Naruto's apartment

Morning has passed and the 2 blonde are still sleeping in the bed that just mysteriously entered in after their strange sex moment. Ino just want to stay in bed all day with Naruto; Shikamaru would be green with envy if he sees Ino in bed all day.

Naruto is awake but he stays in bed to keep Ino company while she is still asleep; he strokes her hair kissed her forehead, which made her moan softly as she snuggles into Naruto more. Her sleeping form looks cute, especially when she has a bit of a belly which is he starts rubbing it.

"Mmm, that feels nice" said Ino in her sleep as she feels Naruto's hand rubbing her belly.

Naruto chuckles as he liked what his little "piggy" said, he then rested his head on the pillow and decided to get a few more minutes of cuddling with Ino before he gets out of bed.


But unfortunately that isn't gonna happen for our favourite blonde as the door was heard and Naruto had to get up so answer. Ino groans in protest as she feels Naruto getting out of bed.

"Naruto-kun, come back to bed" said Ino

"I'm sorry "little pig" said Naruto as he called her by her new nickname and kissed her cheek "But I had to open the door"

"Just pretend you're not in" said Ino as she pouts

"I can't, it might be important" said Naruto as he put on his pants and heads for the door.

Naruto reached the door and opens it to reveal Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akamichi, Naruto assumed that they know Ino is here and they came to pick her up for training.

"Let me guess" said Naruto "You're here for Ino, right?"

"Hai" said Shikamaru lazily "Asuma-sensei wanted us to do some daily training as the exams are drawing near"

"I'll get her then" said Naruto as he then closed the door "Just wait a minute for her to get dressed"

Naruto closed the door and heads for the bedroom to tell Ino her teammates are here to pick her up; he told her and she wasn't happy with it and Naruto knows why. He sat next to her and whispers in her ear in a sexy way.

"We can cuddle tonight and play "chase the piggy" again" said Naruto

Ino blushes and moans as Naruto starts kissing her neck and rubbing her stomach.

"But first, you need to train for the exams" said Naruto "You need to lose some weight and get you healthy. No more dieting, okay?"

"Ok" said Ino as she then turns her head and kisses Naruto on the lips, then she breaks the kiss and starts averting her eyes. "But before I go…can I have a quickie, I am getting a bit horny"

"Sure, what do you want?" said Naruto

"Can I suck your cock?" said Ino "I never gave you a blow job and I noticed that you have morning wood"

Naruto did notice as his boner is showing under his pants, and it is hurting him.

"Sure" said Naruto as he then sat up on the bed and pulled down his pants to free his cock for Ino to suck. "Just don't take long, Shikamaru is impatient"

"This will take a few minutes" said Ino as she then starts putting him in her mouth.

Doubt it thought Naruto until he moans as feels Ino's wet mouth engulfing his cock. Oh kami, yes; work the shaft

Ino moans as she starts sucking him like a melting lolly ice, her tongue starts licking on the shaft and on the tip. Her eyes are now filled with lust as she continues to moan as she removed him from her mouth but her tongue still touching it, she licks up and down at the shaft and she starts wrapping her fingers around it.

"*Grunt* I thought you want to suck me" said Naruto as he felt her squeezing his cock.

"I did…but I feel like having my tits being fucked by this magnificent cock of yours" said Ino lustfully

"You do realised S-*moan* Shikamaru and Choji are waiting for you" said Naruto

"They can wait" said Ino "I want more sexy time with you"

"But we will after our training" said Naruto until he moans and as he is faces starts blushing and sweating when Ino placed her breasts between his cock. "Oh Kami yes, they are so warm and soft"

"I knew you like it" said Ino as she squeezed Naruto's cock with her C-cup breasts. "I think I'll grow them into an extra size to make it; more…mmm exciting. And besides, I need some meat in my skeleton of a body"

"Big isn't…*moan* better, you know" said Naruto

"I know" said Ino as she licks the tip of Naruto's cock "they get in the way, so I'll only make them necessarily big, including my ass since you love it so much"

Naruto groans in lust as Ino is giving him a titty fuck when she was supposed to give him a blowjob. But he doesn't care if Shikamaru and Choji are waiting for Ino, he is enjoying every minute of it.

"Mmm, Ino-chan your breasts are amazing" said Naruto as he starts inhaling quickly and his eyes are rolling back. "Oh yes, press those soft breasts on my hard cock.

Ino moans at the dirty talk Naruto has given her, it makes her hornier as she engulfs half of his cock in her mouth while she starts rubbing him with her breasts. Naruto gasps as he is reaching his climax and then screams in ecstasy as he came in her mouth.

"Ahh" said Naruto as he moans long and low, he feels him getting soft now and he then rest his head on the pillow. "That was amazing, thank you"

"Anytime" said Ino as she wiped her mouth of the excess cum staining her mouth. "I'll go and clean up; I made them wait for too long"

"Meh, their fault" said Naruto as he doesn't care right now "I gotta go to the Hokage tower and as Oji-san a question"

"About that…incident?" said Ino as he blushes

"I'm not gonna tell him every single detail about it" said Naruto "Just about how we got in a genjutsu in the first place."

"Oh" said Ino "But it was amazing"

"Yeah, I never knew you would dream like that" said Naruto

"Well there is a clue in my name" said Ino

"Oh yeah" said Naruto as he chuckles "But you make a cute piggy"

Ino giggles as she then got up, then she realised that she has a "pig tail up her ass. She was about to take it off until Naruto stopped her.

"Leave it on" said Naruto "It makes you cuter"

"Okay" said Ino as she then heads for the bathroom to clean up.

Naruto sighed in relaxation as he just lay there on the bed, waiting for Ino to finish with the bathroom so he could clean up as his cock is not stained in his own cum and Ino's saliva. It took 20 minutes for Ino to clean up as she washed and brushed her hair into a ponytail; she but on her purple ninja clothes and tied her Hitai-ate around her waist.

"Bathroom is free" said Ino as she then kisses Naruto on the lips "I'll be back later, have fun"

"You too" said Naruto

"Oh I will" said Ino seductively as she then licked Naruto's "whiskers" and caused him to moan.

"Go on, out" said Naruto "Before I get frisky"

"Aw, meanie" said Ino

"I'll see you later" said Naruto as he then gave Ino a teasing spank on the ass as she walks to the door.

"Later" said Ino as she winks at Naruto and gave him a blowing kiss before she left the apartment.

"Took you long enough" said Shikamaru

"Oh shut up" said Ino to Shikamaru as she closed the door.

Naruto then got out of bed and heads for the bathroom to clean up; he had a shower and brushed his teeth in the bathroom and exited it while drying his spiky blonde hair.

He took out a clean pair of clothes and tied his Hitai-ate around his waist.

"Right, now to the Hokage Tower" said Naruto as he took his jacket and exited the apartment.

