Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 3

Konoha Hospital

Ever since Naruto used his newly awoken powers for the first time; he fainted and regained consciousness in his usual hospital room when he either got trained a little too much or bumped into a bad group of pissed off men for the obvious reasons. Striped of his clothes and dons in hospital clothing, he sighs in disappointment as he missed the Genin Exams. And to make things worse, Hinata lost that chance as well and probably hates him for it; that's what he thinks as a matter of fact.

"I see you're awake"

Naruto heard a familiar voice and turns his head to see Sarutobi sitting by the bed, holding Naruto pendant.

"And I never knew that you were chosen to obtain this bloodline" said Sarutobi

"Oji-san, I can explain" said Naruto

"Don't; I already knew" said Sarutobi as he placed the pendant on the bedside table and stood up. "As a matter of fact; I had my suspicions about it, 5 years ago. You, Naruto Uzumaki, obtained the most rare bloodline; not inherited but earned"

"Earned?" said Naruto confused of what Sarutobi just said.

Sarutobi tuck his hand in his robe and pulls out the same pendant Naruto has.

"I too have that bloodline; although we're not related by blood" said Sarutobi as he then tucks the pendant back in. "This bloodline, like a few others, aren't awaken by sharing the blood of the others; this bloodline was earned. And I must say you are one lucky bastard, excuse me language"

"I'm lost here" said Naruto "How can I earn a bloodline if I hadn't heard it before?"

"That is something I do not know" said Sarutobi "But I know this though, that bloodline is even more powerful than other that were known by everyone, even powerful than the Sharingan and the Byakugan. Hell, it made those 2 dojutsus look like genetic mutation of the eyes and nothing more"

"How do you know so much about that bloodline; despite you having it and all" said Naruto "Did you use it?"

"I did" said Sarutobi as he chuckles as his cheeks blush. "50 years ago, I used for the first time and I have a wonderful sex life; I even found true love from it. Despite getting married, I had wonderful concubines and lovers. Oh I remember it quite well..."

"Er that's enough information" said Naruto interrupting; getting a cold shiver running down his spine has pictures what Sarutobi say. "What I want to know is; how is it possible for me to have a bloodline if I haven't truly inherit it"

"Not all bloodlines are inheritable" said Sarutobi "Like the Rinnegan for example; that legendary bloodline was given by the gods to help end an Armageddon. Even the forefathers of infamous shinobi clans were given those bloodlines by the gods. Like the Shodaime Hokage with his Wood Release jutsu; he is the only one from his clan to obtain that bloodline, not even his grandchildren, Nawaki and Tsunade inherit it. Also Kakashi obtains the Sharingan in his left eye, given to him by his fallen comrade"

"That's true" said Naruto, remembering a history class a year back when Iruka was given a lecture about the Legendary Sannin. Tsunade was known for her herculean strength and great knowledge on medicines, but never any evidence on her inheriting the Shodai's Wood Release bloodline. Also the fact that Kakashi had his left eye concealed by his hitai-ate and once asked why "Maybe bloodlines are given to those who truly deserves them; but what of the Hyuugas and the Uchihas?"

"That is another story to tell another time" said Sarutobi "And speaking of Hyuuga, I saw your battle against Miss Hinata; poor child, controlled by for own lust of you. That lust was strengthened by her true love of you"

"Hinata-chan loves me?" said Naruto in shock when he heard that. "I mean she is cute and all, but I never knew she had feeling for me"

"Oh she did" said Sarutobi "During my times around women, I know what actions women do means; she fidgits and avert her eyes when she sees you, not to mention the stuttering and blushing. Even a complete baka wouldn't notice"

Naruto looked ashamed for not noticing Hinata's actions and not stating the obvious.

"Don't worry about it, Naruto" said Sarutobi as his place his hand on his shoulder. "You're young, it's natural for you not to notice for the first time; even I was clueless in my youth. Anyway, don't worry about the exam; I have it postponed for a week so I can help you learn more about that bloodline of yours."

