mNaruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 10

Later at Naruto's apartment

It took a few minutes for the 2 Kunoichi to wake up and found themselves snuggling into Naruto in the forest. Kurenai was glad that she placed a genjutsu there or everyone might notice her secret sexual fantasy, not to mention Hinata who is blushing as she is naked in front of her new sensei.

The 3 headed to Naruto's apartment, so they can have something to eat; Naruto tided up the place and bought some appropriate food except for ramen and expired overpriced crap that the hateful merchants gave him during his childhood. 1000 ryo for a loaf of bread that was a month over its expiry date, that's highway robbery and not to mention cruel; but now his shopping is more easier now since the shops he went are mostly own by women as they get caught by Naruto's Yokubo no Kiri and used it to his advantage to make his life a bit easier now that he gets a 50% discount on his groceries.

Kurenai and Hinata were amazed at how neat and tidy Naruto's place is; last time Kurenai came here it was slightly filthy as Naruto was just alone and doesn't have any knowledge in housekeeping. But now his apartment is home worthy but too small as he is getting claustrophobic in here. Anyway he made something to eat for himself, Kurenai and Hinata; the 2 Kunoichi ate the offered food and were amazed how good a cook Naruto is. He explained that he snuck into the library and wrote down some recipes he likes and exit the library without the librarian noticing him even leaving or entering due to the fact he hates him for containing Kyuubi.

The 2 Kunoichi frowns at this and made a mental note to kill that librarian for stopping Naruto entering the library to learn. They finished their snack and the 2 Kunoichi gave him a goodbye kiss as they have a mission to finish or they'll get a complaint from the Hokage and the client. And as they reach the door, Anko was at the other side of it; it was her day off and heard that Naruto was given a break and took the advantage to see her lovable blonde.

"Hi Anko-chan" said Kurenai "You're on your day off?"

"Yep" said Anko "Even though I do love my job, but I still love being with Naruto-kun even more"

Hinata was feeling a bit jealous for not taking the day off and spend it with Naruto but glad that Naruto has someone that loves him apart from her and Kurenai.

"Well we gotta go, we're supposed to do a mission and we didn't" said Kurenai

"Ooh, you naughty girl, Nai-chan" said Anko smirking "well you better do it if you don't want a nagging from the Hokage"

"Good idea" said Kurenai "Let's go Hinata"

"Bye Naruto-kun" said Hinata as she and Kurenai leave the apartment to do their mission.

"Bye Hinata-chan, bye Kurenai-chan" said Naruto as he nearly caught them blushing from the –chan suffix in their names before they close the door and Anko pounces on him and gives him a long passionate kiss. Naruto also shares in with the kiss as he misses her. They all headed to the couch while still kissing and collapses on it with Anko on top and Naruto on bottom.

They broke the kiss and look at each other with passionate, love and also lust; Anko pulls out a kunai and cut his top clean off, throws it of away and starts kissing and licking Naruto's chest while moaning.

"Oh I do miss you; I can't stop thinking about you" said Anko "My "tail" starts vibrating in me when I think about you"

Naruto lifts his head to see that Anko still has that snake tail butt plug in her and around her waist like a belt.

"You still have that in you?" said Naruto with surprise "What if you need to…you know"

"Oh that" said Anko as she blushes "The charka eliminates it so I can keep it on; I like it on as it's cute"

"Suits you perfectly, Hebi-chan" said Naruto as he then pulls her into a kiss, and she accepts it instantly as she wrap her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

Both of them moans while kissing passionately on the couch, Anko then starts to remove Naruto's pants to free his erection and hear him sigh in relaxation as the tightness of his pants was irritating him; Anko then breaks the kiss and lowers down to his lower part of his body and starts putting him in her mouth.

Naruto groans as he feels Anko's wet tongue coating his cock and feeling her sucking it. He grab on her purple hair while he moans at her tongue work on his erection.

"Oh kami, yes work that shaft" moans Naruto as he loves getting his cock sucked by his favourite snake. The sound of her moan while her mouth is stuffed with a 9 inch length turns him on; his eyes starts to half close and roll back. "Oh god, you're amazing"

"Mmm, well you do deserve it as you were amazing in me" said Anko as she then gives Naruto's shaft a long lick and kissed the tip before continuing of putting it back in her mouth. She sway her tongue around him before shoving it right in her mouth, she bobs her head for a few minutes before Naruto reached his climax and cummed in her mouth. Anko savours the taste before swallowing it and pulled him out, she licks off the excess cum that spilled on her lips and breasts. "Mmm, you never bore me with that delicious taste, Naruto-kun"

Naruto chuckles as his snake mistress climbs onto his lap, pulled down her shorts to reveal her not wearing any underwear.

"It would be a waste of time if I wear any underwear when I'm with you" said Anko as she rubs her pussy on the tip of Naruto's cock. "Not to mention the complications of it when I'm wearing this tail of mine"

"Eventually you have to take it off" said Naruto, moaning Anko teases his cock; he grabbed her waist and pulled her down into his cock.