Hokage Tower

Sarutobi is busy doing his dreaded paperwork that keeps rising up every time he signs them. He groans irritably as he slammed his stamp on a form.

"Grr, I can't wait for my retirement" grumbles Sarutobi "I have been Hokage far too long"

"Want to make me Hokage then, Oji-san" said Naruto as he entered the office

"Hello Naruto, what can I do for you?" said Sarutobi

"I wanted to ask you something" said Naruto

"If it's a mission, I'm afraid you can't without a Jonin supervising you, and Kakashi is busy doing a mission I assigned him to" said Sarutobi as he slams his "DENIED" stamp on a form.

"It's not that" said Naruto as he then asked Sarutobi what is about to say. "When you were young, did you get caught under a mysterious genjutsu when you were with someone and it reveals to be a different reality created by that person's sexual fantasy?"

"As a matter of fact, I did" said Sarutobi "It was 50 years ago, and I was on a date with my late wife Biwako and oh boy did she had a wild fantasy. Anyway, it was a new jutsu developed from the bloodline similar to the Uchiha's Tsukiyomi but it works in reverse.

"is that so" said Naruto as he understands that he couldn't control his actions from before.

"The jutsu has a name, I called itSekushīna gensō (Sexy Illusions)" said Sarutobi as he then pulled out a scroll. "This scroll tells you all about this genjutsu and how it works"

Sarutobi gives it to Naruto and he accepts it.

"This jutsu is amazing to use" said Sarutobi "It makes the Tsukiyomi look like a mirage, you can enter and control any woman's fantasy. Have fun with it"

"Hai" said Naruto as he pockets the scroll in his jacket and bows to the Hokage. "Thank you"

"Anytime" said Sarutobi "Now if you excuse me, I have some work to do"

"Of course, I'll leave you in peace" said Naruto as he then leaves the room

"*sigh* there is no peace for me…when I'm surrounded in PAPERWORK!"

"You could try Shadow Clones" said Naruto on the over side of the door before he exits the tower and caused the elder Hokage to bang his head in frustration.

"And they call me a genius" grumbles Sarutobi as he hadn't thought of it, then he looked at the portrait of the late Minato "I bet you tried that too, you bastard"

This caused someone in the heavens to sneeze and it echoes in the wind.

Training Ground 7

Naruto arrives at the training ground and sat near a tree so he can read the scroll Sarutobi gave to him.

"Okay let's see…" said Naruto as he then begins reading the scroll

Sekushīna gensō: a genjutsu that works the reverse way of the Uchiha's Tsukiyomi but has some similarities as the user can control time within the Genjutsu, it also gives the user the power to alter the fantasy as he/she pleases.

Pros: this genjutsu can be used for interrogation, conversion and relationships. It makes both of the user and the opponent sexually satisfied.

Cons: It can cause charka exhaustion if used too much, the limit of using this jutsu in a day is 3, but the number increases due to experience of the jutsu.

Instructions: This jutsu requires no hand signs, you need to channel your chakra into your eyes while the Shinkeigan is activated and say the name of the jutsu while you're in eye contact with the opponent. Once you are in the Genjutsu, expect loss of free will and channel the chakra to expand time if needed. The genjutsu will end and 10 minutes has passed afterwards and mysteriously teleported in your house or remain where you are.

Have fun with it

Naruto finished reading the scroll and rolled back up and pockets it; he was amazed at the info of that new jutsu he developed recently and chuckles at the name of it.

"Sekushīna gensō eh?" said Naruto as he chuckles at the name "Sounds appropriate as I know what it does; I think I'll test it…but who on?"

"Hello Naruto-kun"

Naruto turns to see Hinata, with his luck at he found a perfect person to test the Sekushīna gensō on.

"Hello Hinata-chan" said Naruto smiling at her

"Whatcha doin" said Hinata in a cute way.

"Training" said Naruto

"Training what?" said Hinata

"On a new jutsu I discovered" said Naruto "You want to help me test it"

"Will it hurt?" said Hinata a bit concerned

"Not it you want it to" said Naruto smirks at Hinata

"Mmm…okay" said Hinata as she then walk towards.

"Okay, I just want you to just stand here" said Naruto as he then skims through the scroll and then pockets it. "Okay, first I activate my Shikeigan, then channel my chakra into my eyes and say Sekushīna gensō"

Naruto's eyes starts to glow and Hinata was caught in his gaze, she lowered her eyes in a trance like state and suddenly so did Naruto, the area starts to change and they faded for a moment until the scenery of Hinata's fantasy is completely formed.

Hinata's fantasy

Naruto reappeared and find himself in a vast plain of fields, the skies are clear with some clouds and the sound of birds singing was heard. Then the sounds of brass trumpets were heard and Naruto turns to see a festival, everyone is wearing clothes with dirty colours since they are just peasants. On the spectators is Hinata, wearing a beautiful elegant lavender kimono and wearing a silver tiara with diamonds and amethyst jewels. Beside her is her father Hiashi, dressed as a King in a regal white robe and wearing a golden crown encrusted in jewels and the funny thing is he has a thick beard and curly moustache.

"May loyal subjects, I have come before you today to tell you that my dear daughter Princess Hinata is to be wed, I have gathered many loyal knights in a tournament so that they can win her hand in marriage."

Before the King are a row of knights with their respective crests on their shields; Naruto knew who they are and he recognized them.

Sir Kiba of Inuzuka

Sir Neji of Hyuuga

Sir Sasuke of Uchiha

Sir Shikamaru of Nara

Sir Choji of Akamichi

Sir Shino of Aburame

And Sir Lee of Rock

King Hiashi has chosen them because they are the greatest, loyalist and talented knight in the Leaf Kingdom. Hinata saw those knights and she did not like every one of them; Kiba looks like he is gonna rape her, Neji is too serious for her, Sasuke looks cold and uncaring, Shikamaru is too lazy, Choji is alright but not her type, Shino is too creepy and Lee is annoying with his "flames of youth".

"I have chosen those knights to prove themselves to be worthy of being my daughter's groom." Said King Hiashi "Is there anyone with noble blood would like to challenge them for the hand of my beautiful daughter?"

"I do, good sir" said Naruto as he just spoke as he then walks towards the King.

"And who are you?" said King Hiashi

"Sir Naruto of Uzumaki" sad Naruto

The peasants murmured at this as they heard of Sir Naruto of Uzumaki, Naruto looked down to see him in a suit of armour with a red swirl on his shield. Princess Hinata blushes at Naruto as she does find him handsome and he does show some warmness and kindness around him

"You wish to take part of the tournament and win the hand of my daughter's hand in marriage?" said King Hiashi

"I do" said Naruto

"Very well" said King Hiashi

My lord, I must protest" said Sir Neji "Surely you can't let this knave enter a KNIGHT'S tournament"

"I do" said King Hiashi "Sir Naruto may not have a family, but he has noble blood. He was trained by a veteran knight Sir Kakashi of Hatake, is that right?"

