Shinobi of Lust

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Forest of Death

Anko has entered the Forest of Death, but she's in here that's not relating to the chunnin exam, no she has a different reason for entering the forest. By the look of terror on her face, it is serious indeed.

"Damn it, out of all the missing nin to defect from Konoha, it had to be HIM" said Anko while leaping through tree to tree. "He was there, so close and I didn't even notice.


Kotetsu and Izumo led Anko the where 3 bodies lay, they showed her why the dead bodies are strange for they do not have any faces, and I don't mean sliced off and leave nothing but bone and exposed bleeding muscles, nothing is there, no eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, completely blank.

"This is what we want to show you" said Izumo "We confirmed the time of death: 5 in the morning, hours before the second part of the Chunnin Exam"

"So, you're saying whoever did this is masquerading as one of the candidates?" said Anko while starting at the faceless corpses. I know this jutsu, only HE can perform this.

Anko placed her hand on the back of her neck and suddenly felt a cold shudder of dread run down her skin.

Why is he here? Thought Anko narrowing her brown eyes while trying to keep a calm expression, it's not easy. "I need to know who they are now."

"Already on it" said Kotetsu as he passes Anko a file for her to inspect. She opens the files which contain info about the exam candidate teams so they can evaluate later on each part of the exams, to see if they are worthy of being chunnin or not. Each sheet has a mugshot of each ninja on their team, for identification if they fail or didn't survive.

Suddenly Anko widened her eyes when she saw the picture of a Kunoichi, plain looking with long black hair. But Anko remembered seeing that face, the Kunoichi who returned Anko's kunai after it cut Naruto's cheek while flirting with him.

So, this is your face, huh? Thought Anko No matter, you will not escape from me now

"Inform the Hokage immediately, I'm going after the intruder"

"Are you sure that's wise?" said Kotetsu "you'll need back up."

"If I believe this is HIM, you all don't stand a chance" said Anko "Call in the ANBU and inform of this, too."

"Got it" said both Kotetsu and Izumo

(End of Flashback)

Whatever you're planning, I will not let you succeed thought Anko Lots have changed during your defection, I'm not longer that inexperienced genin you use to train…sensei.

With Sasuke and Sakura

Sasuke and Sakura are now staring death in the face, or rather feeling its presence from the predatory leer of the Kusa Ninja. They remained frozen in fear and at the mercy of the Kusa Kunoichi and her Giant Snake.

"Y-Your wasting your time…we don't have the scroll for you to take from us" said Sasuke

The Kunoichi chuckles at Sasuke while hungrily licking her tongue.

"You think I'm here just to partake this little exam?" said the Kusa Kunoichi with a sinister grin and her eyes remain dangerous with the leering. "oh no, I am not interested in becoming a chunnin, I am here for you, Sassssuke"

The way she says her name causes Sasuke to feel a cold chill running down his spine, like a little bird with no way out from the snake's way.

"Now, let's see what you can do in a situation like this" said the Kusa Kunoichi as the serpent rear its head and prepares to strike the 2 genin. "Will fear let you die, if will you muster the courage to escape?"

Sasuke grit his teeth in anger at his own cowardice, but the killer intent leaking out from that kunoichi is overwhelming, like gravity has increased and made him too heavy to move.

Come on, just move your arm Sasuke said to himself as he slowly reaches out for his kunai pouch to reach for a kunai. Come on, COME ON!

Sasuke managed to take out a kunai, but what to do with it, his mind suddenly went blank when fear takes over again.

"Oh my, taking out you weapon yet you cannot face me when paralysed with fear." said the Kusa Kunoichi when her giant snake hisses with an open maw. "I do admire your determination, but in the end it's pointless. What a shame"

The giant snake then lunges for the kill, Sasuke is getting desperate as the serpent is about to eat up and Sakura. He quickly thinks of a way of escape until one irrational thought occurred.

I have no choice thought Sasuke as he raised his kunai and stabs himself in the leg, he winces in pain, but he reacts in dodging the snake while taking Sakura away. I got to get away!

The Kusa Kunoichi raised her brow when watching Sasuke flee with Sakura, then look down at the bloodstain on the ground.

He overcame fear with pain, a desperate but clever move thought Kusa Kunoichi with a smirk while her long tongue flickers out from her mouth. But our game is not yet over, Sasuke.

Sasuke is in big trouble now, letting fear get to him after being succumbed by the immense KI from the unknown Kusa Ninja who ambushed him and Sakura with a giant snake. Sasuke has no choice but to flee when his instincts tell him that the Kusa ninja I out of his league and will immediately kill him with no hesitation.

