Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 19

Ino's Dream

As you all know what Ino was dreaming of before, here is what she is dreaming about; Ino is running through the dark woods, running away from a beast that is chasing her. That beast is unknown as it lurks in the shadows but Ino knows it's there when she is running with all of her might to get away.

"Oh little pig, come out and play" said the voice of that beast in a childish tone.

Ino getting scared, her purple checked dress with a now torn white apron is getting caught by the sinister branches of the leafless trees. She tripped on a root of a tree and rolled down the hill and left the edge of the woods, it is reaching sundown and everyone barricade themselves in their houses to prevent the beast from entering. Now that she is out of the darkness of the woods, the setting sun reveals her pig ears and cute curly tail when she is on all fours after tumbling down the hill.

"Oh I'll enjoy that sweet ass of yours, little pig" said the beast as it exits the woods, despite the setting sun; its features remain unknown as it's still covered the shadows. "And I would love to hear you squeal when I do, heh heh heh"

Ino got back on her feet and heads for her house in the village, the streets of the village is empty as everyone is inside and safe from the beast. The doors and windows have metal plate covering installed and the chimneys are blocked up so the beast will not enter the houses. The reason of this is because 2 beautiful pig girls were taken by that beast and were never heard of again.

Ino reached her house with such relief and locked up all the windows and doors so the beast will not enter and take her like the other 2 pig girls that were taken by it.

"I doubt that monster will enter this house, unlike those 2 from before" said Ino locking the doors and windows. "Mine is super strong against the wind, unlike those 2 who lived in a hut made of hay and a cabin made of sticks"




"Little pig, little pig; please let me in" said the beast knocking on the door

"No I will not" said Ino getting scared that the beast is at the other side of the front door. "Leave me alone"

"Oh I won't hurt you, I just want to play" said the beast knocking on the door "Please let me in"

"No, go away" said Ino

"Then I'll huff, I'll puff and I'll knock this door down" said the Beast starts banging on the door.



The banging causes the hinges and locks of the door to loosen and shake; Ino panics as she starts barricading the door but does not hold on for long as the beast bangs it again. The banging causes the door and the barricade to break, leaving the entrance clear for the beast as it enters the house.

Ino is hiding in the closet, whimpering with fear as the beast enters her house and looking for her.

"Oh little pig, where are you?" said the beast as it moves the furniture away, searching for Ino "I know you're in here, I can smell you. You smell sweet and yummy like the other 2"

Ino is now terrified as she hears footsteps coming closer to her, the beast chuckles as it scrapes its claws onto the closet door.

"I'm getting closer" said the beast as it grab the handle and slowly pulls it for a few seconds until it tears it off the hinges and Ino screams in terror as she's been found by the beast that kidnapped the other 2 pig girls. The beast is in fact a teenager with spiky blonde hair with fox ears and a tail, he is wearing black pants and a dark orange jacket with nothing underneath. "There you are"

"Get out now, Naruto" said Ino angrily at the fox known as Naruto "I don't like you teasing with me all the time, scaring me and made me think that you're a scary monster"

"Oh come on, Ino-chan, I was only joking" said Naruto as he pulled up a chair and sat on it. "Besides, you like being scared"

"Every time you do it, you overdo it by breaking my door down" said Ino crossing her arms and pouting at Naruto "This house isn't fully insured, you know when you partially demolish it with our little foreplay"

"Oh don't be like that" said Naruto as his fox ears go down "Can't I play along with our little role-play?"

Ino turned her head at Naruto slightly and saw him do the puppy dog eyes.

"Oh I can't say no to you" said Ino smiling at her fox lover.

"Yay" said Naruto as he starts hugging his sweet little piggy


"Hello, anyone home?" said a voice as it reveals to be 2 female pig girls that were also going out with the fox boy. The first one has long blue hair and pearl like eyes, she is wearing a lavender coat and dark blue pants with a hole on the bottom so that her cute little tail can go through. The other has short pink hair and emerald eyes, she is wearing a red dress with white lining on the sides; they are Hinata and Sakura, they live at the other side of the village.

