Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 17

Naruto, Mei and Haku are now faced up with Yagura who jumped off the roof and landed gently on his feet. He is not wearing his Mizukage robes but his grey sleeveless ninja shirt and pants with forest green apron around his waist and poncho. His weapon is a twin hook staff with flower like accessories near the hooks. Haku creates some ice senbon and Mei produces steam from her mouth.

Naruto pulls out a Kunai and remembered what Kyuubi has told him about him being a Jinchuriki of the Sanbi. Then he noticed something strange about the look in Yagura's eyes.

Strange thought Naruto as he Is it me or does Yagura lookunusual to you

"What do you mean?" Said Kyuubi

Look at his eyes thought Naruto to Kyuubi It's like he's caught under a Genjutsu

"Hai ,you're right" said Kyuubi "It seems Yagura is under a mind control jutsunot sure which one though"

You mean someone is controlling Yagura thought Naruto shocked and got angry at this this means that the Holocaust was formed against his will. He was forced to do this; I have to free him before Mei-chan and Haku-chan gets the wrong idea.

"Time to end this, Yagura" said Mei angrily "Your tyranny in Kiri has ended"

"Hai" said Haku "This is for my mother"

The 2 Kunoichi then charges at Yagura, the Mizukage twirls his staff and gets ready for battle. That is until Naruto intervened and bound the 2 Kunoichi with his Juuni-Te. The Kunoichi were confused at Naruto's action until he hears him.

"Sorry about this; allow me" said Naruto as he performs 2 ShadowClones so they will restrain them. He stands in front of them, putting his chakra dagger away. "This is a battle against Jinchuriki" also I need to free you from the true culprit of this Holocaust "Should we do this elsewhere, Yagura?"

"What do you have in mind?" said Yagura

"Follow me then" said Naruto "I'll find a perfect spot"

"Alright then" Yagura as he then follows Naruto into a preferred spot for their battle. Mei and Haku watches Naruto and Yagura leave the area and is still confused, what does Naruto know that they don't? Whatever is it, they trust his judgement.

Outside of Kiri

Naruto and Yagura exited the misty village of Kiri and arrived at the forest where the mist is foggier. Naruto stops near a huge lake and turns to Yagura who is standing on the lake surface.

"So this is the place you want to fight me" said Yagura

"Not really, I want to fight your puppeteer, I know you're under his control" said Naruto, causing Yagura's eyes to widen. "Come on out"

"Oh my you're a clever one, aren't you" said a new voice as it reveals to be a masked ninja wearing a hooded black cloak. His mask is orange with one eye hole on the left side and with black flame-like patterns. "It seems you did well in your academy days, Naruto"

"Who are you and how did you know my name?" said Naruto to the mysterious masked ninja.

"My name is not important but you can call me…Tobi" said the masked ninja as he refered himself as Tobi. "And I know all about you: Naruto Uzumaki, genin of Konoha, son of the late Yondaime Hokage Minato "Yellow Flash" Namikaze and Kushina "Red Death" Uzumaki, previous Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi.

The last time I saw you is when you were just a new-born, 15 years has passed since we met. Of course you were just a new-born and I understand you wouldn't remember me"

"So you were also the cause of the Kyuubi incident" said Naruto narrowing his eyes at Tobi.

"That's right, I extracted the beast from your mother; I was surprised that she survived the process, must be an Uzumaki Bloodline since they have extended lifespans and can survive harsh situations. I would've succeeded on destroying Konoha if it weren't for your father and the Kyuubi would be mine to control"

"But why the Holocaust?" said Naruto

"I needed a scapegoat so I can extract the Sanbi from his corpse" said Tobi as he looks at Yagura, standing emotionlessly "When I heard that the Kaguya Clan attacked Kiri a decade ago. This was the perfect opportunity to make my move and continue my objective"

"And what objective is that?" said Naruto

"Sorry, can't tell you" said Tobi "not yet; once I defeated you, I'll have both the Sanbi and Kyuubi in my grasp"

"Not gonna happen" said Naruto as threw some Kunai at Tobi but hit a substitution and he is now sitting on a tree branch.

"Don't be so impatient" said Tobi if you want to fight me, at least defeat Yagura first, he served his purpose"

Tobi then snapped his gloved fingers, commanding Yagura to unleash the Sanbi's chakra. Yagura growls angrily as 3 lobster-like tails spout out from behind; his skin turns cyan and hardens. The water starts to turn violent and the mist turns darker than before.

"Now let's if you can defeat the Sanbi, Naruto" said Tobi smirking under his mask. "Show me the power of the Kyuubi"


A loud demonic roar echoes in the water as a huge monstrosity rises from the water; Naruto turns to see a Giant Demonic turtle with spiky shell-like skin, its one eye looks at Naruto and roars at him.

"Naruto-kun, be careful; Sanbi is non-sentient as he as a mind of an animal" said Kyuubi "and with this Tobi controlling the Jinchuriki, battling the Sanbi will be difficult"

I understand thought Naruto nodding slightly as he confronts the Sanbi Kyuu-chan, lend me your strength

"Okay, be careful" said Kyuubi as she starts channelling her chakra into Naruto's body.

