Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 7

Hyuuga Compound: Hinata's room

Naruto and Hinata arrive upstairs and enter the bedroom; the moonlight shines out the window and gazes its celestial light onto the bed. Naruto and Hinata quietly lie onto the bed, embracing and kissing each other. They are slowly removing clothing until they are completely bare. Naruto gazes at Hinata's beautiful naked form shine by the moon's celestial light. Hinata is blushing that she is naked in front of Naruto but the blond smiles at her for looking innocent with her cute blush.

"You look beautiful, Hinata-chan" said Naruto as he pulls Hinata to his chest and wrap his arms around her; giving the Hyuuga princess another kiss that's was accepted and returned by her.

Hinata smiles as she heard what Naruto said; it made her more confident around him; now that she knows that Naruto loves her back. Naruto then positions himself under Hinata and the Hyuuga sits up and gets ready for him to enter her.

"This will hurt, Hinata-chan" warns Naruto "Bit only an instant and the rest will free great"

"Hai" said Hinata as she then lowers down and feels him enter her tight virgin pussy, she screams in pain as her hymen starts to break and her tightly closed eyes seep out tears. Then Naruto stretches out his hand and caresses her cheek, her pleasure point activates to fade out the pain and replaces it with pleasure; she sighs in relaxation as Naruto helped her rid of the pain and gave her comfort. "Thank you Naruto-kun"

"No problem" said Naruto then starts moving, making Hinata moan as she feels him moving inside her.

"Oh Naruto-kun" said Hinata as she then rest on his chest and kisses him passionately and the blonde shares in with the kiss. Both of them moan while they make passionate love under the celestial moon light. Naruto rubs her back and gave her left breast a slight squeeze, enough to make her moan in ecstasy as she stroke his blonde hair and whisker-like scars on his left cheek.

While Naruto and Hinata made love in the bedroom; the youngest Hyuuga sister is watching them by using her Byakugan and masturbating at the opposite side of the wall of Hinata's bedroom.

Ohgod,he'ssohotthought Hanabi while she fingers her pussy and groping her small and still developing buxom. Oh Naruto-kun, no I know why Hinata-onee-chan loves you so much, I want you tooI'll have my chance eventually

Next morning

Morning has passed and the 2 Genin are peacefully sleeping with their arms embracing each other; Hinata is the first to wake up as nature calls and gets out of bed without waking up Naruto. She then puts on a fresh pair of panties and black top and heads for the bathroom; this gave Hanabi the advantage to enter the bedroom to have her moment with Naruto. It seems the Yokubonokiriaffected her without Naruto noticing; Hanabi now lust for Naruto as she climbs in bed and sat on his stomach and caress his bare chest with her hands. Naruto moans as he assumed that Hanabi is her elder sister and accepts the touch until he slowly wakes up.

He widened his eyes in shock to see Hanabi on top of her, rubbing her inner thighs on him and massaging his chest, he was about to ask her what she was doing until she interrupted by kissing him on the lips. He widen his eyes as he felt her tongue enter his mouth, he tries to move but couldn't as his arms and legs feel numb.

I can't feel my arms and legs thought Naruto in panic until he mentally activates his Shinkeigan and see her radiating in a pink aura, with his dojutsu he can see how much lust is in a woman thanks to the training under Sarutobi. And he widened his eyes as the reading are off the chart.

HANABI!" yells Hinata in shock, causing Hanabi to stop and confronts her. "What are you doing to Naruto-kun?"

"Isn't it obvious, I want him too" said Hanabi as she rest her head on Naruto's chest and wrap her arms around him

"What?" said Hinata in shock "But you don't know him"

"Only the nice things you told me about" said Hanabi "And you're right, he is nice and I want him as well; saw that he made you happy and I want to feel that way too."

Then Hanabi stood up and jumps out of bed, activates her Byakugan poses in a Gentle Fist stance, she paralyzed Naruto so he wouldn't interfere what she is doing. This of course angers Hinata as she notices that Naruto's charka network is shut down and making him temporarily immobile.