Anko moans she feels the warm thickness is Naruto inside her, Naruto lower his hands and gropes on Anko's ass and squeezing the cheeks, making her moan as she loves getting her sweet ass groped while she rides him like a donkey. She moans as she bounces up and down and Naruto thrusting at the same time, adding more pleasure for both of them. Anko removes her coat to reveal her tight mesh top that makes her breasts bigger. She lifts up the top to free her breasts and starts playing with them and making them bounce for Naruto to see; Naruto loves watching Anko's breasts bounce and he'll love having his cock between them.

After a few more thrusts, Naruto came in Anko's pussy and repositions her so he could start fucking her ass. He removes the snake tail butt-plug , causing Anko to moan as the cold air enters her hole, it stretched it as the butt plug was so thick, ironically the same thickness as Naruto's cock; Naruto then enters himself into Anko's pussy and starts fondling her breasts, he thrusts harder to make her bounce, just to watch those amazing breasts jiggle. He hold them in each hand and starts massaging them while he keeps fucking her.

Anko moans as she starts fingering her pussy while her breasts gets squeezed and her ass getting fucked raw.

"Oh yes, yes; fuck me hard" moans Anko "Make me unable to walk for a week with that amazing cock of yours"

Naruto chuckles as he then picks up the pace, he goes faster and harder; Anko's eyes widen by the rough speed in her has and feels her breasts ache from the speed of her bouncing. The pain is amazing to her as she starts to roll her eyes and open her mouth with her tongue sticking out. She is getting fucked stupid and she is enjoying it; Naruto reached his climax and came in her asshole, excess semen drips out from her ass and inside has turned red from the rawness Naruto gave to her. Naruto pulls himself out and kissed Anko's cheek; he carries her and placed her on the bed for her to rest.

He took a shower and got changed as his other clothes smelled like sex; as he finished getting dressed. He wrote a note to Anko and left his apartment and heads for the Hokage tower for his new mission.

Hokage tower

Naruto arrives at the Hokage Tower and greeted team 7; he ignored the nagging of Sakura and waits for the Hokage to arrive. Sarutobi arrives at his office and sat down on his desk.

"I see that you made it from your...break, Naruto" said Sarutobi "Now you can start todays mission; you and your team are to escort a bridge builder home at Nami so he can build his bridge. It's a C-rank mission and you'll be gone for a month or so, until the bridge is completed"

"Finally, a proper mission than doing chores all day" said Naruto "I could go for some fresh air. It would be impossible in here when I have many sex craved lovers around Konoha. When do we start?"

"Immediatly" said Sarutobi "Don't worry about supplies, I have everything done for your journey"

As Team 7 leaves the office, Naruto remains in the office.

"Oji-san, can you deliver a message for the girls when I'm gone" said Naruto

"Of course, I'm sure they'll understand that you have to leave the village for a month" said Sarutobi "Who knows, you might bump in other women along"

"Oji-san" said Naruto whining while pouting "Stop being pervy"

"Sorry, I do get from a certain student I have while I was a Jonin" said Sarutobi as a certain pervert sneezed, alerted the women in the bathhouses and sent him to the moon. "Anyway, have fun"

"It's just an escort mission" said Naruto "How can that be fun?"

Meanwhile at the forest miles away

In the forest miles away from Konoha, a huge tree house filled with Rouge ninjas from Kiri are training there. The leader of the gang sits on his throne while listening to his client that hired him.

The client is a short man with grey messy hair and pince-nez shades and wearing a business suit.

"So he's coming, huh?" said the leader of the rouge ninjas

"That's right, that bridge builder is leaving Konoha and heading home" said the business man "I want you to kill him and his escorts"

"No problem, I know the perfect pair for the job" said the Leader as he snap his fingers and a pair of ninja wearing breathing masks and a gauntlet appears out of nowhere. "No one can survive from the Demon Brothers"


Team 7 is ready for departure but Naruto is nowhere to be seen; that is because he is getting a long goodbye kiss from Hinata and Hanabi in the alleyway. They heard that Naruto has a mission outside the village and wanted to give him a proper goodbye. They broke the kiss and hugs him like they don't want him to go; it took Naruto 5 minutes to break from their grasp and heads for the gates, leaving the 2 Hyuugas crying as they will not see him for a month.

Naruto then gets pounced by Tsume and Hana, getting each a goodbye kiss before they get off him. It goes the same from Kurenai and Anko, Anko did once plan of kidnapping Naruto from ever leaving but Kurenai convinced her not to as she'll treat her with some dango and hot sex.

Naruto made it to the gates, still ignoring the shouting from Sakura and does a few Kakashi-based excused about 2 princesses, 2 horny dogs, a snake and got caught in a mirage. Team 7 and the client sweatdrops at those lame excuses, Kakashi too sweatdrops and thought he took that habit from him. Anyway they left the gates to escort the Bridge Builder known as Tazuna. 6 known Kunoichis watch Naruto leave and waved goodbye to him before they return to their basic stuff they do in life.

