Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 21

A couple of hours later

Tsume has returned to her normal self after that exotic jutsu Naruto has put on her, she was spotted by Yoshino set her free. Tsume was still under that jutsu that she nearly tried to rape Yoshino but luckily the jutsu wore off but her pleasure points still active. She had a shower to wash of the sex on her body, she moans and smiles as she remembers the excellent sex she had with Naruto hours ago.

"Oh Kami he like a beast" said Tsume "I can't for his next visit"
"Neither can I" said Yoshino as she smiles at the wonderful night she had with Naruto in the bed she and him broke. "Oh, sorry about the bed Tsume-chan"

"Don't worry about it" said Tsume "Next time we'll share my bed with Naruto"

"Good Idea" said Yoshino "I always wanted a threesome"

"Oh yeah, 2 MILFs together with one sexy blond" said Tsume as she starts wagging her "tail" with excitement; she decided to keep the dog tail butt plug on because it looks cute.

"Now I know you're a horny bitch" said Yoshino as see looks at the wagging tail.

Both of them laughs and started eating their breakfast

Naruto's apartment: bathroom

Naruto has returned to his apartment to get cleaned up, all that sex with those 2 sexy MILFs was so exciting that he might go visit one day. He took his clothes off and jumps in the shower, the warm water cascading down on his body relaxes him.

Ah nothing like a nice shower that'll help relax me thought Naruto I can't I just did that, well Kiba is a total Teme so Tsume-chan is safe. But if Shikamaru finds out, he'll kill me"

"Oh relax, you did Yoshino a favour" said Kyuubi "I think he would care about his own mother's happiness"

Obviously you don't know Shikamaru thought Naruto He's lazy, he sees women troublesome and he blames Yoshino-san for it.

"Sexist" mutters Kyuubi "Always blame us women for men's problem"

I agree, no one is to blame for their problems but their own thought Naruto I mean it's not my fault I have you sealed in me, or the fact that I'm the son or 2 infamous shinobis of Konoha. Not to mention that every kunoichi here is falling in love with me

"Actually that is your fault" said Kyuubi "You let that Yokubo no Kiri on and every women you meet wants you in their pants"

Well I am guilty as charged, more I use this bloodline I get more perverted than Jiraiya thought Naruto until he smiles I did have a good time though

"Oh I know" said Kyuubi "I even had a front row seat of it; 2 sexy MILFs, wow. Maybe you should bring in Tsumani with you and you might have a MILF foursome."

The thought of that made Naruto's cock go hard, he cannot get the image of Tsume, Yoshino and Tsumani naked in bed with Naruto and moaning his name ecstatically.

Damn it, you made me hard now thought Naruto as his erection is hurting him.

"You want me to fix it?" said Kyuubi with an excited tone

You started it, now you finish thought Naruto as he channels his chakra to summon Kyuubi out of her jail. Kyuubi is stark naked in front of Naruto and on her knees, she puts his cock in her mouth with no hesitation. Naruto grunts and moans as Kyuubi hungrily sucks him "you planned this, haven't you?"

"Uh huh" moans Kyuubi as she continues giving Naruto a most pleasurable blowjob "I got bored alone in my cell while you have all the fun; I was thinking that you forgot all about dear old me"

"I haven't" moans Naruto "I was busy, that's all"

"Busy fucking those sexy kunoichi" smirking Kyuubi at Naruto

"Er…well I had been on a long mission and they did miss me allot, and what will they think that you aren't sealed inside me?" said Naruto

"Well you do make a good point" said Kyuubi before she continues sucking Naruto's hard on. She moans as she bobs her head back and forth while her tongues wraps around it and coating it with her saliva. Naruto moans out loud as he feels his cock jerking and he starts moving his hips and keeping hold of Kyuubi's head when he does.