Naruto screams as the chakra starts to overwhelm his body, but Kyuubi is doing as she can to make sure Naruto keeps his sanity and mind.

"I can only give you 4 tails worth, Naruto-kun" said Kyuubi as Naruto is in his 4 tails form; his whole body is dark red and his eyes and mouth are glowing white, not to mention fox ears on his head.

"Thank you, Kyuu-chan" said Naruto in his demonic form "It's enough to stop him"

"You'll need more to stop Yagura" taunts Tobi as he spectate the battle.

Once I free Yagura of his hypnosis, I'll take that bastard down thought Naruto as he then dashes to the Sanbi.


The Rebels are winning the battle as most of the Kiri ninja submit and accept defeat; those who were too stubborn to surrender died. Mei and Haku were freed from the clones when Kakashi arrived with Zabuza, Utakata, Suigetsu and Ao. The Kunoichi told them that Naruto and Yagura were gone to battle alone, Kakashi doesn't like the sound of this and neither did the 4 Rebels.

"So what do you think?" said Mei

"I don't like this; Naruto has a reason for this and I think he knows something" said Kakashi

"Like what?" said Haku

"Which way did they go?" said Kakashi

"Hard to say, the mist is too thick" said Mei

"Then it's time to let a professional to locate them" said Kakashi as he cut his thumb, did some hand signs and slamed his palm on the ground. "Summoning Jutsu"

Kakashi has summoned a Pug wearing a blue vest and a Konoha Hitai-ate.

"Sup" said the Pug

"Pakkun, I need you to locate Naruto for me" said Kakashi

"Naruto; is he alright" asked the Pug known as Pakkun

"That's the problem" said Kakashi "Can you find them"

"Of course, the mist may be thick but Naruto's scent is thicker" said Pakkun as he smelled the air. "I never forget that smell…the pervert"

Kakashi sweatdrops at Pakkun at what he said; even the Pug knows about Naruto having the unknown bloodline and what he did. Pakkun stops smelling and pointed at the direction with his paw.

"He's in that direction, near the lake" said Pakkun "And there's someone else, 2 other ninjas"

"One of them must be Yagura" said Mei

"And the other?" said Kakashi

"I don't know, but he has an Uchiha scent" said Pakkun "And it's not Itomé"

An Uchiha, I thought the Uchihas were massacred apart from Itomé and Sasuke thought Kakashi This is now getting complicated "Lead the way"

"Roger" said Pakkun as he then dashes to the direction with Kakashi, Mei, Haku, Zabuza, Suigetsu, Utakata and Ao on his tail.

Be careful Naruto thought Kakashi

Outside Kiri

Naruto in his demon form is dodging Sanbi's water balls from its maw while dashing towards it. He uses his 4 tails to target the pain points but couldn't activate them due to the thickness of its skin.

" Damn it, I can't penetrate it" said Naruto until he sees the eye "That's it"

Naruto dashes towards the Sanbi's eye, revealing to be defenceless; the Sanbi then fire its water balls at Naruto and got a direct hit.

"DAMNIT! Shouts Naruto as he was sent flying towards a tree next to the once Tobi is sitting on.

"Ooh, that's gotta hurt" said Tobi until he sees Naruto dash out from the debris and heading towards the Sanbi again. Sanbi blasted Naruto with its water ball again and sent him flying towards another tree but continues dashing towards the Demon. But he was sent flying again from the Sanbi's water ball and crashed into a large rock. Naruto growls and dashes at the Sanbi again. "A stubborn one, at least I get some entertainment before I get back to work."

Naruto continues trying to defeat the Sanbi but the water balls are beginning to before a nuisance to him, so he dove into the water and so the Sanbi won't blast its water balls. Thanks to the tails, Naruto can swim faster than he use to when he was in his normal form, he notices that the underbelly is not protected from the armour-like skin, he grins as he has found another weak spot, eh swims up to the underbelly and slam his claws and tails at the pain points.

The Sanbi roars in pain as Naruto activates the pain points on the underbelly, the pain is too much for the Sanbi that it reforms back to Yagura, who is screaming and clutching his stomach and vomiting onto the lake. And that's not all, the pain managed to knock some sense out of him as a confused look appeared on his face.

"W-What happened?" said Yagura as Naruto jumps out from the water and returns to his original form. "Who are you?"

"So you regained your senses" said Naruto "You were under a mind control jutsu, Kiri is in a civil war and a Bloodline Holocaust was formed"

"What?" said Yagura in shock; then he grits his teeth, no in pain but in anger. "Who would do this?"

"I see you broke my little spell" said Tobi as he appeared by Naruto and Yagura, Yagura widen his eyes as he remembered.

"You, I know you" said Yagura "You entered my office decades ago"

"I see you remembered" said Tobi "I mean it has been 20 years, since you became Mizukage"

"And you took advantage of my duties as Mizukage" said Yagura "You used me to cause a Holocaust of Bloodline users and caused a Civil war. Why, what is your objective"

"I'm looking at them now" said Tobi "I'm after the Sanbi, the Rokubi and the Kyuubi. I knew that the Terumi Clan formed an arranged marriage with the Namikazes, so it's like killing 2 birds with one stone"

"You're after the demons" said Yagura "Why?"