"Aye, my lord" said Naruto

"Then it's decided, Sir Naruto takes place on the tournament and that's final" said King Hiashi "do you deny it, Sir Neji"

"Nay, my lord" said Sir Neji in defeat

"Good, then let us begin" said King Hiashi

The tournament begins, the first match is Sir Kiba vs Sir Neji; they clashed their weapons and bashing their shields at each other, Neji overpowered him and told him to yield. The first match ended as Sir Neji as the victor; 2nd match is Sir Sasuke vs Sir Shikamaru but Sir Shikamaru yielded before the match has begun since he is not interested in marriage and Sir Sasuke won by default. The 3rd match is Sir Choji and Sir Shino, Sir Shino used his brains and agility to defeat Sir Choji as he is slow and "big boned", the 3rd match was won by Sir Shino.

The 4th match is Sir Lee and Naruto, he and Sir Lee bows in respect and shook their hands.

"Good luck, Sir Lee" said Naruto

"You too, Sir Naruto" said Sir Lee

"Begin" said King Hiashi


Naruto and Sir Lee clash blades with each other and bashing their shields against one another. Sir Lee is fast and strong but Naruto has no problem against him, he keeps on going and going against Sir Lee as he whacks his sword at Sir Lee's shield, then he bash his shield on Sir Lee's head to knock him down.

"Do you yield?" said Naruto

"No on your life" said Sir Lee "it's just getting started"



The battle continues for the 2 knights as they continued fighting, the spectators cheer for them.

"Go on, Lee" said knight named Sir Gai who strangely has a thick Scottish accent. "Show him who's boss"

"You can do it, Naruto" said a masked knight named Sir Kakashi who has a British accent "Show that fool not to mess with ya"

"You're saying my apprentice is a fool" said Sir Gai angrily at Sir Kakashi

"Yes I am" said Sit Kakashi not looking at him

"THAT'S IT!" shouts Sir Gai as he took his sword out and charges at Sir Kakashi but missed and tripped in the mud.

"Watch your step, Sir Gai" said Sir Kakashi as he just watches Naruto continues fighting Sir Lee while Sir Gai's face is covered in mud.


Naruto and Sir Lee clashes their blades again, each of them are trying to overpower themselves as they are getting tired. Then Naruto bash his shield into Sir Lee's face and knocked the sword off his hands, Sir Lee is on the ground and has the tip of Naruto's sword near his neck.

"Yield or I'll run through you" said Naruto

"I yield" said Sir Lee "You fought well, what I expect from a rival of mine"

Naruto smiles at Sir Lee and helped him up, Princess Hinata saw this and smiled at him for his victory.

The tournament continues, Naruto decided to take a break and watch the other matches, first it was Sir Neji and Sir Shino; the match was indeed long but Sir Neji was stronger than Sir Shino and won the match.

"Will Sir Sasuke of Uchiha and Sir Naruto of Uzumaki come to the ring please" said King Hiashi

Naruto and Sir Sasuke walk up to the ring and looks at their King.

"This match will decide who will face Sir Neji for the hand of Princess Hinata in marriage." Said King Hiashi "May god bless you in this match"

"Good luck, Dobe" said Sir Sasuke

"You too, Teme" said Naruto

Naruto and Sir Sasuke unsheathe their swords and waited for the match to start.

"Begin" said King Hiashi


Naruto and Sir Sasuke clash their blades the moment the match began; they stare at each other while they try to outmatch each other.

"I will not lose to you, Dobe" said Sir Sasuke

"Neither will I" said Naruto as he then pushed Sir Sasuke away and swung his sword at him but the Uchiha knight blocked it with his shield.

Sasuke then swung his sword at Naruto's legs but the Blonde knight jumped over it and bashes his shield in Sir Sasuke's face. The peasants and nobles cheer at them as they continue to fight. Sir Kakashi watches his 2 apprentices fight each other for the hand of Princess Hinata and he does not cheer because he does not play favourites.

Naruto and Sir Sasuke are putting everything they have in their attack as they are determined to defeat one another. Also Naruto loves the Princess and he wanted her to be happy, and Sir Sasuke would just use her to sire a son to continue his family legacy since his brother murdered his family and ran away from the kingdom.


Naruto's sword was knocked off but uses his shield to block Sir Sasuke's attacks; he turns to the discarded sword and rolled on the ground to reclaim it.


Naruto blocked Sir Sasuke's attacks on time and bash his shield into Sir Sasuke's chest plate and pushed him on the ground. Naruto sat on top of him and placed his blade near his neck.

"Yield" said Naruto

"I yield" said Sir Sasuke "I have no intention of marrying the Princess; I just want to defeat you"

"It seems you failed" said Naruto

"For now" said Sir Sasuke "Good luck on defeating Sir Neji and make the Princess happy"

"I will" said Naruto as he got off Sir Sasuke and helped him up. He then hid a lustful grin on his face Oh indeed I will

"Congratulations on winning the match, Sir Naruto" said King Hiashi "You have made it into the finals and now one step away from having my daughter's hand in marriage. Now you must face my champion of my kingdom, he served well and never lost a battle. You must face Sir Neji"

Sir Neji walks to the ring, he glares at Naruto as he has some sort of grudge against him. Naruto just looks at Sir Neji and is not fazed by his hatful stare.

"Sir Naruto and Sir Neji, you all made it to the final of this tournament" said King Hiashi "The victor will wed Princess Hinata"

Princess Hinata saw Naruto and blushes at him and averting her eyes, she wanted Naruto to win and marry her but Sir Neji is strong and hadn't lost a battle in his life. He kept her single and still pure and she hates it, she wants to get married with a love of her life and now that will happen.

"Let the match begin" said King Hiashi


Naruto and Neji clashed blades as their battle has begun, Princess Hinata watches this match and prayed for Naruto to win. The sound of metallic clangs echoes in the wind and the sky starts to darken. The peasants sees this as a bad omen, but the 2 knights ignore it as the continues to clash blades with each other. Naruto is getting worried because Neji is indeed strong as his shield is getting reduced to splinters, the area is getting dark and rain is pouring down heavily and making visual hard for the spectators as they just see silohouettes of the 2 knights.


Someone knocked the sword off the opponent's hand and kicked him on the ground; Hinata gasped as she saw one of the 2 knights down with a blade near his sword.

"Yield" said the victorious figure

"alright…I yield" said the defeated figure.

Hinata is concerned and worried at who the victor is and who is lost the match, the rain is too thick and the sky is too dark for her to see. The darkness prevents her from seeing who won the match.

Who won and who lost?

The match is over and the answer of who won is yet to be revealed; Princess Hinata is worried that Naruto has lost the match and she will not be married; then the rain stops and sunlight broke though the dark clouds and shined upon the ground to reveal the victor of the tournament.