"K-Kami, you are so horny Kyuu-chan" said Naruto as he thrusts hard in Kyuubi's mouth. "Oh you horny fox, work the shaft"

Naruto starts thrusting deep down into Kyuubi's throat, the sexy kitsune doesn't care as she moans with excitement; she starts fondling her left breast with her left hand and fingering her pussy with her right. She is getting horny by the dirty talking Naruto is doing, then he starts reaching his climax and came down the kitsune's throat; Kyuubi drank it down and moans at the taste.

But despite that, Naruto is still hard and begging for a fuck, Kyuubi smirks at it as she then stands up and leans on the wall and sticks out her ass while the warm water starts cascading down on her sexy fuckable body.

"Go on, Naruto-kun" said Kyuubi "Fuck my ass, fuck it raw and hard as you like"

Naruto doesn't have to say anything as he walk behind Kyuubi and positions his cock right behind Kyuubi's ass before he then rams it in, Kyuubi moans as she feels the thickness of Naruto's cock rubbing in between her walls.

"Ah…ah…Oh Yami yes" moans Kyuubi as Naruto moves back and forth of in Kyuubi's ass, he then starts groping her breasts and starts playing with her nipples. "Ahh, Naruto-kun; please don't stop…fuck me, fuck your kitsune slut!"

Naruto Groans lustfully as he squeezes Kyuubi's breasts tightly and thrusting harder and harder up her ass which causes her to scream ecstatically as her pleasure points in her ass are activating.

"AHH!" moans Kyuubi as she rest her head on the wall with her tongue sticking out from her tongue. "Naruto-kun, keep fucking me; I want your fat hard cock in my ass"

Oh Kami she is so tight moans Naruto as he continues fucking her ass, he is enjoying this that he came up her ass and stills fucking her until he came again and again. And with all of those multiple cumshots, Kyuubi's stomach starts to bloat up as the cum goes right up through her intestines until her asshole has become red and sore from the rawness of Naruto's continuous thrusting and cumming until he pulls out and enters her pussy.

Kyuubi moans loudly as she then feels Naruto in her pussy deeply and faster, her moans are now lower as her mind as now been fucked which caused her eyes to roll back. She starts growling ecstatically and lustfully as she just stands there and let Naruto fuck her raw and hard, her stomach starts to fill up until it makes look heavily pregnant.

Naruto releases his last load in her, this load causes him to end his erection and him completely satisfied while he pulls him out of her. The excess cum and spills out from his cum washes off by the water out of the showerhead and goes down the drain, so does the cum leaking out of Kyuubi's ass and pussy.

"Oh Kami, it was a while since I fucked you, Kyuu-chan" said Naruto as he starts breathing in and out from exhaustion while he sees Kyuubi mindfucked and still leaning on the wall getting wet by the shower. "Well she is the strongest of all BIJU"

"mmm, Naruto-kun" said Kyuubi smiling as her mind has restored to its normal state. "That was amazing, Naruto-kun; please do this again next time"

"Sure thing, Kyuu-chan" said Naruto as he then pulls Kyuubi into a kiss and she kisses in return. "Now rest, Kyuu-chan"

"Hai" said Kyuubi before she poofs into smoke and returns back into Naruto's mindscape.


Naruto got out of the shower and got dressed, he noticed that his apartment is a bit untidy so he does some tidying up to kill time. He put on some music on while he tidies up his apartment, he hovered the floor, dusted the selves and cleared the trash.

And right now he is busy washing the dishes and drying them, while he puts the last plate away he hears a knock on the door. He opens it to see Shikamaru, Naruto's heart is now in his throat as he dreaded this day would come, Shikamaru knew and now things are gonna turn ugly.

"Er hi Shikamaru, can I help you at something?" said Naruto

"Naruto, there is something I want to ask you but saying it here is so troublesome so can I come inside" said Shikamaru

"Er sure come right in" said Naruto as he invites Shikamaru inside.

He enters the apartment and sat on the couch and relaxes for a while before he goes straight to the point on of why he is here.