"Sorry, I can't tell you" said Tobi

"Talk now or regret it" said Yagura angrily as he is shrouded by the Sanbi's chakra.

"Oh my, such a terrifying tone" said Tobi not fazed by Yagura "No wonder Kiri made you their Mizukage, and now your reputation is ruined"

"SHUT UP!" shouts Yagura as he charges at Tobi, he picked up his staff, twirls it and then swings it at Tobi. The mysterious masked ninja dodges it with no problem and kicks Yagura on the chest.

Then Naruto charges at him and swung his chakra blade at him, Tobi dodged it but Naruto smirks as his opponent underestimated the attack. Tobi's mask was partially shattered, revealing his upper face and, with Naruto's shock and surprise, a pair of Sharingan.

"You're an Uchiha?" said Naruto

"Who says I am" said Tobi as he looks at the shattered remains of his mask sinking in the lake and looks at Naruto "I'm impressed"

"That's not all" said Naruto as his Juuni-Te spouts out from the water, surrounding Tobi and surprised him. Naruto performed a Shadow Clone to swim under Tobi and perform the Juuni-Te. Tobi dodges the arm-like tendrils but finds it hard to do so as his pain points activate every time they touch him.

Tobi grunts in pain as his pain points are being turned on by the Juuni-Te, not to mention Naruto using his Shikei no Ken against him. Tobi is now outmatched and he is slowly getting defeated by the young blonde Genin.

Damn it, I need to get out of this thought Tobi as he tries to dodge more attacks from Naruto. If I don't, I'll be killed for sure. He is starting to become a nuisance

Then he sensed more ninjas heading this way; Kakashi, along with Mei, Haku, Suigetsu, Utakata, Ao and Zabuza made it to the area. Tobi narrows his eyes as more pests have come to aid Naruto.

Damn it, more pests thought Tobi, he then blocked Naruto's attack and stopped channelling his chakra on his feet so he can fall in the water. Tobi sees 2 clones of Naruto with their Juuni-Te; he then tosses each a kunai at them to dispel and resurfaces to land. Tobi managed to escape Naruto but he now has to deal with Yagura, he dodges the Mizukage's staff and counterattacks so he can escape into the mist.

That is until the rebels arrive to witness Tobi; Ao widen his eye as he recognised him. Mei widened her eyes as she saw Naruto aiding Yagura against Tobi; Tobi is trying to escape but keeps failing as he gets caught by Naruto's Juuni-Te, luckily he used his substitution to evade the tendrils' grasp.

Tobi is breathing heavily as his chakra is nearly running out, now he is desperate to escape and he has one last trick up his sleeve. He performs hand signs and a black hole was formed behind him.

The black hole starts to suck everything in its path; Naruto and Yagura are at range of the black hole ad tries not to get caught in it. Tobi laughs as this is his chance to escape, he jumps in the black hole and was never seen again. The black hole remains open, worrying Yagura and Naruto.

"We need to close it before it consumes us as well" said Yagura

"What do we do?" said Naruto

"I don't know…I know, ask your demon to channel you chakra into your mouth" said Yagura

"Alright" said Naruto as he tries to right the sucking power of the black hole Kyuu-chan, channel your chakra into my mouth

"Okay" said Kyuubi with no hesitation

Yagura also channels his chakra into his mouth; the 2 Jinchuriki then each create a ball of raw energy glowing in front of their mouths.

"Alright, we'll do this together" said Yagura "On the count of 3, we'll release this attack and destroy the black hole, also some portions of the land."

"Hai" said Naruto

"1…2…3" shouts Yagura as he and Naruto starts blasting a ball of destructive energy into the black hole. The impact causes the hole to implode and create a sonic boom that causes everyone in its range to fall backwards and splash into the water. The hole was closed but some acres of the forest near the lake were destroyed by the attack; Yagura helped Naruto up from the water and they both walked to the shore. "He got away, but at least we're alive; I must thank you for freeing me from that fiend's control. Unfortunately it wasn't years ago as the blood of innocent lives remain stained in my hands"

"You did it against your will" said Naruto "I'm sure they'll forgive you when they learn the truth"

"Hai, but it won't bring back those who died by my unwilling actions" said Yagura "Come, let us return to Kiri; this war is over"

And so Naruto and Yagura head back to Kiri, still unaware of the rebels' presence.


Tobi escaped through the black hole and entered an unknown realm; he took off his mask but his face remains hidden in the shadows. He threw the broken mask and left it to shatter; he failed to obtain the 3 Jinchuriki like he failed to claim Kyuubi 15 years ago.

"Damn it, this wasn't meant to happen" said Tobi grunting in pain as his pain points remain activated. "How did that brat overcome me; he is starting to become a nuisance like his father. Once I get him, I'll make sure he dies when I extract the demon inside him"

"You want us to get him?" said another voice as a few silhouettes appear around Tobi. One has Silver eyes with ripples, the other with sinister yellow shark-like eyes and the 3rd has red eyes with a black shuriken design.