"Naruto-kun overdid it again with the door?" said Sakura

"I said I was sorry" said Naruto doing a sad pout which make the 3 little pigs giggle.

"You are cute when you pout like that" said Hinata smiling at Naruto "Come on, we can use my house tonight"

"Yay, I'm still playing" said Naruto grinning.

"Oh Naruto, you perv" said Ino

"But you love it really" said Naruto as he spanked her ass and made her jump with surprise.

"Naruto!" yelled Ino until Naruto locked his lips onto hers; she closed her eyes and moaned at the kiss. She wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and pulled him closer. Naruto then starts groping Ino's ass and squeezing it like a ripe juicy peach, Ino broke the kiss and frowned at him. "Would you stop doing that"

"I can't help it, that sweet ass of yours is irresistible" said Naruto "It makes me want to squeeze it more"

Ino sighs at Naruto and shook her head.

"Do you want to fuck it?" said Ino

"Yes please" said Naruto wagging his fox tail excitingly.

"Don't forget us" said Sakura "We ain't chopped liver, you know"

"I haven't" said Naruto smiling at Sakura and Hinata "It wouldn't be the 3 little pigs with just one"

Sakura and Hinata giggles as she then hugs Naruto and Ino and starts kissing them on the lips.

"Shall we do this in the bedroom" said Naruto

"Fix the door first" said Ino as she, Sakura and Hinata broke the embrace and heads for the bedroom "We'll be waiting"

"Aw" said Naruto with a pout before he starts fixing the damage he caused by his overacting as the monster chasing the innocent little pig.

Later after Naruto has fixed the door, he entered bedroom to see Ino, Sakura and Hinata completely naked; Ino is on the bed in all four with still her dress on but the top is pulled down and her panties taken off because Naruto has inserted his cock in her pussy and fucking her doggy style…or in Naruto's case, foxy style.

Ino moans loudly and starts gasping when Naruto starts spanking her ass as he loves the sound of her gasps and moans. Ino is putting her head on the bed to hide her now blushing face and at the fact that she is now become a slut, not just any slut but Naruto's slut and addition to his little harem. Naruto is really horny right now, he starts lifting her up onto his lap and starts groping her breast with his right hand and her ass cheek with his left.

"Mmm, Ino-chan you're so tight" said Naruto "It feels so good around my cock"

Ino's face is now red and covered with sweat, she moans long and deep as Naruto's long hard on is deep in her. Her mind was shut down by the incoming pleasures flowing down on her that she stopped resisting when they first started.

"N-N-Naruto-kun" moans Ino as Naruto's cock feels so good in her that she just gave up and let him do what he pleases, her lust has got the better of her and she just doesn't care anymore. She leaned her head back onto Naruto's shoulder and rests on it and Naruto touched her cheek with hers, then he and her starts kissing passionately.

Naruto groans as he speed up his thrusting in and out of Ino's pussy and caused her to bounce up and down on his lap, Ino muffles up moans and starts rubbing her clit to add in more of the pleasure. Their tongues intertwine with each other and both of then moans at their intoxicating flavour.

Ino moans more and more as Naruto gets wilder in his thrusts, she starts breaking up the kiss and stuck out her tongue and left her mouth open and her eyes rolled back. Naruto grunts as he is reaching his climax, he gives her a few more hard thrusts in her pussy and then starts cumming in her. He came out a huge load into her womb, causing her stomach to bloat and make it look like she is 4 months pregnant. Ino feels the hit seed enter her and she started moaning and lowered her eyes with her mouth now drooling with her tongue sticking out.

"Now you look like a little pig, Ino-chan" said Naruto as he starts rubbing her bloated stomach.

"Na-Naruto-kun, don't tease" said Ino blushing while Naruto pulled himself out and accidently shot out a few on Ino's now bloated stomach and breasts, but Ino doesn't care as she just moans at the touch. Naruto still sees that his cock is still hard and aching; he then starts inserting it in her ass.