"Not long about, my mother came back home and she felt relaxed" said Shikamaru "She even let me sleep through the day today and never nagged at me for wasting the day. This was rather suspicious as she never acted this way until I found some interesting clues of why she is acting that way"

"Really?" said Naruto acting innocent and getting a bit nervous

"She was sighing happily and giggling a lot" said Shikamaru "Meaning she had a wonderful night since she doesn't have one due to the fact that my troublesome father is hardly active in bed and I doubt Inuzuka-san swings that way and neither does my mom"

"Uh huh" said Naruto sweating a lot

"And then there is this daydreaming, she keeps moaning out a name" said Shikamaru narrowing his eyes and raising his eyebrows.

Oh shit thought Naruto

"A name I know, and who it belong" said Shikamaru "and when I add 2 and 2 together, I realised what happened to my mother last night and I think you were involved"

"Look Shikamaru, I can explain" said Naruto

"Don't bother, it's just too troublesome" said Shikamaru lazily "and basically I don't care"

"W-What" said Naruto speechless

"If Kaa-san wants to fuck you behind my father's back, go right ahead" said Shikamaru

"So you're not pissed off?" said Naruto, feeling a bit relieved

"Not really, Tou-san is shit when it comes to marriage" said Shikamaru "And wouldn't be surprised if she divorces his ass and runs to you. I just came here so say one thing: take care of her and make her happy"

Now that is a thing you would never hear from Shikamaru, quite a rarity for that lazy genius to say. Naruto smiles at Shikamaru and starts shaking his hand.

"I will" said Naruto "You have my word"

"Alright; let this be our little secret" said Shikamaru "revealing it would be just too troublesome"

"I agree" said Naruto "Thank you"

"No Naruto…thank you" said Shikamaru smiling back.


Shikamaru left the apartment and Naruto returns with his cleaning, tht is until another knock on the door was heard. He stops what he was doing and heads to the door. He opens it to reveal Ino with a genuine smile on her face.

"Hello, Naruto-kun" said Ino

"Hello Ino-chan" said Naruto as he smiles at her "You look lovely"

"Thank you" said Ino "I hope I wasn't destracting you with something important"

"No, of course not" said Naruto "I just doing a bit of spring cleaning; despite the fact today is summer"

"Oh sorry about that, would you like some help?" said Ino

"Nah, it'll be alright" said Naruto "besides, I am getting hungry"

"Me too" said Ino "Shall we"

"Let's" said Naruto as he and Ino leave the apartment and heads for Ichiraku Ramen.

Ichiraku Ramen

Naruto and Ino arrives at Ichiraku Ramen, Naruto pulls a chair for Ino before he sit next to her, Teuchi saw them and smiles at them.

"Hello there, what can get you today?" said Teuchi

"I'll have a bowl of Miso Ramen, please" said Naruto

"Same please" said Ino

"Gotcha" said Teuchi as he starts cooking the noodles.

"Where's Ayame-chan?" said Naruto at Teuchi

"She out to do some errands for me and won't be back until tomorrow" said Teuchi "So no nooky with her tonight"

Naruto laughs nervously and blushing at this, Ino chuckles at this as it is funny.

"So you know, eh?" said Naruto sheepishly

"Oh I know alright" said Teuchi "I wouldn't have cameras installed if I didn't"

"WHAT!" shouts Naruto in shock

"Relax, I didn't see much" said Teuchi "and I destroyed the video"

"Oh thank Kami" said Naruto sighing with relief "So you're alright with it, me and Ayame together?"

"I got no complaint" said Teuchi "You're an alright guy and I know you'll make her happy; anyway the ramen is done"

"Thank you" said both Ino and Naruto as their bowls are in front of them.

"I'll leave you 2 alone" said Teuchi as he heads to the kitchen so Naruto and Ino can be alone.

The 2 blondes began eating their bowl of ramen, after they finished they asked for another bowl. Naruto was shocked when he heard Ino said that, normally she would just stay at the one.

