Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 20

Team 7 Training Grounds

Naruto and Sasuke are having their independent sparing at their training grounds for their incoming Chunnin Exams. Unfortunately Sakura isn't with them as she somehow fallen ill and has to rest for a few days, even Naruto visited her and brought her some get well gifts to help recover quickly.

Naruto dodges a punch from Sasuke and threw a low kick at him but missed, They were going on like this for hours and both of them aren't wearing their tops as the sweat is soaking them and getting irritable. Sasuke's build is similar to Naruto's as he was training since the massacre of his clan by his Elder sister Itomé.

Then they decided to get serious and activated their Dojutsus; with Sasuke's Sharingan he can watch Naruto's movements clearly, and with Naruto's Shinkeigan he can see Sasuke's pain points and use them to defeat him but inflicting pain on the muscles on his arms and legs to cause cramp.

They yelled as the charge at each other and started throwing their punches and kicks at each other, Sasuke dodges the chakra enhanced jabs and kicks as he knows that Naruto is targeting his pain points, despite the face he cannot see them himself. Naruto is focusing on Sasuke's legs so the pain will knock him down, Sasuke is aware of this and tries to keep his distance away from Naruto while trying to get an effective strike on him.

But this isn't easy for the young Uchiha as he needs to get closer to Naruto as it's an unarmed combat sparing only and no weapons or jutsu are allowed with their dojutsus as an exception. Sasuke swings a left punch at Naruto, he missed and Naruto struck his left leg with a jab. Sasuke's leg muscles starts to spasm and goes stiff, he collapses onto the ground and grunts in pain while he held on to his pain inflicted leg.

"Damn it, you and your damn bloodline" said Sasuke grunting in pain

"Hey, you gain strength without pain, Teme" said Naruto as he pulls out an ice pack and gives it on Sasuke's. "The pain is only temporary, here"

"Thanks" said Sasuke as he placed it on his leg and starts massaging it "You do have an advantage, you know"

"I know" said Naruto as he pulls out a towel from his backpack and wiped the sweat off his face. "So how do we call it a day?"

"I doubt a day will be enough" said Sasuke as he's referring to his leg cramp Naruto gave him.

"Oh…sorry about that" said Naruto sheepishly "I'll carry you to the hospital"

Naruto helps get Sasuke off the ground and carries him on piggyback and rushed to the hospital.

Later: Konoha

Naruto has dropped Sasuke to the hospital so that his leg will recover, now Naruto has no sparring partner since Sakura is ill, Sasuke has a leg cramp and unable to get on his feet for a few days, and Kakashi is busy. Naruto then shrugs and starts training on his own for now until his teammates are recovered.

"Now…what to do" said Naruto as he is now bored "Kurenai-chan and Hinata-chan are busy training with their teammates, Anko-chan is busy preparing for the Exams, and Ayame-chan is doing her job with her father…well since Kiba-teme is busy training, I think I'll pay a visit with Tsume-chan and Hana-chan…if they aren't busy"

Naruto then heads for the Inuzuka Compound since Kiba is out so this works out to his advantage of having some fun with the 2 sexy bitches. While he walks onto the streets of Konoha, he bumps into Team 10 without their sensei around.

"Oh hello guys" said Naruto "You're doing some training?"

"Unfortunately" said Shikamaru "Mom said if I don't do some serious training, I'll do house chores while she pays a visit with her old friend. So I left the house and my old man does the chores, poor bastard"

"What's wrong with your mother, she's kind and nice" said Naruto; Naruto met Shikamaru's mother when he was young when he played with Shikamaru, Choji and Kiba; they were known as the "Konoha Rascals" because they always skip classes and never pay attention, but despite that, Naruto does pay attention but has a way of making people think he isn't.

Anyway, he met Shikamaru's mother when Shikamaru had a sleepover years ago and Naruto was invited. He one time had a nightmare and asked her if he can sleep with her since he hadn't have a mother in his life to comfort him. Shikamaru's mother Yoshino accepted this because she was friends with Kushina; she and Naruto became good friends that day and he sometimes visit her when he can.

"To you, you troublesome bastard" said Shikamaru grumbling at the blonde "She just hates lazy bastards and I take after my old man; sins of the father, that's what they say"

Poor woman, her marriage must have been hard for her thought Naruto Maybe I'll pay her a visit too

Ino couldn't help but blush at Naruto and couldn't stop looking at him, she quietly moans at his handsome face and his bare chest draped over by his opened jacket.