Ino starts gasping loudly as Naruto's thick cock is slowly entering her small tight ass; this caused her eyes to widen and her mouth wide open. Then he starts thrusting with all of his might, making Ino's breasts bouncing. Hinata and Sakura are enjoying the show that the start crawling towards them and got involved; Sakura is now kissing Ino on the lips and Hinata behind Naruto, pressing her breasts onto his back and starts kissing him.

The four are all moaning with ecstacy that they continue their sexual positions, Sakura is rubbing her breasts with Ino's while inseting her tongue into her mouth and fingering her pussy to make her moan even more. Hinata still massages Naruto's back with her breasts while Naruto's tail teases with her pussy. Naruto is speeding up his thrusting in Ino's ass while he starts groping her ass cheeks like they are sweet peaches.

Ino keeps moaning and moaning until she starts shouting ecstatically that the entire house echoes.

"OH, NARUTO-KUN!" shouts Ino as she starts spilling out juices from her pussy and ass.



Real World:Morning

Morning has arrived and Ino woke up when the alarm clock start beeping loudly and she threw it on the wall to smash it into pieces. Then she looked down to her bedcovers and saw a wet stain between her legs, she sighs when she had that dream.

Damn, that was a rather amazing dream thought Ino as she blushed at it I think I'm starting to…mmm boy he is so good in bed

Then she shook her head of that thought and focuses on brushing her hair and putting on her purple battle dress and bandages around her waist and legs.

"Ino, your teammates are here at the door" said Ino's mother from downstairs

"Thank you, mum" said Ino as she tied her hair into a ponytail before she left her room and climbed down the stairs to greet her teammates.


Shikamaru and Choji waiting for Ino to come outside, usually Shikamaru would just lounge around but he was told to leave the house by his nagging mother. Choji doesn't mind hanging around as long as he has his snacks with him, which is what he is having right now.

"Hey guys" said Ino as she exits her house

"Meh" said Shikamaru lazily

"*Munch* hey Ino" said Choji "Asuma-sensei wants us to train for the exams next week"

"How troublesome, I don't really don't see the point of going in those exams" said Shikamaru

"That would be a normal thing for you say" said Ino "So why bother?"

"My mother keeps nagging at me if I don't" said Shikamaru "Also she'll threaten to give me chores for a whole month if I don't"

"Typical, of all the ninjas we'll face in the exams, you get defeated by your own mother" said Ino "I felt sorry for you"

"Whatever" said Shikamaru in his usual lazy tone "let's go already, as soon as we finished this troublesome training the better"

Ino and Choji sighed at their lazy teammate that they then head for their training grounds. Team 8 is now walking through the streets of Konoha to their training grounds so that they'll train for the Chunnin Exams coming next week.

"So Ino, you learned any new jutsu" said Choji as he finished his packet of crisps and putting it in a nearby bin.

Ino however wasn't paying attention as she was daydreaming about that dream she had last night. Her face is blushing at the sexy physique of Naruto, when she dreams of him and her…

"Ino…Ino, hey ino" said Choji as he patter her shoulder "Are you alright"

"Huh, oh sorry" said Ino "did you say something?"

"Never mind" said Choji "It's not important"

"Oh, okay" said Ino shrugging her shoulders and continues walking with her teammates.

As team 8 pass by the streets of Konoha, the Iwa ninja team are at a local tea shop drinking sweet green tea and dango. Kurotsuchi is groaning tirelessly as she didn't have a decent night sleep. Akatsuchi and Deidara are rather concerned about their teammate as she had a strange dream about a certain blonde.

"Damn that blonde bastard" said Kurotsuchi growling angrily at that dream she had. "He made me feel vulnerable and submissive"

"What the hell did you dream of to make you think that?" said Deidara "I mean yeah he is out primary target but can't you just feel sorry for the guy. He is an orphan"

"So you're reconsidering the mission?" said Kurotsuchi at her teammate.