"You BITCH!" shouts Hinata with her Byakuganactivated "WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO NARUTO-KUN!"

"I don't want him stopping me of defeating you and claiming him as mine" said Hanabi "I will have him and you won't get in my way, even if I have to beat you black and blue to have him"

Naruto widened his eyes as he heard this; he tries to stop her but cannot feel his arms and legs and can't move them. Hanabi has shut down his chakra network around the legs and paralyzed them so he won't move, it seems Hanabi was affected by his Yokubo no Kiri and couldn't handle the effects from it. She is now gonna hurt Hinata allot in order to get him, he knows that Lust is a Deadly sin as it can cause death. He must stop her in order to protect Hinata from Hanabi and Hanabi from herself.

Damnit; if I noticed and kept my guard up, I would've blocked her attack and prevented this thought Naruto as he tries to move but fails again and again. Hinata-chan, be careful; a lust filled woman is more dangerous than a normal one; I know as you suffered this experience before.

And so the 2 Hyuuga sisters began fighting; Hinata, despite her anger of her sister immobilizing Naruto, doesn't want to hurt Hanabi as she cared about her and understands completely of what Hanabi feels. Years ago, she told her about Naruto of how kind he is, how he doesn't give up on complicated situations like passing the academy and training hard. And how he helped her time from time, despite his past phobia around women before he noticed he has a bloodline.

Hanabi's face is blushing red and her eyes is filled with obsession and lust for Naruto, she has been affected by his Yokubo no Kiri and Naruto is trying his best to control it so no one would be affected by it. Hinata dodges the jabs from Hanabi and blocks them with her own, the elder is trying to knock the younger Hyuuga so she wouldn't hurt anyone ad tries to knock some sense out of her. She understands that she starts to develop feelings for Naruto but she doesn't want her obsessed, it's not healthy for a girl like her. Naruto needs to stop this, he remembers that he can neutralize the pheromones in Hanabi by concentrating, he remembers the day from his training with Sarutobi.

I need to focus my chakra to neutralize the effect on Hanabi; I can start to feel my arms returning motion thought Naruto as he felt his fingers twitch and sat up; he slowly perform hand signs and concentrate. Okay, just concentrate; focus my chakra and neutralize the pheromones from my Yokubo No Kiri in Hanabi's body, this will return her to normal.

As Naruto concentrates, Hinata is still blocking a lust crazed Hanabi's attacks; she sensed Naruto's chakra increasing and looks to see him focusing. She knows that Naruto is aiding her to help Hanabi so she decides to stall her to give him more time.

Hanabi noticed too as she charges to stop him what he is doing; however the Blonde Genin was fortunate as Hanabi slows down, the pheromones are neutralized and she drops on her knees. Naruto sighs as he has done.

"That's done" said Naruto

"Hanabi" said Hinata as she ran towards her sister to check on her; the yonger sister then hugs her tighty and starts to sob.

"I'm sorry, Hinata-onee-chan" said Hanabi sobbing "I just couldn't control myself; I'm sorry I tries to hurt you, I didn't want to, *SOBS*"

"Shhh, it's okay" said Hinata as she rubs her back and kisses her forehead and cheek. "I know, it happened to me once but now it's all over now"

"Oh Hinata-onee-chan" said Hanabi quietly as she smiles and kisses her sister

Naruto smiles and sighs as it's all over but he still couldn't feel his legs.

My legs aren't mobile yet; this might take a while thought Naruto But at least things have gone back to normal

Then he hears moaning and at his surprise, he saw Hinata and Hanabi kiss; slightly forgetting that he's here.

DAMN, I never knew Hinata-chan was into incest thought Naruto in shock as he saw this unexpected sight. He feels his erection harden as he watches the 2 sisters kiss. Wow, this is turning me on

Hinata and Hanabi has a strong bond that it beyond the relationship between sisters, Hanabi and Hinata both fallen in love with each other but kept it a secret from the clan as they find it offending. But it doesn't bother Naruto, it just shows how much they love each other, even though Hinata has feeling with him.

Hinata broke the kiss with her sister and realised that she forgot about Naruto, she blushed and turns her head at him.

