L had known when he attached the handcuffs to his and Light's hands that they would be stuck together for a very long time. L was certain that this would not handy-cap his reasoning ability by more than 10% at the most.

How wrong he was.

It became apparent on the first day of being connected to the young man that L would be lucky if he managed to survive this situation at all.

Light was a very handsome young man. L was all too aware of this fact. It was hard not to notice. Light's very presence commanded attention. L was no exception to this. However he did not allow it to hinder him in the least bit.

At least until that night…

…when Light wanted a shower.

L had been absolute and unwavering in his determination to be present as Light showered. The rules had been that they would be together 24/7. A shower was not going to change that in any way. Light should have known this from the beginning. He would not have any privacy, and that included showering. Although L was kind enough to provide a thin shower curtain to protect any modesty that Light had.

It was clear though, when Light undressed easily, directly in L's line of vision, that he had no modesty.

And no shame either.

L concentrated all his focus on not reacting to the private strip show he was offered in the confined space of their bathroom. And when the shower finally turned on and Light entered, L breathed a sigh of relief.

This was going to be a lot harder than he thought.

It continued on the same way every time Light needed to bathe. L always at least managed to turn his eyes away from the stripping boy though. And as the time passed, L became almost used to the method.

Until Light decided to change it.

That day, nearly two months into their arrangement, L had noticed that Light was becoming more…aware. He was always turning to look at the other task members. Focusing on them much more than he ever did before. Even, turning his attention back on L a few times.

Particularly when L was eating. That morning alone L had noticed Light staring intently at the lollipop L had chosen to have as a snack during their investigation. L wasn't sure what to make of all the attention. But it was unnerving to say the least.

Then came time for Light's customary shower.

Somehow, L could feel that this time was different. For once, Light actually turned away from him before stripping out of his clothing before stepping into the shower. It wasn't that unusual, but it was different. L however paid it no mind. He was almost thankful in fact as having Light undress in front of you is much easier to deal with when he is not facing you.

As L sat in the floor near the shower, toying with one of the small links in the chain, L heard a small shake of breath, barely audible over the sound of the running water. L tilted his head towards the curtain of the shower, wondering what the reason for the sound had been. Had Light injured himself? L listened for another moment before turning away. It must not have been too bad an injury if he didn't speak.

Only seconds after turning away, a light groan filled the bathroom. L hastily turned back towards the shower. Curious at the sound, as it had not sounded pained, L wondered what Light had done to cause such a noise. There was a good chance that if asked, Light would deny a noise had ever been made. So L had two choices, ignore the sound, or pull the curtain back just enough to see why Light had made a noise such as that.

L sat contemplating for a few minutes before a second groan was heard echoing of the walls of the small bathroom. The groan had made up L's mind for him. With a shaking hand, L reached up to the side of the curtain and slowly, quietly, grasped the slick material before moving it gently out of his vision. A small gap had been made and L peeked through.

L's eyes widened at the sight before him. Light stood, not in pain at all, but in pleasure. A hand grasping his hardened appendage in one hand and the other…

L felt a shiver go down his spine at where the other hand was.

…the other hand was thrusting two fingers into his ass sharply. The gasp that met his ears had sent a shockwave of pleasure down his body. L found that he couldn't look away as Light's hips slowly began rocking up and down onto the thrusting fingers inside him and the hand gripping his cock. It was the most beautiful sight L had ever seen.

Light's thrusting hips quickly became more erratic in movement as L could tell he was nearing his climax. Almost as if Light had heard L's thoughts, a deep groan filled the room as a stream of white covered the wall of the shower. L had instantly released the curtain before shoving his entire thumb in his mouth.

Light had been gorgeous. L could feel his body responding still to the thought of what he had just witnessed. L knew it was likely that Light might attempt something like this given his age, but he had not accounted for the sheer power of it. L could feel his hand twitch as it wanted to reach down his own body. Willpower seemed to be the only thing holding him back. After all, Light would be nearing the end of his shower now and L didn't need Light knowing just how much pleasure he had gain from hearing, and seeing, his friend climaxing.

As the water stopped, L attempted once again to calm his body and relax himself. Unfortunately, as the curtain pulled back, L could feel his face heating up. L turned his face away just in time to miss the smirk covering the teenager's face. But when Light had shed the towel he had wrapped around his body and began to dry off, no amount of willpower was strong enough to force L to look away.

Light's body was fantastic. Such a beautiful bronze tan running over the entire course of his skin, the chestnut hair flowing down his head in smooth movements, the sharp curves of muscles all of the brunet Adonis. L could not turn away.

When he finally caught sight of the teenager smirking in his direction, L knew he was in for a very long and rough night.

Hope you all enjoyed the second chapter! If I ever get around to writing a lemon I'll post it too.