"I'm not saying that" said Deidara "I mean cut him some slack just because he's the son of…"

"Shh, it's quite obvious that not all of Konoha knew about his lineage" said Akatsuchi "We don't want everyone think we're here just to kill him"

"Akatsuchi has a point" said Kurotsuchi as she yawns "I'm going back to the apartment to take a nap, tell Tou-san that I won't be at the training today"

"Hai" said both Deidara and Akatsuchi as they watch Kurotsuchi leave the tea shop.

Kurotsuchi leaves the tea shop and suddenly saw Naruto walking by, she frowned at him but remembered the mission.

Just one more week, Kurotsuchi thought Kurotsuchi to herself just one more week and then I'll have his head on a platter…not to mention his huge long…AH stop thinking like that!

Naruto saw Kurotsuchi growling at herself when she started thinking about him.

She wants me thought Naruto as he chuckles

Kurotsuchi's room

Kurotsuchi arrives at her bedroom at the apartment her team rented until the Chunnin exams have ended. She took off her shoes and flak jacket off while she walks to her bed because she is extremely tired. The sat on the bed and took off her red ninja top and shorts to reveal her black bra and panties.

"I think I'll just forget about that blonde bastard for a while until the exams start" said Kurotsuchi as she put on a white shirt and climbed into bed. She yawned and lowered her pink pupil-less eyes "just *yawn* forget about him"

Kurotsuchi's dream

"Don't let him get away"

It is at the middle of the night in Iwa, a mysterious intruder has infiltrated the Tschikage tower and stole one of Iwa's valuable treasures. A group of Iwa ANBU are chasing this mysterious thief but they are losing him as he takes sharp turns around the corners.

"He he he, try and catch me" said the mysterious thief as he rushes to the rooftops until he tripped and dropped his bag of swag and everything scatters everywhere. "Ah bollocks, the loot"

He starts piling the loot back in his bag until he saw an Iwa kunoichi in front of him.

"This is the end of the road, Namikaze" said Kurotsuchi "This is the last time you terrorize Iwa with your increasing crimes.

"Well, well; if it isn't Kurotsuchi" said the thief as he smirks, the moonlight reveals his face covered by an eye-mask and he is wearing all black to blend in with the shadows. "Nice to see you"

"Return what you have stolen" said Kurotsuchi

"What, this?" said the thief as he hoisted the bag of swag "You want it?"

"That's right" said Kurotsuchi "Give it to me"

"You want it?" said the thief

"Yes" said Kurotsuchi

"Really?"said the thief

"Yes" said Kurotsuchi, now getting annoyed at the thief.

"No you don't" said the thief

"Yes I do" said Kurotsuchi











"oh, cheers" said the thief as he then walks away with the loot.


"Ha ha, you snooze you lose" said the thief as he dashes for it

Kurotsuchi starts chasing the thief as he starts laughing excitingly; he starts jumping on rooftop to rooftop with Kurotsuchi on his tail.

"Come on, aren't you trying to catch me?" said the thief

"Damn you" shouts Kurotsuchi as she threw a barrage of kunai and shuriken at him, the Kunai and Shuriken hit the thief and he lost balance that caused him to fall to his death.

Kurotsuchi rushed to the ledge and jumped off to see the now downed thief.

"Ha, don't fuck with an Iwa Kunoichi" said Kurotsuchi until the body poofed into smoke and vanished. Then someone spanked her ass and made her jump, she turns to see the thief unharmed and now unmasked to reveal his handsome face and spiky blond hair. It's Naruto, master thief that terrorized Iwa and sells stolen goods to Konoha; there are wanted posters all over Iwa and Naruto is wanted for his crimes.

And one of them is teasing the Tsuchikage's granddaughter

"You bastard" said Kurotsuchi

"Oh I know you love it" said Naruto smirking at the Iwa kunoichi

"No I do not" said Kurotsuchi blushing

"Yes you do" said Naruto

"No I do not" said Kurotsuchi













"HA, you admit it" said Naruto as he laughs and pissed Kurotsuchi off

"GRRR, DAMN YOU!" shouts Kurotsuchi as she starts charging for the kill, she missed as Naruto stepped aside and spanked her ass at the progress. She blushed again and not furious at Naruto humiliating her "WOULD YOU STOP DOING THAT!"

