Hey! It's Kia again. And with a new rated M story. This is only my second lime-ish story I've ever written so be prepared in case it isn't quite up to par.

Anyway, it's an implied LightxL. There actually really isn't any interaction between the two, but it is, like I said, implied at the end.

I always make it a point to read over my work before I post it to see if it is something that I would read myself. And this did seem to be the type of story that I found I would enjoy so I hope that you enjoy it as well. It's a bit short for my tastes, but most of my stories are unfortunately. I just can't seem to get more than 2000 words a story.

Anyway so here we are with:


Summary: Light couldn't take it anymore. He felt like he was dying. He was a healthy 17 year old boy. Without any privacy at all. What the hell did L expect him to do?

Light couldn't stand it anymore. That damn detective and those damn handcuffs. He wasn't even allowed to shower without them! That meant that the eccentric detective was sitting less than 6 feet away, with only a paper-thin shower curtain separating them.

Now Light really didn't mind too much undressing in front of his friend, it was just like being in a locker room during gym class. Besides, Light was proud of his body. He knew he was very attractive and held no shame admitting it. So, he didn't mind being naked in front of anyone really.

What he did mind however, was that Light was a normal 17 year old teenager, suddenly finding himself with no privacy at all. For over two months.

He really thought he could handle it, but Light had gotten used to ejaculating at least once a week since he had been 15. It was two months now without touching himself. At all.

He felt like he was dying.

When he had first discovered the conditions on this handcuff arrangement, Light had expected to be allowed free moments in the shower to enjoy himself. When he found that the detective would be sitting in with him for the entire duration of his shower, Light hadn't known what to do. And Light had been loathed to discover that when he did not climax at least once a week, he would become aroused at the silliest things.

All the time.

The first moment he realized this fact was when he began to take notice of the way that Matsuda would walk away to go and retrieve coffee for the rest of the team. The gentle curves of his hips and the delicious length of his long thin legs. As soon as the thoughts actually registered in Light's mind, his face had turned an unnatural shade of green before turning back to his work, pretending it never happened.

Deciding that it had only happened due to his lack of sleep, Light managed to convince himself that it was just a one time thing, until the next day. When he found out, uncomfortably, just how suggestive it was to watch Ryuzaki eating one of his lollipops.

It had nearly killed Light.

It almost did kill him when L had turned towards Light and had asked him if he was alright and that his face was turning a rather bright shade of red.

Hell, even Misa finally managed to turn him on for once.

And here he was again, taking another warm, soothing shower. With an ever present detective sitting just outside the curtain. And an almost ever present hard on between his thighs.

Damn! He even managed to turn himself on!

Well. Light had had just about enough of this. It just wasn't worth it anymore. And if L had a problem with it…well, he should have known what he was doing when he chained himself to Light.

Light just couldn't wait anymore.

With that resolution in mind, he let his eyes fall shut before reaching his unchained hand up to the top of his neck, directly under his left ear. If he was going to do this, he was going to make it count.

A lightly-touching finger slowly made its way down his neck and lower still, over the top of his chest before finding its way to one of his nipples. Light let out a near silent sigh at the pleasure he felt as he gently rolled the nub between two fingers.

Damn how he had missed this!

Quickly bringing his other hand into play, Light brought it up and, in a manner identical to his occupied hand, began circling his right nipple teasingly.

For a moment he wondered what L would be thinking if he knew what Light was doing. Hell. He probably did know already. Nothing escapes that man.

Getting his fill of pleasure from his chest, Light moved his unchained hand further down his body while the other, chained, hand continued its work on his nipples. When his hand got to the base of his penis, Light gently pulled his hand away before firmly grasping onto his hardened flesh.

A soft groan escaped his mouth at the amazing pressure.

His hand began to slide upwards to the tip of his cock before pushing back down in a determined technique. As he continued on like this, he could feel his hips giving a slight jerk towards the pleasure.

The feelings were amazing. How could he have gone so long without this again?

After a few more strokes, Light released his nipple and stuck his ring finger and middle finger into his mouth coating them in saliva. When he freed the slick digits from his mouth he moved his hand around to the back of his body, easily finding his rectum.

He felt his stroking speeding up as he circled his ring finger around the edge of his puckered hole. With a slight groan he pressed into his body. He could feel the tightness squeezing around his finger and in response gave a particularly hard jerk to his cock before inserting a second finger by the first.

A gasp left his throat when he gently pulled his fingers out and shoved them back in, directly hitting his prostate. Years of this had let him know instinctively where it was located and how hard he should press against it.

With the hand at his back and the hand at his front both moving at a moderate speed, and increasing the velocity very quickly, Light knew he wouldn't last much longer.

His hips began jerking harder onto the fingers embedded within him and harder into the waiting hand above him grasping his stiff cock, ready to burst at any second.

An image suddenly filled his mind of L sucking on that damn lollipop from earlier and he couldn't hold back anymore.

His cock exploded in a stream of white seed, shooting towards the wall of the shower. Light barely heard the long, deep groan he let out at the sensation of releasing.

It had felt amazing. Light decided as he slowly began calming his body down. He removed his fingers from his rectum and released his cock, quickly washing the evidence off his body and taking extra care to clean his hands off completely before he reached down to shut the water off.

He stuck out a hand to grab the towel off the rack beside him and wrapped it tightly around his body before shoving the curtain aside and stepping out.

Immediately he was presented with the sight of a very red detective sitting on the floor looking very uncomfortable. A smirk slowly made its way onto Lights face. L should have known he would have to deal with that eventually.

As he dried off, he noticed that unlike usual, when L would try to give him at least a moment of peace, he was blatantly staring at the teenager's naked, wet skin with a look of adoration. Light moved a little to the left and found he could clearly see the tent L had in his loose jeans. Light could feel his smirking grown.

After all, L hadn't touched himself in two months either.

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