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Why am I feeling pain? Now I know. I was just a tool for his physical needs. Why did I look up to him? Why did I hold respect for him? How could I have been so blind? But still, I love him now. That could be the only reason why my heart hurts, why these hot tears are stinging my eyes. Why did I have to give in at that time? Why didn't I put up my resistance? I despise the fact that I'm naive and allowed him to corrupt my soul.

Ichigo ran away, his eyes red and sorrowful, and went to a cliff that just stood above the large sea not so far from the church. He watched the strong waves, the night sky caused the water to be dark blue almost black. The same color that now tainted his soul. The evil that was seeping into his veins was already dominating him. He continued crying, falling into his knees and covering his drenched face. He felt pathetic that he didn't feel worthy to serve God.

He sniffed from crying too much, as his nose was very runny. He stood up, his glassy eyes looking at the mass of dark blue. He would always repeat the same thing in his head everyday since they started doing it, the same thing about whether he should let this go on or not. He held his head, a foot stepping closer to the edge as he fell back down on his feet.

God, please forgive me. I sinned, and I let the demon take over me, making me do these unimaginable things. Can I make myself pure again? I swear that this time I won't waver or give in to temptation again. No, it's too late. I already went too far, and I can't become the person I used to be. The only way out is...

His eyes, now blank and dead like a doll's looked down. His ears deaf to the rushing footsteps behind him, he jumped down and closed his eyes, waiting for his demise to arrive, which won't be long now. Before his body plunged into the water, a stray tear left his eyes and stayed in the air before dropping to the water, causing a gentle ripple that contrasted to the violent one when he sank in.

He felt like his lungs were constricted as the salty water suffocated his air ways. He opened his eyes, and saw a dark figure reaching out for him. Despite him choosing to kill himself, he reached up and took the hand, and then, darkness filled his eyes as he lost consciousness. His tears never stopped to let the hot and cold tears flow as the bitter drops mixed.

I love you... Aizen. But, you don't feel the same, right? Then I have no more reason to live. That's not the only reason though. There are other reasons, and I'm positive that you know what they are.

Feeling warm lips touch his and air plunge down his throat, he sat up and coughed, water spurting out his mouth. He punched his stomach so more water would come out, and sighed in relief when he no longer felt the heaviness from his lungs. "Wait..." He stood up, and looked at his hand which he used to grab whoever was it that reached out for him. "Who saved me?"

Hearing coughs not so far, he turned to his right and saw a half-naked Aizen all drenched wet from head to toe, coughing from the loss of oxygen. "Why... did you try and kill yourself?" He said between loud coughs. Though how mad and pained he is feeling towards the latter, Ichigo rubbed the broad and firm back to help him. "Why did you save me?" He asked in return, ignoring the question that the man asked him.

"Isn't it obvious?" He nearly spat, and Ichigo flinched from how dead serious his voice was. "What in the world is obvious?" The teen shouted after looking at him with fear for a minute. "I'm nothing but something to satisfy your needs, am I right?" He continued, standing back up with anger in his eyes mixed with heartbroken sorrow.

Aizen gritted his teeth from pain, it was difficult for him to form those words out loud. He knew what he was feeling, but he doesn't know what's keeping him from saying it. "Why can't you just say it already? Why are you staying quiet?" The boy continued to shout.

He was shut up when lips crushed against his mouth, and he tried to push the man away with his will but it was futile. This man's kisses were now like a drug that he could never get rid of. "It's not that easy." Were the only words that served as the teen's answer. He was pushed down to the sand, and their mouths smashed together with no mercy. His eyes started to shed tears again, but this time it wasn't because he was heartbroken. What Aizen said gave him a thousand messages that he understood clearly.

God, forgive me. But I cannot leave him. Because, this is who I am right now. I am his, as he is mine. If this means forsaking my faith, then...