So, like a prey to a predator, he flees for his life, carrying Sakura who is still petrified with fear after feeling the Killer Intent. Sasuke was petrified too, but he mustered up his will power to stab himself, letting pain distract him from the lingering terror on his person. A desperate but clever move, Sasuke continues to leap on the treetops while the pain on his now bleeding shin continues to remind him to flee.

Damn it, that is no Genin thought Sasuke as he continues to leap on the branches while looking back to see if the Kusa ninja is behind. And to his shock and terror, the Kusa ninja is, along with the giant serpent.

"Ku ku, yes flee little bird" said the Kura ninja "It's quite obvious why your brother spared you while he massacred your own clan. How disappointing, cowards like you should die for they have no purpose in life."

Spiting insults like venom and the mention of his brother is like dagger to the back, Sasuke tries to ignore the Kusa ninja as she is trying to prompt him in confrontation and defend his pride as an Uchiha. But what is pride good for it you let it stop you to die? Unfortunately, the memory of Itachi's cruel words during that incident start to echo in Sasuke mind.

Foolish Little Brother, you're not worth killing. So live and flee, flee like the scared little boy you are. But if you somehow managed to gain your courage, I'll be waiting, I'll wait for you, so I can kill you with courage and pride in your heart.

Sasuke then stops, which made the Kusa ninja stop also. The young Uchiha turns to confront his opponent with hatred in his eyes and no fear on his face. The Sharingan that's active suddenly matures with 3 tomoes on each eye, spinning around narrow pupils.

I will not be afraid anymore; I am an Avenger! Thought Sasuke as he put Sakura down on the branch. If I do not fight this opponent and conquer my fear, then I am not worth to face Itachi and avenge my Clan.

Sasuke then poses for combat with while performing hand signs.

Sorry Naruto, I maybe a bit late to assist you thought Sasuke before he can start his attack. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!"

Sasuke inhaled and spew out flames at the Kusa ninja, but she dodged it and kept a wide berth while the fire release jutsu is active. But what she failed to notice is that Sasuke isn't just using the jutsu as an offensive attack, but also a distraction so he can secretly hurl kunai and shuriken from within the flames and catch her by surprise.

There are some effective results on that tactic, but only a few managed to hit her but not aimed for her vitals. The Kusa Kunoichi chuckles while performing hand signs of her own.

Striking Shadow Snake"

Small snakes slither out from her sleeves and expands in length while heading towards Sasuke. But the Uchiha noticed his thanks to his sharingan and dodged the snakes and behead them with his kunai. He then starts performing hand signs again and inhales deeply before casting his next jutsu.

Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!"

Unlike the previous jutsu, this one shoots a barrage of small but fast fireballs from Sasuke's mouth. The Kusa Kunoichi dodges the small fireballs but she is starting to struggle when Sasuke cast the jutsu again. This time a few hit their mark but only on missing vital organs.

"Kukuku, you are talented to just such advanced jutsu," said the Kusa ninja as she starts performing handsigns

With Naruto

Naruto is leaping across the trees so he can return to his team after his battle against the Kumo Kunoichi Karui. Unfortunately, the "battle" did put a great drain on his energy and chakra, and there are some parts of his body remained aching after the multiple shocks from the Lightning Style: Armour jutsu.

I do hope I get a good night's rest after this thought Naruto

"Huh, somehow I doubt that" said Kyuubi

Very funny, Kyuu-chan thought Naruto when suddenly he heard a boom from the distance. That's coming from the direction my team is, don't tell they're under attack.

"We best hurry, they might need your help"

"Hai" said Naruto quietly before he forces himself to go further on, the Kyuubi loaned him some of her chakra to help. Naruto was surprised by this but is appreciated for the Biju's aid.

"You can pay me later after you passed, got it?"

Naruto chuckled and nod while he dashes to aid Sasuke and Sakura. But before he could reach his comrades, the trees around him starts to shake beneath his feet. He stops on one of the branches and stabs a kunai to the tree so he can hold on.

"What the hell is going on?" said Naruto when suddenly something bursts out from the ground and coils around the tree Naruto is on. Naruto couldn't believe his eyes for what he is looking at is a gigantic snake with the length of 20 metres, it has navy blue scales and green eyes. "Oh shit, that's a huge snake"

The snake only leers at Naruto while flickering its forked tongue at Naruto, suddenly it did the unexpected and very shocking.

It talked.

