Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 6

An hour has past and Naruto is free to leave the hospital; Kakashi came by to give Naruto a new change of clothing since his old ones were ruined during the training and battle against Kyuubi. Kakashi insisted that Naruto stops wearing those hideous orange jumpsuits and gave him more appropriate garments to wear. Naruto is now wearing black combat pants, a black leather trench coat with a mesh top underneath and with a red swirl on the back, Steel toed Combat boots and around his forehead is a black bandana with the same red swirl in the centre.

Naruto thanked Kakashi for the clothes before the Scarecrow-like Jonin left the hospital so he could change in them; he felt comfortable in them now as he looks like a proper ninja in them. It even lessens the usual glares from the citizens as they hardly recognize him anymore; however it does make him noticeable in a different way and by different kind of people: women. He notices the blushes and the averted eyes of the women when they saw him, thanks to the training from Sarutobi, he feels more comfortable around women now; now that he can defend himself from them if they ever go in a lustful frenzy by his YokubinoKiri.

He is heading for Ichiraku Ramen, he decides to have a quick snack before heads for Anko's place; he was greeted by the owner of the shop, Teuchi Ichiraku and his daughter Ayame, how couldn't help but blush as she saw Naruto's new clothing.

"Hey there, Naruto" said Teuchi "It's been a while since you visited here; I thought you forgotten about us"

"Oh, I wouldn't do that" said Naruto as he sat on his usual seat "Nothing would replace your delicious ramen; I'll have a Miso Ramen with extra BBQ pork"

"Only one bowl" said Teuchi

"I just came to have a quick snack as I have something important to do" said Naruto "But I'll be back for more once I'm done"

"Sure thing" said Teuchi as he heads for the kitchens to create Naruto's order.

Naruto waits patiently for his ramen to be ready; he likes to wait in a place like this; Teuchi and his daughter Ayame were kind to him in his childhood, giving him food while others won't because of stupid excuses like "No demons allowed" or "Tainting their business". But Ichiraku isn't like those arrogant people as he sees Naruto as him and not as a demon. While he waits for his Ramen to cook; he notices Kurenai and Anko passing by and heading for a Dango Shop opposite Ichiraku's. This proved to be his opportunity to meet her and stood up from his seat.

"er I'll be back" said Naruto as he leaves the shop "Keep my Ramen nice and hot"

"Sure" said Teuchi as he boils the egg noodles and stirs while Ayame creates the toppings for Naruto's dish.

Naruto exits Ichiraku Ramen for a bit and heads for the Dango shop to meet up with Kurenai and Anko; the 2 Kunoichi sat at their usual table and ordered some Dango; Kurenai wanted to treat Anko as she loves Dango. Anko is not her usual self as she slowly eats her dango than the usual way she eats them.

Kurenai sighs as she did try to help Anko cheer up, but nothing did anything to help her friends.

"Come on, Anko; you need to cheer up" said Kurenai, concerned about her friend.

"I'm fine; seriously" said Anko smiling at Kurenai

"Anko, you can't fool me" said Kurenai "We've been friends ever since the academy days; I can always tell that something is up, you were like this when that snake Orochimaru abandoned and betrayed you"

"It's nothing" said Anko

"Here there"

The 2 Kunoichi turns to see Naruto; Anko starts to blush wildly as she saw him; she hasn't seen him for 5 years now and he has grown more handsome the last time she saw him.

"Hello, Naruto" said Kurenai smiling at Naruto until she realised his new change of clothing. "Nice clothing"

"Thanks" said Naruto "It makes me feel like a ninja; even though I'm not officially one yet"

"Yeah, it's better than that hideous orange jumpsuit that screams "Here I am, kill me"

"Yeah" laughs Naruto until he turns to Anko "Hello Anko, how are you?"

"I-I'm fine" said Anko, Naruto did notices the difference of her actions; usually she's highly confident and takes no shit from no one. But after when Naruto found the pendant, she is not feeling herself when she was affected by Naruto's Yokubo no Kiri; he starts to think for a bit until he had an idea.