Then the wise old Hokage remove his hand and heads for the door, to leave the hospital so he could return to his duties as Hokage.

"Get some rest, Naruto" said Sarutobi as he opens the door and turns his head at the blonde. "For tomorrow gets really exciting"

Next Day

Naruto rested up and regained his energy from his first experience on the mysterious bloodline he obtained by wearing that pendant he found 5 years ago. Naruto is heading for the Hokage office so he can start his private tutoring from Sarutobi, who is also a wielder of that bloodline, despite them not related by blood. He managed to evade female contact as he took the rooftops instead of taking the streets like a normal person would; but Naruto isn't a normal person, isn't he?

Anyway it was probably for the best that he laid low from the female population even since yesterday's experience against Hinata. He did stop by and said hello to Kakashi and other Jonin that were friendly to the young blonde, explaining to them about yesterday and said that he is heading for the Hokage Tower for some special training from Sarutobi. The Jonin were surprised about this and gave him their blessings on the training, Maito Gai overdid it by quoting about the "Flames of Youth" burning wildly within him.

Hokage Tower

Naruto arrives at the Hokage Tower, the secretary was not at in and it relieved Naruto has it would happen to her is she was here. He knocks on the door to get Sarutobi's attention and knowing him that he arrived for his training.

"Come in, Naruto" said Sarutobi's voice from the other side of the door; Naruto opens the door and enters inside Sarutobi's office. The wise old Hokage was not alone, with him is a man in an ANBU uniform, wearing a Tiger mask with freaky cat eyes. "Ah Naruto, allow me to introduce to you Yamato"

"Nice to meet you" said the ANBU known as Yamato, bowing at Naruto "Lord Hokage told me all about you and your bloodline."

"Nice to meet you to" said Naruto until he turns to Sarutobi "Is there a reason why he's here?"

"There is" said Sarutobi "He will be accompany us to the private training grounds."

Sarutobi stood up and walks to the portraits of the previous Hokages and tilted the Shodai's picture. Then the floor starts to shake and reveals a trap door in the middle of the room.

"This is where we will start training" said Sarutobi as he walk down the trap door. "Right this way"

Yamato and Naruto follows the Sandaime into the secret door on the floor; the door leads deep under the Tower; the stairway is about 20 feet deep and has touches that were lit instantly when the 3 walked down. As they reach the bottom, they arrive at a dark and ancient training ring; touches light up the whole area, it is dusty and covered in cobwebs. This is a private training room once for the Shodai and Nidaime Hokage while Konoha was still in construction, Sarutobi discovered it when he first became Hokage and also showed it to the Yondaime when he became Hokage.

"It was a while since I used this old training ground" said Sarutobi as he then starts removing his robe to reveal his battle armour. He then takes off his top and chest plate to expose his chest; despite his age, he has a good figure and his chest is muscular and scarred due to his former battles in his shinobi career. Naruto and Yamato was shocked that Sarutobi's body hardly looked like an old man's. They were expecting a frail and wrinkly body, but you judge a man by their age I suppose. "By the look on your faces, you both assume that I might have a frail old body; well I am Hokage and I need to be in top shape and strong in case an enemy tries to attack me. Now, let us start; remove your top, Naruto"

"Huh?" said Naruto confused at what Sarutobi said.

"I said remove them" said Sarutobi

"Okay" said Naruto as he removes his jacket and shirt to expose his chest and seal on his stomach. The 5 years and the awakening of his bloodline were good to him.

"Okay; Yamato, put up a barrier around the ring as this training could get destructive"

"Hai" said Yamato as he jumps away from the ring and perform hand signs; he then creates a barrier that surrounds the whole training ring, to protect the foundations of the Hokage tower. "The barrier is set, Lord Hokage"

"Thank you, Yamato" said Sarutobi as he nods at the ANBU and then turns to Naruto. "Okay Naruto, let us begin; lesson one"

Sarutobi's eyes then turns to glowing pink and goes in a stance, Naruto did back when he was sparring with Hinata. Naruto's eyes also change to pink and then start to charge at Sarutobi; they began their attacks and both blocks and dodges them at the same time.