"So, the legendary Shinobi of Lust returns, and this is why I was summoned for?" said the snake.

"Y-You can talk?" said Naruto in a dumbfounded look.

The snake scoffed at Naruto at his reaction and replied.

"This is your first time seeing a summon, is it?" said the snake. "Well unfortunately for you, I was called here to keep you away so that my summoner can deal with that young Uchiha. Nothing personal, but I must eat you."

"Then forgive me for denying you the chance" said Naruto, only to get hissed by the snake as if lunches at Naruto. Naruto dodged the attack, but the serpent starts to pursue him.

"You have no hope in defeating me, boy" said the snake "Unlike my brothers and sisters, including that pompous egotistic Manda, I am too cunning to lose by you."

"You don't even know me" said Naruto

"Regardless, you are my pray and I must eat you" said the snake opening its maw and ate Naruto. But before it can swallow him, he can feel a sudden jolt of pain and forced him to spit Naruto out. "Ah, my jaw"

"Weren't you told to be careful of what you eat?" said Naruto with his eyes glowing pink with Shinkeigan. He jabbed the snake's pain point located on its lower jaw so he can force it to spit Naruto out.

"You've got a lot of nerve hurting me, boy" said the snake hissing at Naruto "and for that, I'll just squash you like a bug!"

The snake charges at Naruto with now the intent of killing him, Naruto jumped back before the serpent could reach him and smashes into the branch. Naruto channels his chakra onto his hands and feet and stick onto the tree truck. He sighs in relief dodge that attack but he cannot rest now for the serpent proceeds with a second strike.

Naruto dodges again and clings to the tree trunks, the snake follows and coils around the trunk and branches for support. Naruto activate his Shinkeigan to analyse the creature's nervous system. Naruto leaps off with his eyes on the target, he jabs on the scaley body, but nothing happened. The Snake chuckled while flicking his forked tongue, he looks back to see Naruto try again but nothing happened again.

"Huh, it seems you cannot pierce through my scales, how unfortunate…for YOU!" the snake then swats Naruto with its tail, forcing him to fall down to crash on the floor. The snake then drops down to strike Naruto while he falls. Naruto recovered from that attack and noticed the snake's head heading towards him.

Naruto quickly perform hand a hand sign while twisting his body back into balance.

"Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu"

Naruto created shadow clones and then leans toward one to use as a falling platform, he then leaps on to the rest so he can head for the snake. Naruto pulls out a smoke bomb from his pouch and slaps it between the snake's eyes.

The bomb explodes into a cloud of smoke, causing the snake to hiss and wriggle in pain which causes him to lose his grip on the trees and fall completely. The snake hisses loudly while crashing into the ground, but it recovers and starts to look for Naruto.

"Alright, where is he?" said the snake until he suddenly felt another twinge of pain coming from his mouth. "What…ahh, my tooth!"

Naruto has entered the snake's mouth, since he cannot pierce though the scales to attack his pain points and the chance of hitting the soft underbelly is unlikely since the snake will not allow that to happen, the only vulnerable part is the mouth. Naruto must be eaten to make his attack effective. The snake tries to spit Naruto out, but the blonde has hold of his forked tongue, wrestling to stay on Naruto continues to jab the inside of the snake's mouth, triggering more pain points while increased the agony.

"AHHH, the pain! The pain!" exclaimed the snake shaking its head franticly to try and shake Naruto off before more pain will come. "Enough, stop this at once!"

"Do you submit!" said Naruto

"Never, I will kill you!"

"Then good luck with eating solid food when I go down your stomach and give you the mother of all stomach aches!" said Naruto as he makes his way down his gullet, he'd be a fool or bluffing, but due to the pain it is in the snake is not taking any chances.

"Alright, alright, I yield" said the snake in a desperate tone. "Just end this pain!"

"How do I know you won't eat me if you do." Said Naruto

"And risk getting that stomach-ache? No way, I promise!" said the snake

Naruto frowned suspiciously at the snake and pauses to think about it, it seems he is now at an advantage. If the snake does eat Naruto after relieving it of the pain, then he will activate the pain points in its stomach. With that logic, jabbed the pain points and relieved the snake of its pain.

"Ohh…ohh, thank you" said the snake as it opens its maw for Naruto to get out. "I don't think I can handle more of that."

"So, you'll leave me alone?" said Naruto

"Definitely. I don't know what Orochimaru was thinking of summoning me against you, but I will not be happy if I'm summoned again" said the snake.

Naruto reacted and turned to the snake as he mentioned the name of its summoner.