Sir Naruto of Uzumaki is the winner, after the awkward silence it broke into a cheer as Naruto won the match. Naruto raised his sword and shield in triumph as he defeated Neji and won Princess Hinata's hand in marriage.

"And it has been decided, Sir Naruto of Uzumaki is the champion of this tournament and hereby given my daughter's hand in marriage." Said King Hiashi as he then took out a key and tossed it to Naruto "She's all yours now"

Naruto caught the key and then smirks evilly as his eyes turn red and his armour changes into a dark and evil look and his shield reveals an image of a nine tailed fox. The peasants gasp in terror as Naruto was in fact the infamous Dark fox knight that terrorized the kingdom.

"You…you're the Dark Fox knight" said King Hiashi with shock and anger

"That's right, for years I failed to kidnap your daughter but now I succeeded" said Naruto as he held the key "You placed that infernal chastity belt on her to that I will not claim her as mine. But now I have the key and her as my prize; I'll be taking her now if you don't mind"

"MEN, DEFEND THE PRINCESS!" shouts King Hiashi

The knights charge at Naruto while the dark Fox knight pull out his dark zweihander and plunged it into the ground; creating a shockwave that blew the knights and peasants away. Then he dashes towards Princess Hinata and carried her over his shoulders, he then put his 2 fingers in his mouth to whistle and a horse sized fox with 9 tails appeared.

"Thank you for the wonderful prize, you majesty" said the Dark Fox knight as he mounted on the fox with the Princess "She will be a wonderful bride and my own personal sex slave. I'm gonna enjoy making her scream my name with ecstasy as I claim her as mine."

"You fiend" said King Hiashi "don't you dare touch her"

"Too late, HA HA HA HA!" laughs Naruto as he then rides away with the captured princess.

Later in Naruto's castle

Naruto arrives at his dark castle outside the kingdom and he entered his bedroom with the captured princess.

Alright, let's make things interesting in this jutsu thought Naruto as his eyes glow pink and Princess Hinata's hands are restrained by the rope that magically appeared and her legs are spread to reveal her chastity belt. Interesting, this jutsu gives me the power to form this illusion…so what happens if I do this

Princess Hinata's clothes magically vanish and replaced in a kinky leather corset under her breasts. But the chastity belt remains but Naruto doesn't care as he doesn't want this to be too easy.

Now for the real fun begin thought Naruto as he then pull out the key and starts unlocking the Chastity Belt and removed it from her pussy. This realm would make her think she is still a virgin, I'll have to be gentle to her and not rush it…mmm but she does look sexy as a captured princess and I an evil Dark knight.

"You are enjoying this jutsu, aren't you?" said Kyuubi

Indeed I do thought Naruto as he then caused a ball gag appear in Hinata's mouth and ropes wrap around each of her legs to prevent her moving and cause her legs to spread open and waiting to be fucked. She looks innocent in that position, so sweet and innocent like a kind hearted princess, I can't wait to fuck her now virgin pussy…but first.

Naruto removed the armour and pants to he is completely naked and he walks to the sat behind her head and took off her ball gag.

"My cock is hard and aching me" said Naruto as he turns Hinata's head toward his cock. "Suck it"

Hinata hesitates and acting a bit scared, Naruto finds this cute as she acts all innocent but his cock is aching him.

"Suck it now" said Naruto sternly

"Okay" said Hinata

"Okay what?" said Naruto

"Okay master" said Hinata as she then stuck her tongue out and engulf Naruto's cock into her mouth while she rest her head on Naruto's lap. Naruto moans as he feels her tongue licking the shaft and onto the tip while in her mouth.

"Oh Kami yes, suck it" said Naruto "Suck it deep"

Hinata moans as she then deepens it until the tip touches her throat, Naruto held on hold of her hair so that she will continues on the blowjob he told her to give.

Her pussy is getting abandoned; time to fix that thought Naruto as his eyes glow pink and another Naruto appears and crawled between her legs. The clone lift her bounded legs and starts inserting his massive hard on into her virgin pussy, this caused Hinata to scream in pain as her hymen is breaking but the scream muffled since she has Naruto's cock in her mouth. Naruto strokes her cheek with comfort and hushes her comforting until the pain goes away.

Hinata then stops feeling pain and starts feeling pleasure as the clone them starts pumping in and out of her. Naruto then magic's up a nine inch vibrator and tosses it to the clone.

"Put this in her ass" said Naruto "I want all of her holes filled"

"Hai" said the clone as he caught the vibrator and starts inserting it into Hinata's ass as she then starts to gasp and scream out of pleasure as she feels something huge entering her ass and vibrating. Naruto and his clone then starts fucking her pussy and mouth, they listen to her muffled moans and watch her breasts jiggle and bounce. Naruto summoned another clone that appeared on her stomach, hr placed his cock between Hinata's bountiful breasts and starts wrapping it with them and moving back and forth.

Hinata starts moaning as she is getting gangbanged by 3 Narutos; not to mention her ass is getting pleasured by a thick long vibrator that is in deep.

The first clone is thrusting faster as he is reaching his climax, so is the second as he moans in pleasure from the softness and warmth of Hinata's breasts. Even the original is moaning as he then starts cumming down her throat and she drinks it all and only a few drops of it stains her lips.

The first clone came into her pussy, she screams loudly as she feels the hot seed enter her womb and also getting her face covered in cum by the second clone as after he reached his climax from the tittyfucking. The 2 clones vanished but it is not over for the horny dark fox knight as he then lay Hinata on her knees and her face resting on the soft bed since her arms are bounded as well has legs that caused her to be in this kneeling position with her ass sticking out.

Naruto slowly pulled out the vibrator that is now stained in her juices and he tossed it away, he then magic up a ball gag and wraps it around Hinata's mouth so her moans muffles and causes her to drool more.

"Now for the ass" said Naruto before Kyuubi spoke before he can start.

"Naruto-kun, this is making me horny" said Kyuubi "Can I share in with the action"

I can't risk Hinata-chan seeing you and starts to panic thought Naruto

"I am a Kitsune, they can shapeshift" said Kyuubi reminding Naruto what she is.

Oh yeah...can you transform into me as a woman? Thought Naruto

"ooh, you are a naughty boy" said Kyuubi

I like to see if she like the idea of me using my Sexy Jutsu and do some Yuri action thought Naruto

"So this is a sexual experiment...sounds good to me" said Kyuubi as she then channels her chakra and temporailly escapes in the form of Naruto as female. She has long blond pigtails, a goddess-like body with a perfect tan and curves; D-cup breasts and a clean shaven pussy. "What do you think?"

"Perfect" said Naruto as he took a good look at Kyuubi's desguise "You will be known as Naruko for now on"

"Hai" said 'Naruko' as her voice changed into the one he used when he used that form.