"No, it seems I underestimated the Jinchuriki" said Tobi as he pulls out another mask and puts it on, this time it has a spiral pattern spreading from the right eye slot. "We need more and a few to get them; recruit more members and test their worth. This might take a while for our plans to bear fruit."


The war has ended when Yagura admits surrender to the rebels and made a full apology to them. Naruto told Mei about Yagura being under Tobi's control, Mei understands this and forgave Yagura for the crimes he wrongly committed, but despite that Yagura's still responsible and decided to retire from being a ninja; he also made Mei his successor.

A few days after the war, Kiri is slowly regaining its former glory; Mei Terumi is now officially the Godaime Mizukage, the people of Kiri cheers to her as she saved the village from more bloodshed. Even a mass funeral was accounted for those who wrongly died from the fiend Tobi's evil plot to obtain Yagura, Utakata and also Naruto. Naruto is still curious of why Tobi wanted the Kyuubi inside him but he never got the answer from the masked ninja.

At night, a party began in Kiri; everyone celebrates the peace and tranquillity that was nearly forgotten for decades during the civil war. Zabuza and Ao are at the bar, drinking and fighting as always.

"You lie, I scored higher than you" said a drunken Ao

"In your *hic* dreams, Blue boy" said a Drunken Zabuza "I scored more"

"Nuh huh"

"Uh huh"




"THAT'S IT!" shouts Zabuza as he tackles Ao and starts wrestling in the middle of the pub.

Utakata is back to his old home and Suigetsu is doing his personal business that no one knows. Kakashi is joining the festivities with Zabuza and Ao; completely drunk out of his mind, he is holding a carton of milk with a picture of a cow. He giggles at the picture for no reason.

"He he he...moo" giggles a tipsy Kakashi looking at the picture of a cow and then at a cereal of Corn Flakes. "He he he...cluck

And Naruto…well, I think you know what he is doing.

Mizukage Tower: Bedroom

And you guessed right, Naruto is confined in the bedroom of the new Mizukage and the Kunoichi Haku. Naruto is in bed with both Mei and Haku kissing him, Naruto shares in with the kiss while he embraces them in his arms. Haku lowers down to Naruto's legs and starts sucking his cock while Mei sits on top of his stomach and kisses him passionately and place his hands on her breasts.

Ever since Naruto's "punishment" to them, they personally decided to share him, after all Naruto deserves more women to love and earn their love in return. Naruto moans lovingly as Mei's tongue enters his mouth and starts wrestling it with his own; Mei also moans at the taste of Naruto's tongue touching hers. Not to mention the feeling of his hands squeezing her breasts and massaging her nipples with his thumb.

Oh Naruto-kun, I can't wait to wed you once you become Chunnin thought Mei as she moans from the kiss and the touch of his hands on her breasts I'll even be here to cheer you on and see you fight

Oh I'm gonna miss Naruto-kun again thought Haku as she continues sucking his cock. I love his warmth embracing my body; and also the gentleness he is with me.

Tomorrow I'll be heading back to Konoha thought Naruto as he continues kissing Mei, groping her breasts and getting his cock sucked and licked by Haku and again I'll be apart from them again; but I'll see them again. I just wish I can think of away to be with them without the hassle of being far away of them.

Despite their thoughts, the 3 decided to forget about it so their loving moment will not be spoiled. They continue their love making in the now moonlight room of the Mizukage's bedroom, the mist has thinned down so the moon light can beam the light. Its celestial shine made the scene more romantic for the threesome, the light beams on them while they still remain in their position.

Naruto reached his climax and came into Haku's mouth, Haku gulps up the cum down her throat and pulls him out. She crawled towards Naruto and kisses him on the cheek, Mei saw this and crawled down to get her turn of Naruto in her mouth. Naruto pulls Haku into his arms and kisses her on the lips, even though the taste of his own cum enters his mouth when Haku insert her tongue in, he still moans and starts groping her breasts while she rubs her pussy on his stomach. Mei now has Naruto's cock in her mouth, she moans at the taste of his cum coating the tip and right down to his shaft. She then wraps it with her breasts and starts rubbing the shaft with its warm softness. Naruto felt the warmth of Mei's breasts that he had to moan while kissing Haku; he pulls her closer into his arms and deepens the kiss, Haku moans at the kiss and continues more and more until they break for air. Naruto tells Haku to turn around and raise her ass towards his face; she does it and rests her head on his lap.

Naruto held on to her hips and starts licking her pussy; Haku moans and gasps in pleasure as Naruto has activated her pleasure points on her pussy; he even inserted his index and middle finger in her ass. Haku starts to scream out of pleasure as the pleasure has completely overwhelmed her and it's too much for her, she starts breathing heavily and moaning uncontrollably as she feels the tongue and fingers in her ass and pussy.

