Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 7

Next day: Naruto's apartment

It has been a day since Naruto and Anko had their fun; and Kurenai quietly left the apartment thanks to her stealth and genjutsus in case both of them wake up. The sun rises from the horizon and beams out the window; Naruto was the first to wake up. He yawns and notices something soft and warm, he turns to see Anko sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face; Naruto smiles as he strokes off the strands of purple hair away from her face, she moans from the touch and slowly opens her eyes.

"Morning" said Anko smiling at Naruto

"Morning" said Naruto as he kissed her cheek until he hears the front door knocking. "*sigh* who could that be in this hour"

Naruto jumps out of bed and pulls on some pants that were left on the floor and heads for the door; he opens it to reveal Kakashi and Kurenai, Kakashi does his usual eye smile and Kurenai blushes at the sight of Naruto shirtless.

"Morning" said Kakashi

"Can I help you?" said Naruto

"I just came to remind you that the exams will start soon" said Kakashi

"Huh? What time is it?" said Naruto

"7:00am, Naruto-ku...Naruto" said Kurenai as she almost used the kun suffix on Naruto.

"The exam doesn't start until 9:30am" said Naruto "I have plenty of time, so thank you and goodbye"

"As much you love to spend your spare time with Anko; unfortunately she is needed at the Torture and interrogation department immediately" said Kakashi "We discovered that Mizuki was plotting to steal the forbidden scroll and we need Anko's sadistic talents to wring the information out of him"

Anko heard this and moans with disappointment; she wanted to stay with Naruto for a little longer but unfortunately that's not the case. She got out of bed, got dressed and wraps the "tail" around her waist like a belt. She is keeping the tail in her as it feels good in her. Anyway she got dressed and arrives at the front door and hugs Naruto from behind.

"I had a wonderful time, Naruto" said Anko as she kissed his cheek and hugged him closer until he could feel her breasts pressing on his back. "We'll do it next time, okay"

"Sure" said Naruto smiling at the Snake mistress as she walks by; he notices that she still has that "tail" in her ass. He chuckles as he does admit that she does look cute with it on. He then turns to Kakashi and sighs at the scarecrow-like shinobi. "I'll be there momentarily"

"Good; and don't be late" said Kakashi before he vanishes in a puff of smoke.

"Yeah right, like I would do a Kakashi" said Naruto as the certain shinobi sneezed at that remark. "Anyway, it's time to head to the academy before Iruka-sensei nags at me for being late"

Konoha Academy

2 hours has past and everyone that is taking the exams arrives at the classroom of the ninja acadamy; Iruka Umino has bandages as he had a battle against Mizuki who tries to steal the forbidden scroll. The students are just doing their normal things they do in the academy, Choji is scoffing his packet of crisps, Shikamaru is taking a nap, Kiba is talking to his trustworthy companion Akamaru, Ino and Sakura are bitching as usual, Sasuke is being an emo and broods in the corner, Hinata is being her innocent self and Shino is just being…well Shino. To them it's just another normal day for those days in Konoha; even for those 8 ninjas-in-training.

"*snore* troublesome" mutters Shikamaru in his sleep

"*Munch*" is what Choji has to say

"SHUT UP, INO-PIG!" shouts Sakura at her rival

MAKE ME, FOREHEAD!" shouts Ino at Sakura

"Hn" said Sasuke being his emo self.

While the students are minding their own business, they didn't notice Naruto enter the classroom, hell they didn't even recognize him no that he no longer wear those hideous "kill me" orange jumpsuits. Naruto sat on his usual seat and waits for the exams to start; until the 8 ninjas-in-training just noticed Naruto and his new clothes. Even Hinata noticed and starts blushing wildly at his new image; Sakura and Ino gaped in shock that the "deadlast" turned into a total hottie. Sasuke just hn'ed and looks away as he doesn't care.

Naruto looks at them for a moment and continues with his business; he noticed that they are still staring at him and it's starting to irritate him.

"What?" said Naruto

"Is that you, Naruto?" said Kiba

"Who else would it be; not many blondes live in Konoha, you know" said Naruto

"B-B-But, what's with the getup?" said Kiba

"I got tired of orange" said Naruto "Besides, it just gets in the way when I become a ninja"

"Yeah right; no doubt you'll fail in a heartbeat" said Kiba

"Watch what you say, dog-breath" said Naruto narrowing his eyes at the Inuzuka bastard. "I will get you into trouble"

"Whatever" said Kiba as he walks away from Naruto and returns to his seat; Naruto growls at Kiba and think of giving him ultimate pain for pissing him off.

Oh I want to kick his ass so bad that I want him to scream in agony thought Naruto until he realized what he said Damn, I am turning into a sadist…cool.