"Good, now get on the bed and sit in front of Hinata-chan's face" said Naruto to his female doppelganger

"Hai" said 'Naruko' as she climbed on the bed and sat on the bed with her legs spread out so Hinata can see her pussy.

Hinata stared at 'Naruko's' pussy and starts to sniff it, the scent is intoxicating to her and she starts to moan at it. 'Naruko' saw this and giggled at her as then then moved closer so that her pussy is near Hinata's face.

"Naruto-kun, saw I take this gag off?" said 'Naruko'

"Not yet" said Naruto "I want her to beg for it, so just tease her by rubbing your pussy on her face"

'Naruko' nods at her male counterpart and starts rubbing on Hinata's face; she moans as her pussy feels great when it's rubbed against Hinata's smooth face and nose.

"Oh yes, yes" moans 'Naruko' "You like having your face rubbed by my pussy? Do you?"

Hinata muffles a moan as her face is getting rubbed by 'Naruko's' pussy, she wants to taste it but her mouth was blocked by the ball gag. Then she starts to moan loudly as Naruto starts inserting his cock into her asshole, the force from the thrust of Naruto's cock caused Hinata to push forward into 'Naruko's' pussy and made her moan louder.

"OH YES, RIGHT THERE!" moans 'Naruko' as she is starting to lose control of her disguise due to the pleasure flowing through her. But she tries to focus on keeping hold on the disguise so that she would not scare Hinata for revealing her to be the Kyuubi no Kitsune that almost destroyed Konoha 15 years ago. 'Naruko' moans loudly as she then hold onto Hinata's head and starts removing the ball gag so that she can get her pussy licked.

With hinata's relief, her tongue is free and starts inserting it in 'Naruko's pussy.

"OH YES!" screams 'Naruko' as the pleasure is flowing through her body and she laid back on the bed while Hinata pleasure her with her tongue. "OH YES RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THERE!"

Oh kami that sounds amazing thought Naruto as he starts speeding up his thrusting while he watches Hinata licking and sucking on 'Naruko's' pussy. Oh yes I am gonna do that to her later

Then Naruto starts to reach his climax, he can feel his cock about to release a load; so he thrusts hard and fast as he can, causing Hinata to moan and getting more horny as she deepens her tongue and touched a sensitive part of 'Naruko's' pussy that made her scream and came.

"AAHHHH!" screams 'Naruko' when she came all over Hinata's face.

"AHH!" screams Naruto when he came into Hinata's ass and remains inside her.

"Ah" moans Hinata as her eyes rolled back and her face reveals a satisfied smile before she collapses and rested on 'Naruko's' pussy like it was a pillow. "Thank to Kyuu-chan"

"How did you?"

"I had my Byakugan activiated for a moment and I noticed the chakra in your system" said Hinata with her eyes closed. "I hope I do it with you again with Naruto-kun"

'Naruko' reverted back into Kyuubi and she smiled at Hinata

"No problem" said Kyuubi as she stroke Hinata's cheek and lets her rest on

The jutsu starts to deplete and the scenery changes back into the training ground...

Training Ground 7

They were near a tree and their clothes were scattered everywhere, Kyuubi gently moved away from Hinata and kissed her cheek before she vanishes back into Naruto's mindscape.

"I had a wonderful time, Naruto-kun; let me know when you want a threesome with Hinata-chan" said Kyuubi's voice in Naruto's head

Will do thought Naruto as he stroke Hinata's hair while she is asleep

"Hinata-chan" said Naruto quietly as he whispers in her ear "Time to get up"

"mmm" moans Hinata as she wakes up and saw Naruto, she smiled at him and gave him a kiss. "What just happened, it was like a dream"

"It was that jutsu I tested on" said Naruto "I was just training on it"

"And I was the target" said Hinata

"I knew you wouldn't mind, Hinata-chan" said Naruto as he kissed her on the cheek "Did you enjoy it"

"Hai" said Hinata "Especially with Kyuu-chan, I now know who she is and it does not change the fact that I still love you"

Naruto smiles at her for still loving him, even if he is a Jinchuriki of Kyuubi.

"Thank you, Hinata-chan" said Naruto as he kissed her one last time before he got up. "I think we should get dressed before someone sees up in the nude"

"I'll be at the bushes to get dressed" said Hinata as she tries to get up but failed as she collapsed on her knees. Her ass feels a bit sore after that amazing sex under taht new jutsu Naruto casted on her.

"here, let me help you" said Naruto as he offered a hand to Hinata

"Thank you" said Hinata as she accepted it and got up and nearly collapsed but leaned on Naruto until she got her balance back. "I'm sorry about this"

"It's alright" said Naruto "It was my fault if I did get a bit rough"

"Worry about it, I had a great time" said Hinata as she slowly walk to the bush so she can get dressed. "Was this your first time using that jutsu"

"Actually it's my second" said Naruto "My first was unexpected with I was on a date with Ino-chan"

"I see" said Hinata as she put on her leotard and cloak "How was it?"

"It was great, it helped Ino-chan boost her self-confidence" said Naruto "She was a bit skinny due to her dieting and it was not healthy, I think she is putting on some weight so that she can be healthy"

"You are so sweet" said Hinata as she got out of the bushes and fully dressed in her sexy ninja clothes. "You are concerned about the girls you love"

"Well I do love them" said Naruto "Including you"

"And I love you" said Hinata as she then kisses Naruto on the lips before she broke it. "I gotta go and train, Kurenai-sensei will be angry at me if I'm late"

"Don't let me get in the way then" said Naruto

"Later" said Hinata as she turns away from Naruto and sexily walk away from him.

Damn she is sexy thought Naruto as he then leans on the tree.

"I must say that was an impressive show you put there"

"Huh?" said Naruto as he looks up to see Anko on the branches with a cheeky grin on her face. "All that sexy moaning she made when you did that jutsu"

Anko jumps off the branch and turns to Naruto.

"Would you do that to me, please?" said Anko "I did miss you as I was busy doing boring preparations for the exams"

"Sure, I am testing this jutsu so I don't mind voulnteers" said Naruto as his eyes then starts to glow pink as he said the name "Sekushīna gensō"

Anko's Fantasy

Anko was caught in Naruto's gaze and she couldn't move as ropes sliver up around her from the ground and starts binding her tightly. The tightness of the ropes is hurting Anko but she moans at the pain as the ropes then starts wrapping around her breasts and tightly under her pussy.

"Ah!" moans Anko as she drop on her knees as she couldn't take it anymore. "AHH!"

Anko is starting to get wet with excitement as she is getting bonded in rough tight ropes. Then the hooked ropes appear and grabbed the seams of Anko's panties and starts pulling them to cause a wedgie.

"AAAHHH!" screams Anko in both pain and pleasure as her eyes widen and her mouth drooling as the hookes are yanking her panties right up. "AHH!"

