Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 9


It is still dark in the forest somewhere outside Konoha and Naruto is sitting near a tree, crossing his arms and grumbling as Kyuubi hasn't explained his unusual transformation, he looks up at the moon and think it's like some cheesy werewolf thing you see in Horror movies, except that he is still him but feels more aggressive, must be side effects from the transformation. His cock is unwillingly hard and aching, he grunts as his hardened pole is throbbing and getting crushed by his pants.

"Ah fuck it" said Naruto as he then removes his pants and his cock springs out and sighs as he felt comfortable now, until a few minutes as he feels the pulsing from his cock, like it's telling him to find a hole to fuck. He then grabs hold of it and starts pumping it, so desperate that this "fox-boy" transformation, he quotes, is making him extremely horny. "Grr damn it, it's not working"

Naruto then slams his fist on the ground as masturbating is not working; he growls angrily as his cock is aching and begging for a hole to fuck. His face is flushed and feeling hot, his entire body feels warm and sweating. His tongue sticks out from his tongue and starts panting.

"Damn, why is it so hot; I have no clothes on and it's the middle of the night" said Naruto moaning as he leans on the tree. "It's cold out and yet I'm so hot; damn you Kyuubi, when this is over I'm gonna punish you so bad you'll beg for forgiveness"

Then he caught a scent in the wind and starts growling lustfully; his mind is slowly losing its control and now his new animal instinct takes over. He crouches so both of his hands and feet touch the ground like an animal, and dashes towards the scent, despite his mind, yet weak but still remaining, Naruto has lost his will to control his body.

"Damn it, if I rape someone you're gonna pay dearly, Kyuubi!" shouts Naruto as he zip through the trees and enter the darkness of the forest.

While on the other side of the forest, Tsume and Hana are dashing on their hands and feet like animals, their tails wagging excitingly as the scent is getting closer. Either Naruto is heading towards them or they are getting close to him; and without warning, Naruto jumps from the brushes and pounced on Hana. Hana yelped in surprise until she saw him on top of her, feeling his rock hard cock rubbing on her pussy. Hana moans ectasticly from the touch as she then starts playing with her breasts and wagging her tail happily.

Then Tsume knocks him off Hana and has him underneath her, that is until Naruto grabbed her and rolled over until he is on top. Naruto starts to bring his mouth close to Tsume's neck and breathes slowly on it, Tsume moans from the heat from Naruto's breath and gasps as Naruto just rammed his cock in her pussy.

"Oh god, it's so HUGE!" said Tsume as she felt the thickness of Naruto's cock stretching her pussy. "Oh god that felt so good; don't stop, don't stop and fuck me you beast"

Naruto doesn't hear her words as he is now in a trance and let his animal instincts do the work. He grabs hold onto Tsume's waist and starts fucking her hard and rough, Tsume moans as Naruto keeps banging into her, feeling her DD cup breasts bounce. Naruto then starts sucking on her left breast so hard that he placed hickeys on them, but Tsume doesn't care as she hasn't had sex for a long time and it felt amazing to her.

Her pleasure points are overloading around her body and she starts to cum out from her pussy, but Naruto does not stop; he continues fucking his bitch that he cannot control his beastly lust. He blames Kyuubi for this and reminds himself that he must punish her for not warning him about this. Naruto continues thrusting in and out of Tsume's now sore pussy that he came into her, releasing a massive load and pulled out his cock out while still cumming, getting it all over her front. Then Naruto turns Tsume and puts her on all fours, Tsume is panting like a dog as her stamina is reaching its peak; then she gasp and screams as Naruto thrust his cock up her ass, without giving her any warning. He lifts her up and gropes onto her breasts, squeezing them to make her moan again as he thrusts deep and hard in her. The Inuzuka bitch moans and moans every time naruto thrusts and thrusts; her eyes are half closed and her mouth is wide open with her tongue sticking out like a fucked stupid slut. Naruto then creates a ShadowClone to do the work on Tsume for him while he turns to Hana, who saw everything and her pussy went wet from the excitement, He grabs hold on her hair and shoves his wet and still hard cock in her mouth. Forcing her to clean it, she relaxes her gag reflex and puts his whole cock in her mouth; she moans as she can taste the salty cum that coats Naruto's cock and wrap her tongue around it while moving back and forth with it. Naruto kept held of Hana's brown hair while grunting as he enjoys the "pup's" tongue licking his shaft.