20 minutes later

20 minutes away from Konoha, Team 7 are on their mission to escort Tazuna back home to Nami, Sakura asked Kakashi if there's a ninja village in Nami; Kakashi explained that Nami doesn't need a ninja village as the ocean is a natural defence for the country and a ninja village is no longer needed. Then he explains about the 5 great ninja villages in the Shinobi nations and also the leaders known as Kages. Naruto however wasn't paying attention as he is daydreaming, meaning his mind has entered the mindscape with his body still walking so he can punish Kyuubi for not telling him about that incident with the 2 Inuzukas.

Naruto's mindscape

Naruto has Kyuubi on his lap and starts spanking her bare ass with a cane he mentally summoned. He channelled his chakra into the cane and strikes at the pain points that made Kyuubi scream in pain and seep in tears.

"I'M SORRY NARUTO-KUN, I JUST WANTED TO SURPRISE YOU!" cries Kyuubi as her ass stings in pain as Naruto swats his cane at her now red cheeks.

"I...almost...thought...I...raped...Tsume-chan...and...Hana-chan" said Naruto every word with a swat on Kyuubi's ass. "You...shouldn';'"

"Hai, Naruto-kun; I'm sorry" said Kyuubi in tears as Naruto stops but her ass is still sore.

Naruto then places Kyuubi on the bed, on her belly as her ass is painful to sit on. Naruto kissed both of her aching cheeks, causing Kyuubi to wince in pain but felt pleasure from it, she even feel his hands massage them, despite the fact it hurts her but she starts to love the feel. Kyuubi is healing her sore ass but the pain will remain for a while as Naruto activated the pain points on her ass.

"I'll forgive you this time" said Naruto sweetly as he gives Kyuubi's ass cheek one last kiss before returning to the real world.

Back to the real world

Naruto has finished punishing Kyuubi and focuses on with the mission; then he notices a puddle on the ground and realised that it's a nice day. So he pretends to ignore it and pass through it. Then 2 masked ninjas rise up from the puddle and dashes for the kill, they start with Kakashi, bound him with spiked chains tied to each of their gauntlet. The ninjas yank the chain and tore Kakashi to bloody shreds, Team 7 and the client widen their eyes in terror as they saw their Sensei killed. Naruto however was not fazed as he goes prepare for battle.

The ninjas known as the Demon Brothers dash towards Naruto ran towards them and does a slide dodges under the razor chains and threw a kunai at it towards a tree. The chains got struck and the Demon Brothers have no choice but to take it off and decides to attack Tazuna. That is until Kakashi saves the day and knocks them out cold; Naruto smirks as he knew that Kakashi hadn't died that easily.

"I'm impressed Naruto, who taught you that?" said Kakashi

"Just a youthful sensei and his student helped spar with me" said Naruto as 2 certain youthful shinobi sneezed back in Konoha.

"I see, I hope that you didn't catch their habits" said Kakashi shuddering with fear as he picture Naruto in green spandex and a blow cut hair cut staring at the sunset.

"Don't worry, I didn't" said Naruto as he knew what Kakashi was thinking "Green doesn't suit me"

"That's good to hear" said Kakashi "And as your sensei, I would forbid it; now back to business."

Kakashi then turns to Tazuna, who is getting worried.

"Tazuna, you have some explaining to do" said Kakashi with a dangerous look on his lone eye.

And while Kakashi asks the client for a explaination; a masked ninja with long brown hair saw that the Demon Brothers have failed to assassinate Tazuna. Then she noticed Naruto and starts to blush under her mask.

Why am I feeling like this; it's like I'm no longer in the cold and remained warm thought the masked ninja as she clutched her chest and feel her heart beating. I need to go; Zabuza-san needs to know this

The masked ninja vanished in a howl of wind, Naruto noticed this and shrugs while he listens to Tazuna's true reason of lying to Konoha.

Zabuza's hideout

"WHAT, YOU FAILED?" shouts the business man in anger

The business man did not like the news of the demon brothers failing the assassination.

"I payed good money on you and I want you to do a better job" said the business

"Shut the fuck up" said leader of the Rouge kiri ninjas known as Zabuza as he unsheathes his 6 foot long cleaver and points it at the business man. "This time I'll go personally; no doubt that Konoha has sent one of the best to guard the bridge builder. I, Zabuza Momochi, demon of the hidden mist will end this instantly and quietly"

Meanwhile, the masked ninja is in her room, her mask taken off to reveal her angelic face with smooth skin with blushes on her cheeks. She is on her bed, masturbating at the thought of Naruto, she doesn't know who he is put seeing and thinking about him has made her horny and desires him.

"Naruto, huh?" moans the ninja while she moans, she heard his name from Kakashi when he took down the Demon Brothers. "Why do you make me so warm; I lived in a place where it snows, warmth is no longer familiar to me. But you make me so warm; I want to feel that warmth again."

She then sighs as she then came and drifts to sleep, still thinking about Naruto, her enemy she'll regretfully kill.

Here you have it; Naruto is on a mission to take Tazuna to Nami so he can build the bridge. Who is this masked ninja and will she be his friend or foe?