"The Shinkeigan" explains Sarutobi as he spars with Naruto "You probably knew about that while using it on Hinata; this doujutsu can see the opponent's nervous system and locates the pleasure and pain points that are invisible to the naked eye. It's similar to the Hyuuga's Byakugan but it doesn't focus on chakra network and it's not lethal. It's extremely painful for the opponent…"

Sarutobi then tap his hand on Naruto's shoulder and causes him to scream in pain.

"It can also cause paralysis to any part of the body as it can shut down the nervous system" said Sarutobi as Naruto couldn't feel his arm or even move it. "This jutsu is perfect for torture and interrogation; it can even cause pain at the internal organs. Not sound pretty, doesn't it?"

"No, it doesn't" said Naruto as he saw Sarutobi tap his shoulder so he could regain motivation on his arm again. "And what about pleasure points; how are they different"

"Pleasure points are placed where the opponent of the opposite sex can feel great pleasure and orgasmic flows in their bodies" said Sarutobi "That huge amount of pleasure can weaken them and make them submit as their lust takes over. It can also make sex more exciting when you're given them great pleasure"

"Like you did?" said Naruto

"You have no idea" said Sarutobi as he chuckles until he stops. "Now for lesson 2…

Sarutobi grunts as his back starts to grow a dozen bumps and dark arms pop out from them; the arms are each 6 foot long and have the same width as an adult human arm. Naruto gaped and widen his eyes in shock to have seen the tendrils on Sarutobi's back. The tendril has human hands at the tips and it can transform that the arms can resemble tentacles.

The arms on Sarutobi's back started to lunge at Naruto and the blonde dodges them; Naruto kept his distance from those strange arms on the Hokage's back while listening to his explanation.

"These are known as Juuni-Te; these 12 arms on my back are used for long ranged attacks and used with the Shinkeigan to touch multiple pleasure or pain points at the same time" said Sarutobi as one of his Juuni-Te arms touch Naruto on the chest, causing him to grunt in pain and 4 Juuni-Te starts to grab his wrists and ankles. "Not to mention binding them until the opponent is vulnerable"

Sarutobi then pulls out a kunai and nicks Naruto's cheek; the blood on the kunai and on his cheek is glowing in a pink colour. Sarutobi then releases Naruto from his grasp and shows the kunai to him.

"And now for lesson 3" said Sarutobi "The bloodline has made your bodily fluids into a strong aphrodisiac; it's a jutsu called EkiAiyoku, it can contacted to the skin and only works for the opposite sex"

"And the pheromones?" said Naruto

"It's a jutsu called Yukobo no Kiri" explained Sarutobi "Normally it takes a certain amount of chakra to perform it, and by the way those women acted when you came around, you can't stop it due to the Kyuubi's chakra"

"How can I stop it, then" said Naruto

"It takes chakra control" said Sarutobi "And that's what this training it all about; within a week, I will help you learn to use those powers and control that pheromone problem."

"Thanks" said Naruto

"Don't mention it" said Sarutobi as he smiles at his grandson figure.

Week Later

And so they train in these underground training grounds for a week; Naruto starts learning more better every day on how to use them; such as diagrams on which pleasure point gives out more pleasure and which pain points gives out more agonizing pain. Even Sarutobi learned Naruto how to use the Juuni-Te explains more on about the EkiAiyoku and the Yukobo no Kiri. Those days of training helped Naruto know more about his bloodline.

And now on the last day of the week; Naruto is about to test his abilities on an opponent so powerful and completely affected from the Yukobo no Kiri: the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Naruto is topless and now surrounded by strange fow headed totems that Yamato created by his Wood Release. Sarutobi invited Kakashi, Asuma, Gai, Kurenai, Hayate Gekko, Genma and Ibiki so they can keep Naruto at bay when he'll be in his subconscious battling against the beast. No doubt that the Kyuubi's chakra would possess him while battling Kyuubi in his mindscape so Sarutobi had to make precations about this.