Naruto groans as he felt himself reach his climax and start speeding up the pace, his balls smacks Hana's chin and the tip of his cock keeps poking the back of Hana's throat, he does this for a 5 minutes until he came down into her mouth, nearly drowning her. He then pulls out his cock, shooting a huge load onto her face and chest. Naruto widened his eyes at the amount of semen he shot out from his cock and it's still hard, especially when he fucked Tsume's pussy and ass, including Hana's mouth. He then sends Hana on the floor, spreading her legs to reveal her already wet pussy, he takes a sniff and a long deep lick at it, making Hana moan and whimper in ecstasy as Naruto's tongue licked her. After that, he then inserts his cock in her pussy and gives her a rough hard fuck like Tsume had.

Tsume is still getting her ass fucked by Naruto's shadow clone; her on all fours and doing it doggy style like the bitch she is. She moans as the clone continues to abuse her ass, she moans and whimpers as her ass hole is getting sore. But she doesn't care as she is enjoying the fucking from the blond fox boy. Naruto keeps fucking Hana's pussy until he came again and switches to her tight asshole, Hana starts to scream in both pain and pleasure as she feels his thick cock enter her tight hole, Naruto grab both of her wrists to keep her balance while he anal fuck her to bliss.

Tsume is now sucking the clone's wet and still hard cock; she moans at the taste and hungrily slurps on it like she's eating a gooey sweet. Her eyes filled with lust as she licks on the shaft and up to the tip while moaning with ecstasy.


They stayed like this all night until they collapse with exhaustion and fatigue, luckily Naruto has monstrous stamina to keep going until he becomes exhausted himself. Now the 3 are cuddling into each other to keep warm, all stunk of sex and now sticky; Naruto was the first to wake up, he looks around to see that his tail has gone, his fingernails are back to their natural length and his fangs have shorten and blunt. He sighs until he hear the 2 Inuzuka kunoichi wake up, Tsume woke up first and snuggles into Naruto with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Wow, you're like an animal" said Tsume as she memorised last night; her ass and pussy are now red and bruised and her mouth is stained with dry cum from the multiple blowjobs she gave.

"Yeah, sorry about that; I didn't know what came over me" said Naruto

"Don't worry about it" said Hana "We had a wonderful time; that was my first time"

"I was your first?" said Naruto

"Hai" said Hana as she snuggles on Naruto's side and smiles. "I never knew sex was so exiting; I loved the tail and aggressiveness from last night"

"Yeah, what was that about?" said Naruto "The tails and your lack of clothing"

"Oh that, we just need to get away from the city and enter the forest so our inner beast would get out" said Tsume "We don't want to get complaints for raping random villagers; it happens to us female Inuzukas"

"But how did it happen to me" said Naruto

"Well Kyuubi is a beast; it happens to them as well" said Tsume "And since you're a Jinchuriki, it happens to them as well"

"How do you know that?" said Naruto

"It happened to Kushina, and boy Minato was lucky" said Tsume "Like mother, like son"

Tsume then stands up and starts stretching her arms, despite the pain between her legs and ass, she can still stand on her feet.

"Come on, we need a bath" said Tsume

"But we're in the forest, we can't just waltz through the village in the nude" said Naruto

"Good thing my foremothers came prepared" said Tsume as she perform hand signs and a trapdoor appears in front of them. "This door will instantly lead us to the compound without everyone noticing. Come, let's us all have a bath"

Hana nods as she, Tsume and Naruto enters the secret door created years ago by the Inuzuka foremothers.