Mmm, he's so sexy; I want him thought Ino as she starts licking her lips and her eyes filled with lust I want you to fuck me, Naruto-kun

Naruto noticed the lustful gaze coming from Ino's eyes and smirks at her.

"You like what you see, Ino-chan" said Naruto smirking "I'm sorry if don't compare to Sasuke"

Oh fuck Sasuke, I want you thought Ino as she stops looking at Naruto and starts blushing. "Er…sorry about that"

"It's alright, maybe you and I would go out for some Ramen" said Naruto "I'm free tomorrow, if you're interested"

"Er…sure, I could go for a day off" said Ino as she accepted the offer

"Lucky bitch" mutters Shikamaru "she gets away of it and I'm stuck doing nothing but training for this troublesome exams"

"So why do you even bother?" said Naruto at the Lazy genin

"Because I'll have my troublesome mother on my back" said Shikamaru "She'll threaten me to do daily routine exercises every day until the exams ends if I don't take it"

"Ouch, poor you" said Naruto as he knows what will it be like if he were Shikamaru's shoes; it would be like hell. "Well anyway, I gotta go"

"I'll see you tomorrow, Naruto-kun" said Ino "I'll see you at your apartment"

"Sure thing" said Naruto smiling at the blonde kunoichi before he leaves.

Ino watches Naruto walk through the streets of Konoha and sighed happily; Shikamaru and Choji saw what Ino did and gagged childishly.

"Oh piss off, guys" said Ino angrily at her 2 teammates for their childish behaviour and storms off with an hmph.

Unaware of Naruto or Team 10, Kurotsuchi was spying on Naruto and giving him evil glares at him, just because he's the son of Minato Namikaze. Deidara and Akatsuchi are busy training and started to lose interest of the blonde and decided to wait until the Exams start. But Kurotsuchi has become obsessed with Naruto, not just about killing him and strangely she is starting get affectionate by him, but she tries to replace it by hatred as it is affecting her.

Once I kill him, the better thought Kurotsuchi as her heart is beating quickly in her chest.

It's not just Kurotsuchi who is spying on Naruto, Samui and Karui are spying on Naruto as they are now getting curious about him. They are fascinated by his handsomeness; Karui is the one who is more fascinated by Naruto that she is reconsidering of killing him in the exams.

"I don't know he is really cute" said Karui "Can't we just kidnap him and keep him?"

"As much as I love the sound of that, we can't" said Samui "Lord Raikage wants him killed since his mother did humiliate him decades ago"

"For over a Yo Mama fight" said Karui as she shook her head "I'm sorry for saying this but that was just pathetic"

"Hai" said Samui "Speaking of pathetic, where's Omio?"

"He says he's gone to a local sweet shop since his stach of lollypops ran out" said Karui

"Ah, I see" said Samui as she no longer sees Naruto anywhere "Oh well, shows over; let's head back to our room"

"Good Idea" said Karui as she and Samui leave their hiding spot and head to their rented room.

Inuzuka Compound

Naruto arrived at the Compound and starts knocking on the door; he waits for someone to open the door so he can enter the compound to visit Tsume and Hana as it was been so long since he visited them. Then the door opens and it wasn't Tsume and Hana that opened it. It was Yoshino Nara, Shikamaru's mother; she came to the Inuzuka compound to pay a visit to Tsume as they were good friends at the academy when they were young.

"Oh hello Naruto-kun" said Yoshino "You came to visit Tsume?"

"Hello Yoshino-san" said Naruto respectfully to the Matriarch of the Nara clan. "I didn't expect you to see you here"

"Oh, I had a bad day at home since I had to deal with 2 lazy bastards" said Yoshino as she frowns "I couldn't handle the stress that I need to get out and calm down, so I decided to visit my good friend Tsume"

"I see, I'm starting to understand" said Naruto "Shikamaru is complicated, I also bet that your husband is the same"

"That's true" said Yoshino as she smiles at Naruto understanding her

"Hey Yoshino-chan" said Tsume's voice in the compound "Who's at the door"

"It's Naruto-kun, he came to visit you I believe" said Yoshiro

"Oh that is sweet of him; let him in" said Tsume "I do miss that little pup"

"You can come in, Naruto-kun" said Yoshino

"Thank you" said Naruto as he enters the compound.