Naruto is watching this and he is getting a boner by watching this; the ropes then turns into snakes and they tighten their grip around Anko, causing her more pain and pleasure since she is a masochist. A pulley appears and Naruto walk towards it, he connected the hooks griping Anko's panties to the pulley and starts heaving the rope to lift Anko in the air.

"AAHHH!" said Anko until her mouth was gagged by a mouth gag to muffle her screams.

Naruto tied up the rope to a tree and took out a spanking paddle as Anko is hanging with her ass up in their air.

"You like this, huh" said Naruto smiling as he then swatted his paddle at Anko's ass to make her moan and scream in both pain and pleasure. "Of course you do; you love it you sexy slut"

Anko moans in pleasure despite the tears seeping from her eyes in pain as Naruto as paddling her ass while hanging in a tight wedgie and tightly bounded by ropes that were transformed into snakes. She keeps screaming under that ball gag in pleasure until it is covered in drool and it seeps out when her eyes rolled out. She gave out a long low orgasmic moan when her pussy is getting wet and dripping out from her tight panties and shorts.

Oh fuck yes thought Anko as she kept moaning in a near sex trance every time her ass is spanked by Naruto with a paddle. Naruto is getting a hard on as he does this, he then lowered the pulley slightly so Anko is near between Naruto's legs while he removed the soaking ball gag covered in drool.

"You caused me to go hard, Anko" said Naruto as he pulled down his pants to reveal his erected cock. "Suck it until it goes down; and while you're at it, my clone will keep spanking you until my cock goes soft again. Is that understood?"

"H-H-Hai" moaned Anko as she is breathless because she is in so much pain and she loves it. She took Naruto in her mouth and starts sucking it; she sways her tongue around the shaft until she yelped in pain every time her ass is spanked by the clone with a paddle.

"Don't stop, Anko" said Naruto "Or you will remain here until you stop my erection...oh fuck it, I just fuck your mouth anyway"

Naruto then starts thrusting his cock down Anko's throat back and forth as he is getting horny by the moaning Anko is making. And he hasn't seen Anko in days because she has been busy preparing for the Chunnin Exams coming in a few days.

"I'm gonna...*grunt* fuck your mouth until my erection is stopped" said Naruto as he keeps thrusting and thrusting while holding Anko's head in place. "*Grunt* I'm gonna cum"

Naruto then came down into Anko's throat and sighed in relief; but despite that he is still hard and he always keeps a promise. So he keeps fucking her mouth again, and again and again.

Damn I still can't go down thought Naruto as he keeps fucking Anko's mouth and does give her air breaks when she starts coughing for air. Anko's mouth drools out excess cum and her stomach is swelling from her feast of Naruto's seed. She really is a slut, well I can't stop until I am down and she is completely satisfied.

Naruto then thrusts deeper into Anko's mouth and continues fucking it, Naruto is grunting in pain as his cock is hurting for using it too much, but he endures the pain and continues having oral sex with his sexy snake slut. Naruto is reaching his climax and possibly his last as he then blasted his final load down her throat but Anko cannot take much more of Naruto's cum that she starts spewing it out from her mouth, leaving out a huge puddle of it.

With relief, Naruto's erection has ended and Anko has reached her limit as she lowered her head and lost consciousness.

Training Ground 7

The jutsu ended and Anko collapsed on the ground with her face covered in cum, her stomach bloated and her panties are now soaking wet from the excitement. Naruto leaned back as he is getting tied from using the Sekushīna gensō twice in one day.

The 3rd one will be my limit thought Naruto as he breathes heavily while he looks at Anko unconscious I used too much chakra on that jutsu...but it was worth it.


Naruto carried Anko back to her apartment after that little test he did on his new jutsu, he is getting tired from using the jutsu twice and he needs some rest so he could train more. He placed Anko on her bed and kissed her goodnight before he leaves her to rest.

Konoha streets

Naruto left Anko's apartment and decided to call it a night as he used up too much chakra, he is finding it hard to walk as he is feeling weak and he then starts collapsing on the floor.

Damn it…I think I over did it with the jutsu thought Naruto as he then lowered his eyes and fell unconscious. Kurotsuchi saw this and smirks evilly as this is a perfect opportunity to kill him…that is until someone arrived and took Naruto.

Fuck, that was my chance thought Kurotsuchi Oh well I'll just wait a few more days until the exam.

Naruto's apartment

Naruto grumbles and sees Ino sitting beside him with her hand on his cheek, she smiles in relief that Naruto is alright.

"How are you?" said Ino

"A little tired" said Naruto as he yawns "What happened?"

"You were unconscious in the middle of the street" said Ino "If I hadn't found you, who know what would happen"

Bitch thought Kurotsuchi not far from the apartment, brooding in an alleyway as she is pissed off at Ino rescuing Naruto when it was her moment to end his life.

"Oh yeah, I overdid the jutsu I was training on" said Naruto sheepishly "It was a good thing I didn't use it the 3rd time"

"Was that the same jutsu that we were in last night?" said Ino

"Uh huh" said Naruto "I asked Oji-san if he knew about it, and he gave me a scroll about it. I think I overdid it and now I'm too tired to get up"

"Then don't" said Ino as she then climbed on the bed and sat on his stomach gently. "Let me take care of you"

Ino then starts to kiss him on the lips, Naruto shares in with the kiss and embraces her with his arms as he as some energy left.

"Don't try to move, Naruto-kun" said Ino as she broke the kiss and kissed his cheek; she pulled down the covers and starts unzipping Naruto's pants. "You gave me so much pleasure; let me pleasure you this time"

Naruto was about to say something but couldn't as Ino just kissed him on the lips, he shares in with the kiss while Ino took off her shorts and panties to expose her pussy that is starting to get wet. She positions herself onto Naruto's cock and starts rubbing her pussy on it so she can make it hard and fuck it.

Naruto moans as he feels Ino's pussy rubbing on his cock and he starts to go hard on it, Ino felt it go hard and starts inserting it in her. She moans as she feels him in her, she missed having him in her as she then starts grinding on it.

"Oh yes" moans Ino as she starts moaning while grinding on Naruto's cock. "Ahhh!"

Naruto just lies there and feeling the pleasure Ino is giving to him, he would join in if he wasn't exhausted from his training on his new jutsu. He starts to lower his eyes with pleasure and turn his head slightly do get comfortable and slowly putting his hands under his head and smiles with comfort.

This feels so good thought Naruto as he closed his eyes but remains awake so he could feel the pleasure more before he could fall asleep. Oh kami, yes

Ino saw Naruto is about to fall asleep but she smiles at him because he does need rest from his training. She lowered down her head to Naruto's ear and whispers to it.