Naruto arrives back at the Inuzuka compound with Tsume and Hana; they all got into the bathroom together and shared the bath. Tsume and Hana help wash Naruto while Naruto help wash them. They had a bit of fun in the bath until they get out and got dressed; luckily Tsume has some of her ex-husband's old clothes since the ones he wore were ruined. Tsume and Hana wear their ninja uniform as they just got a summons from the Hokage via ANBU.

Naruto leaves the compound with a goodbye and each a passionate kiss from the 2 Inuzuka kunoichi. They wave goodbye to Naruto as he heads for training ground 7 before he is lateā€¦late as in when Kakashi arriving before him. Naruto did manage to arrive on time at Training ground 7, despite the nagging from Sakura for being late, even though Kakashi isn't here.

"What took you so long?" said Sakura

"Sorry, I couldn't sleep as I was worried about this exam; so I took a walk in the woods and saw 2 beautiful dogs in the moonlight" said Naruto using his cryptic excuse.

"Whatever" said Sakura as she turn away from Naruto and wait for Kakashi to arrive at the training ground?

Kakashi did arrive and got shouted at by Sakura for being late; he used the lamest excuse in the book and began the exam. The exam is to steal 2 bells from Kakashi, Naruto noticed that one genin gets one bell each and understands what Kakashi is doing, unfortunately Sakura and Sasuke doesn't get the true meaning of the test until noon. They failed to get the bells and Naruto even tried to assist them and even ask for their assistance as getting a bell from a skilled Jonin is impossible for a Genin who just started; Kakashi is pleased that Naruto understands the true meaning of the test but disappointed at Sasuke's stubbornness and Sakura's ignorance who refused to help Naruto and offer his help.

He was about to kick them off the whole program until he reconsidered and let them try again; Kakashi lets Naruto eat his lunch but forbade him from feeding his teammates as they are punished for not realising the true meaning of the exam. Naruto however know it's another one of Kakashi's tests and feeds Sasuke and Sakura, despite their protests. Kakashi smiles as he secretly observes Naruto "disobeying" him but helping his comrades regain their strengths even though he is not allowed to do so. He had a little fun of scaring the 3 Genin before passing them, this shocked Sasuke and Sakura but Naruto knew what was coming, he knew Kakashi too well and what he was thinking under that mask of his. Team 7 was officially formed that day and they began their first mission the same day: recapture the "devil cat" Tora.

Somewhere in the forest

It has been hours now and something is wrong; Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura are trying to get contact to Naruto but he is not responding to his communicator. Team 7 was shattered to find the whereabouts of Tora and reports every 5 minutes, but Naruto has not responded and that concerns Kakashi.

"Naruto, can you read me, over" said Kakashi to his communicator, trying to reach Naruto but nothing. "Coming in Naruto, over"

Still nothing, what has happened and the reason Naruto is not responding; well, the reason is that he bumped into Team 8, Kiba was Ko'ed, Shino was respectfully dismissed while Hinata and Kurenai are shrouded in a genjutsu with Naruto.

That's right; he is with Kurenai and Hinata; under a genjustu so no one can sense them while they have a little fun. Hinata was thrilled that she bumped into Naruto again and embraced him in her arms and kissed him passionately; it didn't take long for Kurenai to kiss him too so she can show her affections to him and also gratitude for helping Anko. Right now Hinata is getting her pussy eaten by Naruto while Kurenai is sucking his cock. They moan loud but the genjustu was made to prevent sound as well as vision. Hinata moans as her pussy is getting massaged by Naruto's tongue and she starts playing with her breasts as the pleasure is overwhelming her.

Kurenai stops sucking Naruto's cock and starts massaging it with her D-cup breasts. She can hear him moan from the warmth and softness of her breasts as she starts moving them up and down on his cock; she starts sucking the tip of Naruto's cock and coats it with her own saliva. Hinata lower down to his stomach, wraps her legs around his waist and push her breasts into Naruto's face, Naruto caught her left nipple in his mouth and gropes her right breast. Hinata moans by the touch as Naruto just activated her pleasure points.