"Ah, Naruto-kun" moans Haku as she lowered her head while Naruto continues licking her pussy and fingering her ass. "Naruto-kun"

Naruto moans while his tongue slowly slides up her now moist flaps, she is starting to cum out and the taste is intoxicating, especially when his cock is getting sucked and titty fucked by the new sexy Mizukage.

They remained like this all night until they reached their climax and snuggled into each other's arms; smiles appear on the 2 Kunoichis' face as they sleep peacefully in Naruto's arms.

Next day

Morning has passed and it's time for Naruto and Kakashi to return to Konoha with a mission accomplished. Naruto woke up from his sleep with Mei and Haku embracing him like he's some cuddly teddy. He smiles sadly that he had to leave them and return to his village; but knowing Kakashi, Naruto would stay in Kiri for another 3 hours with the Mizukage and the kunoichi.

It didn't take long for Mei and Haku to wake up, each gave Naruto a good morning kiss and each a kiss in return. Mei knew that today Naruto leaves Kiri, she saddens at this but understands; after all they cannot get married until the Groom either reaches the marrying age or become a Chunnin; the 3 jumps out of bed and heads for the bathroom to have a bath.

The bathroom has incredible interior design and the bath tub is 3 times bigger than a normal one; while they wait for the tub to fill up with warm bubbly water, they have a quick make out and entered the tub. Mei and Haku snuggles into Naruto's arms while they soak in the warm water.

"I'm afraid that I have to go back" said Naruto sadly as he sighs. "The mission was a success and we have to go back to report it"

"I understand" said Mei as she places her hand on his neck and kisses him. "And as promised, an alliance between Kiri and Konoha will take place. I'm going to Konoha anyway when the Chunnin Exams start"

Naruto smile at this, Mei will come to Konoha to announce an alliance with them and he'll get to see her again.

"Then I'll see you there" said Naruto as he kisses his fiancée.


After the bath, Naruto and Kakashi (who is suffering from a terrible hangover) prepare to leave Kiri and head back to Konoha. Mei and Haku gave Naruto a goodbye kiss before he leaves the gates and enters the thick mist outside.

Mei sighs as she saw Naruto leave into the thick mist but she smiles that it's not a permanent goodbye since she'll see him again when the Chunnin Exams start.

"I'll see you later, Naruto-kun" said Mei

Few days later: Konoha

Naruto and Kakashi returned to Konoha, Kakashi has recovered from his hangover and wondered why he giggled every time he sees a cow or a chicken. They arrived at the Hokage Tower to tell Sarutobi that the mission was a success, especially when Naruto discovered that Yagura was under a ninja named Tobi's control.

Sarutobi understands and is pleased that Mei became the next Mizukage and agreed to form an alliance to Konoha.

"I am proud of you Naruto" said Sarutobi "Not that you ended the war but stopped the criminal mastermind that caused the war"

"He escaped" said Naruto

"That may be true" said Sarutobi "but at least we know what we are dealing with. Anyway you and Kakashi are dismissed; Kakashi you are needed here in a few hours along with the other Jonin instructors.

"Hai, Lord Hokage" said Kakashi as he and Naruto leave the office.


Naruto and Kakashi go their separate ways so they can rest; Naruto decided to pay a visit to one of the girls, especially Hinata since she and her team were out on a mission.


However, a certain Hyuuga decided to visit him since she heard that he has returned. She glomped onto him until he collapses on the ground and gets a deep passionate kiss from her, Naruto shares in with the kiss as he also misses Hinata.

Hinata has changed her fashion since she was placed in a ninja team, she is no longer wearing her baggy grey jacket that hides her chest. Now her form is properly shown thanks to her new change clothes. She is now wearing a slightly tight dark blue leotard with a cloak and hood, leather knee high ninja boots and elbow length gloves. Naruto just noticed Hinata's new clothes and blushed at it, Hinata saw the blush and smirks at it.

"You like it?" said Hinata seductively at Naruto as she starts pressing her breasts onto him. "Kurenai-sensei and Anko-san gave me it and taught me something knew"

"Oh there you are"

Naruto and Hinata turns to see Shino and Kiba, Naruto noticed a few scars on his face and his eyes averting away from Hinata. Hinata sighs irritably as she looks at her teammates; she got up from Naruto and dusted her new outfit.

"What is it" said Hinata

"Kurenai-sensei has a message for you" said Shino as he gives Hinata a letter; she reads it and nods at it.

"I see; tell her that I'll be there soon" said Hinata kindly at Shino

"Why won't you tell her" said Kiba until a stinging sensation appeared on his cheek and felt blood seep out. Hinata just lashed him with her cat-o-nine tales and glares at Kiba with KI

"Pecking order, bitch?" said Hinata harshly and an aura of KI flows around her, scaring the shit out of Kiba.

"Er…I mean I'll tell her" said Kiba laughing nervously as he dashes out of here, crying like a scared child.

Naruto was shocked to have seen this and looked at Hinata wounding up her whip and strapping it on her side.