"Just rest, Naruto-kun" whispers Ino "And I'll take care of you"

Ino starts kissing him on the lips and continues grinding on his cock; she remained with him all night until she starts to fall asleep and cuddles into his arms.

"Goodnight, Naruto-kun" said Ino "I do hope that you'll show up in the Chunnin Exams.

Few days later

A few days as past for Naruto, he spent his few remaining days training for the exam and also with his team, he improved on his jutsu with some "volunteers" to help with his Sekushīna gensō and he managed to use his limit without suffering with chakra exhaustion.

Konoha is really busy as the Chunnin Exams are about to start, the genin candidates from around the Shinobi nation are heading for the ninja academy so that they can start their Chunnin exams, Naruto is with team 7 and they are at the second floor of the Academy and a complication has started already.

2 Konoha Genin jerks as knocked down a genin wearing a green jumpsuit, orange legwarmers and a red Hitai-ate around his waist like a belt, he has a bowl cut hair style and thick eyebrows above his perfectly round eyes. The green clad ninja is grunting in pain as his shoulder is aching from the punch by those 2 Genin punks.

"Give it up, you don't have what it takes to enter those exams" said the genin with spiky black hair and white bandages on his cheeks and chin. "We're just doing you a favour and making sure you don't throw your pointless life away"

"We took those exams and they weren't a walk in a park, trust me" said the other Genin wearing a bandana style hitai-ate and a strand of brown hair sticking out near his forehead. "You might as well give it up and go home to your mommy"

Naruto recognised that green clad ninja, it's Rock Lee; he is a strong spirited genin who doesn't understand the word "defeat". He is determined to become a strong Shinobi of Konoha and he literally pushes his body to the limits to make it so. He and Lee were good friends and occasional sparring partner when they manage to bump into each other, and despite is ridiculous taste in fashion he is strong and extremely skilled in Taijutsu because it's the only think he knows, unfortunately. But that doesn't stop this…*groan* youthful genin of reaching his goal.

"Hey Lee, you're not giving up are you" said Naruto

Lee heard a familiar voice and turns to see Naruto beside him.

"Well, well if it isn't my "eternal rival" Naruto" said Lee as he jumps up and dusted his clothes before he took out a fist "Good to see you again"

"Me too" said Naruto as he pound his fist to Lee's "You have a problem here"

"Nah, I'm alright" said Lee "I can take them on"

"Oh that's good" said Naruto "I was worried that you gotten rusty"

"What are you talking about, Naruto" said Sakura "We saw him, he's worthless"

"A tortoise maybe slow but is well defended by a vicious hawk in the sky" said Naruto cryptically

"Er…what?" said Sakura confused at what Naruto has just said

"Oops, sorry about that" said Naruto sheepishly "I just saw this amazing Martial arts movie that I took Kurenai-chan to see when she's on her day off and not to mention the after-movie fun in the bed afterwards and I heard those cool cryptic proverbs that the old sensei just told his student. I don't know what it means clearly but I think it means "don't underestimate your opponent of you'll regret it in the future" or something like that"

"And a very wise thing to say, too" said Lee as he gives his "rival" a thumbs up

"There you are, I told you to wait for us when we return"

Team 7 and Lee turns to see 2 other Genin; one is a girl with brown hair with 2 buns on her head, she is wearing a pink sleeveless Chinese battle shirt and navy blue ninja pants, the other is a boy with long dark brown hair and pearl-like eyes, he is wearing a white long sleeved coat, black ninja shorts and a hitai-ate on his forehead. They are Tenten and Neji Hyuuga, Naruto met them years ago when they were at the academy but in different classes due to their age difference, and also Neji once fell victim when Hiashi found out when Naruto was in Hinata's room and in bed with her and Hanabi. He was castrated by Hinata's accidental attempt of neutering him when she tripped; he never forgave Naruto for this humiliation and forever hates him for it.

Now if a certain pale skinned ANBU with an artistic talent and pointless skills of socializing is here and said Neji has no balls, then that would be hilarious.

"Typical of you, Lee" said Tenten "Running off like that, we do have an exam to go"

"Yeah I know, Tenten but those 2 won't let me in" said Lee

"er Lee, I hate to break it to you but…" said Naruto as he then starts whispering into his ear "You're at the wrong floor"

"Whaa…" said Lee opened his mouth wide and his eyes widened

"They tricked you since you suck at Genjutsu" said Naruto doing the eye smile at Lee and patted his back. "But don't worry; your comrades are here now to assist you"

Oh you win this round, Naruto thought Lee as he got another own'd count from Naruto, now that's the soul reason why Naruto and Rock Lee are dubbed "Eternal Rivals", not just by the sparing but at the why they act to each other. Similar to Kakashi and Maito Gai would but Naruto does it because he like teasing him since he is a born prankster at heart…well at least Naruto doesn't act like a perverted person who has no good time management what so ever.

"Well anyway, I gotta go to the 3rd level now" said Naruto as he heads for the stairs with Sasuke and Sakura, but not without greeting Tenten and Neji

"Hey Ten-chan" said Naruto

"Hey Naruto-kun" said Tenten as she slightly blushes at the blonde, she sort of has a crush on Naruto but doesn't let it interfere with her shinobi training. But despite that, Naruto already knew but understands why she is trying to resist.

"Anyway, if you're not busy later, would you like to go to Ichiraku Ramen with me?" said Naruto

"If I weren't busy, I would" said Tenten sadly "You know what Gai-sensei is like, a real slave driver"

"Oh yeah, I forgot" said Naruto

"But I might catch you later in the exams" said Tenten with a smirk on her face "Literally, of course"

"Oh really?" said Naruto smirking at Tenten "Well you better stay alert then"

After that, Team 7 heads up the stairs; Neji sees Tenten sighing and blushing with a smile on her face.

"What do you see in him anyway" said Neji grumpily at the weapons mistress "He's destined to fail and fall in those exams"

"Well at least he as guts and balls" said Tenten smirking at Neji as he got own'd by Neji when he winced.

"You win this round, bitch" mutters Neji and glaring at her.

"Come on, let's go before we're late" said Tenten until she noticed something strange "Now where did Lee go now, honestly we need a bell on him"

3rd foor: Dojo

Team 7 reached the 3rd floor and started to cross the Dojo as it's a short cut to the designated room where the exams were taken. Naruto was just walking peacefully until he turns to see Rock Lee behind him from the distance.

"Naruto, I challenge you to a fight" said Lee as he goes into a battle stance.

"Oh boy" said Naruto "I'll meet you guys later, okay?"