"Wait, Orochimaru?" said Naruto

"hai, you know my summoner?" said the snake

"I heard of him, once or twice, by his old student Anko" said Naruto, clutching his fist and frowning deeply at the mention of his name.


Naruto's apartment

After their fun, Naruto and Anko cuddled together in Naruto's bed in his apartment, but in the middle of the night Anko suddenly starts to stir and wince in pain. Unlike the pain she enjoyed during her BDSM foreplay, this form of pain isn't the kind she likes.

"Agh!" Anko was rudely awoken by that twinge in her neck and clasp hold to it. She grits her teeth and seep out tears in discomfort. Naruto suddenly woke up not long after he heard Anko's discomfort.

"Anko-chan, what's wrong?" said Naruto, placing his hands on her bare shoulders, triggering her pleasure points to help her, which it did more to Anko's relief.

Anko pants and brought out a cold sweat as she frowned from that horrible sensation. She then turns to Naruto, is showing great concern while looking at her hand covering her neck.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up" said Anko

"What happened?" said Naruto

Anko sighed in sadness and mild frustration while turning away and remove her hand so she can show Naruto a black mark in the shape of 3 tomoes.

"It's something I had to deal for the rest of my life, and the one of the reasons why the people of Konoha call me the "Snake Mistress" said Anko "I use to be an apprentice of Orochimaru, one of the legendary Sannin trained by the Sandaime."

Anko starts to explain her past with Orochimaru and how she came to he his apprentice, and the fact that being an apprentice to one of the 3 most renowned ninjas in Konoha was a great honour to the village, especially when Orochimaru was a prodigy in ninjutsu.

"The first months under his tutelage was going great, he taught me cool jutsus and he even let me sigh my name on the Snake Summoning Contract." Said Anko as she smiled at those good times with her old sensei, but suddenly she frowned. "But that is before I learned of his dark obsession of chakra and jutsus. He the reason he was a prodigy is because he was constantly learning new forms of jutsu and spending most of his days mastering them, he even tried to find a way of learning how to possess and master kekkei genkai…through human experimentations."

Anko wanted to say more but reminding herself is too painful for her to remember, parts of her memory were repressed after what Orochimaru did to her. Naruto pulled Anko close and embraced her, this made Anko save and tears starts to seep out.

"that mark on your neck, was part of his experiments, correct?" said Naruto

"H-hai, I was a test subject" said Anko "An experiment which he was inspired by the sealing of the Kyuubi. A cursed seal which holds a malevolent source of chakra which could poison the chakra system. I was one of the lucky ones to survive the experiment, but the results weren't satisfying for him and he abandoned me. Later on, the Hokage caught word on what he was doing and fled Konoha."

"And the Snake Mistress"

"The news of Orochimaru's immoral experiments spread across Konoha and the resented me for it, accusing me to be his accomplice on those twisted experiments rather than being a victim of his dark twisted curiosity." Said Anko with a frown but the loving embrace in Naruto's arms while acting her pleasure points form his touch helps her sooth and relax. "Only a few didn't hate me, Nai-chan, Ibiki, even Kakashi of all people was sympathetic to me. Later on, the I used that cruel nickname and made as my own. Now people are more of afraid of me and I'm fine of that."

"And yet you still wanted to be loved" said Naruto

"Hai…that was before I had you" said Anko as she turns to face him and plant her lips into his. They remained kissing for 5 minutes before they could break for hair, the embrace and soothing touch of Naruto's hands help Anko feel better and starts to make her forget her troubled past after her explanation.

Naruto and Anko continued kissing until they lowered down until sleep suddenly return to them.

(End of Flashback)

Naruto frowned sadly at that memory, to see Anko in pain from that cursed seal given by Orochimaru. Suddenly the snake replied to Naruto's answer, and the mention of Anko.

"Anko-chan…it's been years since I heard of that name, it's a shame I couldn't visit her since I am bound by contract to assist Orochimaru only." Said the snake before he turns to Naruto "But enough of that, it's time for me to go home, and rest from that horrible experience. But before I go, may I have your name, boy?"

"Only if you give me yours" said Naruto

"Very well, I am Aoda, snake summon of the Ryuchi Cave" said snake named Aoda

"Naruto Uzumaki" said Naruto

"Naruto Uzumaki…I will remember you…if I ever get a toothache" said Aoda before poofing into smoke.

Naruto remained still for a moment, the look of worry on his face as he turns to where he last heard an explosion.