"Okay everyone, the exams will start" said Iruka as he got everyone's attention "Each and one of you will take turns when I call your names; first is…"

Iruka starts calling in names; one by one, the students entered and left with either with or without their brand new Hitai-ates straped around their foreheads. One at the time, Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, Hinata and Shino entered the room and they all achieve their Hitai-ate successfully. All is left is Naruto as his name was called and entered the examination room to prove his worth as a Konoha Shinobi.

Naruto entered the examination room; Iruka is at a desk with a dozen Hitai-ate placed there. Iruka looks up at Naruto and begins to speak to the young blond.

"Okay, in order to pass is the perform a minimum of 3 clones" said Iruka "Succeed and you'll leave as a graduate"

"Does it have to be normal clones?" said Naruto

"Technically no, but the Clone Jutsu is a beginner's jutsu until the chakra network has been developed and matured enough to perform high class jutsus" said Iruka "If you are able to perform a high class Jutsu that relates to the Clone Jutsu, then it is allowed and marked for your process"

"Hai" said Naruto as he performs a hand sign and shouts out "Shadow Clone Jutsu"

Naruto creates a dozen Shadow Clones and Iruka was shocked, amazed and pleased with Naruto's advance jutsu; worthy for a pass, he gives Naruto his new Hitai-ate and congratulates him for passing the exam. Naruto exits the room shouts out in vitory as he raised his brand new Hitai-ate in the air.

"AW YEAH, I OWN'D THAT TEST!" shouts Naruto with a grin on his face and walks pass the graduates with sweatdrops on their faces. Hinata smiles happily that Naruto has passed the exam and blushes at the thought of being in his team. Naruto notices Hinata, who saw him looking at her and averted her eyes, he smiles and remembered what he did last week. Ohyeah,IneedtoapologiestoHinata-chan;I'lltalktoherwhenshe'saloneandclassfinishes.

An hour has passed and the graduates are all seated while those who failed where dismissed; Iruka starts this boring speech that nearly everyone not bother listening to, not even Naruto as he focuses on Hinata. He didn't realised before that she's completely beautiful; her long indigo hair, her smooth cream skin with a blush on the cheeks, her beautiful pearl eyes and angelic face.

Wow, I never knew she was so beautiful; and Oji-san said she loves me thought Naruto maybe I'll ask her on a date, so we can get to know each other first and let get use to me better. She does look cute when she blushes every time she sees me; but I want to help her feel confident and brave around me. I can tell she's strong during that sparring match last week.

"Maybe she'll be brave enough to ponce on top of you and ride you like a donkey" said Kyuubi "With her jacket unzipped to reveal those amazing breasts, watching them jiggle and hear her moan out your..."

Kyu-chan, stop it; ah damnit I've got a hard on now thought Naruto as his pants got tighter from the mental image of what Kyuubi said before.

"…and so I congratulate you all for passing the ninja academy" said Iruka as he finished his long speech that no one even heard. "Your teams will be decided until tomorrow; go and spread the news to your friends and family. Class is dismissed, see you all tomorrow"

And that, everyone left the classroom to spread the news of their success to their parents, except Naruto as he's an orphan and has no one to tell; apart from Sarutobi but knowing him he already known of Naruto's success via crystal ball he uses to spy on him in case he gets into trouble or causes it. But he knows that the Hokage is respectful to let him do something private, like having incredible sex with Anko last night. Naruto stood up from his seat and leaves the classroom until he hears Iruka speak to him.

"Oh Naruto, before you go" said Iruka as he approaches him "I want to know; how did you learn the Shadow Clone Jutsu, that jutsu was considered illegal by the fourth Hokage decades ago"

"I had permission to use it" said Naruto "Kakashi taught me it as he noticed that I had trouble trying to perform the basic Clone Jutsu, he said that my chakra system is beyond human, due to "you know who"

"You rang?" said Kyuubi

No, false alarm Kyu-chan thought Naruto

"Okay, don't hesitate to summon me or pay me a visit" said Kyuubi before she cuts off.

"I see" said Iruka "well that's okay; I was just curious about it, that's all. You can go now"

"I'm not in trouble, aren't I?" said Naruto

"Of course not" said Iruka "I was just concerned about you learning a Jonin-class Jutsu as it takes a major amount of chakra and it would affect you. But thanks for that small info, nothing to worry about it I suppose. You are one unpredictable kid, and with a kind heart. But know this; some enemies you'll face in the future aren't merciful like you and you must be ruthless at some battles."