Naruto enters the Compound with Yoshino along; he arrives at the dining room of the Compound to see Tsume with a bottle of Sake on the table. Tsume turns to Naruto and smiles at him, she is glad that he came along to pay her a visit since he was busy doing his mission as his new duty as Genin.

"Hello there, Pup" said Tsume "Nice to see you again; I'm sorry to say that Hana is not here as she is the head vet and needs to tend to the animals there"

"I understand, will you be able to tell her I said hello for me?" said Naruto

"Sure thing" said Tsume "Come sit down and drink with us"

"Okay" said Naruto as he pulled up a chair and sat on it near the table, Yoshino sat next to Naruto and took a cup of Sake and starts drinking.

"Here you go" said Tsume as she pours a cup for Naruto "You're a Shinobi now, drinking is authorized to you now that you're an adult"

"Thanks" said Naruto as he starts sipping on the cup and his face winced at the strong taste of Sake, Tsume and Yoshino laughs at Naruto reaction since it's his first time drinking alcohol.

"Don't worry, the taste will mellow out when you mature more" said Tsume as she starts gulping her cup and sighed. "So how was life?"

"It's alright, I was applied to the Chunnin Exams" said Naruto

"Well good for you, Naruto-kun" said Yoshino smiling at the blonde genin "I knew you would do it; I had to threaten Shikamaru to join or he'll be doing early morning exercises every day for the rest of his life"

"Harsh, I doubt he'll last a day if he didn't apply" said Naruto as he slowly sips his cup of Sake.

"I know but I have to do it, as it's my duty as a mother to make sure my son succeeds as a Shinobi" said Yoshino "It may be a difficult task but I must do it for my son's future"

"Well good luck to that" said Tsume as she gulps in another cup of Sake and refills it. "I mean, Hana wasn't hard but Kiba is a tough bastard; he takes after his bloody father he does"

"You 2 must had a troubled time handling your sons" said Naruto "I just hope I wouldn't be one if my mother was alive"

"Oh I bet she'll be proud of you, Naruto-kun" said Yoshino "You mostly take after her, you have her wild and kind personality and you're father's looks"

"Hai, Kushina-chan was a good friend" said Tsume as she is getting a bit tipsy, she stood up and raised her cup in the air "To Kushina"

"To Kushina" said Yoshino as she raised her cup and drank it

"To Kaa-san" said Naruto smiling as he drinks to her

Later at the Inuzuka Compound, the 3 are having a wonderful time as they are now drunk when they had a cup too many but they didn't care. Tsume and Yoshino told Naruto about the time when Kushina challenged A from Kumo to a "Yo Mama fight" and won by making a major insult of A's mother.

"Oh I can't believe Kushina-chan did that when she, I and Yoshino-chan came to Kumo on a mission" laughs Tsume loudly at that memory "Oh kami he sure was a Mama's boy"

"Tell me about it, he was pissed off when Kushina did that insult about his mother's weight" said Yoshino

"What was that insult?" said Naruto curious at what his mother did to piss of the now current Raikage.

Tsume and Yoshino looked at each other and nodded, they then spoke and recite Kushina's maternal insult about A's mother.

"Yo mama is so fat that the entire Akamichi looked thin" said Tsume and Yoshino before they laughed at that

Naruto sprayed out Sake from his mouth and started laughing


"Oh and here's a really good one" said Tsume "She once said to A is "You mama is so old that she once babysit the Shodai Raikage's Oji-san as a baby, HA HA HA HA!"

"Oh and she once said to him "Yo mama is so stupid, she thought Konoha was in a leaf, HA HA HA!" laughs Yoshino "Oh those were good times, shame she died; it would be great if she were here with us"

"Well at least she left a part of her behind in her lovely son" said Tsume as she pours in more sake in each of the cups. "Her legacy lives on with Naruto-kun"

"Heh, now I know why I'm mischievous" chuckles Naruto as he starts drinking his sake.

"Oh yes, Kushina-chan was a natural-born prankster alright" said Tsume "She once place a trap on Fugaku-teme and it caused his hair to dye pink."

"She was hilarious" said Yoshino laughing "And also loyal and caring to her friends…oh I do miss her"

"Me too" said Tsume as she starts resting her head and lowered her eyes. "Zzzz"

Naruto and Yoshino chuckles as Tsume is asleep, then she starts looking at Naruto really good and blushes despite the redness of her face due to the alcohol in her system.