"Okay Naruto; are you ready?" said Sarutobi

"To be honest, I'm a bit concerned about this" said Naruto

"You'll do fine; believe me" said Sarutobi as he perform handsigns and place his hand on Naruto's head. "Ready"

"Hai" said Naruto, nervous but ready.

"Play possum Jutsu" said Sarutobi as he performed that jutsu on Naruto and the blonde fall into deep sleep. "Yamato, bind him"

"Hai" said Yamato as he perform handsigns and slam his hands on the ground; roots them starts to bind the unconscious Naruto. "Done"

"Right; now for the worst to come" said Sarutobi

"Lord Hokage, do you think it's wise to do this" said Kakashi "what if Naruto will fail and the Kyuubi will take over his body"

"Have faith, Kakashi" said Sarutobi "I know Naruto can defeat the Kyuubi, knowing that the beast is in fact female"

"KYUUBI'S A WHAT!" shouts everyone in the training ground as Sarutobi said that.

Naruto's mindscape

Naruto has entered deep within his psyche; the scenery is of a dark wet sewer, but it slowly starts to change into a western and romantic household with a dark dim red lighting. He walks through the corridor of the mindscape, following to the growling of the beast that resides within him. Every time he gets close, the growls get louder, and if you listen carefully the growls are filled with strong lust. The Kyuubi is really affected by Naruto's Yokubo no Kiri, too much that it starts to scare him; he doesn't want to get raped by a rampant fox in heat. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and calms down, he can do this as he arrives at the door that leads to the room where the prisoner resides.

"Okay, I can do this" said Naruto as he reaches for the door handle and opens it; "Ready or not Kyuubi, here I come"

After that, Naruto enters through the door.

Real world

Whilst Naruto begins to battle the Kyuubi; the beast's chakra starts to affect his body, shrouding him in a cloak of chakra. The Jonins and Hokage notice this and Kakashi is first to keep Naruto's controlled body at bay.

"Just keep him at bay, don't kill him" said Sarutobi "Naruto needs time as we can give to win his battle"

"Hai" said Kakashi as he lifts up his Hitai-ate from his left eye to reveal his Sharingan "I'll do what I can"

Naruto starts to shake and jerk; the roots that are binding him are slowly starting to crack as Naruto starts to change. His hair is getting more feral, his nails from his fingers and toes are growing into long sharp ones, and his whisker-like marks are now more presentable. He growls as he tries to break free, then he roars out loud.


Naruto's mindscape

Naruto has made it pass the door and entered the room where Kyuubi is imprisoned; Kyuubi is in human form, sleeping on a king-sized bed with red silken bed sheets and plumb white pillows. Around her neck is a collar connected to a chain that's welded to the bed.

She moans as she's got Naruto's scent; she opened her eyes to reveal the colour red with slit pupils. She stood up to reveal her long read hair and fox ears on top of her head, her face is like a goddess and she has whisker-like marks on her cheeks. She is not wearing anything underneath the covers and her D-cup breasts are exposed at Naruto's view. Her face is blushing from the scent of Naruto's Yokubo no Kiri, she moans with a lustful growl as she glares at Naruto

"Hello Naruto, here for some fun?" said Kyuubi as she does an evil chuckle


Here you have it; I want Naruto to know more about his new Bloodline and I made Sarutobi a previous wielder of the same. Oh I made this bloodline not inherited by blood but earned from some mysterious force, Take Pain's Rinnegan for example. Anyway the next chapter will be a battle/lemon scene, and the first women will be Kyuubi.

And to those who don't speak Japanese (I only a few words of them myself, because I'm English) Here are the Bloodline Jutsus translated in English

Shinkeigan: Nerve Eye

Juuni-Te: Twelve Arms

EkiAiyoku: Liquid Lust

Yokubo no Kiri: Mist of Lust

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