"But…" said Sakura "We'll be late"

"This won't take long" said Naruto "And knowing Rock Lee, he won't take no for an answer. He's just too stubborn; trust me, I know because I fought him many times when we go face to face"

"Well the exams don't start until 4:00 and it's 3:30" said Sasuke "I'll stay and watch; I would love to see how strong he is when I get to fight him"

"Meh, your hospital trip, Teme" said Naruto

"What was that?" said Sasuke slightly angry at Naruto

"Rock Lee will knock you down without breaking a sweat" said Naruto "and I'm not saying that because he's strong, he never gets tired when he fights"

"Then how did you win your battles against him?" said Sasuke

"I don't always win" said Naruto "I sometimes lose against him, but at least I get experience from him when he and I do go face to face"

"That's right" said Lee "You and me, Naruto face to face; just like we always do"

"Yep" said Naruto as he took off his jacket to reveal his bare chest and goes into a stance partially similar to the Hyuugas "I always wanted to try out my Shinkei no Ken on you"

"It would be an honour" said Lee "Even I learned a few techniques after out last encounter"

"Then let me see it" said Naruto as he charges at Lee

"Leaf Hurricane" said Lee as he does a spinning barrage of high and low kicks but Naruto dodges them and jabs him on the chest and activating a pain point.

"Leaf Hurricane, I saw that move already" said Naruto

"Just making sure you haven't forgot my moves, Naruto" said Lee grunting in pain as Naruto just jabbed him on the chest and it's hurting him, but he endures the pain and focuses on the battle.

"How about we do this old school and leave our new techniques later" said Naruto

"Hai, it would be a waste if we know out enemies' technique already" said Lee as he poses in his battle stance.

"And a time limit since both of us has an exam" said Naruto

"Hai" said Lee "10 minutes for us to win, end of time indicates a draw"

"Just like old times" said Naruto as he and Lee charge at each other and begun their battle with a limited time.

Lee and Naruto throws in their furry of kicks and punches, both of them dodges and blocks them ineffectively as they both predict their movements. Naruto move his head aside to dodge a left Hook and Lee ducks from a high kick from Naruto. Their battle continues for a long 5 minutes as Naruto and Lee kept going without breaking a sweat, Naruto throws in a high kick at Lee's chest but it was caught by Lee and he was thrown aside by him. Naruto twisted his body and landed on his feet with a crouching land.

Naruto dashes at Lee and threw a left hook but missed as he squatted down and punched him in the gut, Lee's fist whammed into Naruto's gut and the blonde starts coughing and gaging painfully as the might of the punch as extremely hard. Naruto crouches in pain as the punch bruised his stomach and a few drops of blood seeped out from his mouth.

"Damn it, that was a hell of a punch, Lee" said Naruto smiling at Lee while he wipes the blood off his mouth. "You have gotten strong"

"Thank you, you've gotten faster than before" said Lee

"But I've not been defeated" said Naruto as he performs Shadow Clone Jutsu and 2 more Narutos appeared beside him. "Now let's see it you can take 3 of me on"

"Bring it, I could go for a challenge" said Lee posing his battle stance as Naruto and his clones charge at him.

But when the 2 were about to fight, a figure appeared and stopped the fight; an older version of Rock Lee wearing an unzipped Flak Jacket. He is Maito Gai, Rock Lee's sensei, Kakashi's "Eternal Rival".

"Hey there" said Gai "How's it hanging?"

Sakura and Sasuke shudder at Gai as he looked creepy with that bowl cut hair style, green spandex and thicker eyebrows.

"Er hi Gai-sensei" said Naruto

"Naruto, my youthful friend" said Gai "How are you?"

"I'm alright" said Naruto "I'm heading for the exams"

"That's good to hear" said Gai as he then turns to Lee "Lee; Neji and Tenten are looking for you so they asked me to find you. You almost let your team down by wandering around, so you will be punished for it."

"Hai Gai-sensei" said Lee

"So for punishment, you will run around Konoha 100 times, do 1000 squats and 500 handstand push-ups." Said Gai "But first, you need to go to the room to meet with Neji and Tenten"

"Hai Gai-sensei" said Lee

"Now let the flames of youth guide you to your journey to manhood" said Gai doing a good guy pose

"Hai Gai-sensei" said Lee as he then dash pass through Sasuke and Sakura instantly.

Such speed thought Sasuke with shock

What the fuck? Thought Sakura

Oh boy thought Naruto sighing until he turn to Gai "I appreciate it for stopping this fight, otherwise we would never stop and miss our chance to compete in the exams"

"No problem" said Gai doing the good guy pose at Naruto "After all, you are Lee's Eternal Rival"

Naruto sweatdrops when Gai said that.

"Er yeah, love to chat but we have an exam to go" said Naruto as he the turns away from Gai and mouthed out to Sasuke and Sakura "Let's get the hell out of here"

Sasuke and Sakura understood Naruto's silent words and left the Dojo and heads for the designated classroom where the exams are placed at.

3rd Floor classroom

Team 7 made it on time at the door where the exams are being placed, they saw Kakashi leaning on the wall and waiting for his 3 students to arrive.

"Well done, you made it" said Kakashi "Now I can let you go in"

"You were expecting us to enter" said Naruto

"Of course, I wanted to see if you all would enter it by your own free will" said Kakashi "Especially Sakura as was feeling concerned about it"

"If I did then I would let my team and myself down" said Sakura "Also I wanted to see if I'm capable of being a Chunnin"

"Well that is good to hear" said Kakashi as he eye smiles at Sakura "Well then, good luck on the exams; you would need it"

After that, Team 7 walked pass Kakashi and entered the classroom so they can begin their exam; they entered it and it was full of candidates, approximately 500 Genins from different Hidden Villages, including Kurotsuchi, Deidara and Akatsuchi from Iwa, Karui, Samui and Omoi from Kuma, Temari, Kankuro and Akako from Suna.

There are strange Genin Teams in this exam, including the 2 from this mysterious hidden village called Oto; the first team has a teenager hunched back and his face his completely bandaged save for his left eye, his clothes has a template of beige and purple with a furry pelt over his back and his sleeves are so long that they covered his hands. The second one is a male with spiky black hair and dark eyes, he wears a beige shirt for a Kanji for "Death" printed on it and a cowhide pattened scarf loosely around his neck, and the third one is a girl with long black hair, she wears a pale green vest similar to a flak jacket and the same scarf that second teammate wears.

But nothing is more strange than that team is the second team from Oto as they each wore a beige tunic, black ninja pants and a thick purple scarf around their waist, they are 2 boys and 1 girl. The girl as long red hair, brown eyes and a mean looking expression on her face, on her head is a beanie hat, the first boy is fa…I mean big boned and he has a orange Mohawk and orange eyes, the last one is pale and sickly looking, he has long silver hair, green eyes with red eye liner around them and 2 red dots on the forehead.

Naruto saw those 2 genin teams and he has a gut feeling that something doesn't feel right when he is about to start the exams.

A really bad feeling…

Here you go, this is a rewrite and extended chapter of this story.

Naruto has begun the exams but will he has it in flying colours, of course he will but something will not happen when you expected it to happen.