"I think it's the sake talking but…" said Yoshino as she starts pulling Naruto towards him and kissed him. Naruto widened his eyes at this and then starts to lower them, until he realised that Yoshino is a married woman and its dead wrong to him since he is friends with Shikamaru, despite him being a lazy bastard. Yoshino broke the kiss to finish her sentence "...I think I love you, you are a sweet boy and I do wish I had you as a son; so caring, helpful and also selfless. I want you, Naruto-kun; please have"

"Yoshino-san…I can't" said Naruto "You're married"

"And don't remind me" said Yoshino frowning "I got desperate of wanting a family that I had to marry that lazy bastard who is cynical to women. But I want to start anew, I want a family with you; please spend the night with me"

"But what about Tsume-chan?" said Naruto as he looks at the sleeping Tsume

"Tsume-chan arranged a guest room for me if things get out of hand" said Yoshino as she embraced Naruto more and starts kissing his cheek and neck. "Please Naruto-kun, come to bed with me, I hardly get any love from Shikaku anymore since he just sleeps"

Naruto is hesitating to consider the offer; Yoshino is married to the Patriarch of the Nara Clan; this would make things complicated for Naruto if Shikamaru would find out. And Shikamaru is a genius and he will know eventually; but Naruto likes Yoshino as she is sweet to him. He sighs at this and smiles at Yoshino, he nods with agreement of the offer; Yoshino was happy at the answer that she hugged him tightly.

"Oh thank you, Naruto-kun" said Yoshino happily to Naruto; then she starts kissing Naruto and Naruto lowered his eyes and accepted the kiss. Their tongues started wrestling with each other and they moaned at each other's taste. "Mmm, Naruto-kun"

"Yoshino-san" moans Naruto as his Shinkeigan activates and starts touching her pleasure points with his gentle touch of his hands. He placed his left hand on her lower back and his right on her left ass cheek.

Yoshino moans as her pleasure points on her lower back and left ass cheek has been activated, then more pleasure points were on as Naruto moved his hands all around her body, it's like she is having a relaxing and pleasurable massage as her stress is fading away. Yoshino smiles as she is now feeling relaxed now that her stress about her family has gone thanks to Naruto.

Oh wow, I feel more relaxed now I'm with Naruto-kun thought Yoshino smiling as she starts kissing Naruto passionately. It's like he's washing my stresses away, all my family problems, my marriage, all washing away from my body.

Naruto and Yoshino starts moaning and deepen their kiss; his cock starts to erect and hard, Yoshino can feel his hard on unconsciously prodding her pants. She moans at the feeling while Naruto begins unbuttoning her pants.

"Mmm not here, Tsume-chan will be pissed if we make a mess" said Yoshino "Let's do this in the bedroom"

"Hai" said Naruto as he and Yoshino then leave the dining hall and the sleeping Tsume on the table.

Guest bedroom

Naruto and Yoshino embrace each other again and landed on the king-size bed with Naruto on top; he starts unbuttoning Yoshino's pants without hesitation while she unzip his to free his throbbing penis that is so desperate to for a fuck.

Oh my, he is a big lad thought Yoshino as she stares at Naruto's cock and starts rubbing it.

Naruto starts grunting and moaning as Yoshino is pumping him with her soft, warm hands. He moans loudly as it feels amazing to him, him getting a handjob by Shikamaru's sexy MILF and is feels so good despite the fact that Shikamaru will eventually kill him for fucking her. Don't forget Shikaku if he does find out, oh boy that will be a nightmare for Naruto.

"Y-Yoshino-san" moans Naruto

"Call me Kaa-san, please" said Yoshino as she continues pumping him with one hand and starts licking the bell end.

"K-Kaa-san, please suck my aching cock" moans Naruto

"Anything for you, Naruto-kun" said Yoshino as she starts putting him in her mouth, she starts moaning while she bobs her head back and forth with Naruto's cock in her mouth. Naruto is really enjoying this; he grabbed hold of Yoshino's head and made her put more of him down her throat. Then he starts humping excitingly like a beast on heat, he loves having his cock getting sucked and his actions proved him right.