Then in 5 minutes they changed position; Naruto is now fucking Kurenai doggy style while his ShadowClone pins Hinata to the tree and starts fucking her ass; moans from the 2 Kunoichi hit only Naruto's ears, thanks to the genjutsu Kurenai placed on around them. Naruto grunts as he thrust his cock hard into Kurenai as she watches Akamaru looking at the spot, he doesn't see them but does realise what's happening as the strong scent of sex hit his wet nose. Kurenai starts playing with her left breast to add in more pleasure in her body but she doesn't have to as Naruto starts spanking her sweet ass.

"You like that" said Naruto as he spanks her ass while fucking it at the same time. "Tell me you like that"

"Hai, I like having my ass spanked" said Kurenai "Spank me, I've been a bad girl"

Naruto chuckles as he then starts spanking her ass again, and again, and again until it turns red. The pain of her ass turns her on as she gave out a painful yet ectastic moan, Naruto continues spanking her ass until he reach his climax and came inside her, her stomach starts to swell from the overloading of Naruto's cum and made her look 5 months pregnant.

And when Naruto pulled out his cock, the excess semen spills out from Kurenai's asshole and the genjutsu mistress collapses on her swollen stomach. Naruto then turns her on her back, spreads her legs and starts inserting in her pussy; he is not done and is having allot of fun, so is Kurenai as Naruto goes on top of her and starts rubbing her bloated stomach, making her moan again and close her crimson eyes.

Her breasts starts to bounce every time Naruto thrust in and out of Kurenai; making her moan more and more. Hinata also close her eyes as Naruto's clone starts kissing and sucking her neck, massaging her breasts while he slowly fucks her ass. The 2 dark haired Kunoichis felt like they died and went to Heaven as the pleasure is too much for them, and as they reach their climax they came out from their pussy and ass and lost consciousness while Naruto and his clone continues fucking them until they both came.

Naruto dispelled the clone as he gently place Kurenai next to Hinata, both resting on a tree. Naruto pulls out a blanket he packed in his pack and puts it over the now 2 sleeping Kunoichi. Naruto wish he'd stay and cuddle them but he has a mission to do, and mutters an angry curse at that blasted cat. Naruto left the Genjutsu that is still holding so Kurenai and Hinata can be save and be alone to rest, naruto got dressed and saw Akamaru holding something in his maw.

"What that, Akamaru?" said Naruto as he puts his left on over the sleeve of his jacket and saw Tora. "So that's were you went off to"

Naruto picks up the discarded Communicator and turns it on to hear Kakashi's shouting.


"Sorry, I was sidetracked" said Naruto while patting Akamaru's head for helping catch that blasted cat. "Target has been sighted, A brown cat with a red ribbion on it's left ear"

"Good Job, return to the gathering point so we can go back to the Hokage tower for another mission" said Kakashi

"Roger" said Naruto until he turn his head right were the Genjutsu is placed on "Er Kakashi, I managed to bump into Team 8 and Kurenai-sensei needs my assistance; and I'll send Akamaru to deliver the target for you"

"Fine...but be back in an hour; I could use a break right now" said Kakashi

"Thanks" said Naruto as he turns off the communicator and talks to Akamaru "Hey, Akamaru; could you do me a favour and bring that thing to Kakashi and my team?"

"BARK!" bark Akamaru happily while wagging his tail

"Thanks" said Naruto patting the big white dog's head and watches him dash through the forest.

"I'll wait here and take the 2 sleeping beauties home once they wake up" said Naruto as he then enters the genjutsu and remove his clothes. "I'll keep them company while they wake up"

And here you have it; I hope enjoyed that chapter, 2 lemons in one chapter, wow. And to those who wanted a Lemon scene of Tsume, Hana Kurenai and Hinata (again), I thank you for your patience and please wait a bit longer for the next chapter to come up.