"Say, how about you join me in some ramen; the Old man will have my hide if I stayed too long" said Naruto

"Sure" said Anko shrugging but mentally she is excited to join in with Naruto; she stood up from her seat and walks with Naruto towards Ichiraku Ramen. Kurenai smiles and quietly said thank you to the blonde.

Meanwhile Naruto and Anko arrives at Ichiraku Ramen; Naruto acts the gentleman and pulls the Kunoichi a seat for her before sitting down himself; luckily the Ramen was ready for Naruto and ironically another bowl was made.

"I knew you were heading to the Dango shop and came back with a girl" explained Teuchi "So I took the liberty of making another bowl for her; and it's on the house"

"Cheers" said Naruto smiling at the Ramen shop owner

"Thank you" said Anko, smiling too as she is glad Naruto has people like Teuchi to have in his life.

Naruto and Anko eat their ramen and starts talking to each other; Anko is really enjoying herself and now feels comfortable being around Naruto now, thinking it's a date. Anko smiles happily at Naruto while he starts talking about his life and couldn't help how handsome has come, she then blushes and averted her eyes as she starts thinking perverted thoughts to do with Naruto. She tries to resist so she wouldn't want to ruin the moment.

…and then Oji-san helped me train for a week" said Naruto as he finished "So how was your life"

"Well, to be honest; I had a bad day" said Anko as she sighs "I can't stop thinking about you; ever since that day 5 years ago, I started to act strange and all I could think about is you; I starts to affect my work an Ibiki is getting concerned about it. 5 years I acted like this and I started to realise"

"And what is it" said Naruto until Anko caught him by surprise by pulling him towards her and kisses him. Naruto widen his eyes for a second until he lowered his eyes and accepted the kiss. He wraps his arm around Anko's waist and shared the kiss; then they broke it for get some air, Anko blushed and averted her eyes as she starts to speak.

"I-I think I love you, Naruto-kun" said Anko blushing; "At first I liked you as you're a kind-hearted boy, who doesn't judge me and understand me. And I can't stop thinking about you, I love you and I want you"

Naruto smiles at Anko as he touches her cheek and kissed her again; Anko moans in the kiss as they both insert their tongues in each other's mouths. Naruto broke the kiss and looks at Anko and smiles at her.

"Should we go somewhere comfortable and private?" said Naruto

Anko blushes and nods; Naruto thanks the owner of the Ramen shop and he and Anko leaves the shop so they can get some alone time. Teuchi chuckles as he took the empty plates and starts washing them.

"Heh, that kid" said Teuchi "He'll make that woman happy, he will"

"Yeah" said Ayame, smiling at the fact that Naruto is with someone now as she saw them walk away. Then Kakashi arrives with Jiraiya, who was at the Hospital and is wearing bandages and has bruises on his faces. "Oh hi there"

"Yo" said Kakashi as he sat down on the seat "Was that Naruto before, with Anko?"

"Uh huh" said Ayame smiling "And it seems Anko has feelings for him"

"Well that is good news" said Kakashi "Anko was feeling down and she does need someone to comfort her"

"Er maybe I should…" said Jiraiya until Kakashi stops him

"Leave them; don't spoil the moment" said Kakashi "If you do, you'll feel Anko's wrath when she does unspeakable things to you"

Jiraiya thought about it and shuddered at that; the thought of her fuming with rage and sadism as she tortures him.

"On second thought, I think I did enough research for one day" said Jiraiya nervously "And I need time to recuperate, after that…unfortunate accident"

"Riight" said Kakashi sarcastically at the old perv until his ramen is ready and looks at Ayame "Thank you"

Alleyway near Naruto's apartment

Naruto and Anko are making out while heading in the dark alleyway near the apartment; both of them moans as they kiss passionately on the lips and their tongues wrestle at each other. Naruto removes the beige trench coat Anko is wearing and shove his hand underneath her mesh top and starts groping her left breast. Anko also remove Naruto's black trench coat and top to expose his chest, she places her hands to feel his muscular chest. They then broke the kiss so they can look at each other, both were amazed at the sight they are seeing now.