"Oh yes, suck it Kaa-san" said Naruto huskily "Suck it hard"

All that dirty talk is making Yoshino horny, Shikaku hasn't talked dirty to her and the sex wasn't that exciting. But now she is getting turned on by Naruto's horny actions and dirty words from his mouth, she starts sucking Naruto hard and going deeper until her chin touched his balls. Naruto thrusts in her mouth harder and wilder as he never let go of Yoshino whilst he moans with ecstasy.

Then he starts to reach his climax, he gave out a long loud moan before he starts cumming down her mouth and throat; Yoshino slightly pulled him out so that she can breathe, Naruto shot out a huge load onto her face but she moans at the warm, wet sticky texture before she starts wiping it off and licking it off clean.

Then she noticed that Naruto is still hard and she is pleased because it is not over; Naruto does have allot of stamina and will only stop when the woman he fucks is satisfied or when he is.

"You want Kaa-san to rub my breasts onto your cock, Naruto-kun" said Yoshino to her new blonde lover.

"Hai, Kaa-san; put my cock between those magnificent breasts of yours" said Naruto as he then lied down on the bed and lets the sexy Nara MILF give him a titty-fuck with her D-Cup breasts. Naruto moans as he can feel the warm softness of Yoshino's breasts wrapping around Naruto's hard cock, and so also when she starts sucking on the end. "Mmm, Kaa-san your breasts are amazing; crush my cock with them"

"You love my breasts, Naruto-kun?" said Yoshino "You like them when they do this?"

Yoshino starts bouncing and her breasts starts rubbing up and down between Naruto's cock.

"Mmm, Hai Kaa-san"

"What about this?" said Yoshino as she then squeeze Naruto's cock with her breasts and starts shaking them left and right.

"H-Hai Kaa-san" moans Naruto

"What about when I'm in this position, Naruto-kun" said Yoshino as she turns around where her pussy is in Naruto's face. Naruto moans and muffles a positive reply, accidently causing Yoshino to moan when the vibrations of his muffling tickled her pussy.

"Oh Naruto-kun" moans Yoshino as she then starts feeling his tongue enter her now wet pussy "AH, AHH NARUTO-KUN!"

Naruto's tongue is now flowing with chakra as he is activating Yoshino's pleasure points with it, his Shinkeigan is activated when he is doing this position. Yoshino is screaming out loud, not of pain but of pleasure, she is in deep bliss as it has been quite a while that she had this amazing sex in decades, she then starts sucking Naruto's cock more while rubbing her breasts with it.

Her face blushes with lust filling her mind, she moans and moans more ecstatically as Naruto licks her pussy wonderfully.

Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun that is all she has to think about when she is in complete ecstasy, her eyes grow heavy and her mouth drooling while having his cock in it, and also her nipples are getting hard. And when she is feeling like this, she starts to reach her limit and came all over Naruto's face.

But it's not over as Naruto's cock is still hard, he pulls her off his cock and places her on the bed when he kneels on it, he spreads her legs to expose her leaking pussy as she starts moaning Naruto's name with deep lust.

"Naruto-kun…Naruto-kun…please put your huge cock in my abandoned pussy" moans Yoshino as she just lay there, her mind shut down from the amazing but unfinished sex she had, far from the one she had which Shikaku. "Please Naruto-kun, fuck Kaa-san's lonely pussy"

Naruto doesn't have to reply as he grabs her by the waist and starts inserting his cock in her leaking pussy. Yoshino moans as she feels Naruto in her and his tongue playing with her right nipple as he is fondling her breasts while he starts moving back and forth, in and out of her lonely pussy that hasn't been fucked for years since she hardly had any sex from Shikaku.

Yoshino moans with a smile on her face, she almost forgot how good this feels in her, she embraced Naruto's head close to her chest. Naruto doesn't mind as he continues fucking her with some hard thrusts to make her moan out loud.

"AHHHH!" moans Yoshino loudly everytime Naruto thrusts hard in her pussy "AHHHH!"

Naruto moans when he does this, he thrusts hard to add in more pleasure in his actions, Yoshino hardly has any sex and she deserves some amazing sex from him. He then starts speeding his thrusts and hardening them, Yoshino gasps and moans as she starts to bounce slightly and fast with each speeding thrust from Naruto's cock; she moans long and loud when her eyes starts to roll back and her mouth gaping with some drool seeping out.

"Naruto-kun…please don't stop, please don't stop" said Yoshino in a whisper as the moaning is making her lose her voice.