"I'm lost…what just happened?" said Naruto

"Er permission to explain, Hinata-san" said Shino respectfully

"Granted" said Hinata

"It happened a few days after our gathering; Kurenai-sensei was teaching Hinata-san to be more dominant and also gain more confidence to herself" said Shino "The results were…terrifying, even my insects were now terrified of her and now Kiba is so afraid of going near her"

"So she taught Dog breath to know better" said Naruto

"Hai" said Shino "I remembered the first time she announced something called the Pecking Order"


Team 8 are at an empty classroom as Kurenai has something to say.

"Okay I have something to say to you all, but since Lord Hokage needs me, I'll let Hinata explain everything" said Kurenai as she then leaves the room.

"Alright, maggots listen up" said Hinata as she cracks her whip to get Shino and Kiba's attention. "Since I'm more experienced in this team, I'll announce the Pecking Order: It starts with 1) Kiba 2) the Dirt 3) the worms inside of the Dirt 4) Akamaru 5) Shino, then me and Kurenai. Any Questions?"

"Well yeah, er…WHAAAA!" screams Kiba as Hinata just kicks him out of the window and crashed into a trash can.

"Enjoy the climb back up, bitch" said Hinata at Kiba before she closes the window. "Any more questions?"

"Nope" said Shino

"Good, now we agree with everything" said Hinata smiling sweetly

(Flashback ends)

Naruto couldn't help but laugh at this, Kiba got owned by Hinata si just too hilarious to him. He then starts rolling on the floor laughing like crazy.


"It wasn't that funny" said Shino sweatdropping

"If you were in my shoes, then you'll understand" said Naruto as he stops laughing.

"Yeeeah...anyway I gotta go train; I'll leave you alone now Hinata-san" said Shino as he walks away.

"Thank you" said Hinata sweet fully as she now cuddles into Naruto's left arm. "Oh miss you"

"Me too" said Naruto until he notices a perfectly square rock with eye holes, he sighs at this and looked at it. "You have 5 seconds to come out, Konohamaru"

"he he, slick move boss" said the rock as it poofs into smoke and reveals a the boy named Konohamaru. Konohamaru is a few years younger than Naruto, he has spiky brown hair and a missing tooth, he is wearing a yellow t-shirt with the Konoha insignia on top, blue shorts and those green goggles Naruto use to wear before he became a Genin. "Just what I expect from a rival"

"What do want this time?" said Naruto

"You promised to train me, where were you?" said Konohamaru

"I was on missions" said Naruto "I'm a Genin now, so I can't waste my time training you"

"Pfft, more like hanging out with your girlfriend" mutters Konohamaru "You are a perv, Boss"

"Whatever" said Naruto until he notices 2 more perfectly square rocks, Naruto sighs at this as well. "I know rocks aren't square, come on out"

"Damn it, we're busted" said a girl's voice

"Looks like we have no choice then" said a sickly boy's voice.

The 2 "Rocks" then poof into smoke to reveal a girl with pigtails and a sickly boy with glasses; they then do some cheesy poses while introducing their names.

"I am Moegi, sexy Kunoichi-in-training in the academy" said the girl known as Moegi, she has orange hair and rosy cheeks that made her extra cute (in Naruto's POV). She is wearing a pink blouse and grey shorts, like Konohamaru she is also wearing the same goggles.

"And I am Udon, skilled with maths and ninja-in-training at the academy" said the sickly boy known as Udon, he has flat brown hair and a runny nose. He is wearing a navy blue jacket and grey shorts, also the same goggles Konohamaru and Moegi are wearing.

"And we're..." said Konohamaru as he does one of those cheesy poses with Moegi and Udon "The Konohamaru Squad!"

"Uh...huh" said Naruto deadpanned at the display, Hinata giggles at the poses as she thinks it was cute. "I would say "WOW THAT'S AMAZING" but that would be lying"

"Aw come on, boss" said Konohamaru pouting "Show us some support at least once"

"Alright" sighing Naruto as he ruffled the youngster's hair, who gave Naruto a big smile

"Thanks Boss" said Konohamaru as he then leaves him and Naruto alone. "Come on, guys"

"Hai" said Moegi and Udon as they then follow Konohamaru, Moegi stayed for awhile as she bows to Naruto.

"Nice to meet you, Naruto-kun" said Moegi with her rosy cheeks blushing before she ran towards her friends.

"Looks like you have an admirer" said Hinata

"It appears so" said Naruto smiling "She is cute"

Hinata giggles at Naruto and kisses him on the cheek.

"Anyway, how did you know that kid?" said Hinata

"It was a few months ago" said Naruto "Konohamaru tried to "assassinate" the Hokage but screwed up by tripping over his scarf. He noticed me and tried to pick a fight with me, thought that I couldn't hurt him due to the fact that he's the "Honourable Grandson" of the Hokage. But I didn't give a shit so I whacked him on the head to prove him wrong"

"And..." said hinata knowning that there's more

"Konohamaru is curious about me so he keeps following me and tried to hide when I turn my back to see. I already know he was following me and I told him to come out" said Naruto as he continues with his story. "Konohamaru asked me to teach him the Jutsu that KO'd Oji-san"

"What jutsu was that?" said Hinata

"Remember the one that I used back in the academy and made ever male and some girls faint with bloody noses?" asked Naruto

"You mean THAT jutsu?" said Hinata as she blushes at that memory, Naruto as a sexy woman with pigtails.