"This is not good, if he is what Anko-chan said he is, then I best hurry" said Naruto as he makes his way. Kyuu-chan, I may need your help in this.

"Regarding Orochimaru, one of the legendary Sannin? Hai" said the Kyuubi as she shares Naruto's concern.

Back with Sasuke

Sasuke is currently fighting the Kusa kunoichi, no more giant snakes to ambush him and victory is coming close. He kicks the creepy kunoichi back until her back is to a tree. Sasuke jumps back and tosses a bunch of shuriken, only to miss…is what the Kunoichi would believe when she felt something holding her close to the tree. Getting a closer look she noticed that very think but strong ninja wire bounds her to the tree, the shuriken that "messed" was tied to the wires actually lead the wire to bind her until she cannot move. She suddenly smelled something and realized that the ninja wire is coated in oil, and Sasuke has the other end of the wires in his teeth while performing handsigns.

"This is the end for you, Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu" said Sasuke before exhaling flames from his mouth, the flames take form of a dragon and starts to ignite the oil on the wire, the fire then trails toward the bound Kunoichi, combusting her in flames.

"AGGH!" the Kusa Kunoichi in terror when the flames engulfed her.

Sasuke remains still and watches the burning ninja, he needs to be on guard in case she escaped, but she doesn't because she can't. The flames continued to burn if the oil remains for it to feed the fire. 15 minutes later, the flames die out and the enemy is completely charred in the tree. Sasuke pants as he lets go of the wire from his teeth and lowers down so he can catch his breath. He deactivates his sharingan, red eyes revert into black and half closed.

I did it…thank Kami thought Sasuke

"Sasuke-kun" Sakura suddenly came out of her hiding and rushes to the now tired Uchiha. "You did it…are you okay?"

"I'll…be fine" said Sasuke

Suddenly the charred up kunoichi starts moving and blacken flakes of char falls off like dried up snakeskin. The only damaged caused by Sasuke was on the face, which is burned horribly and appeared melted. Sasuke widen his eyes at this, Sakura gasped in shock to see the Kusa Kunoichi alive and couldn't believe that she survived that attack.

"Kukuku" the kunoichi chuckles while dusting off her shoulders and lift her burned/melted face, upper left part of now shows a yellow serpentine eye with purple eye shadow. She performed a handsign and leers at both genin, causing them to drop to their knees. "The mastery of the Sharingan at such a young age, you are indeed worthy to call yourself an Uchiha, Sasuke. Madara would be proud to see his legacy go unwasted."

Sasuke lift his head up and leers angrily at the pale kunoichi, he glares angrily when his brother was mentioned.

"Who are you, and what do you want!" said Sasuke

"Kukuku" the mysterious ninja chuckles while reaching for the melted/burned face and peels if off like a mask. Now the face shows pale white skin, a pair of yellow snake eyes. "my name is Orochimaru, and for what I want will have to wait for the next time we meet. But to make that happen, I suggest that you pass this part of the chunnin exam, I'll be waiting."

Orochimaru, the snake Sannin has finally been revealed before the 2 genin, the mention of the name causes a cold chill running down Sasuke and Sakura's spine. A ninja of great renown and talent, later to betray and leave Konoha for personal goals and ambitions.

No way, I was fighting against one of the Sannin thought Sasuke, his fear as once again returned. No wonder why I felt so terrified, he's a legend, a highly skilled ninja with no remorse on who he kills. He would've ended me in the first 5 minutes if he wanted.

Orochimaru chuckled as he can sense the fear coming back to Sasuke, which is perfect for the Sannin for he as him where he wanted.

"Time to wrap this up" said Orochimaru, starts to perform a handsign and hissed like a snake. And like a snake, his next starts to expand and his head slithers towards Sasuke.

You are now mine, Sasuke! Thought Orochimaru as he opens his mouth which a pair of fangs stick out and reaches for his neck.

End of Chapter

Naruto's Harem/ Fetish

Hinata – domination

Hanabi - Incest

Ino – Foreplay/ Anal/ Stuffing

Anko - BDSM

Kurenai - Exhibitionist

Mei Terumi

Haku- Exhibition

Hana Inuzuka – Foreplay/Doggy Style

Tsume Inuzuka – Foreplay/Doggy Style


Tsunami – Maid


Akako (FemGaara)





Lust-Style Jutsu

Shinkeigan: Nerve Eye

Juuni-Te: Twelve Arms

Shinkei no ken: Nerve Fist

EkiAiyoku: Liquid Lust

Yokubo no Kiri: Mist of Lust

Sexy Illusion