Don't worry, I have no intention to stop for you, Kaa-san thought Naruto as starts sucking Yoshino's right breast and massaging her left one with his right hand, then he starts to slowly insert his 2 fingers up her ass and then he thrusts them to make Yoshino scream out loud.

"AHHHH!" screams Yoshino as a jolt of pleasure overflows her body like a geyser, this caused her to cum and it just makes her inner walls slippery for Naruto's cock to thrust even faster.

With the new speed thanks to the now lubricated walls of Yoshino's pussy, the bed starts to shake and creak out loud; Yoshino loved the sound of creaking beds as it means that things are starting to get even wild.

The shacking of the beds are making the legs of the bed to lose their stability as the screws are loosening, but this does not concern the 2 as they are busy fucking like crazy.

I'm gonna cum…I think I'm nearly at my limit thought Naruto as his cock is jerking in Yoshino's pussy. I'm nearly there…almost…GAH!

And at the same time, Naruto came in Yoshino's womb and the bed collapses with them on it. But they didn't care as they had an exciting time; she was even surprised at the demolition of the bed caused.

"I don't think we could afford replacements if we start destroying beds" said Yoshino tiring but completely satisfied "Am I wow…you were amazing, you're like a god"

Naruto chuckles at Yoshino before he collapses onto her chest; she smiles and strokes his blonde strands of hair. She kissed Naruto on the cheek and embrased him in her arms before she falls asleep.

"I love you Naruto-kun, and thank you for a wonderful time" whispers Yoshino

But of course Naruto didn't reply as he was peacefully asleep on Yoshino's buxom and quietly snoring.

Unaware of the 2, Tsume saw everything through the keyhole and what she saw has made her completely horny.

"Mmmm…that Pup is sure one master on that bed" said Tsume huskily "I think I'll let him demolish my bed some other day, he's like an animal, Roaw"


Naruto was the first to wake up and noticed that his face is on Yoshino's chest, he reviewed last night and he smiles as he helped Yoshino relieve her stress and make her happy. Yoshino moans but doesn't wake up as she then turns her body to get comfortable, Naruto kissed her forehead before he carefully gets out of bed and god dressed, he quietly exits the door so he wouldn't wake Yoshino up as she looks peaceful in her sleep.

As Naruto quietly closed the door, he turns and jumps back from shock as Tsume was just behind him when he closed the Guest room door.

"Oh Tsume-chan, you scared me" said Naruto as he place his hand on his chest as his heart pulsed faster from the shock. "Is something the matter?"

"You broke the bed" said Tsume in a stern tone

Uh oh thought Naruto as he is in deep shit "Please forgive me, Tsume-chan; it was an accident and I would be happily pay for it"

"Oh you'll pay for it alright" said Tsume as she grabbed Naruto by the collar and pulled him with a passionate kiss, Naruto widened his eyes at first until he lowered them and shares in with the kiss. Tsume broke the kiss for some air and continues speaking to Naruto "You will pay me by fucking me hard before you even leave this compound, and I think you know how I like to be fucked"

"Sure thing" said Naruto nervously, at first he would be in trouble for breaking Tsume's furniture but all she wanted is some action before he leaves.

Tsume's bedroom

Tsume and Naruto are now on the bed, completely naked; except that Tsume is now wearing a spiked leather choker with a hook on for the leash. She is on all fours like a bitch because she is getting fucked doggy style.

"Oh yes, fuck your bitch!" shouts Tsume as she feels Naruto's hard thick cock fucking her ass while getting her DD-Cup breasts fondled by groping hands of Naruto. Naruto is thrusting harder and harder that the force nearly knocked Tsume off the bed; and not to mention causing the bed to creak and move back and forth like from last night when Naruto fucked Yoshino until she is overflowed with ecstatic bliss.


Naruto starts spanking Tsume's ass while he thrusts in deep; Tsume's mouth is wide open and her tongue sticks out like a dog would do. She even pants like one and moans as Naruto gave out a hard thrust until he cums, filling her asshole with his cum and quickly blockes it with a buttplug that looks like a dog's tail.

"There, that'll hold the cum until I fill in the other 2 holes" said Naruto "On your Knees, bitch"

Tsume barks with reply as she stands on her knees.