"Oh come on, I'm just having fun" said Naruto as he smirked and winked at her. "Gotta go"

Naruto then starts running for it and Kurotsuchi continues chasing him, Naruto is swifty and he could outrun group of ANBU when he gets into trouble. He makes a turn at the corner and vanished out of Kurotsuchi's sight.

"Fuck, where is he?" said Kurotsuchi until she yelped as someone pinched her ass and spanked it. "AH!"

"Got you" said Naruto as he was behind her all the time, she growls that she pulled out her kunai and swipes at him but missed as he ducks and spanked her again.

"WOULD YOU STOP THAT!" shouts Kurotsuchi blushing again

"Don't wanna" said Naruto as he placed the tip of his finger on her nose and she starts growling at him again.

"YOU BASTARD!" shouts Kurotsuchi as she starts slashing her kunai at Naruto but misses again and again as he just ducks and step back out of range. "STOP IT AND DIE!"

Then she lost her balance as she triped on a rock and falls onto Naruto's chest and made him collapse on the floor as well. Both of their lips touch each other and they accidently kissed each other. Kurotsuchi was the first to react and widen her eyes with shock as she did what she would never expect to do.

Oh fuck, I kissed him thought Kurotsuchi I just kissed a FUCKING Namikaze thief...and I touched his balls

"Wow…I never knew you were so daring" said Naruto smirking at the Iwa kunoichi as her hands were between his legs

Kurotsuchi growls that she got off the floor threw a kunai at Naruto while he is still on the ground but missed as he rolled sideways and got up on his feet. He dashed through Kurotsuchi but not without spanking her ass one last time before, she blushed again and saw Naruto on the roof where the full moon shines behind him.

"Farewell, Kurotsuchi-chan; love to stay and play but I have some goodies to sell to Konoha" said Naruto as he bows to her and throws her a kiss before he leaves out of nowhere. "Sayonara"

Kurotsuchi starts shouting angrily of all the humiliation he caused on her.


Real world

Kurotsuchi woke up instantly and starts rubbing her temples with annoyance as she just dreamt about him…again.

"GRRR, I HATE HIM SO MUCH" growls Kurotsuchi until she looked down to her bed coverings to see her wet between the legs. "AGH, DAMN IT!"

Yamanaka Compound

Ino has returned to her home and waved goodbye to her teammates, she yawned and start rubbing her eyes as she is getting tired.

"Oh my, I'm so tired" said Ino "I think I'll go to sleep"

Ino entered the compound where she sees her mother and her father Inoichi, Inoichi saw Ino enter the house and smiled at her.

"Evening, Ino-chan" said Inoichi "How was training?"

"Tiring" said Ino as she yawned "I'm off to bed"

"Wouldn't you like something to eat before you go to sleep?" said Ino's mother

"I already ate with my teammates" said Ino as she climbed up the stairs "I'll see you in the morning, goodnight"

"Goodnight" said both Ino's parents before they continued eating their dinner and their conversation.

"She's doing well" said Inoichi "I now know why Asuma as applied her to take the Chunnin Exams"

"even though she is too young to take them just yet" said Ino's mother "She is growing into a fine young woman"

"All that she needs is a man that'll treat her well" said Inoichi "I don't like that Uchiha lad that she talks about, he's not the caring type like all men of the Uchiha clan"

"I know what you mean" said Ino's mother nodding with agreement at what her husband as said.

Ino's room

Ino closed her door and sat on her bed; she took off her ninja sandals and tossed them on the floor. Then she pulled off her ribbon that kept her hair a pony tail and now her hair is free. The took off her purple shirt and shorts, leaving only her bra and panties on since she is too tired and a bit lazy to put on pyjamas while he climbs into bed. She'll probably have to give Shikamaru a punch in the face for rubbing his lazy habits into her.

"And a really hard *yawn* one too" said Ino before she drifts to sleep and she dreamt that same dream she had last night. "Mmm, Naruto-kun, oh Naruto-kun"

And that's it; I hope you enjoyed this chapter as more will come later.