She's beautiful thought Naruto

He's so handsomethought Anko

Then Naruto walk towards Anko and starts kissing her and lifting her mesh top off to free her breasts; Anko wraps her arms around Naruto's neck and returns the kiss. Naruto is undoing her orange shorts and lowers them down and she removes them off her ankles and lifts herself and wraps them around Naruto's waist; she starts moving her hips on his erection, causing Naruto to moan at the touch as his eyes starts to glow pink, he as activated his Shinkeigan and starts giving pleasure to the Snake Mistress.

He starts by groping her left breast with his left hand while his right hand keeps her in balance. Naruto breaks the kiss and starts sucking on her neck, listening to her moaning.

"N-Naruto-kun" moans Anko as she held in close and starts kissing his whisker-like scars, she did find them cute and discovered that they are extra sensitive as she hear him purr like a cat, or in Naruto's term, a fox.

The young Shinobi of Lust then uses his Juuni-Te to remove his pants and boxers so he begins, he even used them to remove her panties that are getting wet as Anko is getting excited.

"Anko-chan, can I ask you something?" said Naruto, causing Anko to stop.

"What is it?" said Anko

"Are you a virgin?" asked Naruto

Anko hesitated as she blushes wildly; she never expected to hear that question from anyone, mostly because they are scared stiff to even ask her on a date.

"H-Hai" said Anko

"Okay then" said Naruto smiling at her "I'll be gentle, okay"

"Hai" said Anko after Naruto slowly inserts inside her; she starts to scream in pain, but it made her feel amazing to be hurt; she is a masochist, she enjoy pain in sex. She is not ashamed of it as she is a Jonin and she needs to have a high tolerance to pain. "Oh god that felt so good"

Naruto was surprised that Anko didn't cry at the pain and starts to remember what Kurenai told him about Anko's sex fantasy.

"She's a sadomasochist; she's into BDSM, Bondage and Exhibitionism"

Oh yeah, she likes to get hurt thought Naruto as he also remembers the scroll that contains the "tools" that would help Anko Well then, If shes like to get hurt, then hurt she'll have. Although I don't like to hurt those who are precious to me, but Anko-chan is a masochist; perhaps this would help me learn more about BDSM and masochism.

"Anko-chan, would you like to go inside and have some fun?" said Naruto

"Okay" said Anko

"Oh…and please forgive me for this" said Naruto sadly

"What do you mea…" said Anko before Naruto knocked her out and collapses onto his chest.

Naruto sighs as he carries Anko in a bridal position while his Juuni-Te arms pull up his pants and walk towards his apartment. Anko is covered by Naruto's trench coat so nothing is exposed, so the neighbours wouldn't complain about inappropriate exposure.

"Let's hope I know what I'm doing" said Naruto as he carries Anko to his apartment and closes the door when he reaches there.

Naruto's apartment

An hour has passed and Anko is slowly regaining consciousness; she tries to move her arms to wipe her eyes but she is unable to do so. She looks around to see darkness; she is in a room, a dark warm room with the curtains covered and only a few specks of light was found. Then the room starts to lighten by a dim light; she found herself wearing a purple tight bodysuit with only her breasts, pussy and ass exposed, her arms are restrained by a mono-glove that's strapped behind her back and her legs are bound right down to her ankles by rope. And in her ass is a butt-plug that resembles a 2 foot long snake's tail, the same colour as the body suit.

Anko tries to stand up but fails as she can't move her legs properly; her ass gets whipped by trying to stand up. She gasps in both pain and pleasure, she turns to see Naruto, topless and holding a whip.

"Snakes don't stand up" said Naruto in a more dominating tone; his eyes are now glowing pink with his Shinkeiganactivated; Anko caught in Naruto's gaze, she feels her whole body shudder in ecstasy and her face starts to blush. "Snakes slither on the ground; slither to me"

Anko is starting to understand why Naruto is doing this; its foreplay and she is dressed up as a snake, reference to her reputation and tutelage under Orochimaru. Normally Anko would be pissed about this but Naruto is doing this to make her feel pleasure and release her masochistic side of her. She watches Naruto sat down onto the seatee in a style as he's in a throne.