"Now beg, beg for my cock" said Naruto

Tsume starts rubbing her face on Naruto's cock and starts whimpering like a bitch, Naruto smiles at her and ruffles her hair.

"Good girl, here's your treat" said Naruto as he then shoves his cock in her mouth and starts fucking it while she starts sucking it. Naruto held on hold of Tsume's head as he starts moving back and forth in her mouth and down her throat. She moans at the taste and the feeling of Naruto's cock doing down her thoat, it's like eating a very fat sausage whole and covered in sweet BBQ sauce.

Tsume closed her eyes as she moans at the taste, she starts playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples. And to make things even more pleasurable for Tsume, the cum still in her ass hole with the dog tail butt-plug feels strange but incredible to her that she starts shaking her ass left and right, making the butt plug look like it's wagging happily. Tsume muffles a moan and starts fingering her pussy while her left hand is still on her left breast.

Then Naruto reached his climax but still hard as he cums in Tsume's mouth; she drinks it all and let it go down her throat until her stomach starts to swell up from the overload of sperm in her stomach. She cleans his cock with her tongue and gives it a long suck at the end; she was rewarded by Naruto ruffling her hair.

"Good girl, now open wide and say ahh" said Naruto as he took out a ball gag

Tsume obeyed and Naruto placed a ball gag over her mouth, her mouth is blocked by the huge ball in her mouth and she starts to drool all over it.

"Now on all fours" said Naruto to Tsume as she kneels on her hands and knees, waiting for what Naruto is going to do next. Naruto then took out a vibrator and placed it on the beside so he will use it later; he crawled behind Tsume, positions himself and instantly rams into her pussy. Tsume muffles a loud scream but is wasn't painful as she is an Inuzuka Matriarch and having her pussy abused does not bother her as she usually castrates the bastard that tries to rape her. But this is Naruto that rammed in her and it starts to feel amazing to her as her pleasure points are activating one at a time. And having her mouth gagged and ass plugged is giving her an orgasm. She starts to lose her strength on her arms and her face collapses onto the bed as she feels Naruto's cock moving inside her. She hardly moans with the gag over her mouth but her body starts to feel all the pleasure points activating all around her body, she hasn't felt Naruto's hands on her body apart from her waist and she knows little of his techniques when she once asked Sarutobi about Naruto's new bloodline.

"I see you noticed something strange, Tsume-chan" said Naruto "How did I activate all of those pleasure points without just touching you with my hands. Well it is perfectly clear, my cum is very strong aphrodisiac; I'm now using a Jutsu called EkiAiyoku. The Cum stored in your ass is now absorbing into your body and turning into chakra, slowly activating the pleasure points from all around your body. It takes a certain load of any liquid such as my blood, saliva or cum to make this jutsu work. Oh and don't worry…"

Naruto is starting to reach his climax and starts cumming in Tsume's womb, his load is so massive that starts to seep out of her pussy, Naruto quickly took him out and shoved a vibrator to stop the cum seeping out and the remains cum shooting out hits Tsume's stomach and breasts.

"…the effects wear off in time" said Naruto as he then kisses Tsume on the cheek as she is on her back, her hands are bound to the bed and so are her ankles as they are spread open. Naruto gets dressed while he watches Tsume move her hips up and down, like she is still fucking him. Her eyes are deeply filled with lust and her face is now red and stained in Naruto's cum along with her breasts and now swollen stomach. Naruto pulled the gag off to give Tsume a lustful kiss as their tongues start fighting for domination, Naruto broke the kiss and placed the gag back on her mouth. "Yoshino-san is asleep in the bed that I broke, but don't worry she'll free you once the EkiAiyoku wears off and left you completely satisfied."

Naruto smiles at Tsume before he exits the bedroom and leaves the compound, leaving Tsume on a sex trance and bounded to the bed, thinking that she is still getting fucked by Naruto.

Outside the Compound

Naruto leaves the compound and heads for his apartment, he doesn't want to leave Tsume alone but he doesn't want to take any risks of Kiba finding out that he was in the compound, with his cock in Tsume's pussy, ass or mouth. He was chased by a rather pissed off Hiashi when he caught him fucking both Hinata and Hanabi.

Oh that reminds me, I think I'll pay her a visit later after I had my date with Ino-chan thought Naruto as he casually walks through the streets.

And here we go, Naruto just banged up 2 MILFs; let us hope that their sons don't find out.