"You must be hungry" said Naruto "Did you have a busy day training?"

"Actually I've been starving myself to lose weight" said Ino

Naruto frowned at this; it is rather unhealthy for her to not eat.

"You know you should stop going on a diet" said Naruto "The calories just burn off by training, and you are a Kunoichi"

"Yeah I know, Asuma-sensei told me that" said Ino "I just thought that if I go on a diet I would be attractive"

"Ino-chan, you're already beautiful" said Naruto "But the diet is not healthy for you; and most men like women with some meat on their bones."

"Really?" said Ino

"Uh huh, a nice figure increases a woman's sex appeal" said Naruto as he snuck a peek at Ino's ass "And you do have a nice ass to"

Ino blushes at this when she felt Naurto's hand pinch her ass and she starts to yelp.

"Naruto" shouts Ino as her face turns red.

Naruto laughs at this because it is funny.

"Relax, there is nothing to be ashamed about it" said Naruto until he turns serious "But seriously, you should stop dieting and have a healthy lifestyle. Eat enough to keep you active, and if you do gain some weight you can just burn it by exercising"

"That is quite a wise thing to say" said Ino

"Well I need to be wise if I want to be Hokage" said Naruto smiling at Ino "Would you like another bowl"

"I don't want to trouble you" said Ino

"Not at all, you could see how much I eat" said Naruto as he finished his bowl and placed it on the first empty bowl. "Hey old man, 2 more over here"

"Sure thing" said Teuchi

"Are you sure?" said Ino

"This is a date, my treat" said Naruto smiling kindly. "And we could to some…workout together to burn the calories if we have to much"

Ino blushes and starts to moan quietly at this, however her mind is excited as she review those dreams she had about him. And so the 2 blondes continue eating their Ramen, Ino took Naruto's advice and starts eating with him. They even enjoyed themselves as Naruto just polished down 20 bowls and Ino reached her limit with only 9 bowls.

"Wow, you weren't kidding" said Ino as she saw the stacked bowls. "How could you afford that much"

"I have my ways" said Naruto smiling at Ino until he noticed that it the sun is starting to set. "I think it's getting late now"

"Aw, and I was having fun" pouts Ino

Naruto smiles at Ino as he is please to have heard that.

"How about we do some late night training" said Naruto "It would help with the digestion"

"Good Idea" said Ino as she stands up and starts to lose her balance as she feels a bit heavy and her stomach is a bit bloated from all that Ramen she ate. "Whoa"

Naruto stood up and helped Ino get back on her feet, she smile as Naruto helped her up.

"You want to go home and rest?" said Naruto

"I'm not tired" said Ino "Please, not yet"

"Alright, I'll help you to the training grounds" said Naruto as he helps Ino until she get use to her the heaviness and manages to walk on her own, but she hold his hand while they leave the streets of Konoha.

Training Ground

Naruto and Ino arrived at the training grounds and starts sparing with each other, this helped with the digestion of the food as Ino does not feel bloated but still has a bit of a gut from all that Ramen.

"I think I'm getting fat" groans Ino as she looked at her stomach and pinches it. "My flat stomach is now pudgy"

"Don't worry, it makes you look cute" smirks Naruto as he appeared behind her and patted it. "It's alright to pig out once in a while, don't torture yourself with all that dieting. It will go away through exercising"

Ino blushes and then she starts to moan as Naruto's hands on her belly feels good since he is activating her pleasure points. Naruto's eyes glow pink as the Shinkeigan activates, then it glows brighter and the training ground changes into a dark forest.

But that's not what changed, Ino's purple clothes have changed into a tight pink latex jumpsuit with her C-cup breasts exposed along with her ass and pussy, even her stomach is exposed to reveal her pudginess. She as pig ears on top of her head and a cute curly pink tail up her sweet ass.