Hot air escaped his red lips as his neck was ravaged lustfully, with his bottom grabbed gently. Though the sand was itching him, the pleasure was more important right now. He shivered when a tongue penetrated his ears mercilessly. The had that was once holding his bottom went to his member that was now directed upward as as hard as stone.

"Hnnn... ngh..." Each stroke made him wince and almost mewl, that Aizen gave in to the temptation of tasting his lips again, but the moans kept on ringing in his ears like music. The sensation already infected his whole body like an unstoppable virus with his hands starting to caress his own chest, his fingers pinching his nipples. He sucked the three digits that were caressing his lips, and as his member was still being stimulated one finger plunged deep in him like a knife of both opposite temperatures.

He could feel the finger doing its job in widening his entrance that remained tight no matter how many times he was taken. The heat of his muscles enticed him into going inside the boy already, but this time he would let it wait. Though he never said those three words out loud, he was sure that right now Ichigo received his answer to the question that he gave him a while back.

He added the second one and Ichigo tensed, his face burning red with his lips plump from the need for this. It was hard to adjust since he wanted this to be slow, he didn't want this to be too fast to end in a minute's time. He made up his mind. He couldn't leave this man's side, who marked him as his since the beginning.

Ichigo wiggled his hips after a few minutes, whispering that it was okay to add the final finger. He complied and he could feel electricity in his veins, his heart rate going to the top in a second that it felt so good, he could cry any minute now. Aizen nibbled on the pink, swollen buds and he arched his back off the sand, from being pleasured in three places at once.

He felt disappointment when the fingers were removed off him, and was slightly nervous. A deep but gentle kiss calmed him down, and a hand caressed his tan cheek to brush the stray tears away. "Only if we could embrace each other like this for eternity, with time and the others out of the way. I love him, no matter how sinful this is." He thought as he was entered slowly until the hard heat was fully inside, sheathed by the ring of muscles that were contracting violently.

"So hot..." He panted as his head dropped to the side. He moaned inside the hot mouth that kissed him again, as slight thrusts were made. Both their hands touched each others' hair that was soft beyond reason. His eyes screwed themselves shut when he was impaled, his prostate hit that he felt lightheaded.

Their nude bodies rocked in unison, and Ichigo was at a loss for words now at this situation that they're in, he couldn't even moan or scream. He could only pant and breath to relax himself as much as he can to prevent from passing out. He gazed at dark brown orbs that sucked him in like black holes. He could never escape from this man, and he doesn't intend to.

Minutes passed like hours, hours passed like days, and yet they still were one, their bodies remained connected and merged, along with their hearts and souls. No matter how much they sinned, no matter what they do, they could never run away from the other.

This was the only sin that we ever committed. God, can you forgive us for that? I cannot leave him. My heart belongs to you as it belongs to him as well. Why can't such things like these exist? Our love is pure, even though it's hidden behind a curtain of darkness.

Ichigo's hands desperately clung on to Aizen's as he came for the third time after keeping the pleasure in him for so long. The white, sticky drops landed on his stomach and chest, and he sighed from the relief as he already released the burning pain that was building up from this. He screamed briefly when he was filled yet again, and they kissed. Their arms embraced, and Ichigo's eyes looked at the sky, believing God was there watching them.

Aizen's eyes were filled with rare warmth when he looked at Ichigo for the last time, before they fell asleep in the sand later, with nothing but their soiled and wet clothes to serve as their blankets. A rosary ended up at the shore as they started to breath softly, content in each others arms as they continued to hold each other in their firm embrace. The rosary stayed there in the white sand, still as the cross at the hill where their God was crucified.

I love you, Ichigo. Even if everyone would shun us, I would never stop feeling that way. As long as I believe in you and God, He will never abandon us. My heart was devoted to both of you, since you appeared in front of me with that apple that was the opposite of the evil residing in the one that Adam and Eve ate.

Even if the rest would treat us like outcasts, my faith will not waver. God will not abandon us.


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