"Yeah I know" said Naruto "I didn't live through my terrible childhood if I haven't known that. But not all are like that; I have a habit of knowing who are kind and who aren't"

"Like I said before; you're unpredictable" said Iruka smiling "Go on, celebrate; you earned it"

"Thank you, Iruka-sensei" said Naruto as he then leaves the classroom; Iruka smiles at the newly appointed genin leaving the classroom before he focuses on with his paperwork. Then he realised something and he banged his head and growled.

"Damn it; I forgot to ask him how to perform Shadow Clones" said Iruka "Damn I need a break; and a nice bowl of ramen"

Somewhere in Konoha

Naruto has left the academy with his new Hitai-ate strapped on his forehead; the fabric is black as it matches his clothes and the metal is polished so you can see your reflection on it. Naruto is now officionally a ninja of Konoha and he is proud to be one; being a ninja means he is now classed as an adult, but his life as a ninja has just begun. He needs to work harder if he wants to reach higher ranks and become Hokage, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy himself now and then.

He heads for Ichiraku Ramen to celebrate until he saw Hinata passing by and ran towards her.

"Hey, Hinata" Naruto calls her; making her jump in surprise and turns to see him.

"O-Oh, hello N-Naruto-kun" said Hinata shyly and quietly as she saw her crush. "C-Congradlations on passing the exam"

"Thanks" said Naruto smiling and rubbing his head; then he looks at her sadly. "I wanted to apologies"

"Apologies; for what?" said Hinata confused

"For last week; the sparring match" said Naruto

"Oh" said Hinata as she blushes wildly at that incident; Naruto defeated her by overwhelming her for massive amount of pleasure by just touching her delicatly. She has never felt like that in her life and she enjoyed it; being touched gently by the man she loved and felt amazing from it. She thought it was a dream until Sarutobi came to visit and explained, proving that it really happened. "It's okay; to tell you the truth, I liked it"

"You did?" said Naruto

"H-Hai, I never felt like that before; It felt so amazing that it's like a being in heaven" said Hinata smiling while blushing and averting her eyes away from Naruto. "Everytime I think about that incident, my body gets so hot; wanting to feel that way again."

Hinata then did what neither her or Naruto expected; she crashed into him and kissed him passoniately, he mind switched off for a moment as she moaned. Then she realised what she did and broke apart the kissed and blushed even more that her face turned red.

"Oh kami, I-I'm so sorry Naruto-kun" said Hinata "Please forgive me"

"It's okay" said Naruto as he touched his lips, feeling the wetness from the Hyuuga's kiss. "So Oji-san was right; you do love me"

Hinata felt embarrassed and turned her head away; thinking that Naruto doesn't feel the same way. That is until Naruto wrap his arms around her and hugs her from behind; Hinata gasp as she starts to feel the same way she did last week. Naruto has channelled his chakra into his hands and touched her pleasure points while his Shinkeigan was activated.

"It's okay, Hinata; I'm not mad that you love me" said Naruto as he then kisses her neck. "It's okay to express your feeling towards me, it happy that you love me, honestly I do"

"R-Really" said Hinata moaning from the delicate touch from Naruto's hands stroking her and kissing her neck.

"Hai" said Naruto "I think I too love you; you're a kind, beautiful woman, and your shyness is cute. It makes you look so innocent; and you look like a beautiful princess that needs rescuing from a wicked witch."

"Oh, Naruto-kun" said Hinata now lost in overwhelming pleasure as Naruto embraces closer to her.

"Let me walk you home" said Naruto

"That would be nice; Tou-san is out on business at another town outside Konoha and the elders are gone as well." said Hinata "If they ever see you, they'll kill you for being near me

"I won't let them kill me; I'm a ninja now" said Naruto as he broke up the hug and held her hand. "I'll just give them pain to teach them a lesson if they do; also to protect you, my dear Hime"

Hinata blushes as she nods with agreement; Naruto and Hinata walks to the compound, enjoying their moment together; Hinata blushes as she is actually holding Naruto's hand and felt him hug her before. It was like a dream to her, a dream that she doesn't want to wake up from and a dream that came true.

Hokage Tower

Sarutobi and Kakashi were watching this through the crystal ball; the wise old Hokage smiles at this because not just Naruto but Hinata found love. Jiraiya was in the room, bounded by strong charka enhanced rope and a gag over his mouth. The reason of this is that the pervy toad sage was trying to spy on Naruto and get some "research" out of Naruto and Hinata's romantic moment.

"It was a good thing I sent Hiashi away to a village for a few errands and imprisoned the Elders for a false crime they didn't commit" said Sarutobi, he planned the dismissal of Hiashi and the Hyuuga Elders so Naruto and Hinata would get a chance to be alone for a while; that and Sarutobi wanted to get even with those pale eyed bastards.