"Slither like a snake; slither towards me" said Naruto in a demanding tone.As I learned from BDSM from Oji-san, a dominator gives out commands to the dominated; Anko is a submissive type of woman, so whatevercommand I give to her she'll do it without question."I said DO IT!"

Naruto then lashes his whip at Anko, aimed at her ass, causing her to scream as the stinging sensation from the whip hit her. Naruto lashes at her again, and again, and again. Naruto is starting to love this, he is having fun and he hate to admit it as it's Anko he is hurting.

Oh god this is exciting; Oji-san said it gives pleasure to the dominator to hurt his/her partner Thought Naruto as he continues to lash at her while she starts to wiggles towards him slowly; his face slowly reveals a grin with a small hint of sadism in it. If Anko is enjoying the pain, then I'll enjoy giving it to her if she wants it; HA HA HA!"

Anko is wriggling on the floor, gasping at the stining pain from the whip on her ass, arms and back; then she screams loudly as the butt-plug starts to vibrate violently in her ass. Her eyes widen and her mouth opens as the butt-plug starts to grow longer and thicker in her ass.

"AAGHH!" screams Anko as she lifts up to reveal her exposed breasts until Naruto dashes towards her and slaps her on the cheek, then he slams her on the ground again.

"STAY DOWN!" shouts Naruto angrily at Anko before her returns to his seat. "Stay down and slither like a snake you are, and HURRY ABOUT IT!"

Naruto then crack the whip once again and harder on Anko; the snake mistress screams again and again, her face is blushing and stained in her drying tears. She continues to wriggle towards Naruto, more she gets close to him, the "tail" in her ass grows deeper and wider within her, slowly tearing it.

Ahh, it's deep inside of me; it's like having a damn snake entering my ass; oh god it's hurting, oh hurt does it feel so good thought Anko while moaning in pain and pleasure as she wriggles on the hard floor, her breasts are feeling the rough rubbing of the floor. Oh god whip me again, Naruto-sama; whip your snake whore. Please whip me again; I want you to hurt me more"

Anko moans and quietly screams in a mixture of pain and pleasure as she wriggles on the floor like a snake would. She then reaches Naruto and stroke her head on his feet.

"Good girl" said Naruto as he unzips his pants and free his hard cock out of the fly. "Now slither up and wrap that tongue around my cock.

"Hiss" said Anko as she starts to hiss like a snake, she tries to lift herself up and climbs up to Naruto's lap with only her chin as usage. She reached Naruto's lap and stick out her tongue to reach for his cock; during her years training under Orochimaru, she has learned to elongate her tongue and uses as an extra appendage in battle. Her elongated tongue wraps around Naruto's cock and starts moving it up and down on it; Naruto moans as he backs his head and rests it while Anko slowly making her way toward him and putting it in her mouth like a python. Anko has Naruto's whole cock in her mouth and closed her eyes as she starts sucking it. Naruto let go of the whip and held on a handful of Anko's purple hair, making her not stop as he is enjoying her mouthwork.

He let go for a moment and performs a hand sign to summon a Shadow Clone and told him to spank Anko while she continues to suck him. The Clone obeys as he crouches and sat on his knees, he lifted Anko up on her feet while the original's cock is still in her mouth and then the clone starts spanking her ass.


Anko screams a muffling scream as she felt that but still giving Naruto a blowjob.


AGH! Mentally and physically screams Anko as the clone spanks her ass again.





Naruto's clone continues spanking her ass until those smooth cheeks are turning red from the rawness. But the clone continues spanking her now red ass, making the pain unbearable for Anko.

OH GOD MY ASS thought Anko as she feels her ass stinging from the raw pain Oh god it felt so good, I love having my ass abused while I suck Naruto's fat cock.

Anko moans as her ass is continuously getting spanked by Naruto's clone and Naruto starts bucking his hips as he is groaning in pleasure. Naruto widen his eyes as he is reaching his climax and came in Anko's mouth, her face is covered in his sticky substance and she starts to lick it clean.

"Ah, that tasted yummy, please let me have some more" said Anko in a submissive tone.