Even Naruto has changed as he is not wearing any clothing at all, he has fox ears on top of his head and a long yellow fox tail. He looked around and is confused at the sudden change of scenery, so he asked Kyuubi for answers.

What happened, Kyuu-chan; is this your doing Thought Naruto

"No, it just happened" said Kyuubi in Naruto's mind

Alright…and why am I naked and have a hard on? Thought Naruto

"You want me to…"

Not while Ino-chan is here thought Naruto until he realised the change of Ino's clothing, he starts to growl lowly and lustfully Oh my, she does look delicious…huh, did I just think that?

"Oh I think a show is coming on" said Kyuubi with glee "I think I'll heat things up"

Kyuubi channels her chakra into Naruto's system, the heat is starting to overwhelm him as his eyes are turning red and his whiskers-like scars are darkening. Naruto, looks at Ino and growls huskily as his throbbing hard on is starts jerking.

Ino noticed this and she is getting a mixture of fear and getting turned on, even her new change of clothing making things horny for her but she is getting a bit scared at the beastly expression on Naruto's face and the way he looks at her as she is his prey.

She slowly stepped back as Naruto steps towards her, she tries to keep her distance but Naruto keeps getting further and further. Then she turns sharply and makes a run for it, her fear tells her to run but her lust is telling her to stay and let him fuck her hard. But since Naruto is acting like a horny beast, she listens to her fear and runs through the trees.

Naruto gives chase as he runs on his hands and feet like a beast would, he smells the intoxicating scent of Ino getting rather turned on despite her running out of fear, Ino feels vulnerable right now that she has no weapons and is partially exposed to a horny beast like Naruto.

She tries her best not to trip as she is heading towards the muddy part of the forest; she tripped on a deep pool of mud and landed in it. She grunts as she landed on the mud and she get out of it, however this slowed her down as Naruto is getting further.

Ino is out of the pool of mud she is completely dirty as mud is al over her from the chest up. She tries to wipe it off, completely forgot why she ran away in the first place until Naruto appeared behind her, breathing down her neck as his cock touching her ass cheek, making Ino blush and breathing heavily with a mixture of fear and lust.

"I caught you now, little piggy" said Naruto huskily as he then starts slapping her bare ass and groping it. Mentally Naruto is not controlling his actions and his words, it seems his body has a mind of it's own.

Kyuu-chan, what is going on? Thought Naruto to Kyuubi

"I don't know" said Kyuubi as she is eating some popcorn and enjoying the show. "It seems you and your sexy pig are under a genjutsu, and I think you casted it without knowing."

So this is why I am naked and look like a fox? Thought Naruto

"Uh huh, a horny fox with a huge hard dick that is gonna fuck that sweet ass" said Kyuubi "It appears this is her fantasy and the genjutsu created it"

Except that I'm not doing it, that count as rape thought Naruto

"You forget, this is her fantasy; meaning she wants to be fucked by you" said Kyuubi "Now stop being a wuss and fuck her, make her squeal like a pig she is"

Naruto groans at this when Kyuubi said that, his eyes filled with lust as his Shinkeigan activates and he place Ino near a tree and bend her down to raise her ass up. Naruto grabs his huge cock, shocked at the size of it but then again this is Ino's fantasy created by a unknown genjutsu Naruto created without his knowledge. He then shoves his massive hard on in Ino's ass and listened to her scream in both pain and pleasure since she is a virgin…or was now Naruto entered inside her.

"AHH, Naruto-kun, you're so big in me" moans Ino as she feels the thickness of Naruto's cock up her ass, she starts wiggling it to add him the pleasure but Naruto grabs her by the waist and starts ramming in her hard and fast. Ino bounces back and forth along with her C-cup breasts and her little pudgy belly. Naruto saw Ino's breasts bounce that he placed one hand on them and start groping them. Ino moans louder, and then her moans turn into lustful screams. "AAHHH!"