"Er…sorry about that; I forgot to tell you about me and Hanabi-chan's bond" said Hinata embarrassed and a bit frightened that it might disgust Naruto. "She was there for me as Tou-san doesn't appreciate me as he thinks I'm weak and pathetic, I get lonely at night but Hanabi comforts me and stays with me. It goes the same as Hanabi-chan; we created a bond at goes beyond sister and sister. I…I hope you aren't disgust about this"

"Not at all" said Naruto with a genuine and kind smile "It was surprising that you were into his kind of thing, Hinata-chan, but I don't find it offensive at all"

"Really?" said Hinata

"Really; I happy to see you 2 happy together, even if you both have feeling for me" said Naruto "It doesn't matter to me at all as long you are happy; because if you're happy then I'm happy as well"

The 2 Hyuugas were both weeping in happiness as they then both glomp onto him and thanked him for supporting their "forbidden" relationship.

"THANK YOU, NARUTO-KUN!" happily shouts the 2 Hyuuga

Naruto both hugs them and kissed their cheeks; his legs aren't mobile yet but he can feel the muscles responding. He has to stay in bed for a while until his legs are functional again; at least Hinata and Hanabi are there with him. Hinata and Hanabi noticed that Naruto is immobile and decides to have some fun with him until he can leave for the academy. Hinata and Hanabi then both embraces Naruto's face with their breasts, Hanabi's A cup breasts don't compare to Hinata's D-cups but Naruto doesn't mind as she is young. Both of the Hyuugas then start rubbing them up and down all around his body while they kiss each other, the Hyuugas moan while they massage Naruto with their breasts, their pleasure points are activating by just skin contact.

Hokage Tower

Meanwhile Sarutobi is busy fighting his evil ageless nemesis known as paperwork, he then thinks about Naurto probably having fun with Hinata.

Damn I miss the good old days, when I had fun in my youth, not to mention teasing Chiyo back in the old war thought Sarutobi until he remembers his once beautiful and deceased wife that died during the Kyuubi's attack 15 years ago Oh Biwako-chan, I do miss you


"Er yes, coming" said Sarutobi as the door open to reveal that made him turn pale. Ohshit

It's Hiashi Huuyga, head of the Hyuuga family and he has returned from his mission earlier than expected.

"Mission has been accomplished" said Hiashi

"But, you're early" said Sarutobi "I wasn't expecting you until another 3 hours"

"We managed to finish early so I can return home and get some rest" said Hiashi as he gives Sarutobi the report about the mission. "If you excuse me, I must leave before the academy starts. Hinata must get there at once"

"Of course, you're dismissed" said Sarutobi, trying not to act nervous while the stern Hyuuga leader leaves the office. Sarutobi sighs once the Hyuuga is gone and took out a bottle of sake and swigs it. You better get out of there, Naruto; Hiashi isn't the kind of guy to listen to reason when he finds out that you're with Hinata in HER bedroom. If Hanabi was with you, then pray and run for your life. I remember the time when I have to escape from apissed off Hyuuga father when I slept with his daughter

Mini flashback: 50 year ago

A young Sarutobi in his underwear run for his life while a pissed off Hyuuga Head wields a sword and chases him.

"GET BACK HERE!" shouts the pissed off Hyuuga

Flashback ends

Good times thought Sarutobi

Hyuuga Compound: Hinata's bedroom

Naruto is still in bed while he makes out with Hanabi while Hinata gives him a blowjob; he is enjoying this threesome with the Hyuuga sisters so much that he feels like he's in heaven and pleasuring Kami's most beautiful angels. Hanabi moans as Naruto grope her left breast and squeeze her ass; she is enjoying the feeling as she moans again and continues to kiss him again. She then shoves her tongue into his mouth and Naruto accepts it as he embraces his tongue to hers.


"Hinata, time to get up" said Hiashi's voice at the other side of the door; this caused the 2 Hyuuga's and the blonde to halt in fear.

Oh shit; Tou-san/the father is here thought Naruto, Hinata and Hanabi

"HINATA!" shouts Hiashi as he bangs the door to get her attention "DO YOU HEAR ME!"