"Yep, that one" said Naruto "Anyway I reluctantly taught him it, at first he was terrible at it but he managed to do it when his private tutor Ebu...something came along. I used the combination of my Shadow Clones and THAT Jutsu to KO him.

Hinata starts to blush and her nose seep out blood from the thought, Naruto noticed and chuckled at her.

"Naughty" said Naruto until he hears Konohamaru scream for help. "What the..."

Naruto then dashes to see if Konohamaru is OK, Hinata follows him as he might need help. They reached where Konohamaru and he is getting bullied by a ninja in black, wearing a cat eared hood, purple war paint and holding a mummy-like object on his back. With him is a kunoichi with dirty blonde hair with 4 pigtails, she is wearing a purple battle dress with black shorts and a red sash around her waist with a mesh top underneath, she is wielding a large fan strapped to her back.

Konohamaru is struggling as the ninja is squeezing his fist, hurting the young boy.

"Help me, Boss" said Konohamaru

"Let him go" said Naruto

"Alright, until I teach this punk a lesson" said the ninja

"Kankuro, just let him go" said the Kunoichi

"Stay out of this, Temari" said the ninja known as Kankuro "He bumped into me and didn't say sorry"

The Kunoichi known as Temari sighs at her partner and shock her head.

"Fine, but don't complain later" said Temari until she sees Naruto Wow, cute guy, shame he's taken

"Look, whatever Konohamaru did I don't think he meant it" said Naruto "Just let him go and I won't report this to the Hokage"

"It that a threat?" said Kankuro

"It's a warning" said Naruto

"Is that so" said Kankuro as he then charges at Naruto, Hinata was about to jump in to defend Naruto but he stops her as he activates his Shinkeigan.

"Bad move, bud" said Naruto as he dodged Kankuro's punch and jabs his finger on his arm, activating the pain point.

"GAH!" screams Kankuro as he clutches his arm "MY ARM, DAMN IT!"

What was that? Thought Temari in shock to have seen this He just touched him and now Kankuro is screaming in pain

"What the FUCK did you do to my arm?" said Kankuro angrily at Naruto

"Calm down, the pain is only temporary" said Naruto "Now unless I make it permanent, I advise you just walk away and forget this ever happened.

Fuck you man" said Kankuro as he then charges at Naruto again but halts as someone appeared instantly between them. "A-A-A..."

"Kankuro, we didn't come here to fight" said the person in front of Kankuro as it turns to reveal a kunoichi carrying a gourd on her back. She has red spiky shoulder length hair, black rings around her green pupil-less eyes and a red scar that looks like a Kanji for "Love" on her forehead. She is wearing a short black shirt that shows her stomach, black ninja shorts and a white sash around her waist along with mesh underneath. "Do you want to make our village look bad"

"I'm sorry, Akako" said Kankuro nervously to the kunoichi known as Akako "It's just..."

"Shut up or I'll kill you" said Akako harshly and darkly until she turns to Naruto "I'm sorry for his bad behaviour, it's his first time in your village"

"No problem" said Naruto "I didn't catch your name"

"It's Akako, Akako no Subaku" said Akako "And you are?"

"Naruto Uzumaki" said Naruto until Akako instantly appeared closer to him, looking him dead straight into the eyes since she is the same height as him. Naruto is getting nervous of her staring at him real close, not to mention the angry expression Hinata's face.

"I like you" said Akako blankly "For some reason; you're the only one I liked that is still alive. I hope you remain alive so we can get to know each other"

"S-Sure" said Naruto nervously

After that Akako moves away from Naruto and walks away.

"I'll see you at the Chunnin Exams" said Akako "If you're applying"

Then Akako vanishes into sand, Temari walk towards to Naruto

"You must forgive her, she never does that" said Temari "She has abad childhood"

"Meaning she was hunted down by the villager, thinking she's some sort of monster?" said Naruto

"How did you..." said Temari until Naruto interrupts

"I had the same experience like her" said Naruto "And don't worry about it; it seems I made a friend"

"I do hope it lasts for a long time" said Temari sadly to herself

"Oh I didn't get your name?" said Naruto nicely

"Temari no Subaku" said Temari "Akako's my little sister; the bastards here is my little brother Kankuro"

"Fuck you Temari" said Kankuro in pain

"Don't mind him, he's not a people person" said Temari "Anyway, it's nice to have met you"

"Me too" said Naruto "Why won't come with us, I know a good place to eat here if you want"

"Sure" said Temari "I could go for something to eat, also make new friends"

"Count me out" said Kankuro as he walks away "No way I'm going with that psycho"

"I only used my jutsu on you" said Naruto

"The more reason to avoid you, bastard" said Kankuro as he leaves the area.

"Sorry about that" said Temari

"Don't worry about it" said Naruto "Shall we?"

"Hai" said Temari as she, Naruto and Hinata head for Ichiraku Ramen.