Naruto loves the beautiful sound of Ino's screams filled with lust; he wanted to hear them again.

"Scream for me, Ino" said Naruto huskily as he then rammed so deep and hard while flowing his chakra from his cock to activate her pleasure points. "Squeal like a pig"

"AHHH!" screams Ino

"again" said Naruto

"AHHH! Screams Ino

"Again, squeal like a pig you are" said Naruto as he then thrusts rapidly as his lust is increasing. "What are you?"

"A pig!" moans Ino

"Whose pig?" said Naruto as he then changes position as he leaned his back on the tree and has Ino on his lap with his cock still up her ass.

"Your pig" moans Ino

"What, I can't hear you" said Naruto as he then spanks Ino's ass and made her scream lustfully

"I'M YOUR PIG, YOUR HORNY PIG SLUT! I'M YOURS TO FUCK, I'M YOUR SEXY PIGGY SLUT!" screams Ino in pure ecstasy as she just came from her pussy. The pleasure was too much that she spilled her juices and her nipples had gone hard; then Naruto begins cumming in her ass and he does not take himself out of Ino until he finishes, he finished his load and still his cock remains hard and begging for a fuck.

He then placed Ino on the ground with her leg spread to reveal her wet dripping pussy that is begging to be fucked. Naruto saw her small pudgy belly that she feels embarrassed with and tries to hide it with her arms.

"Don't hide your belly, Ino-chan" said Naruto as he removed her arms away fro, her little belly and starts kissing it. "It makes you more cute"

Ino blushes at that and giggles as Naruto's kisses and licking on her belly tickles her, Naruto trails his kisses up to her C-cup breasts, then to her neck and finally to her mouth. Ino moans as she shares in with the kiss and accepted his tongue to enter her mouth; while they kissed Naruto postioned himself in Ino's pussy and entered, she starts to scream in pain as he hymen has broke but the pain faded as Naruto comforted her by activating her pleasure points when he rubs her belly and groping her left breast. Ino's face blushes as she insert her tongue into Naruto's mouth and starts wrestling his tongue.

Naruto gave out deep slow thrusts in her pussy, Ino moans with every thrust while she kissed until she breaks for some air. She continues kissing Naruto and starts wrapping her arms around his neck to keep him continuing his loving kiss.

Naruto-kun thought Ino as she then wrap her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper and deeper. Fuck me more, Naruto-kun; fuck your piggy slut

Naruto moan from the kiss and her starts speeding up his thrusting while he continues groping her left breast and rubbing her pudgy belly as it's nice and soft. He thrusts harder and harder in her that he even hears her screaming in ecstasy while they kiss.

I'm nearly there, I'm nearly….AHHH thought Naruto as he then came in Ino's pussy

Ino screams lustfully as she feels the warmness of Naruto's cum entering her womb, she then sighs after she broke the kiss and smiles with satisfaction. Naruto breathes tirelessly as and grunts as more of his cum shoots out from his cock. Then he feels his cock soften as it is losing erection, then the scenery changes again. This time it is Naruto's bedroom and in bed.

"Okay, this is weird" said Naruto "How did it get here from the training grounds?"

"Mmm, Naruto-kun" said Ino in her sleep, snuggling in him, then she slowly wakes up and smiles at him. "That was amazing, I don't what happened but it was like a dream come true"

"I didn't understand it either" said Naruto but he smiles at Ino "but it doesn't matter, get some sleep Ino-chan"

"Okay" said Ino as she snuggles into Naruto and falls asleep.

Naruto strokes her hair and kissed her forehead before he wraps his arm around her and falls asleep.

What was that before…I think I'll ask Oji-san since he has the same bloodline I have thought Naruto but first, I'll just enjoy my time with Ino-chan.

Oh Naruto-kun Ino happily as she is in bed with Naruto, unaware of both of the blonde, Ino has a butt plug with a cute pig's tail in her ass. My sweet loveable foxy Naruto-kun

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