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~ The numbers after the letters (variables) are actually exponents, it's just that fanfiction turned them to normal numbers, but in reality, they are actually exponents... anyway, hope ya enjoy reading ~

~ Algebraic Love Expression ~

Yamamoto Takeshi is tired of it. He is so tired of being called an idiot, by Gokudera Hayato, his lover, whenever he would tell him "I love you". Which is why, he have decided… he will prove to Gokudera that he is not an idiot, yet, is still going to tell him that he loves him, at the same time and his solution for that is… an algebraic expression!

It was math time when Yamamoto passed a paper onto Gokudera. He thought it was the perfect time to do this.

On the front part of the paper, there was a note that said, 'Solve it. –Yamamoto'

Gokudera rolled his eyes. It was probably one of the problems the baseball idiot couldn't solve. Definitely clueless on what it was, Gokudera unfolds the paper.

50 + 53 + 21 + 19 (a) (d^4) (e^3) (g^8) (k^6) (o^7) (r^2) (u^5)

~Sincerely and literally yours forever,


Gokudera blushed at Yamamoto's ending line. He shook his head and decided to just solve the damn problem.

Within a minute, or probably even less, Gokudera was able to answer Yamamoto's problem. At first, he felt proud and awesome, but when he got Yamamoto's message, he started to blush furiously, "T…that idiot…!"

Yamamoto saw Gokudera's expression, and somehow, he was able to read his lips, he only let out a sigh when he read Gokudera say, "That idiot", looks like whatever he do, he will always and forever be an idiot to Gokudera.

Just when Yamamoto lost hope, Tsunayoshi Sawada slipped a paper on his table, "It's from Gokudera-kun." he whispered to the baseball fanatic.

Yamamoto glanced at Gokudera, whom he caught glancing at him, but turned away, with a blush, at the moment he saw him glance at him.

Blinking innocently, Yamamoto unfolds the paper, 'Not bad idiot, but I prefer you doing it orally. Tch, not that I like it or anything… it's just better, like what if someone reads it and-…ugh, why am I even explaining.'

The boy let out a chuckle, oh Gokudera, in denial as always, but hey, that's what makes him cute!

Later that time, lunch time…

Yamamoto sneaked behind Gokudera's back, he leaned closer to the ear of his unsuspecting victim and whispered, "I love you Gokudera."

Answer to Yamamoto's problem: 143(g^8 o^7 k^6 u^5 d^4 e^3 r^2 a)

143 = I Love You

"I Love You Gokudera"

~ End ~

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