It was just another innocent day. But one thing lead to another, and a spark came between them that lead to his first stepping stone towards the darkness. Towards the point of no return.

To be continued...

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