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Chapter 1

(Jack's pov)

"Jack!" Gwen yelled. "help!" She came in dragging a limp Ianto who had blood dripping down no his stomach he looked very pale. Jack's heart nearly broke at the site but Jack ran up to help Gwen while grabbing something to stop the blood he called Owen to the medical bay. When Owen came in he was in full doctor mode. Hooking Ianto up to machines and when he spoke he sounded sad "Ianto has picked up an alien diseases right now I'm analyzing the data and I am trying to find out if there are any similar cases."

Ianto began to stir "what happened." Then Owen said, "Ianto I need you to tell me are you hurting any where, nausea, headache, anything… "well… Ianto began, "my head hurts, my stomach hurts, I'm sore and my throat is dry.

"What's sore Ianto," Owen said. "My feet, hands, neck, chest, and legs," Ianto said. "well from my scan it looks like you have been infected by a vishtar. You know that cut in your stomach he has venom. It basically feeds off of your antibodies and then eats at your blood vessels."

"You have a antidote right," Jack asked. Owen looked sad then said, "sadly no but I can get one I just need the vishtar to do it." "Ok," Jack said. "I'll get Ianto settled in my bunker and start looking for it."

Jack realized that while they were talking Ianto had fallen asleep. He didn't wake up as Jack picked him up and took him down to Jack's bunker and laid him down on his bed and Ianto began to stir. He woke up and looked at Jack and said, "Hey." "Hey to you too," Jack said, "Are you hungry." "A little bit," Ianto said sheepishly. "Ok then I'll get you something to eat." He got Ianto some water and tomoto soup. When he got back he gave Ianto the food he was visibly getting weaker but didn't comment and then he tucked Ianto in bed to go to sleep.

Jack crawled in bed with Ianto and fell asleep.