"Lie down" said Naruto in a commanding tone.

Anko obeys as she slowly lies on the floor, Naruto performs hand signs and the restrains around her legs, ankles and the mono-glove starts to loosen. Naruto stood up and kicks her so she rolls on her back; she starts to moan as she spreads her legs, begging to be fucked rough and raw.

Naruto saw this and grins at her; he crouches and starts teasing her pussy by stroking her pussy gently with his chakra enhanced finger. Anko moans with irritation and starts squirming.

"Please, don't" said Anko "Don't tease me, fuck me"

"Fuck you?" said Naruto with a grin "Fuck you where?"

"In the pussy" said Anko, quietly and finding it hard to speak by the overwhelming pleasure by Naruto's chakra enhanced finger stroking her pussy.

"How much you what it?" said Naruto

"Badly" said Anko

"How badly?" said Naruto

"Please, just Fuck me" moans Anko irritably

"Beg for it" said Naruto

"Please" begs Anko "Please Fuck me"

"Beg more" said Naruto

"Please" begs Anko again

"MORE!" shouts Naruto

"FUCK ME PLEASE, SHOVE THAT FAT COCK IN MY DIRTY PUSSY!" screams Anko, she wants to be fucked and she can't stand the delay.

"Very well" said Naruto as he then lays on top of Anko and whispers on her ear; "I'll fuck you so hard that you'll scream my name so loud that heaven and Hell will hear you like my cock in you"

After that Naruto rams his cock hard into Anko, the snake mistress starts to gasp and widen her eyes.

"AHH!" screams Anko as Naruto starts fucking her hard and rough, just as she likes it. She wraps her arms around Naruto's neck and moans happily. "OH YES; AHH, DON'T STOP. FUCK YOUR SNAKE BITCH HARD, MAKE YOUR SLUT!"

Naruto chuckles at his lover as he rams his cock in and out of her; he enjoys listening to her screams, it turns him on.

Oh god this feels great; I'm starting to turn into a sadist and I love it thought Naruto But I'd never hurt those who are precious to me but if pain gives pleasure to those I care for, then I'll make an exception for it. Beside itoh god, she's tightbesides it does feel great to hurt others. I'll hurt my enemies if they hurt my precious people. Oh god; I gotta cum, I'm reaching my climax.

"AHH, ANKO!" screams Naruto as he came in Anko

"NARUTO-KUN!" screams Anko as she feels the warm wet cum enter her womb, her stomach starts to swell up and stretch her body suit. She gasps out a deep long exhale and tilted her head, her eyes are slowly lowering down and a smile appears on her face. "That was amazing; I never had this much pleasure in my life"

"Anything for you, Anko-chan" said Naruto sweetly as he stroke her cheek and kisses her. "How about we spend the rest of our day cuddling in bed?"

"Hai" said Anko "I'll take this suit off"

"Keep the tail on" said Naruto as he kissed her cheek and stands up "It looks cute"

"Hai" said Anko as she is used with the butt-plug tail and decides to keep it on for a little longer. It took her 15 minutes to remove the body suit as it was snug on her body, she is now naked but has that butt-plug up her ass and starts twirling it like she actually has a tail. She then joins Naruto in the bed and snuggles in his arms with a smile on her face. "I love you, Naruto-kun"

"And I love you too; my sweet Hebi" said Naruto as he held her closer in his arms and both of them drifted to sleep.

Unknown to them; Kurenai was under an untraceable Genjutsu and her pussy was wet from the excitement she has saw. Her face was blushing wildly and is breathing heavily.

Oh god that was amazing thought Kurenai I never have thought Naruto was such a skilled lover to Anko-chan; and quite an expert on BDSM. Not even I could please her better than him. Perhaps I should join in next time; it was a good thing I gave Naruto-kun my sex toys to him. He'll need them more than me


And here we go; Anko's had her fun and Kurenai enjoyed the show; didn't expect the Genjutsu mistress to do something unlike her. Well she'll get her action later; next time, Naruto passes his exam, gets his team formed up and gives a special Hyuuga an apology.