"Hai, Tou-san; I'm up" said Hinata

"I'm coming in" said Haishi as he opens the door

"Don't!" said Hinata until it was too late; Hiashi enters the room and saw what he'd never wanted to see; his 2 daughter having sex with Naruto. "WHAT THE HELL, NEJI, WHERE ARE YOU!"

"Coming, Hiashi-sama" said Neji as he arrives at the area "What is it?"

"WHY IS HE IN HER ROOM!" shouts Hiashi at the Hyuuga genius

"I don't know I just arrived from my mission" said Neji as he too was shocked to see Hinata and Hanabi doing that he'd never expect.

"You were supposed to prevent anyone from entering while I was at a mission" said Hiashi until he grumbles as he then turns to Naruto and gave him a deadly glare that made the poor blonde scared shitless. "Never mind that; time to pray for forgiveness boy"

"Wait…it's not what it looks like" said Naruto scared, trying to reason the father but failed; he tried to stand up but his legs are too weak as they aren't functional yet Oh shit, KYU-CHAN GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR CHAKRA


DAMN IT THIS ISN'T THE RIGHT TIME FOR SLEEPING Thought Naruto angrily at the demoness.

"DIE BASTARD!" shouts Hiashi

"AGH!" screams Naruto until the 2 Hyuuga sisters stops the raging father by using Gentle Fist on him; they missed his family jewel as they hit his leg instead when they tripped, rolled and accidently hit Neji's instead. The Hyuuga genius's eyes are like dinner plates as his balls were struck by the 2 Hyuuga's chakra channelled palms.

Neji collapses on the floor, formed into a ball and screams in pain with a high pitched voice.

"Damn it; was I destined to be neutered by the Main branch" said Neji in a high pitch voice and in pain.

Naruto couldn't help but to burst out in laughter and rolls off the bed, he laughs so loud that then entire Hyuuga clan woke and rushes into Hinata's bedroom and saw him. Naruto stops as he felt a massive amount of Killer Intent and looks up to see the entire Hyuuga Clan (excluding Hinata and Hanabi) with their Byakuganactivated and a pissed off expression on their faces.

Oh shit thought Naruto as he felt his legs fully functional and decided to jump out the window, in his birthday suit but managed to take his underwear with him. "SEE YOU AT THE ACADEMY, HINATA-CHAN!"

"GET HIM!" shouts Hiashi as he and the Hyuuga mob jumps out the window and give chase after the bare blond who is trying to put his underwear on while running away.

"Naruto-kun" said Hinata with concern until she was stopped by Hanabi

"He'll be fine" said Hanabi "You told me that he was chased by ANBU for graffitiing on the Hokage faces, I doubt that the entire Hyuuga Clan would chase him"

"I hope so" said Hinata as she looks at a giant hole that use to be her bedroom window and looks at the rising dust from the trampling feet of the entire Hyuuga Clan.

"I hate everything" groans Neji, still on the floor, covering his sore balls and a painfule expression on his face.

Near the Inuzuka Compound

"ARRGGHHH!" screams Naruto in his underwear while he is being chased by Hiashi and the Hyuuga Clan.




Naruto is listening to the the hateful rants from the Hyuuga while he pumps adrenaline in his legs to out run them. Luck was in his side as he getting further and further from the angry mob of the Hyuugas. Then he decides to break into a house to hide and watch the Hyuugas pass through.




The Hyuugas are getting further and further away from Naruto now that he is hiding in the house he is hiding. He sighs until he hears growling and turned pale as he slowly turns to see that a pack of dogs are growling at him.

"Oh on" said Naruto as he is now confronted by a pack of angry dogs "Why is this happening to me?"


Naruto has escaped from the angry Hyuugas and now surrounded by a pack of angry dogs in someone's house. Who's house is it and will the owner be merciful to Naruto or punish him for breaking and entering.

I decided to add some Male Bashing for comedy sake; take Neji for example. Not all Male characters will be bashed, just a few; who will they be?

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