"I understand about Hiashi but was it really necessary to plant false evidence to frame the Elders?" said Kakashi "They'll complain about it later"

"Nah, I've given them a death sentence" said Sarutobi

"YOU WHAT?" shouts Kakashi and muffles Jiyaiya as he too heard this.

"They broke the law; they spoke about the Kyuubi and Naruto" said Sarutobi "I did make a law that death will fall upon those who speak of the Kyuubi and Naruto being her vessel"

"Yeah…but" said Kakashi

"And I also made using the Caged bird seal illegal" said Sarutobi "That's another reason; planning to plant that accursed seal on Hinata when she graduated, Hiashi would be pissed"

"Not more pissed when he finds out that Naruto is "doing it" with HIS daughter" said Kakashi

"Ah, that what makes life interesting" said Sarutobi "Don't worry about Naruto; he got into trouble loads of times, he can deal with a rather pissed off father"

Damnit, Sarutobi-sensei thought Jiraiya as he tries to break free Can't I just observe my God-son becoming a man. This was the perfect opportunity to gather great research for a book I'm working on

Hyuuga Compound

Naruto and Hinata arrives at the Hyuuga Compound; luckily the guards are taking a break and the 2 new genin are greeted by Hinata's little sister Hanabi. Hanabi is 3 years younger than Hinata and she has long brown hair instead of blue; Hanabi has her father Hiashi's traits while Hinata has her mother's. Hanabi saw Naruto and couldn't help but blush at his appearance.

"Hello Hinata-nee-chan" said Hanabi "Who's this"

"This here is Naruto" said Hinata

"Hi there" said Naruto smiling at her.

"Er…excuse me" said Hanabi as she then dashes indoors.

"Is this alright?" said Naruto

"Hai, she's just not use to boys yet, and she's only 12" said Hinata until she blushes "She and I share the same traits of our late mother; her shyness to men"

"What happened to your mother?" said Naruto

"She died of childbirth" said Hinata as she then seeps out a tear when her mother was mentioned; she was only 3 when her mother died.

"I'm sorry" said Naruto, feeling guilty

"It's okay" said Hinata "I know she's in heaven, watching over me; probably happy now that I'm happy"

"Hinata-chan, I'll do anything to make you happy" said Naruto "I mean anything"

Anything thought Hinata until she blushes "Naruto-kun; please stay the night"

"What?" said Naruto

"Tou-san will not be home until tomorrow and Neji-nii-san is out on a mission with his team" said Hinata "Also I get scared on my own; please stay here with me for the night"

Naruto was shocked to have heard this; Hinata would hesitate to even ask such a favour but it seems she has gained some bravery and confidence to ask him; he softens his eyes and smiles at her.

"Okay" said Naruto "I will; for you"

"Thank you, Naruto-kun" said Hinata as she grabs his hand and pulled him inside.

As Naruto and Hinata enter the compound, she pulls him into a kiss; it surprised Naruto at first until he too shares the kiss. Naruto and Hinata are bumping through ornaments that decorated the room and arrives at the living room and crashes into the floor, Hinata is on top for Naruto while she continues kissing Naruto. She continues to moan when Naruto wrap his arms around her waist and shares in the kiss. Hinata broke the kiss and blushes at her actions from before.

"Sorry about that" said Hinata blushing "I couldn't control myself when I'm with you"

"No, it's me that I need to apologies" said Naruto "You are affected by my Yokubo no kiri like last time"

"I don't mind" said Hinata as she rest her head on Naruto's chest and closed her eyes. "I just make me feel wonderful to be around you, Naruto-kun"

Naruto smiles as he stroke Hinata's navy blue hair and her back; he looks up at the clock on the mantle as it is getting late.

"Hinata-chan; it's late" said Naruto "Should we head upstairs"

Hinata blushes as she's taking a thought of sharing the same bed with Naruto.

"If you sleep with me" said Hinata

"Of course" said Naruto

"Let's go then" said Hinata as she got off Naruto so he get off the floor; as Naruto and Hinata go upstairs, Hanabi was snooping in the other room by using her Byakugan and her face blushes.

Wow, Onee-chan is lucky to have him thought Hanabi blushing as she saw Naruto and Hinata make out on the floor before and see them head upstairs I envy you


Naruto has apologised to Hinata and was offered to stay the night until morning; he was lucky that Hiashi isn't here or he'd be in deep shit. Anyway Naruto and Hinata will have their fun next chapter, and real question is will Hanabi join them? And what kind of relationship Hinata and Hanabi have?

Sibling Rivalry or Sisterly love?