Unaware to the blonde Genin and 2 Kunoichi; a ninja team from Iwa were watching him among the crowd.

"So that's him, huh?" said an Iwa ninja with blonde hair

"That's right" said the Iwa Kunoichi with short black hair and red eyes. "He's the one; the one Lord Tsuchikage has assigned us to kill"



In the canyons of the Land of Earth lies Iwa, Iwa is Konoha's enemy since the 3rd Shinobi war. Their culture and way of fighting is different to Konoha as their jutsu's mostly are Earth Style. In the Tsuchikage Tower, the Sandaime Tsuchikage Onoki is talking to a ninja squad as they have a mission to do.

"The Yellow Flash has a son?" said the Iwa Kunoichi

"Hai" said Onoki, he is a short old man with a stubborn attitude; he is partly bald and has white hair tied up into a ponytail. He has a long triangular beard on his chin and a long moustache drooping down; he has a big bulging nose and thick eye brows. "It appears that he does have one; it surprised me at first but now we have the opportunity to have our revenge"

"Sins of the father, right?" said the Iwa Kunoichi

"Exactly" said Onoki "Since the Yellow Flash is dead 15 years ago, his brat will take responsibility for the death of our fallen shinobi back in the great war."

"Don't worry" said the Iwa Kunoichi "We will avenge our fallen comrades, consider I, Kurotsuchi…"

"Deidara" said the Blonde Iwa Ninja

And Akatsuchi" said the big Iwa ninjas

…reporting for duty" said Kurotsuchi as she salutes

(Flashback ends)

"He will pay for this" said Kurotsuchi "We'll kill him during the exams, a perfect advantage for us"

"Why don't I just plant a bomb on him and watch him explode" said Deidara

"You baka, we're in enemy territory" said Kurotsuchi as she whacks Deidara on the head.

Meanwhile, the Iwa ninjas aren't the only one that is watching Naruto, a trio of Kumo ninjas are spying on him as well. Presumably they have the same objective to kill Naruto.

"So this is him" said a dark skinned ninja with blonde hair and sucking on a lollypop

"That's right" said a busty blonde Kumo Kunoichi "That's the one the Raikage wants us to kill"



Up about the mountains of the land of Lightning is Kumo; Kumo is known for their skilled swordsmen. The village is built on the peaks of the mountains and above the clouds, hence their name "Kumo" meaning the Hidden Cloud village.

In the Raikage Tower, a ninja team is assigned a mission by the Raikage.

"So the Red death has a son" said a dark skinned man in his mid-30s; he has a muscular build, a goatee and his hair braided up. He is wearing his Kumo ninja Flak jacket and shades on his eyes. "So you want us to kill him?"

"That's right" said the Raikage known as A; A is a strong muscular man with dark skin and has blonde hair and moustache and small beard. He is wearing a white coat with his chest exposed, a gold wrestler's belt and vambraces on his arms. "Red Death Uzumaki has a son and I want your team to kill him during the Chunnin Exams in Konoha. This is the last time she humiliated us with her skilled swordsmanship, her martial art skills, not to mention beating me in a "Yo mama" fight decades ago"

The Kumo ninja team sweatdroped at A when he mentioned the "Yo mama" fight.

"Don't you think you're overreacting, Lord Raikage?" said the under dark-skinned ninja.

"You don't get it, do you" said A as he slam his fist on his desk, nearly destroying it. "She humiliated Kumo and she has to pay for it; but since the bitch is dead, her son will be the one to take the blame"

"So you're sending us to Konoha to take the exams and snuff this guy out?" said the Red haired Kunoichi with dark-skin. "Sounds simple enough"

"Don't underestimate him, Karui" said A as he pulls out a dossier about Naruto "From what our spies gathered, he knows his ways around women; he has a reputation for defeating them without harming them…more like the opposite"

"What do you mean?" said the Blond Kunoichi

"I mean he uses his techniques to make you submit to him by adding pleasure into your body" said A "So you shouldn't underestimate him, Samui"

Karui and the blonde Kunoichi known as Samui starts to blush at this; the 3rd ninja laughs at this.

"So he's a pervert" said the Dark skinned lollypop eating ninja.

"You could say that" said A

(Flashback ends)

"I wonder what kind of techniques he used against women?" said the ninja while sucking his lollypop

"Don't think like that, Omio" said Karui as she smacks him on the head "We're here to kill him"

"I doubt it'll work" said Omio "I bet he'll defeat you in an instant; it not, then he'll just have to keep on going until you submit"

"What's wrong with you?" said Samui "Why are you acting like that?"

"Just curious" said Omio until he got kicked on the head by both Karui and Samui.

"Pervert" mutters both the Kumo Kunoichi

Hokage Tower

Later that day, all of the Jonin are gathered here in the office of the Hokage Tower; Sarutobi has an announcement to them all and they must pay attention as he will only say this once.

"Alright, you are wondering why you are gathered here today" said Sarutobi "Well starting from next week, the Chunnin Exams will start"

Here you go, now to start the Chunnin Exam Arc in this story. I do hope you know who that Kunoichi Naruto met before.

Until next time.